Two Fruits

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week 42 - Just 10 to go

Running:  Year to date to Wednesday

Running:  3,505.1 kms in 42 weeks at ave  83.45 kms ( down from 84.3 kms last week)

Full week:  74.6 kms,  Oct:  118.3 kms

Altitude gain:  60,910 metres in 42 weeks at ave 1,450 metres ( down from 1,455 last week)

Full week:  1,623 metres,  Oct:  2,022 metres

Finally back to a routine with a target race event now set. Except for today ( Thursday) where we are having a cool rainy day ( rest day ), I have been back to running every day.
The weather has been nice, sunny & warm and I have been slowly increasing the distance. That has helped the pace improve just a little, feel more comfortable as well.
I have also been heading to the river whenever possible, 4 times a week, to prevent any soreness coming from the increase in training.
So far, on the right path to a solid return. I will be happy to get back to consistently over those weekly averages and see them slowly increase.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's Happening From Now

Running:  up to 16.10.15

Distance: 3,459.1 kms in 41 weeks + 2 days at  ave  84.3 kms ( down from 86.8 kms from week 39 )

October:  72.3 kms

Altitude:  59,642 metres in 41 weeks + 2 days at  ave  1,455 metres ( down from 1,510 metres from week 39 )

October:  754 metres

These figures are falling dramatically as the rest & recovery came to an end but the return to running has not yet reached weekly average.
However, for the week ending today, Sunday, running kms were 63.8. Altitude gain for the week was 1,372 metres getting close to that weekly average.
I haven't really settled on a next target event, but it won't be this year. I will use the next 2 months to rebuild the base, both strength & endurance, then make a race decision. It will probably be close to home, so may be the CBR 100 km in mid March. It's hilly but not too difficult and only 100 kms.
I have a couple of females targeting some really tough mountain events in late March/early April so will have some company for summer training. They know many of the usual training trails, but some will be new to them. That will help maintain the enthusiasm during the hot summer heat.
Can't wait to ramp up the running now, the mental side is alive & well. Let's go running.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Don't Like Recovery Time - Week 39

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,386.8 kms in 39 weeks at ave 86.8 kms  pw ( down from 88.1 kms last week)

Sept:  390.6 kms ( includes 336 kms in 6 and bit days)

Altitude:  58,888 metres in 39 weeks at ave 1,510 metres pw ( down from 1,533 metres last week)

Sept:   1,039  metres

It's now just over 2 weeks since the final day of the Darling River Run. As expected, I picked up a slight virus late last week resulting in blocked sinuses. More a nuisance than being sick, certainly not enough to not go back to work yesterday. But, all over now, back to normal.
As can be seen, the weekly averages for the year are slowly dropping as both the running distances and the elevation gain are still very low. Last week managed around 35 kms at nice easy pace with plenty of walking where necessary.
There will probably be 2 more weeks of slow easy & short running. I have another 10 days off work starting Saturday involving some travelling so not much running.
However, if I get this recovery wrong, then the remainder of the year may be disaster.
At this stage there may be only one more ultra in me so I may target the CBR 100 km in March next year before I rack the trail shoes. Don't think there are any trails back in Tassie where we are going to live.