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Monday, April 23, 2007

The Seasons have changed

Distance: 15.05km
Time: 76'39"
Rate: 5'05" per km
Weather: Cool,cloudy,temp 18 degrees,humidity 50%,southerly wind at 20kmph.

A change in the weather today from the past few weeks means summer has finished and winter is not far away.Cooler weather allows for easier running but not as much fun. I decided to change the plan this week and cut back the distances but maybe run at a slightly faster pace. Today's conditions allowed for a quicker start with the wind behind but a challenge to keep up a descent pace against. Down by the river the wind was very cool coming off the mountains and no shelter.
I thought today may have been much slower as most running over the past weeks and months have been long and slow but managed a few quicker kms at times. Felt OK all the way, one short stop waiting for cars but otherwise a solid run.
This week I will send off an entry for GH80 as I received a email from the RD and the run is on for sure. He has an entry from someone in NZ plus another runner from the ACT. Ready to go!!


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