Two Fruits

Thursday, September 30, 2010

End of Month Nine

Distance: 13.95 km
Time: 86' 29"
Rate: 6' 12" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 40%, wind north 15 kmph
Week: 26.75 km, Sept: 400.0 km,
Year: 3543.85 km in 39 weeks at ave 90.87 km p.w.
Year: 3543.85 km in 9 months at ave 393.7 km p.m.

The fall last week seemed to have knocked the stuffing out of me. I ran Ok on Sunday, then finished up with blocked sinuses & a cold for this week. No running and it showed today as I tried to get some running done in the sunshine. A nice day, the wind was cool.
We need a couple of courses in reserve for our monthly handicaps in case there is a problem with one without much notice. The biggest problem is finding something that's relatively flat.
Today, I revisited Urambi Hills, left off the calendar a few years ago. Nothing has changed in the area, we could shorten the distance for a warm month run, start earlier, etc. It has possibilities in an emergency. Otherwise I ask the northsiders to find something suitable.
I did spot a fox near the Tuggie creek, then a very large echidna near the entrance to Pine Is. I stopped to watch him ( or her) for a while as he slowly crossed the road and ventured off into the bush. Very nice creature indeed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Down, But Not Out

Last 3 Days: Nil

I haven't ran since Sunday at the monthly handicap.
Sore ribs since last Friday when I fell, then developed a cold & blocked sinuses on Monday.
A resting few days not by choice but the ribs are now Ok and the sinuses are almost clear. Hopefully I return to the training track tomorrow and get a couple of good weeks in before heading north in mid October.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Handicapped at the Arboretum

Race distance: 7.0 km plus warm up
Time: 31' 04"
Rate: 4' 26" per km
Finished: 31st / 85
Weather: sunny, temp 14-16 degrees, humidity 65% down to 55%, wind calm
Week: 12.8 km, Sept. 408.05 km, Year: 3529.9 km

Good news & bad news from today's monthly handicap at the Arboretum. Good news is I moved to 3rd on the overall pointscore but may get overtaken in the last 2 events by runners that have races in hand. Good news is I overtook Strewth, even with sore ribs & having been up and down Mt Tennent yesterday. Bad news, didn't catch CJ who finished 1'22" in front of me, she finished 9th, brilliant effort.
Good course at the Arboretum, nice soft tracks to run on, even sandy in places which I like. The up hill finish meant not holding back at all, even the early starters could get up some good pace right from the gun.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mt Tennent

Distance: 25.3 km
Time: 3 hrs 51 mins 11 secs
Rate: 9' 08" per km
Altitude gain/loss: about 1300 metres
Weather: mostly cloudy, temp at start 6 degrees rising to 15 degrees, humidity 95% down to 50%, wind mostly calm except on top of mountain when strong SW & very cool
Week: 92.3 km, Sept: 395.25 km, Year: 3517.1 km

Very unsure today on how I would climb up and down a mountain, not once but twice. In the end, the sore ribs made the decision easier.
I took a reminder from an article in the current Ultramag on training for an ultra. Mimic the conditions expected in the race. I decided that a walk/run plan was better than a run/walk plan as I can't go hard up the hills and breathing hard. The longer the time out there, the better.
I cut the distance short deciding not to go down to Apollo Road, it's steep and difficult when fit.
We started at Namadgi Visitor's Centre, up the main front Alpine Walking track to the top of the mountain. The tracks has been washed away from winter rains, the growth on the side has covered parts of the track, but the rocks are still there and the mountain is just as high.
Probably a PW to the top, but is was too cold and windy to stay very long to enjoy the view. Back down the same way on to the Alpine Track, very slow on Bushfold Flats which was not overgrown as I expected, but very muddy in places.
Turned up the main fire trail to the top, walking nearly all the up hill. The run back down was much better, breathing easier just as well as the track requires 100% attention. It's technical and you don't want to make a mistake, over the edge and gone forever. Met three bush walkers on their way up, a nice day for them starting mid morning.
Great day out, it's been many months since the last time up there, it's not easy but enjoyable.
No idea now on how tomorrow's monthly handicap will go, don't want to finish last.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Distance: 11.1 km
Time: 64' 40"
Rate: 5' 49" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 50%, wind North 15 kmph
Week: 67.0 km, Sept: 369.95 km, Year: 3491.8 km

Not concentrating is the likely answer to " How did that happen". I did a " CJ" in unspectacular fashion on a bit of gravel road leading into Pine Is reserve. Looking after I dusted my self down, examine the body damage, I can't work out how it happened. There was nothing there to trip over, no tiny rocks or a piece of string, nothing. Even the shoe laces were triple knotted.
But, as well as the usual skin off left side, knee, top of leg, shoulder & elbow, a painful rib has had me struggling to get through the afternoon.
It's the usual, it only hurts when you breath in, cough, sneeze etc. I hope a good night's sleep will help or there will be plenty of walking tomorrow up and down the mountain.
A bit later when I resumed trying to run, I was attacked by a magpie near the playground at the northern end of Pine Is reserve. I'll stay away from there for a while as the little bugger was nasty.
The rest of the run was very slow and it showed in the km rate today. It was a really nice day to just amble along, but the breathing was difficult. I would have liked 10 minutes in the water but again too many young nymphs about not wearing much.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Wrong Impression

