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Monday, April 2, 2007

Night Running

Distance: 14.05km
Time: 80'36"
Rate: 5'44" per km
Weather: dark, full moon,calm,temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%

A chance to test out a few things resulted in a night run. Worked back late today so had no chance to run in the daylight.I had been up this morning since 5.00AM so a run tonight starting at 7.00PM meant a degree of tiredness as well. Decided to test out the torch I used at GH 18 months ago and see (as best I could) how I would go running in the dark. Also decided to have dinner before I went to find out if the stomach could handle food and run at the same time. I waited for 45 minutes between eating, probably a normal night meal of chicken, potatoes and vegetables.
Eating and running has never been a problem as so it turned out again after a bigger meal than you would eat before running.
I ran a familiar course down to Point Hut, along the river track to Pine Is and back behind Bonython houses. Plenty of wildlife making noises in the dark, mostly kangaroos I hope. With a full moon, the only place the torch really worked was near the river on the narrow sandy track but there was plenty of light and I managed a good pace. Any pace better than 6 minute per km would have been good with the 1st half of the run at 5'38" per km slowing down a bit on the 2nd half to still average 5'44" per km in the dark.
The end result was a good run in the dark,bit tired from a long day, no stomach problems with food and something different not being able to see much. I will certainly need a few more night run before May, but as the night section is first with a 3.00AM start, a slow start should mean a strong finish at the end of 80km.


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