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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Googong Off Road Half Marathon

Distance - 21.2 km plus warm up & cool down
Time: 1 hr 46 mins 21 secs
Rate: 5' 01 " per km
Finished: 21st out of about 70
Altitude gain/loss: 405 metres
Weather: sunny, cold, temp 0 - 9 degrees, humidity 98% down to 70%, wind calm to start then NW at 10 kms with couple of gusts to 25 kmph
Day: 27.85 km, Week: 27.85 km, July: 295.35 km, Year: 2698.75 km

One of the best local events of the year, run on fire trail north from Tin Can Hut on the foreshores of Googong Dam. Except for the first 2 kms & the last, the rest of the run is undulating. But the track surface is very good, nice smooth dirt & gravel, couple of small creek crossings that had a bit of water in them from last week's rain.
Very cool with plenty of frost on the ground, wore gloves for first 6 kms then hands warm enough to carry them.
Ran reasonably consistently on the out part of the race, managed to average 4'53" pace, lack of solid hill training caught up with me on the return, blew out a bit to average 5'07".
Still, happy with the result after 30 kms yesterday.
Ran this event in 2006 in 1 hr 44 mins 22 s & in 2008 in 1 hr 43 mins 10 secs, so I'm getting slower as I get older. However, managed to finish in front of a few, not challenged by the sweeper, so I might keep going for a bit longer.
Very tired this afternoon, nana nap shortly before Masterchef tonight.
Sorry Liz, missed you off the coffee attendees on Saturday, and I sat next to you. Must be "Craft" setting in.


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