Two Fruits

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr. Ed......of Course

Distance: 15.15 km
Time: 84' 24"
Rate: 5' 34" per km
Weather: cloudy then some sun, temp 18 - 21 degrees, humidity 70% - 60%, wind ESE at 25 kmph
Week: 40.4 km
March: 282.0 km on 21 / 31 days at 13.4 km ave per run day
Year: 1112.4 kms in 3 months at ave 370.8 km per month

Mr Ed was the horse from the TV show, most probably in black and white. The music and song just stick.
Today no horses, fairly average day but the running improved heaps. Energy levels not quite back, but the enthusiasm is there if everything else falls in to place.
A few minutes in the water at Pine Is, about the only time the sun came out before heading back to work.
Very happy now the running is getting back, just need some speed, some distance, and some new shoes to prevent any relapses of injury.
Disappointing month of March, SFT Ok but not great on the training done leading in, recovery has taken longer than expected, the weather has been nice and some good bike riding in place of the running has been fun.
Probably the slack month I needed.
Well done Strewth, I know we are older than Ewen who probably never watched B&W TV either.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Horse on the Course, of course, of course

Distance: 16.15 km
Time: 97' 00"
Rate: 6' 00" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 21 degrees, humidity 60%, light SE wind at 5 kmph
Week: 25.25 km
March: 266.85 km
Year: 1097.25 km

Normally out running where I go at lunch time to get home, I follow a narrow sandy track between Pine and Point Hut, then up through Gordon to get home. Today, I started to follow this sandy track from the southern end of Pine Is, up the small slope I went to be met by a horse with pilot on board. I usually see snakes, lizards, plenty of kangaroos, a few rabbits, but never a horse.
This is a nature park area where dogs are not permitted, I guess the sign doesn't say horses are not allowed. Nice friendly lady pilot, quiet horse stepped aside while I ran past.
Nothing much else to report, 13 minutes in the cold water on the way back, hopefully helps a bit.
If anyone can remember who sang the song loosely based on my title today, let me know. It's old, out of a musical I think. If you listen to Triple J, I don't think you will have heard it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monthly Handicaps - No. 150

Race distance: 8.0 km plus warm up jog 1.1 km
Race time: 36' 53"
Rate: 4' 37" per km
Finished: 82 nd
Weather: sunny, temp 18-23 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm
Week: 9.1 km
March: 250.7 km
Year: 1081.1 km

We ran at Stromlo Forest Park for the first time today. Very different racing on grass then, off on to dirt and gravel before returning to finish on the grass. I gather most runners liked the venue from the response at the presentations.
I have now ran 150 monthly handicaps starting way back in 1994 at Mt Ainslie. I have never been first across the line or won a gold medal, but then I have never finished last either. Consistency is the key as I have won the overall points score twice, 1999 & 2006, as well as a second place in 1995 & third in 2000.
Today, a beaut day for late March, we shared the area with cyclists from Hartley Lifecare, which didn't create any real problems. Not recovered fully from Six Foot Track, I did my best which wasn't very good finishing 82nd, at least not last. But I did enjoy the course, an out and back getting the chance to see others runners at various times. No chance to catch Strewth, Ewen's beer still cold in his fridge.
Also great to have Sue out for a run with us, obviously I wasn't concentrating when we were out running, or I would have said hello during the run.
I hope a bit of a faster hit out today may have loosened the sciatic nerve problem. Left leg gave no problem, the swelling in my left foot has gone so I can't blame them for today's performance. Obviously I just needed some rest, and I get some good training done now towards GH80 in May and before the cool weather sets in for winter.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Running Again......Badly

Distance: 13.0 km
Time: 76' 13"
Rate: 5' 52" per km
Weather: smokey, temp 21 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm
Week: 38.7 km
March: 241.6 km
Year: 1072.0 km

