Two Fruits

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Catching Up

Wednesday: 14th May
4.4. kms in 25'39" at 5' 50" per km

Thursday: 15th May
6.85 kms in 41' 57" at 6' 08" per km

Saturday: 17th May
6.2 kms in 37' 20" at 6' 00" per km

Sunday: 18th May -  Bush Walk
Distance: 20.3 km in 3 hrs 51 mins 13 secs  at 11' 24" per km

Tuesday: 20th May - walk
8.9 kms in 1 hr 42 mins 8 secs at 11' 29" per km

Thursday: 22nd May
2.85 kms in 18' 33" at 6' 31" per km

Sunday:  25th May - monthly handicap
Race: distance 7.5 kms plus warm up 1.25 km
Race time: 50' 51"
Race rate:  6' 47" per km
Start group: 28
Finished: 2nd last
Weather: perfect autumn morning, sunny, temp 13 degrees, humidity75%, wind calm

Week:  20.5 km  May: 68.75 km,  Year: 1388.6 km

In answer to your enquiry Liz, the running has been terrible, occasional & not enjoyable.
Running holiday to the outback starts in 2 weeks time.
The running side has been ditched, but holiday now extended from 4 to 7 weeks before a short week back home. Then 3 weeks in Tasmania in August.
Otherwise, it's a bit of mountain biking, plenty of strength & stretching in the gym and generally working on getting the hip flexor/groin strain to come right.
That's about all for the moment. Even Janene is doing more than me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One Week Later

Running:  2.05 km in 12' 42" at 6' 13" per km

Running:  4.2 km in 26' 38" at 6' 20" per km

Running:  4.25 km in 26' 19" at 6' 10" per km

Week:  8.45 km,  May:  10.5 km, 
Year:   1330.35 km in 19 weeks at ave 70.0 km per week

It's all slow at the moment, but I feel forward progress is being made.
The biking kept me going for awhile & the weekend of biking the Canberra Centenary Trail certainly was a great time.
A change in what I do in the gym, courtesy of a remark made by Mrs Muscles, has the hip feeling much better & allowing for some short & very easy running.
Stretching out some tight glutes & back muscles has relieved some of the hip soreness. I hope this will continue to improve & may be some longer distance running will be done soon.
No real pressure to do this quickly, just get it done.
Some nice sunny warmer days have helped as well.

Weekly average is nose diving quickly, soon I'll be in the minuses.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All on the Mountain Bike

Monday - Sunday

Running:  nil

Mountain bike:  177.9 kms

Running totals:

Week:  nil,  May: nil, 
Year:  1319.85 km in  18 weeks at ave 73.3 km pw

Frustrating time recently with no running due to hip flexor soreness. It's slowly getting better.
To help, I have had the mountain bike out after having put it away for the winter.
Last week I rode 4 times to work and back, then had a big 2 days on the weekend covering about 125 kms on the bike over the Canberra Centenary trail.
It was a great time, not quite the same as running having to spend more time out there to get the same benefit as running.
Quads a bit tender, but Ok. Worked out well.
Nothing planned now running wise, take it easy over the winter and prepare for a good spring/summer. That weekly km average is dropping quickly.
Updates might be a bit more sparse than I try to be when there is some running to report.