Two Fruits

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Three Weeks Gone

Year to date:  282.85 kms

Altitude gain:  6687 metres

Weekly ave:  94.3 kms

Consistency so far with no overly big weeks.
Most weeks are highlighted by the long hilly, sometimes a mountain, run on a Saturday mixed with mostly very short recovery running during the week.
Altitude gain for strength is still the main focus to the detriment of speed. Last Saturday's double run of 28 kms over Mt Tennent was the best for a couple of years and only 2 minutes over 4 hours, target time. Very happy with the effort.
However, it has resulted in a flat feeling few days since, hopefully only excessive tiredness.
Otherwise, all good, even if I did have to push my pace to keep up on the bike path around the lake with Ewen on his bike. Really need some speed work.


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