When I don't mention any distance on the bike, it's because it is only a ride to work from home in the morning and home at night. I don't count any bike riding as training. To me it's a means of transport, an enjoyable way to travel. And cheap and free.
Today I tried running again, very slowly protecting a hammie and a sore heel. Both once warmed up were Ok, the slowness just from little running since SFT, and I suppose the tapering week before hand. No amount of bike riding will help regain the running fitness except plenty of running.
A short 12 minutes in the river on way back to work helped cool the legs, very nice.
Work tomorrow morning and a party to go to at night means no running until Sunday's monthly handicap at Stromlo Forest Park.
Certainly won't catch Strewth, probably won't catch any one, hopefully not to finish last.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

An All Happening Day

Running: still nil
Bike: Group Ride: 28.5 km plus 9 km to work in morning and home at night
Weather: 10:00 am, cloudy, temp 25 degrees, humidity 35%, wind light NW
Running: Stuck on
Week: 25.7 km
March: 228.6 km
Year: 1059.0 km

Today was just full on, good part work was easy, as it usually is most days. A beautiful morning before sun rise to ride to work, a few cars, lights on, all ready for another day in paradise. The usual banter around the table at work, footy experts still recalling last week's results, talking up their team's chances this week.
Then off to the dark side to start the first part of my day's work. As usual the people who live on the north side take their cars to work causing traffic problems associated with big cities. How can it take almost 30 minutes to drive from Belco to Civic, happens every day, cars with only one person in each. An then get upset when someone changes lanes without indicating and pinches their tiny space of road.
Safely back on the side side of LBG, feeling much more at home, arrived back at the depot with enough time to have a cuppa and little lunch before our usual Thursday group bike ride. Just before I drove in the gate, safely behind the fence, an accident in front of the main front door. Now some one will blame looking in to the sun, driving west at 9:30 in the morning. A poor excuse for just not looking. A 4WD decides to turn across the road into the camping and boating store, in front of a lady in a car.
If you don't look, you finish up on your side, wheels spinning and you hanging almost upside down, held in by the seat belt. Then the police, ambos, firies, rescue vehicles etc arrive and the rescue happens. Fortunately the occupants are not seriously injured but taken to hospital any way. Big dramas, all happening. Luckily our very friendly management team assisted by staying a good distance away, I'm sure one of them would have liked to have taken total control.
By then bike ride was due to start. Three of us were ready but Tinker had texted to say he couldn't make it. Why, he forgot his bike. The best excuse yet.
Away we went, mini boot camp at the Gordon playground on fearless leader's mind. Leader's mate Bob had come down to visit from Sydney, good rider Bob. We like the off road with challenges. So we go from work to Pine Is to Point Hut to Gordon. Mini boot camp, sit ups, chin ups, climb the slippery pole to then cross the steel rope, and few dips, a few laughs.
We then decide, or have it decided for us, that we will go to the high track behind Gordon. Good views over the Tuggeranong Valley but finding a path between the houses proves to be a problem. Navigation is not FL's best asset. We find a nice steep hill that will take us up and up and up. Guess who is the only one to ride all the way, ME. Might have been in 2nd lowest gear out of 27, but I made it without getting off to push. That's why bicycles are/were called " push bikes". That's bragging rights now for months, very happy in our small group. At least today no one fell off. On to the end of Gordon near Lanyon homestead, back to Lanyon shops where we managed to find a suitable path up on to the track on Tuggeranong Hill. Another couple of steep short climbs but FL had worked out he needs a low gear early and momentum to get to the top with walking. I hope the legs were burning. We parted at the sub station where FL and Bob headed back to Tuggie and I went home for lunch.
By the time I was back at work I had done 28.5 kms in just over 2 hrs, the other two 23 kms. Another good day out riding, great to have Bob down to visit from Sydney and join us for a ride.
Can't wait for next week to hear the next excuse from Tinkerbell to why he can't make the ride. Maybe Tinker 2 will be able to join in and show up Tinker 1.
Foot problems almost Ok, would have loved to run the 1 hour tonight at the track, but I didn't want to risk trying to get near 15 kms in the hour and mess up the recovery.
Ewen, your comment the other day about being a stand up comic. Did you know that when Sonny Bono finished his singing career, the took up comedy? Instead of being a stand up funny man, became a sit down comedian called " Sonny and Chair ( Cher)".
A run day tomorow, working Saturday morning with a party in the afternoon, then monthy handicap on Sunday. Hopefully a longer run on Monday lunch time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Riding

