Two Fruits

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 34 & Tapering Begins

Running - Year to Date

Distance:  2,943.5 kms  in 34 weeks at ave  86.6 kms ( up from 86.5 kms last week )

Week:  88.65 kms
Month:  460.9 kms  in 23/26 days at ave  20.04 kms per run day

Altitude:   56,383 metres in 34 weeks at ave  1,658 metres  ( up from 1,638 metres last week )

Week:  2,323 metres
Month:  8,739 metres in 23/26 days at ave 380 metres per run day

Two rest days in past week due to rain & partly planned anyway meant a big drop in kilometres run.
However, metres of elevation continued to increase as last Saturday was the last of the big training days with 41.75 kms of distance and 1,720 metres of up hill.
Probably knocked a little bit of freshness out of me, but those rest days came in handy. As sometimes happens, today's short run was terrible with no rhythm. The strong cold southerly wind didn't help.
Now inside two weeks to go before heading out on another long solo run in the outback of Australia.
We are at the tail end of winter, but really would like some warmer days, sunny & dry.
All good, now tying to put on some weight, taper & freshen up.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 33 - Holding On

Running - this year

Distance: 2,854.85 kms in 33 weeks at ave 86.5 kms ( up from 84.9 kms last week )

Last week:  138.3 kms, ran all 7 days

Month to date:  372.25 kms in 18/19 days at ave 20.68 km per run day

Altitude:  54,060 metres in 33 weeks at ave 1,638 metres ( up from 1,609 metres last week )

Last week: 2,547 metres, ran all 7 days

Month to date: 6,416 metres in 18/19 days at ave 356 metres per run day

A good solid week keeping the year long averages climbing just a little. Last weekend was another and the last of the double days with a nice run up Mt Rob Roy, 35 kms, on Saturday followed by a long walk with some running on Sunday, 30 kms.
Benefit of these is how well the recovery can be, or isn't there, as multi day events require even pacing & ability to repeat the next day.
All good at this stage, enjoying the running even though we are still enduring some very cold winter's days.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 32 - A Big One

Running - Year to Date

Distance:  2,716.55 kms  in 32 weeks  at  ave  84.9 kms  ( up from 80.9 kms last week)

Last week:  142.6 kms,   August:  233.95 kms

Altitude:   51,513 metres in 32 weeks  at  ave  1,609 metres ( up from 1,582 metres last week )

Last week:  2,458 metres:  August:  3,869 metres

Best week for a long time both in getting 7 good days done, plenty of kms done & reasonable height.
Last weekend was a double with 40 kms on Saturday at nice slow pace and a chance to catch up with Softshoe. Backed up on Sunday with another long run of 28 kms with a first time partner. Weather on both days after a cool start were beautiful for mid winter, sunny, cool after a cold start, and little to no wind.
It's nice meeting & running with new partners as everything is a first time even though we obviously have common friends.
Managed a 23 km run solo on Tuesday to Mt Taylor to cap off 3 really good long runs in the week with the others just casual slow " junk" kms. No fast stuff this week just using some of the down hills as a chance to go a bit quicker.
There is now only 3 weeks of solid training to go before the taper, then heading outback to hopefully some warmer weather, & smooth, long & flat dirt roads.
All good, may the training continue without too many problems.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marking Time in Week 31

Running - Year to Date

Distance:   2,573.95 kms in 31 weeks at ave  83.0 km p.w ( up from 80.9 kms last week)

Last week:  110.6 kms in 5 running days at ave  22.1 kms  per run day

Altitude:   49,055 metres in 31 weeks at ave  1,582 metres p.w. ( no change from last week)

Last week: 1,596 metres in 5 running days at ave  319 metres  per run day

Highlight of the week was participating in the Bush Capital ultra run over 3 x half marathon distance ( 63.3 kms ) or 64 kms as measured by my Garmin.
A small field in this event, about 15 I think with no late entries due to the miserable day weatherwise.
Rain started during the night before and continued during the first couple of hours of the run. Then a couple of hours of fine weather, before the clouds came back over to deliver some more showers without being too heavy.
The trails were flooded & muddy so no chance of keeping anything dry. With the cold weather, we are in mid winter here in Australia, conditions meant slow times.
I didn't push at all, concentrating on running as much as possible of the entire course. Only on the 2nd & 3rd laps did I walk about 20 metres near the top of the Hackett Hill. Otherwise, apart from jumping over flooded creeks, I ran the remainder. The recent distance & hill training paying off.
Conditions meant 5 of the 15 starters either retired or opted to finish at the end of the 2nd lap & get a time in the marathon. I finished 8th overall, so a top 10 result was really good. Time for me was 7 hours 15 minutes 46 seconds with  1,145 metres of altitude gain.
Also, this week, I didn't run on 2 days so only 5 running days done. Last Thursday, I had a medical for my bus driver's licence, passed. On Tuesday, a day trip to Sydney, so no running again.
Still managed 110 kms in those 5 days, but really need a few big weeks in August before heading outback in Sept for another long solo fun run.
All good at the moment, hope we get some fine, sunny winter weather. Cold Ok, rain not Ok.