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Sunday, May 27, 2012

On The Western Front

Where: Mt Stromlo's western side - monthly handicap
Warm up: 5.15 kms in 29' 08" at 5' 39" per km
Race: 7.5 kms in 35' 11" at 4' 41" per km
Course difficulty: 1.1 (last year )
Started:  group 33
Finished: 21st out of 92
Weather: sunny, nice morning, no frost, temp at start time about 8 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm then slowly up to southerly at 15 kmph
Week:  104.25 km,  May:  450.35 km,  Year: 2005.05 km

The running of the ACT Veteran's monthly handicap on the side of Mt Stromlo in near perfect autumn/winter conditions. Rain during the week both help and hindrance as the track surface just soft enough to be nice to run on. But recent rain had cut ruts and erosion making some not so good places to negotiate especially in the first 1 km
The remainder was good but it's an undulating course with about 120 metres of elevation gain & loss.
Started well down hill and ran at good solid pace all the way with Janene in front to focus on catching and Michelle behind to keep at bay. Final result, won one, lost one.
Backed up well after yesterday's hilly long run, the base kms is good, so now need to build up those long Saturday runs with some longer mid week efforts.


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