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Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Business

Distance: 15.25 km
Time: 79' 15"
Rate: 5' 12" per km
Weather: nice winter's day, sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NE at 10 kmph
Week: 15.25 km, July: 182.55 km, Year: 2585.95 km

A bad few days from noon on Thursday started with a bang on the head to a full day's rest on Sunday. Sorry I couldn't run with Jen on Sunday, would have been good to be able to chat with someone else.
Today, nothing special just a run home and back to work during a midday break. Perfect winter's day, very nice for running. Pity the weather forecast shows winter returning so soon.
If you watch Masterchef, did you see Courtney going for run, no wonder I like her, can cook and run, just like CJ. Probably makes a good gateau as well, make it large so Ewen can have more than one piece.


  • Although it was delicious, more than one piece would make me a fatter wombat than I already am. I'm racing Ruth to lose 3 kgs!

    By Blogger Ewen, At July 13, 2010 at 7:55 PM  

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