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Thursday, March 26, 2009

An All Happening Day

Running: still nil
Bike: Group Ride: 28.5 km plus 9 km to work in morning and home at night
Weather: 10:00 am, cloudy, temp 25 degrees, humidity 35%, wind light NW
Running: Stuck on
Week: 25.7 km
March: 228.6 km
Year: 1059.0 km

Today was just full on, good part work was easy, as it usually is most days. A beautiful morning before sun rise to ride to work, a few cars, lights on, all ready for another day in paradise. The usual banter around the table at work, footy experts still recalling last week's results, talking up their team's chances this week.
Then off to the dark side to start the first part of my day's work. As usual the people who live on the north side take their cars to work causing traffic problems associated with big cities. How can it take almost 30 minutes to drive from Belco to Civic, happens every day, cars with only one person in each. An then get upset when someone changes lanes without indicating and pinches their tiny space of road.
Safely back on the side side of LBG, feeling much more at home, arrived back at the depot with enough time to have a cuppa and little lunch before our usual Thursday group bike ride. Just before I drove in the gate, safely behind the fence, an accident in front of the main front door. Now some one will blame looking in to the sun, driving west at 9:30 in the morning. A poor excuse for just not looking. A 4WD decides to turn across the road into the camping and boating store, in front of a lady in a car.
If you don't look, you finish up on your side, wheels spinning and you hanging almost upside down, held in by the seat belt. Then the police, ambos, firies, rescue vehicles etc arrive and the rescue happens. Fortunately the occupants are not seriously injured but taken to hospital any way. Big dramas, all happening. Luckily our very friendly management team assisted by staying a good distance away, I'm sure one of them would have liked to have taken total control.
By then bike ride was due to start. Three of us were ready but Tinker had texted to say he couldn't make it. Why, he forgot his bike. The best excuse yet.
Away we went, mini boot camp at the Gordon playground on fearless leader's mind. Leader's mate Bob had come down to visit from Sydney, good rider Bob. We like the off road with challenges. So we go from work to Pine Is to Point Hut to Gordon. Mini boot camp, sit ups, chin ups, climb the slippery pole to then cross the steel rope, and few dips, a few laughs.
We then decide, or have it decided for us, that we will go to the high track behind Gordon. Good views over the Tuggeranong Valley but finding a path between the houses proves to be a problem. Navigation is not FL's best asset. We find a nice steep hill that will take us up and up and up. Guess who is the only one to ride all the way, ME. Might have been in 2nd lowest gear out of 27, but I made it without getting off to push. That's why bicycles are/were called " push bikes". That's bragging rights now for months, very happy in our small group. At least today no one fell off. On to the end of Gordon near Lanyon homestead, back to Lanyon shops where we managed to find a suitable path up on to the track on Tuggeranong Hill. Another couple of steep short climbs but FL had worked out he needs a low gear early and momentum to get to the top with walking. I hope the legs were burning. We parted at the sub station where FL and Bob headed back to Tuggie and I went home for lunch.
By the time I was back at work I had done 28.5 kms in just over 2 hrs, the other two 23 kms. Another good day out riding, great to have Bob down to visit from Sydney and join us for a ride.
Can't wait for next week to hear the next excuse from Tinkerbell to why he can't make the ride. Maybe Tinker 2 will be able to join in and show up Tinker 1.
Foot problems almost Ok, would have loved to run the 1 hour tonight at the track, but I didn't want to risk trying to get near 15 kms in the hour and mess up the recovery.
Ewen, your comment the other day about being a stand up comic. Did you know that when Sonny Bono finished his singing career, the took up comedy? Instead of being a stand up funny man, became a sit down comedian called " Sonny and Chair ( Cher)".
A run day tomorow, working Saturday morning with a party in the afternoon, then monthy handicap on Sunday. Hopefully a longer run on Monday lunch time.


  • Wow - that was an exciting day! Well done for staying on your bike up that hill. See you Sunday as you whizz past me at Stromlo.

    By Blogger strewth, At March 27, 2009 at 9:35 AM  

  • I laughed at that one! Maybe there's a standing-up future for you after all.

    You'll be flying on Sunday. Buy you (another) beer if you beat the girls.

    By Blogger Ewen, At March 27, 2009 at 6:26 PM  

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