Running: nil
Bike: distance - 28.2 km
Weather: cloudy, temp 27 degrees, humidity 33%, wind calm then NW at 20 kmph

A bit quicker today on the bike because it was flat cycle path and the wind was calm. Then the storm clouds came over, a few drops of water fell from the sky, but hardly enough to settle the dust.
As much as I like riding the bike, running is what I do. I just hope the foot soon decides to not be a problem, and I can resume jogging off to far away places. I don't think it will be a long time. I may as well make sure now that all is Ok, and resume fully committed to Glasshouse in May.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On The Bike

Run : nil
Bike: Distance - 27 km
Weather: sunny, temp 26-28 degrees, humidity 30%, wind NW at 20 kmph

A BBQ at work today as a fund raiser for one of our work mates was a good excuse to not run. As well, the soreness in the left leg has eased, so I took the sensible option of riding the bike at lunch time.

Didn't cruise very far but I did have two sessions in the cool water at Pine Is. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. Must say the bike riding is very pleasant on a warm autumn day. No running until I have this foot problem fixed, I have some time at present to get it right or it won't heal ( heel) !!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Pain in The Butt

Distance: 15.0 km
Time: 81' 05"
Rate: 5' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 25.7 km
March: 228.6 km
Year: 1059.0 km

I've written before about having a sore left calf muscle and a sore spot under my left heel. More research and a little local knowledge reveals I think I have a sciatic problem. It started on the Tuesday before Six Foot Track, the day after a massage. Somehow I got through SFT although the soreness was there until I got running and warmed up.
Now, the painful foot and calf are now the end result of another problem. Pinched sciatic nerve is really a " pain in the butt". That's where it could start, more likely a hamstring problem, or it could be a back problem. Somewhere there is a problem, one book said it could be leg length difference. Not helped at all by sitting in one spot for a long time. So something else to fix, at least it's while I'm an active recovery rest time. Riding the bike there is not problem at all.
A lot of stretching all day has helped. Running today was easy home for lunch and back again via the river for 12 minutes in the cooling water. Although I'm not sure now about the cool water treatment, one books says " do not ice". Can't win.
Can't imagine an hour run on Thursday night will be any good, so may have to give that a miss. Pity, one of the best nights at the track each year. I do like going around in circles at a constant pace, hopefully passing a few and not being passed by many.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting Familiar with Stromlo

Run 1. Distance: 8.15 km in 44' 40" at 5' 29" per km
Run 2. Distance: 2.55 km in 12' 10" at 4' 46" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm
Week: 10.7 km
March: 213.6 km
Year: 1044.0 km

A group of around 20 ran, walked or jogged the monthly handicap course to be used next Sunday. Very nice morning to be out at Stromlo Forest Park, sharing the facility with a cycling group and some mountain bikers.
The facility is designed to be a multi purpose area and we didn't have a problem with the others this morning. So that should be a good sign for next Sunday when the Hartley Lifecare people will also be sharing the area.
Nice casual run showing where the course will go, the course manager and the start/finish manager also in attendance so they know what they will encounter next week.
After the course inspection, a few of us removed our shoes and sox and ran the full cross country course bare feet. Really good feeling in contact with mother earth, just a ragged patch on top of the highest part. And ran at a good pace with Bruce's dog leading the way. Fittest dog I know at the present.
Overall, a very nice morning with some good people enjoying the great outdoors.
Finished with 20 minutes in the water at Pine Is. That seems to helping get over a slight calf problem. Energy level a little better today as well. Looking good for the immediate future. Must resist the urge to do too much too soon. That's going to be difficult.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not There Yet

