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Sunday, February 1, 2015

January - Training with Purpose


Distance:  427.75 km in 28 / 31 days at ave  15.28 km per run day

Altitude:  8800 metres

11 of those 28 running days had less than 10 kms done with 6 of them over 20 kms.
The longest both in time & distance was yesterday ( Saturday) when I did the Lennox Gardens 6 hour, an unofficial run on the bike path.
Managed to get 54.25 kms done in a few minutes under the 6 hour as I wasn't going around again.
The bike path was hard on my joints after 4 hours of aching but managed to find the magic secret formula to keep going.
Thanks to all those up hill metres for the month, I finished strongly & could have easily kept going if it wasn't for the hard surface.
A good January although well under my normal January where 4 of last 5 January's have been well in excess of this one.
The running plan is nicely on track with the next main event being the CBR 100 km in late March.
So it's back to the trails & that's it for bike paths. Never again unless there is plenty of grass on the edge. 


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