Two Fruits

Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Month

Distance: 14.65 km
Time: 1hr 14 mins 41 secs
Rate: 5'05" per km
Weather, similar to previous week, cloudy,humid,70%,temp 23 degrees,stiff southerly wind.

Ran down to the river and Pine Is along my favourite tracks. Wind out of the south kept conditions cool with the threat of thunder, lightning and rain about again. Not many people about also kept a lookout for a fox I saw in the area a few days ago in the daylight which was unusual. There are plenty about but only sighted at night.

I have my younger brother with us for the weekend, he is here with another mate from Tassie for the Hash House Harriers national meet, they had their Red Dress Run from the National Library into the city at lunch time today. The weekend is full on for them, but as they say, they are drinkers with a running problem. Very social lot.


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