Distance: 21.15 km
Time: 2 hrs 15 mins 21 secs
Rate: 6' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21-25 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 48.3 km
March: 202.9 km
Year: 1033.3 km

This was meant to be easy, a gentle run a week after a long tough run. And the start was easy with a bit of walking every now and then as well as on the hills. The run covered the Wanniassa Hills, Farrer ridge, under Yamba Dr into Isaacs, over to Long Gully Road, another section of the Wanniassa Hills that lead to the back of MacArthur, then some gentle down hill on Isabella Dr to Ashley Dr and back home. Nice day to be out there.
However a few things are not right yet. First, the high jump record was in doubt when I jumped over a small brown snake on Farrer ridge. Second, there is still some residual fatigue as I walked a bit especially nearing home as I had run out of energy. Third, I have a sore left hamstring that is causing calf pain and heel pain. Originally I thought it was plantar fasciitis, but a few of my running and injury prevention books say it is probably linked to tightness in the hamstring. Achilles are fine, underneath the arch is Ok, so it is more likely a referred pain spot.
Slow towards the finish, walked a bit more, but made it home. I think I will still need another week to be back to normal, that's physical normal not mental normal. That's a lost cause.
Afternoon siesta coming up, I need some more rest before tackling the crowds at Skyfire tonight.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Walking on the West Side

Distance: 9.15 km
Time: 1 hr 49 mins 38 secs
Rate: 11' 59" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21-25 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 28.15 km
March: 181.75 km
Year: 1012.15 km

Members of the handicap sub committee checked out the tracks on the western side of Mt Stromlo. Used, in years 2000-02, the trees were destroyed by bush fires in 2003.
The area has been cleared of trees, but opened up the area. A nice day today and hopefully the same in late May. The long course has plenty of down hill, great running over a few kms at pace, but what goes down must go back up. A nice long climb back to the start in the same place as previously used. Many will love this course over 7.5 kms, but some may not. After all, it is the first in the KOM series.
The short course will go the reverse of the long, distance yet to be decided, so finish with a nice up hill.
Should be another fun monthly handicap for all, except me. I will be in Tassie on holidays attending my auntie's 90th birthday party.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Tough Start to Life

Distance: 12.3 km
Time: 63' 11"
Rate: 5' 09" per km
Weather: high cloud, temp 21 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 19.0 km
March: 172.6 km
Year: 1003.0 km

The running was easy, surprisingly so. A run home from work for lunch with some high cloud hiding the sun. Then back via the river for 15 minutes to assist the recovery before jogging back for the second half of a day's work.
The tough start to life is in Victoria where my nephew's partner was pregnant but problems meant an early delivery. Early being born at 27 weeks instead of at 42 weeks. Not sure of the size or weight but the little baby boy would be very small. However, bub is Ok, breathing is Ok, not up to the junk food stage yet or ordering a pizza. Little fella will obviously be kept under carefull watch for a long while, but hopefully all will be well. Just hope the parents don't find a stupid name for him. Life will be tough enough to start with, without a name to struggle with all his life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On The Trails Again

Distance: 6.7 km
Time: 36' 36"
Rate: 5' 27" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 6.7 km
March: 160.3 km
Year: 990.7 km

Time to get back on the horse again after a rest/travel day and two bike ride days. Any soreness, there wasn't much has gone, but I did take it easy. However, even not doing Canberra marathon, I still only get 8 weeks before GH 80 in May. Today was the next step in the journey towards goal 2 of the year.
A simple flat jog around the Pine Is area, stopping for 15 minutes in the river before heading back to work to select a shift for the upcoming school holidays. Found something suitable, again with just under 4 hours off in the middle of the day, I will need all of those in April for running.
Then rode the bike home for lunch, taking the car back in the afternoon with another short diversion to the river, making nearly 30 minutes in the cool water for the day.
Longer run tomorrow, a walk around Stromlo West monthly handicap course on Friday, and back to a long run on Saturday.
Another beaut day today, the weather forecast is another week of this, just too much late summer to handle. Forget the drought, let is continue just as it is.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Same Again - Active Recovery

