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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 32 - A Big One

Running - Year to Date

Distance:  2,716.55 kms  in 32 weeks  at  ave  84.9 kms  ( up from 80.9 kms last week)

Last week:  142.6 kms,   August:  233.95 kms

Altitude:   51,513 metres in 32 weeks  at  ave  1,609 metres ( up from 1,582 metres last week )

Last week:  2,458 metres:  August:  3,869 metres

Best week for a long time both in getting 7 good days done, plenty of kms done & reasonable height.
Last weekend was a double with 40 kms on Saturday at nice slow pace and a chance to catch up with Softshoe. Backed up on Sunday with another long run of 28 kms with a first time partner. Weather on both days after a cool start were beautiful for mid winter, sunny, cool after a cold start, and little to no wind.
It's nice meeting & running with new partners as everything is a first time even though we obviously have common friends.
Managed a 23 km run solo on Tuesday to Mt Taylor to cap off 3 really good long runs in the week with the others just casual slow " junk" kms. No fast stuff this week just using some of the down hills as a chance to go a bit quicker.
There is now only 3 weeks of solid training to go before the taper, then heading outback to hopefully some warmer weather, & smooth, long & flat dirt roads.
All good, may the training continue without too many problems.


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