Two Fruits

Monday, March 31, 2014

Three Months Done

Purpose: easy run
Distance:  11.05 km
Time: 65' 47"
Rate:  5' 58" per km
Recovery:  10 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm

Week:  11.05 km
March:   452.75 kms  in  26/31 days  at  ave  17.4 km per run day
Year:  1108.5 km  in 3 months  at  ave  369.5  km per month

Nothing more today than to get to 450 kms for the month as easily as possible. A run from work to home for lunch & back. Detour to Pine Is for 10 minutes in slightly cooler water in Murrumbidgee River. Water level higher from rain last week.
Running Ok, nothing great, just clocking up the kms. Nice to run in the sunshine after a week of clouds & rain.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Four Day Catch Up

Purpose: easy junk
Distance:  10.45 km
Time:  62' 29"
Rate:  5' 59" per km
Weather:  cloudy, drizzle, temp 18 degrees, humidity 90%, wind ENE 10 kmph

Purpose:  easy junk
Distance:  10.3 km
Time:  59' 58"
Rate:  5' 49" per km
Weather:  cloudy, drizzle, temp 18 degrees, humidity 85%, wind NW 10 kmph

Purpose:  long run
Distance:   35.4 km
Time:  4 hrs 33 mins 26 secs
Rate:  7' 43" per km
Altitude gain:  590 metres
Weather:  cloudy/ some sun, temp range  12-21 degrees, humidity 100% - 70%, wind calm

Purpose:  race
Distance:  6.3 kms plus warm up = 10.9 km
Time:  race - 32' 37"
Rate: 5' 10" per km
Start group:  29
Finished:  66th
Weather:  cloudy, low fog, temp 14 degrees, humidity 100%, wind calm

Week:  80.05 km,  March:  441.7 km,  Year:  1097.45 km

A few calculations last week determined my recent running. Not wanting to over do the training, and to give myself a chance to get ride of a niggling sore left glute, I only needed 75 kms in the remaining 5 days to get to 450 kms for March.
With Saturday always going to be around 35 kms, then only had to average 10 kms per day on each of the other 4 days to make the target. No more, no less.
Thursday & Friday, on plan, just over the 10 kms, nice & easy, nothing silly especially as they were both wet days.
Saturday, long run as planned with Jen & Michael around 11 of the southern suburbs of Canberra. Foggy morning, nice slow pace with a bit of altitude gain, but Ok. Again nothing silly.
Today, last Sunday of the month, race day. Central Curtin was the location around the 6.3 kms mostly on bike paths. Not my favourite surface, so I ran where possible on the grass edge.
Not really at competitive race pace, more a good jog around the course. Felt good.
Short run on Monday to make target distance for the month.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Urambi Hill

Purpose: hills & flat, rough & smooth
Distance:  13.00 km
Time:87' 13"
Rate: 6' 42" per km
Altitude gain:  201 metres
Weather; sun/cloud, temp 19 degrees, humidity 68%, wind SE 18 kmph

Week:  13.00 km,  March: 374.65 km
Year: 1030.4  kms in 12 weeks at ave 85.86 km pw

A bit of a change of direction & a return to Urambi Hill. I rarely go there now, but in the past I can remember doing repeats up and down that hill.
With the introduction of GPS measuring devises, the gradient up the front track was at 20% and I thought that was steep. I could run/jog it back then.
Today, I ran from work to Pine Is, then along the river track to the Tuggie Creek stone wall.
Just to make things a little more difficult, I walked, no way I could run, up the western side rough track. The gradient up the 400 metres or so is steep, on par with Stockyard Spur. Toughest short up hill I know.
Then down to the lake edge, flat at last & smoother on the way back to work. Nice day out, something a little different.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Unplanned Rest Day

Purpose:  rest day
Running:  nil - 9 kms on bike riding to work & back
Gym: short workout

Rain from lunch time onwards caused a change in plans & a nice rest day from running followed.
Probably not a bad decision in the long run.
Liz,  due to Canberra marathon being only 2 weeks away from this weekend, both Michael & Kelly will be taking it easy.
Kelly will do 20 kms in Mulligans, so not worth the travelling to go so short.
Probably, will run about the same with Michael then add similar solo, so it will be a Two Fruits loop on the Centenary trail from home.
Vet's handicap on Sunday, not that it comes into the reasoning on what happens on a Saturday.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mt Rob Roy - Doesn't Count

Purpose: drink station attendant, signs collector & easy run
Distance:   11.65 km
Time:  88' 01"
Rate:  7' 33" per km
Altitude gain: 300 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp 16 degrees, humidity 85%, wind calm