Bike Ride - Distance 25 km
Running: Nil
Weather: beaut autumn day, sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm
Week: Running - nil, Bike - 50 km
March: Running: still 153.6 km
Year: Running: still 984.0 km

Almost a carbon copy of yesterday's activities. Bike ride to work early morning, bit chilly, then a ride down to the river for 15 minutes in the cool water before riding home for lunch.
Ride back to work again returning to the river for another 15 minutes before an afternoon behind the wheel. Ride home after work easy as well with a gentle westerly assisting. Nice easy day.
I haven't had the quad soreness some others have experienced. In fact, almost none at all, probably put it down to " luck".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Active Recovery

Bike Riding:
Distance: 25 km
Time: Not important - slow
Running: Nil
Week: Nil
March: 153.6 km
Year: 984.0 km

Back to work today, on the cool side at 6:30 am. Not a problem though as the legs were working , just. Used the low gears to have no pressure on a couple of tender quads.
The lunch time ride home was preceded by a trip to the river for some cold water treatment. After 15 minutes, back on the bike for an easy ride home with the wind assisting. Just lucky.
On the ride back to work, I had time for a second trip to the river allowing for another 10 minutes in the water. Rode home again after work making a broken day's riding of about 25 kms.
A good recovery day without doing very much trying to stay on the move when possible. Seems to be working. Similar day planned for tomorrow before even thinking about running. Maybe a short jog later in the week.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Six Foot Track... No. 11

Distance: 45 km
Time: 5 hrs 10 mins 9 secs
Rate: 6' 54" per km
Finished: 250th out of 849 starters - 29%
Weather: mostly sunny, temp 14-20 degrees, humidity 65%, wind calm
Week: 84.1 km
March: 153.6 km
Year: 984.0 km

Well, I've done 11 of them now with one to go to get the belt to go with the buckle. I can't believe I keep going back again and again. Every year it's that is the last, but soon the mind says what a great event it is. Easy it isn't, otherwise the field would be like City to Surf. However, the hills are longer and higher, the track is dirt, sand, rocky and gravel, narrow and twisty and technical. That's what makes it fun along with catching up with other ultra and hill running nuts that like this sort of adventure.
Rain and cooler conditions results in a good surface, hardened the sand at the river but produced a humid day. One can't complain about the weather when the men's race record was broken again, a record number under 4 hours and a full field of 850 entrants.
A wave 2 start, I'm getting slower, meant a very ordinary start racing down to the top of Nellie's Glen, very slow down the steep slope, 22 minutes to start running and then a slow trip to Coxes River, 1 hr 35 mins. Previously around 1 hr 20 mins was considered Ok. No chance then to break 5 hours for me, last year I ran 4 hrs 50 minutes. So settled into plan B, run the rest of the race with only walks out of drinks stations.
Plan B would soon see if the training up and down local mountains had worked over the last 4 months. It did work. The only small part I walked is a rocky 200 metres near the end of the deviation. Ran or jogged up the mini saddle, up the pluviometer, all along the Black Range and on to the finish.
A slight cramping in the left hamstring on the Black Range found me looking for a salt tablet, that worked well. Some salt into a drink at the road crossing plus a couple of good drinks and that problem disappeared.
I thought I was going Ok towards the finish, but the clock still said 7 minute km pace. Such is the delusion after 5 hours out there.
Coxes river crossing was a relief, but the sand is a potential problem every year to get in a shoe and start to rub causing blisters. Thankfully, not a problem this year with a few pieces getting washed out later on at the next creek crossings before the climb up the pluviometer.
Another one done, I was the 2nd Steve to finish out of about 10, 19th in my age group and that's in 10 year blocks, inside the top 30%, that's still good. Back again next year for the belt. you bet. After that, who knows.
Today, we drove back home after a very good night's sleep, might have the been the beer I won off Ewen, thanks ot the huge amount of food at the banquet at the RSL club. Today, I feel good, a little quad soreness, that will be gone tomorrow, no feet problems, all Ok. A couple of days of just riding the mtn bike to work and home and some time each day down in the cool water of the river at Pine Is.
A decision has already been made to give the Canberra marathon a miss, concentrate on recovery and then start some serious long distance training for Glasshouse 80 km run in mid May. Much more my type of running, and walking. Some how, 80 kms is so much easier than 45 kms at SFT. No pressure, not many hills, no hard road surface, great fun. And a trip away to sunny Qld.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last Run Before.....

