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Thursday, January 29, 2015

January - Four Weeks Done

January: ( at 28th )

Distance:  362.85 kms in 4 weeks ave 90.7 km

Altitude:  8404 metres in 26 days ave 323 metres per run.

The fourth week of the month saw the weekly total drop back from 94 to 90 kms.
Saturday morning I was on drink station duties & course demarking at a mountain running event in Orroral Valley in the middle of Namadgi National Park. Just a few kms that day while waiting for runners to arrive.
Then Sunday was the first monthly handicap of the year over a short 6 kms on what was a flat but rough track at Campbell Park. My handicap group start has slowly moved forward during last year due to a hip injury. I am now on a soft group start and managed a 4th eligible placing, 4 seconds off 3rd place.
However, as almost everyone else also ran slowly, I moved forward by 1 group, now on 23 & will have to do a Ewen, ( walk a bit, hold back ) not to win a medal next time. Fourth place is fine by me.

Monday was long run day over the hills & up to Mt Rob Roy. Usual distances now around 35 kms in 4 and half hours with over 1000 metres of climbing.

The altitude for the month is looking good, plenty of strength from those up hill metres at the expense of pace. Still on track, all good.


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