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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Short and Sweet

Distance: 16.55km
Time: 86'25"
Rate: 5'13" per km
Weather: sunny with high cloud,cool,temp range 15-19 degrees,calm,humidity 40%

Week: 40.9km
April: 138.2km
Year: 1265.65km

You know that you are serious about an upcoming ultra when your short easy runs are getting close to what used to be your weekend long runs. Today was just that 16km will now be about the shortest run I do before GH80 in May. I have checked out the website,airfares,accommodation,hire car,weather,clothing,food,anyone else who may go,coolrunning (good threads about speed and ultra training)so now just get some LSD in the legs and get to the start line. Goal to break 9 hours which I just missed a few years ago. A night start and hope for a cool day by Qld standards.
Today, around the back of Theodore with a few hills but nothing too exiting at a better pace than the clock showed. Felt good all run, no injuries,just need to keep control of energy levels and manage rest to keep the weekly kms over 100. Long runs on Saturdays will now need to be 40km and longer late in April/early May. So far so good.


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