Distance: 5.35 km
Time: 29' 05"
Rate: 5' 26" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm
Week: 39.1 km
March: 108.6 km
Year: 939.0 km

Last run before Saturday at Six Foot Track. Such a nice day to do so little. Just a short jog from work down to the river, 15 minutes in the cool water, then jog back to work. Rode the bike home for lunch, takes 15 minutes.
That's all I will do now until I cross the start line heading towards Nellies Glen and the Megalong Valley.
Good luck and have a great run to all doing Six Foot Track. See you either at the start, when you pass me or at the finish.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slow Walk at Stromlo Forest Park

Stromlo - distance: 7.9 km in 85' 42" at 10' 51" ave per km
Pine Is. - distance: 2.5 km in 13' 22" at 5' 21" ave per km
Weather: sunny, temp 20 degrees, humidity 60%, NE wind at 25 kmph
Week: 33.75 km
March: 103.25 km
Year: 933.65 km

A gentle walk around the course we are going to use for the end of month monthly handicap. Basically nothing has changed from the original plan, The start / finish line for all events has been moved back by 100 metres, the two short course events stay on the grass track as an out and back event, turning on the flat part near the dam. Gee, it is low on water, the poor ducks were almost walking across instead of swimming.
The long course stays the same, turning near the horse stile on the Uriarra Road, opposite the entrance to the old Deek's Forest Park.
Very happy to see that the site manager has had the long course tracks graded. Provide the horses, mtn bikes or rain doesn't ruin them, the course surface should be one of the best we have ran on for a long time. Plenty of room to overtake, that probably won't be me, just a couple of weeks after SFT. However, we tried to work out the course difficulty factor, not that easy with a few little undulating hills on the return and not many familiar with running on grass.
Back to work for a quick bite of lunch before a short jog down to Pine Is to stand in the cool waters of the Murrumbidgee. Maybe more a nervous precaution that any real problems, but it is very good.
A run home tomorrow at lunch time, may be 6 km will be the last before Saturday morning. Can't wait.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Distance: 11.75 km
Time: 63' 34"
Rate: 5' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 23.35 km
March: 92.85 km
Year: 923.25 km

Easing down and now feeling every single ache and pain that doesn't exist. Trying also to stay away from anyone that looks like sneezing, coughing or limping just in case it's catching.
Ran home for lunch today, nice and easy, and back to work. On the way home decided I had a pain in left foot. Stopped, took shoe and sock off. May have had an insect bike or something, but now just scared that something will go wrong. Avoiding black cats and ladders this week. Certainly won't see either of them at SFT.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Canberra Day Massage

Distance: 11.6 km
Time: 58' 48"
Rate: 5' 04" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 16 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm
Week: 11.6 km
March: 81.1 km
Year: 911.5 km

