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Friday, May 25, 2012

Harden Up & Hurry Up

Distance: 5.75 km
Time:  30' 40"
Rate: 5' 20" per km
Weather: cloudy, air temp 8 degrees, humidity 70%, light drizzle, wind cold NNW 25 kmph, felt like 4 degrees
Week:  51.35 km,  May:  397.45 km,  Year:  1952.15 km

I need the kms, but the weather was bleak all day. So it was a case of HTFU and JFDI. The run as short as it was was pretty good. A strong, steady pace especially into the wind. Happy with the outing.
Not sure all these letters really mean much, but it was a case of get outdoors, get the job done and get back inside, asap.
Nothing to report as it was head down and go. Didn't see anyone, didn't feel much either, all too cold.
Finished in the gym with a good end of week session.
Hopefully the weekend's weather will allow for a long training run on Saturday morning, mark the course at Stromlo in the afternoon and run the monthly handicap on Sunday morning.


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