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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sri Chinmoy Week

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,786.2 kms in 24 weeks at  ave  74.4 km ( down from 74.8 kms last week )

Altitude:  34,097 metres in 24 weeks at ave  1,420 metres ( down from 1,478 metres last week )

The week was highlighted by a trip to Sydney for the Sri Chinmoy ultra events consisting of a 24 hour, a 12 hour & my fun run, the 6 hour.
I didn't really taper for this & treated it just like a normal weekend training run having just a day off on Friday.
A normal 400 metre lane track at Campbelltown on the southern outskirts of Sydney with busy traffic close by as well as the train line. No problems with either and the occasional passing train just a slight distraction.
The other major distraction as far as the girls were concerned was the rugby league players going through their warm up routine in the middle of the arena. The guys were massive in size, obviously built for footy, doubt they would last an hour on the running track.
Run for me started well for first 3 and half hours, then I developed a tender spot on top of my left foot. As well, another tender spot across lower back. Worked out both were related, the foot being the referred pain site. Not really a foot problem. May be another issue in there somewhere, all interconnected.
A visit to the medical tent to get foot taped as a precaution, then back out to finish off the last hour and pick up some pace. I had slowed and walked more than I wanted in that 4 hour section.
Finished off with a good last hour to clock up 54.9 kms in the 6 hours. The clock doesn't stop if you do, so the overall km rate is not reflective of the actual running time having sat in the medical tent for around 15 minutes doing nothing.
A short cold shower after the run, then crewed during the night getting 2 x 1.5 hours of sleep in the early but coolest hours.
A typically good event put on by the Sri Chinmoy group with a runner from New Zealand setting a new world record in the 24 hour event for his first 12 hours in my age group of M60 of around 132 kms.
I haven't ran this week due to travel on Sunday and then 3 days of rain since Monday.
I did manage to get a small window of opportunity to get to the very cool waters of the Murrumbidgee River on Monday. Great help and I should be back in action on Thursday or Friday, weather permitting. All aches & pains have gone & new training plan has been written for next 2 and half  months.


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