Decided not to run yesterday, an easy day. Slept in after an exciting night at work on Saturday night. Heaps of people about in the city making the night well worth working.
We went to Pialligo in the afternoon to buy some apples, then over to Stromlo to watch the rally cars churn up the dirt and dust on our monthly handicap course.
Today I went out for an early run as I had an appointment with Maria for a massage at 11:00 am. The rest day and the need to not be out too long meant a quick run. Conditions were good, cloudy with no wind as I ran down to Pine Is and back. Very quiet on the roads and tracks, a couple of people walking their dogs. All very friendly, and sometimes the owner spoke as well.
Then to Maria for a massage, to punish, she likes inflicting pain. That nice pain that doesn't hurt, until she finds a sore spot, then oh, ah, that's the spot !!
I find I need two full days before the benefits are felt, so five days out from SFT will be perfect. She found no problems, except my ITB's are tight, but not causing a problem, glutes are sore on the top part, that's back related from siting too much. Nothing else, ready and primed for the start line at SFT.
Weather forecast for Katoomba this week is showers, so Nellie's Glen will be slippery. Otherwise Coxes River is about thigh height, no need to swim, just be careful of a shoe full of sand.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Half a Run...I Feel Cheated

Distance: 15.4 km
Time: 79' 59"
Rate: 5' 11" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 280 metres
Weather: sunny, temp 11-15 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm
Week & March: 69.5 km
Year: 899.9 km

I feel cheated not to be able to do a really long run on a near perfect morning. Tapering or easing down means missing a few days of running, or at least cutting back to freshen up. This time next Saturday I will hopefully just cresting the pluviometer on Black Range and heading towards Caves Road.
Just after sun rise this morning our final run together started behind the War Memorial. Plenty of cars parked as other groups went out on their morning runs or just walking up Mt Ainslie. A couple of regulars missing today with Weston Creek half marathon tomorrow or others just having a sleep in. Whatever the excuse, a great morning was missed.
A short version of the Bush Capital 16 km run, even going down to the CSIRO and Campbell High start line. Run at talking pace and comfortable all the way, as it should have been with all the training done now, a nice hit out. Bit of a chat at the finish discussing next weekend and a little concerned about Nick's hammie problem. Not good at this time, but he does have a week to get it right. Otherwise, it's a long 45 kms of walking.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Calwell Oval - 20 laps in Lane 5

Bike: 20 km
Run - Distance: 9.0 km in 35' 42" at 3' 58" ave per km
plus cool down 1.15 km in 4' 41" at 4' 04" ave per km
Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm
Week & March: 54.1 km
Year: 884.5 km

Rode the bike to work this morning, a little chill in the air for this time of the year. Then rode from work to Calwell oval for a last tempo run on the nice cut, green grass of Calwell oval. Lane 5 still in top shape.
Somewhere a little speed has returned. Speedygeoff noted that Kelley ran the 3000 metres at the track on Wednesday night, in the 13 minutes. Another one I need to keep an eye on, maybe she will go past me somewhere if I am not carefull.
The usual session, shortened to 20 laps but a bit quicker than normal. Ran bare feet, changed direction after each set of 5 laps. Started easy a improved finishing with 5 lap times in lane 5 of 9' 25" at 4' 10" pace, 8' 59" at 3' 58" pace, 8' 42" at 3' 52" pace and 8' 34 " at 3' 47" pace. Then finished off with a cool down, even that was easy at 4' 04 " pace. Just felt right on the day. Lane 5 x 5 laps measures 2.26 kms ave, depending on which direction you go. In reverse, your GPS is on the outside of the lane, and so covers a bit more ground.
Rode home from the oval, 2 km for lunch then rode down to Pine Is for a very quick swim and splash ( 7-8 minutes ) before riding back to work. Also rode home tonight. That's the 20 km of riding for the day.
Totally enjoyable day, the running is going well now the tapering has started. Can't wait for SFT, those in the group that may think they have me under control, had better watch out. I'm ready.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bike Ride & Run

Bike Ride - 20 km in 79 mins then
Run: 7.65 km in 38' 38" at 5' 03" per km
Weather: sunnny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 25%, light westerly wind
Week & March: 43.95 km
Year: 874.35 km

