Two Fruits

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

That Winning Feeling

Three Months Done

Distance:  999.2 kms in 3 months at ave  333.06 km p.m.

Altitude gain:  19, 212 metres at ave  6404 metres p.m.

The recovery from the CBR 100 km 10 days ago has been quicker than expected. However, I think that has much to do with the slow pace as there was no damage done. Just getting enough quality sleep, some easy mountain bike rising & a couple of trips to the river and all is good.
However, there will always be residual fatigue under the surface that will show up as soon as I up the intensity, so care needed.
Last Saturday, I did a beautiful, nice and easy training run over the southern end of the Bullen Range on a picture perfect day. Great recovery and still getting to enjoy the outdoors.
Sunday, somehow, I managed my first ever win at the monthly running handicap. Starting out of a " soft" group start at 23, I managed to pass a few & hold on for the win on the grass cross country course at Stromlo Forest Park.
It's not my most favourite course, but the grass surface certainly is nice to run on & in great condition.
Felt good all the way, passing many that started ahead of me helped the confidence. As an out and back course, done twice, it's easy to see the others all around the course. Slightly undulating in places certainly helps me as I like the more difficult courses.
Probably won't like what the handicapper has to say later this week, but I'll go back to where I really should be. Running badly late last year due to injury pushed my group start forward on a month to the point where I have now recovered & winning was almost a certainty.
Winning gives confidence to keep going.
The past 2 weeks have also given the desire to get outback for another long ultra run later this year. Just where I go, yet to be decided. Warm weather will be needed, I'm not going if it's cold.
Struggling through my first winter in 4 years almost here now will be character building again.
Might well be the last .

Thursday, March 26, 2015

12 Weeks Gone Already


957.85 kms in 12 weeks at ave 79.8  km

Altitude gain:

18067 metres in 12 weeks at ave 1505 metres

I ran a very easy 6 kms on Wednesday followed by 10 minutes in the now cool waters of the Murrumbidgee River.
Considering I went in to the 100 km last Saturday underdone, I have managed to get through unscathed except the usual just being tired. Another few nights of good quality sleep and I should be back to normal.
The bike riding at a comfortable pace has also helped the recovery. As it did leading up to the big run.
Time now to get ready for a week of race volunteering at the AnzacUltra2015 starting on Easter Monday. Not sure on what I will be required to do, but guessing there won't be too many quiet times.
After that, I will put a plan together for a long run once spring time arrives.
Training in winter won't be to my liking, but hoping to get most of it done during the warmest times of the day. However, a winter/snow run up Stockyard Spur to Mt Gingera & Mt Ginini once we get the white stuff on the ground will be something worth waiting to do.
This year will the first winter I have experienced in 4 years. Missed the recent ones away on holidays. Might be lucky and only have this year to get through. The future is looking bright, at the moment.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

CBR 100 km


Distance:  100.0 kms
Time: 14 hrs 55 mins 04 secs
Rate:  8' 57" per km
Elevation gain:  2262 metres

Weather: sum/cloud, temp range from 6 am start, 10 - 20 - 15 degrees, humidity, 75% - 45% - 65%, windy all day SE 10 kmph - East 20 kmph

Year to date:

Distance: 951.75 kms
Elevation gain:  18,024 metres

It's not the proper way to prepare for a tough 100 km event, but I made it through without too many problems. The training fell away in February for various reasons, but the mountain biking & the mountain running seem to have made up for the lack of running kms.
The day went well all the way as I had the wonderful company of Gemma who was attempting her first successful finish after three previous failures. Mentally she just needed to get to the finish line so we ran together all the way. My time more reflects her pace than mine, but we pulled each other through a couple of bad patches and made the finish.
The course on the northern section of the Canberra Centenary Trail was much more technical & rough in places.Too much elevation gain due to climbing Mt Ainslie & almost all Mt Majura, One Tree Hill near Hall village, then the rough as hell tracks on Black Mountain, the Arboretum, then Red Hill & Davidson's Trig. It was a fund raising event for the Heart Foundation, not the World Trail running championships. Night time on some of these tracks would be bordering on dangerous & clearly not have regard to safety issues.
This especially applies to those walking & teams event who just want to complete the course in the aid of a worthy cause.
Basically no problems as I has Softshoe to crew for me. The lack of assistance on the course in places is something the organisers could work on for next time.
Today, all good. Still a little tired as expected, not much moving today and will head to the river on Monday.
Overall, a wonderful day out of mostly trail running & walking. Didn't like the bike path bits, but that's life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ready or Not, Almost Time


Distance:  164.6 km

Altitude gain:  2507 metres


Distance:  847.5 km in 11 weeks at ave   77.04 km

Altitude gain:  15,708 metres in 11 weeks at ave  1428 metres

You could call it tapering, but you only taper off a big blast of training. That I have not been doing due to a number of various reasons, mostly fickle.
However, what running I have got done has been Ok including a very nice run last Saturday over Mt Stromlo & through the old Blewitts Forest. It was a beautiful morning with others out in West Stromlo doing an obstacle & fitness course. Looked like fun in the mud & water.

I am hoping my bike riding will keep me in the game at CBR 100 km this weekend.
Plus, the hills and mountains I hope will make up for the lack of distance. The climb up Mt Stromlo on the mountain bike tracks was easy & fun.
I'm actually not expecting to finish the full distance & will be quite happy to get past half way. Anything close to 75 kms will be a surprise & a bonus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bit Like Last Week



Distance: 109.6 kms
Altitude gain:  1648 metres


Distance:  792.5 kms in 10 weeks at ave 79.25 kms
Altitude gain:  14,849 metres in 10 weeks at ave 1484.9 metres

Another below average week which is not good going into the final 10 days before CBR 100 km.
A better week really with a beautiful run mid week along the Bullen Range to turn high above the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station looking over the top of the big white dishes that look into outer space. Lucky I had some good company on the day, a bonus and certainly will now get out there again.
It was a long weekend here just gone so we ventured up north to visit the in-laws. No long run, just a couple of short jogs up and down the beach on soft sand. Very nice for a change, but hardly going to assist too much at CBR 100 km.
Other commitments are taking priority at the moment, both work & at home so very little running is getting done. Some major decisions will soon need to be made, changing everything. Time will tell as to what the future holds.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Stop The Slide

Year to Date:

Distance:  732.00 kms in 9 weeks at ave 81.33 km

Altitude gain:  13804 metres in 9 weeks at ave 1534 metres

The past few weeks have been a struggle with all the figures in decline.
Distance has been a real effort to get anywhere near weekly average which had been solidly in the mid 90's per week.
Then last week managed just 21 kms which dragged the weekly average down to the low 80's.
Altitude gain has been consistent as it's the only part of any running which doesn't suffer however far or fast I run.
I have been getting a good amount of mountain bike riding done recently including a 86 km ride last weekend when I needed to measure on the ground the Anzac Ultra course for the April run.
Main problem has been the left hip which has played up again recently. It's Ok when warm, no problem on the bike. Doesn't like the cold, so winter may be a worry.
This week after the long bike ride, the hip has been good allowing 4 nice days of running without any dramas.
A week or so ago, the CBR 100 km on 22nd March looked doubtful, but now a bit of confidence has returned. A start is again the aim, finish in whatever time it takes, the time limit is 36 hours.