Week:  107.00 km,  March:  366.65 km,  Year:  1017.4 km

Easy running day, on drink station on corner of Big Monks track half way up Mt Rob Roy.
Low cloud prevented seeing the wonderful Tuggeranong valley or over to the Brindabellas, but the sight of some struggling runners climbing up steep hills is nice. Been there, done that, know how it feels.
After the last runner went past, followed to collect the signs over the circuit of the mountain, with more than 200 metres of up hill in 3 kms. Carrying a bag with signs doesn't make for easy running, walked a bit.
Then back at the start at Calwell shops, collected a few more signs & added the extra kms to make today's distance.
A comfortable day, nice and slow, no pressure in place of what may have been a rest day.
Seven weeks out of last 9 have been over 100 kms, good endurance base. March totals also looking good with more than a week to go. Except for niggle in left hip, tried to carry something too heavy a few weeks ago, all Ok.
Yesterday's run was the 60th time over Mt Rob Roy, but today doesn't count. Driving half way up the mountain, then running 6.8 kms hardly seems creditable. We'll leave today out of the stats.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mt Rob Roy - 60th time

Purpose: another easy jog
Distance:  10.05 km
Time: 59' 45"
Rate: 5' 57" per km
Weather:  sun/cloud, temp  23 degrees, humidity 55%, wind calm

Purpose:  long run
Distance: First run - 31.4 km
Time: 4 hrs 30 mins 30 secs
Rate:  8' 37" per km
Altitude gain:  878 metres
Weather: sun/cloud, temp range 13-22 degrees, humidity 100-65%, wind calm
Distance: Second run - 5.1 km
Time: 29' 53"
Rate:  5' 51" per km
Altitude gain:  64 metres
Weather: sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 60%, wind NW 20 kmph

Week:  95.35 km,  March:  350.00 km,  Year:  1005.75 km

Friday another easy jog at lunch time. There has been little rhythm this week, but have managed to get around 11 km done on average every day.
Today I went with Softshoe to the top of Mt Rob Roy for the 60th time in my running life. Although I may get there tomorrow to collect signs, driving most of the way up the steep Conder hill doesn't count.
Today's long hilly run/walk at times, was a bit more the same as during the week with some good parts. Not much spark at the moment, just getting the kms done somehow.
I decided on getting home after run No 1, that I would find out how I could cope with a second run a couple of hours later.
That was much better, although only short, felt good, and only the last hill to get back home slowed down a reasonable km rate. 
On drink station duty tomorrow again on Mt Rob Roy, so I will endeavour to get those last 5 kms done to make the weekly total over 100 km for the week.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mid Week

Purpose: easy jog
Distance:  13.5 km
Time:  81' 39"
Rate:  6' 03" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 50%, wind NW 20 kmph

Purpose:  easy jog
Distance:  13.05 km
Time:  75' 55"
Rate:  5' 49" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm

Purpose: easy jog  ( in lieu of rest day)
Distance:  10.2 km
Time:  60' 40"
Rate:  5' 57" per km
Recovery: 8 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm

Week:  48.8  km,  March:  303.45 km,  Year:  959.2 km

Not much happening during this week, a few easy running days just trying to keep the kms ticking over so a 100 km week is possible as easy as possible.
Tuesday's run was a bit average, not sure what happened, but it there was no rhythm, so slowed down just to get through.
Today was nice although the figures don't show it.
Jog, Hanny is the same as Emma was at her best during her winning years at Six Foot Track. The other top female ultra trail runners are all the same shape, may be smaller. They do need to take care of themselves or the risk is there of long term injury.
Ewen, the grass will be fine after the leader runners tread it down on Sunday. Will I see you on top of Mt Rob Roy ?
Ewen, I'm hoping to go under 7 min kms outback overall & get closer to 70 kms per day. After all, who wants to spend all their holidays out in the desert. There is sun & surf on the coast afterwards.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Recovery Monday

Purpose:  easy recovery day
Distance:  12.05 km
Time:  69' 54"
Rate:  5' 48" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 50%, wind NW 25 kmph

Week:  12.05 km,  March:  266.7 km,  Year: 922.45 km

I have just ready Hanny Allston's report on her SFT run, female winner & not far from race record time.
What that reinforced was the need to get all the basics right, enough training, enough rest, fuel & food intake correct for the event.
There is no substitute for heaps of training kms.
At this stage of my own preparation for my next outback long run, I'm a long way from a solid enough base. Let alone, put in some quality either in speed, still essential, or in endurance.
I still have in the back of my mind, the fact I developed a sore shin on day 2 of the Canberra Centenary trail run a few weekends ago. Last year at the Birdsville run, that happened on day 5 or 6 with about 150 kms to go, or about 350 kms into the run.
Today, an easy recovery day & so much better than previous Mondays doing the same.
I have 13 weeks to go until start day, time to get moving & work my way to a few weeks of 160 kms plus.
Better rejig the plan, the base is solid, I have no injuries, just Easter away on holiday's before time to taper. Last year's plan worked a treat, so that's what I'll do again. I need to focus.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What's Happened Recently

