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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February - A Slow Beginning

Year to Date:

459.5 kms in 5 weeks at ave  91.9 km

Altitude:  9191 metres

A slow start to February, deliberately, after last Saturday's 6 hour.
While a 6 hour to me might be just another long training run, it still takes some recover, especially as you get older. Not that age really is taken into consideration, just a small factor in play.

So, these last few days have been very low key, with 3 trips to the river to get some nice cool water to soothe away any aches. There were none surprising, given the hard surface around Lennox Gardens.

Otherwise, it's take care this week, then ramp up the training with the CBR 100 km now 6 and half weeks away.


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