Nice day to be bike riding and running. Three of us ventured out on the mountain bikes with leader Kevvie promising to keep me in cotton wool & bubble wrap to stay safe for SFT, now just 9 days away.
We stayed on the cycle paths up Isabella Dr to Fadden Pines. Stopped for a drink, then a loop around the back of Gilmore houses and down to Johnson Dr. We stopped at Dave's place in Gilmore to visit his son who had sprained an ankle playing basketball ( I think ) last night. Very similar injury to me a couple of weeks ago when I went over the handle bars of the bike on a Thursday ride. He was doing all the right things, the RICE treatment, foot in the air, compression bandage, ice playing games on the computer and listening to music. I'm sure it helps the healing process, as long as he eats the rice after the treatment.
Then just after leaving, we met Ollie, one of those small yapping dogs. Ollie had got away from his owner and was just going to have fun. Fun it was watching owner chase Ollie all around the reserve, just getting close enough to almost catch Ollie, then away Ollie goes. We laughed at both, for different reasons.
Then, a little later, Kevvie has a puncture, back tyre. He carries a spare tube and pump, but getting the wheels back on with the bike upside down was something to watch. A couple of dummies playing, the other bike beside as if it was a pattern to follow. Finally done, Dave goes home, probably to have a midday nap, we head back to work.
Still time for a run before second part of lunch. Easy down to Pine Is, around the area and back to the central beach for 15 minutes in the water. The water is cooling off nicely now and well worth the benefit for recovery.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Light Drizzle

Distance: 8.2 km
Time: 44' 27"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 21 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week & March: 36.3 km
Year: 866.7 km

The weather forecast was nearly right, but just light drizzle fell while I was out at lunch time. Uninspired to do anything but eat, I forced myself to get out of the chair and do something. I thought about the gym, no, then thought about Mt Taylor, no. Then thought about something short. No Ewen, not Strewth and CJ.
It was one of those runs where you see how the first 100 metres are, then maybe the next corner, then another few steps to the next tree and so it goes on.
A run that finished at the river, where I spent 15 minutes standing in the water while the light drizzle fell. The last 1 km back up the road towards work was the best I have done there for a long time. Seemed so easy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Return to the Coal Face

Distance: 15.3 km
Time: 79' 54"
Rate: 5' 13" per km
Weather: part sun/ cloud, temp 25 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm
Week & March: 28.1 km
Year: 858.5 km

Back to work today with no more holidays due until we go to Tassie in early June. Plenty to be interested in before that however, with Six Foot Track soon, maybe Canberra 50 km with the marathon, probably the Glasshouse Mtns 82 km in late May.
An easy run home for lunch first day back, then on dropping by Pine Is for a swim and cool down before returning to work. Didn't miss much at work, just the usual that can happen in a week, a workplace dispute between the union and management, at loggerheads again, not unusual. No improvement unfortunately in a couple of drivers who have major health problems, not looking good for either.
On the good side, we get paid some how unlike SAS soldiers fighting a war overseas. Our pay section would have to be the worst in the ACT. Always need to check the pay slip, because there is a mistake every pay day.
Other than that, just cruised along slowly this morning in rush hour traffic on Barry Dr, cruised along the afternoon in peak hour traffic on Monaro Hwy at Hume. Would have been faster on a bicycle, but I was the driver. Speed cameras are not busy when you go 20 kmph. Afternoon nap time just waiting. That's what sunglasses are for, no one can see if your eyes are open or closed.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Clear, Cool Water

Distance: 12.8 km
Time: 69' 18"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Week & March: 12.8 km
Year: 843.2 km

Low key run today with the thoughts of softshoeshuffle on my mind. I read his blog story after his good run yesterday to read his brother had died. I left a message on his blog, but the thoughts are with him and his family at this time. There is not much we can do, so if any one else wishes to write, just a note of his blog site will do.

Today a short recovery run down to the river at Pine Is. A couple of times last week I noticed people swimming so I checked out the water conditions for myself. Local lakes and parts of the Murrumbidgee River are still closed due to blue/green algae or high levels of bacteria. Great surprise to find the water at the main central beach at Pine Is very clear, and nice and cool. Almost as good as it gets before getting too cold in winter. A quick swim and run back home. Nothing much else to report. Very quiet, just one BBQ on the go.