Running:  nil - planned rest day
Running: nil - lunch date offer never going to refuse
Purpose: mid week junk kms
Distance:  13.6 km
Time:  86' 17"
Rate:  6' 21" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 55%, wind north 15 kmph
Recovery:  8 mins in river

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  30.4 km
Time:  3 hrs 12 mins 6 secs
Rate:  6' 19" per km
Altitude gain: 530 metres
Weather:  sunny, temp range 11-20 degrees, humidity 95 - 65%, wind calm

Purpose:  easy day
Distance: 11.75 km
Time:  66' 38"
Rate:  5' 40" per km
Weather:  cloudy, temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%, wind WNW 30 kmph

Week:  100.75 km,  March:  254.65 km,  Year:  910.4 km

I had 2 days off running mid week after a reasonable last weekend due to a public holiday on Monday when another 30 kms was covered.
That made Tuesday a recovery day, a very slow run to finish at the river for 10 minutes in the cool water.
Wednesday was a planned rest day. Then on Wednesday night I received an invitation for lunch on Thursday, so no running for 2nd day. That was Ok as I had ran 14 days in a row and a couple of days off will do more good than harm. Lunch date was wonderful.
Friday was then under pressure to get some running done to keep the weekly total ticking over. First part was not good, no rhythm and very slow. Second part was better, no surprises about the day.
Saturday is always long run day. This time I joined Softshoe to travel to the north side of town to run with Kelly. Original plan was to head towards Hall through Mulligans Flat, but we had a change of plan after crossing Horse Park Dr and finished on top of Mt Majura. Run changed from a flat endurance run to a strength run up and down the mountain. A good run considering Friday's poor effort.
Today I only had to run 11 kms to get over 100 kms for the week, so nothing special had to done. Just a flat run around the local area. The wind was cool and strong, so time wise was not that flash.
Otherwise, a reasonable week, base kms is still good and building up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Recovery Day on a Tuesday

Purpose:  easy recovery day
Distance:  14.00 km
Time:  84' 52"
Rate:  6' 04" per km
Recovery: 10 minutes in river
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm

Week: 45.00 km,  March:  198.9 km
Year:  854.65 km in 10 weeks at ave 85.4 km pw

A long weekend changes the run planning around with another long run yesterday, so today, Tuesday, becomes a Monday recovery day.
That means, today's running is at whatever pace or course I happen to do. If I walk, I walk, if I jog or run slowly, so be it.
But it always finishes at the river with 10 minutes in the water. Thunder clouds above shortened the time in the water in case of a lightning strike.
All good, obviously a little tired today, but otherwise Ok.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Second Cotter in Three Days

Purpose: long run
Distance:  31.00 kms
Time:  3 hrs 31 mins 57 secs
Rate: 6' 50" per km
Elevation gain:  748 metres
Weather: nice, sunny, temp range 10-21 degrees, humidity 98%- 60%, wind calm

Week:  31.00 km,   March:  184.9 km,  Year:  840.65 km

Making the most of these long weekends, so ventured out to the Cotter for another lap around the dam.
This time, we included Mt McDonald but dropped back from the 21 to the 18 mile course. Just 1 km difference at the finish from Saturday but more climbing.
A picture perfect day, cool enough to not have to drink too much, but warm enough to not have to wear long sleeves.
Joined by Emma & Softshoe, a slower pace than on Saturday, but a bit more difficult.
Stopped to take some photos, and certainly stopped at Vanities to cool off and enjoy the relaxing benefits.
Great morning, loved this run today. Ran a total of 76.2 kms over the long weekend, no problems, all good.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday on the Run

Purpose:  easy run
Distance:  13.2 km
Time:  78' 24"
Rate:  5' 57" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 22 degrees, humidity 55%, wind calm

Week: 100.55 km,  March:  153.9 km,  Year:  809.65 km

All good after yesterday's run. A bit longer than I would normally do on a Sunday, but only added a few kms to get to 100 kms for the 2nd week in a row.
The relaxing time spent in Vanities meant I didn't need to go to Pine Is to the river today, although another recovery session would have been nice.
Purposely ran easy today, another session at the Cotter tomorrow deserves respect.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cotter - 20 miles

Purpose:   long run
Distance:   32.2 km
Time:    3 hrs 12 mins 13 secs
Rate:    5' 58" per km
Altitude gain:  650 metres
Weather: sun/cloud, temp range 15-21 degrees, humidity 85%-60%, wind calm

Week:  87.35 km,  March:  140.7 km,  Year:  796.45 km

It's been 12  months since I was last out at the Cotter for a run. Plenty of things have changed in that time including the completion of the dam and the filling up of the water.
That water level is now very close to the lower parts of Jellylegs and now only a few metres from flooding the trail.
Joined today by Michael, Jen & Kelly in good weather conditions and on nice soft trails.
We did the full 21 miles course, although it's actually almost spot on 20 miles or the 32 kms we did today. Km rate of sub 6 minutes was pleasing, and a bit more improvement in there if I try harder.
The girls were much too fast today for the boys with Kelly certainly in great form and Jen not much behind her.
A beautiful stop at Vanities Crossing where the cool water was much appreciated. The down side is it's very difficult to get going again after stopping.
Trip No 161 out there since first starting back in 1994 and well before the bush fires took out most of the trees resulting in a 12 month or more exclusion.
Still good to be out there again, a good place to go for a run.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Around The Lake

Purpose: Pace effort
Distance: 8.2 km
Time:  44' 44"
Rate: 5' 28" per km
Weather:  sun/cloud, temp 21 degrees, humidity 65%, wind light NE 5 kmph

Week:  41.1 km,  March:  94.45 km,  Year:  750.2 km

Not very often do I run around Lake Tuggeranong as a full circuit. It just do anything for me to run on the bike path to start, then there is always construction work, and other users on bikes.
I intended to do this run at a faster pace than normal, but it just didn't happen for the full circuit. Several times I seemed to pick up the pace and felt Ok, but mostly I eased back to a comfortable tempo pace.
Cloudy skies made the humidity high, not the best day to run for me, but another few kms in the bank.
Really would like to average 100 kms per week for this month, that's the plan.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Running in the Rain

Purpose: more junk
Distance:  9.2 km
Time:  51' 44"
Rate: 5' 37" per km
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle, temp 19 degrees, humidity 85%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week:  32.9 km, Mar: 86.25 km,  Year:  742.00 km

Light drizzle started to fall as I headed home at lunch time. Weather forecast had predicted this for noon today, so I didn't ride the mountain bike to work early.
A bit crappy in the rain, but not too bad. This first part was 5.4 kms. With more rain predicted for the afternoon, didn't happen, sun came out, I took the car back to work.
Ran a further 3.8 kms at much better pace and really happy with this short session. At least it was dry.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Easy Start to The Week

Purpose:  recovery day
Distance:   13.1 km
Time:  75' 07"
Rate:  5' 44" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NE 10 kmph

Purpose: base jog
Distance:  10.6 km
Time: 59' 52"
Rate: 5' 40" per km
Recovery: 8 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 55%, wind calm

Week:  23.7 km,  March:  77.05 km
Year:  732.8 kms in 9 weeks at  ave  81.4 km p.w.

A couple of easy and nice runs to start the week. At this point of time, I am building to get to a weekly average of near or over 100 kms.
Last week was 105 kms, with a rest day, one day at 4 kms and one day 7 kms. So there is plenty of scope to improve as long as I can be consistent. March certainly needs to be the build up month as April & May will be high mileage months.
Nothing special about either day, with a trip to the river today. Very nice and cooling off now that summer has finished.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Marching - Time to get Moving

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  46.00 kms
Time: 6 hrs 14 mins 34 secs
Rate:  8' 09" per km
Altitude gain:  676 metres
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle at times, temp 20-17 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm

Purpose:  recovery run
Distance:  7.35 km
Time:  40' 50"
Rate:  5' 33" per km
Recovery:  12 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 55%, wind calm

Week:  105.7 km,  March:  53.35 km,  Year:  709.1 km

Long run on Saturday was a " feet on time" journey with Billy & Michael starting in Weston Creek, central to course we intended to follow. A midday start as well as Mrs Billy had been out mountain biking, so Billy was on kids minding duties in the morning.
Another cloudy day, not much different to recent weekends but lucky, the forecast rain/showers didn't happen.
Trip was a basically a follow the Centenary trail south to Kambah Pool, along the river track to Tuggeranong, then continue on the Centenary trail to MacArthur, Isaacs, cross to Farrer & Mt Taylor and back to the start.
Original intention was to get to Red Hill, but this wasn't necessary as we had enough time and distance. A good mixture of single trail, wider fire trail, & yuk bike path. Undulating without any big hills or mountains. Pace was not important, just time out there & finish before dark.
A really good day, just 15 minutes of stoppage time, with some walking mixed in with the running. Good first & last 2 hours, bit crappy in the middle, but that's what the training is all about.
Backed up today with a good recovery run from home to Pine Is to get 12 minutes in the water. Temperature of the water has dropped a bit, so now getting better benefit, but still really nice & feels so good.
After a couple of average days during last week, back to feeling great at the moment, just need to pick up some speed. A session at the oval mid week will help.