Distance: 10.35 km
Time: 55' 08"
Rate: 5' 19" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%, wind North 5 kmph
Week: 55.9 km, Sept: 336.85 km
Year: 3480.7 km in 38 weeks at ave 91.6 km

Busy day at work, not much time to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Nothing to report, the river is now warm ? enough to stand in for 10 minutes without freezing.
I don't normally comment back on what is occasionally written to my previous stories. Yesterday I wrote about Katie. She will never run hills, loves the track and that is her running life. Good on her, I wish I had concentrated on the track, because that is my family history. It's where my two brothers made plenty of money in their 20's on the professional running scene.
I didn't start running until I was nearly 40 years old. Therefore, I found something else that I suits me.
Anyone that can find 11 courses suitable for monthly handicaps that are slightly down hill or flat, not on a bike path, smooth gravel surface without rocks, close to central Canberra, we don't like travelling, plenty of parking for 150 cars, big enough area for a start / finish line and won't cost the club $ 2 or more per head for use of the area, please contact me. Will look at anything.
Please don't take too seriously anything I write, it's not meant to be anything but light hearted fun.
Next year, there won't be much to comment about, you can only write so much about sand.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Sprinter's Perspective

Distance: 15.6 km
Time: 81' 07"
Rate: 5' 12" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 57%, wind North 15 kmph
Week: 45.55 km, Sept: 326.5 km, Year: 3470.35 km

This month's handicap at the Arboretum is a nice gentle run with a hilly finish. Nothing too hard, not a difficult as other courses we run throughout the year.
The organiser for this month is Katie. Now, Katie is a short course handicap runner and a track runner over the shorter distances, up to 3000 metres. And, Katie is damn good.
However, Katie thinks the Arboretum is difficult. That was until I sent her a copy of the training plan for Saturday's leading up to the Deep Space Mountain marathon in November. Whoa !!
I think there may be a chance to convert her to real running, but I don't know. I know she would love the scenery every week, but getting to work on a Monday may be a problem.
Today, nothing special, a run home at lunch time and back again. Another nice day, not as warm as the last couple, but Ok.
Only a couple of nymphs on the beach at P.I. I didn't have time to stop or chat.
Ewen, CJ must be so busy she hasn't had time to tell us what is happening in her world. Lucky to get a response to a silly email. Those young kids are really good on JMC, I guess Mrs Muscles has the series on tape to get more ideas for a Saturday night dinner.
Strewth has gone cold as well since going back to work.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chasing Altitude

Distance: 15.85 km
Time: 86' 07"
Rate: 5' 26 " per km
Weather: sunny, temp 20 degrees, humidity 50%, wind NW at 10 kmph
Altitude: ?
Week: 29.95 km, Sept: 310.9 km, Year: 3454.75 km

Both Softshoe & myself realise that our hill running legs are still in winter hibernation. A busy Monday & probably a needed rest day resulted in nothing yesterday. Pity to waste a nice day, but " that's life".
Today looking for any hill I could find without going to Mt Taylor or Tuggie Hill, I searched out every little up slope there is between work and home. I found a few small inclines behind Bonython houses and ran to the trig on Stranger Hill. Been a while since I was there, good views towards the Brindies.
I finished at home for lunch, another climb up Johnson Dr, with some down hill on the way back to work. I did have intentions of stopping at Pine Is to visit the river, but too many half naked nymphs catching the warmth of the sun, it was a lovely afternoon. Good luck to them for having the time off.
As for the altitude gain today, I can't get my Garmin to download to the Training Centre, so I don't know. Whatever the figure, it needs to increase big time very quickly.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arboretum Familiarisation

Distance: 14.10 km
Time: 80' 33 "
Rate: 5' 43" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 11 degrees, humidity 65%, wind calm
Week: 14.1 km, Sept: 295.05 km, Year: 3438.9 km

Test run around the monthly handicap course for next Sunday. Arrived early, parked car outside the main gate and spotted Kerrie T & Sam on their horses out for a ride. Chased them towards the gun barrel hill, chatted as we went to the new sign on the hill with " Wide Brown Land" made out of steel. Easier to read from a distance than up close.
Then jogged over to the Event Terrace to join around 30 others to have a look over the monthly handicap course.
Beautiful spring morning as we ran down towards the Tuggeranong Parkway, over to the power lines, turning at 3.5 kms to run back up the hill to the start. Running over the course is not as difficult as it looks, certainly won't be the hardest course we run.
Later, a run up to the eagle's nest on top of Dairy Farmer's Hill, great views over Lake Burley Griffin and around all 360 degrees.
A nice day like today next Sunday and we will have a great event. It should be a back marker's course in all events, but you never know. Some rain during the week and a nice muddy track will change everything.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cotter to Bendora Dam Road & retn

Distance: 45.6 km
Time: 4 hrs 46 mins 3 secs
Rate: 6' 16" per km
Calories used: 3400
Altitude gain/loss: 950 metres
Weather: sunny, temp range 4 - 14 degrees, humidity 90% down to 60%, wind mostly calm, gusts to NW 20 kmph
Week: 127.1 km, Sept: 280.95 km, Year: 3424.8 km

Nice morning to run up into the mountains on mostly smooth fire trails. Heaps of water still in the creeks with Vanities Crossing still flowing over the spillway. Shoes off on way out, plunged into the cold water on the way back with water level on me mid thigh. Not quite Coxes River at SFT, no need to swim, and too cold.
Males only ran this morning with others finding hills and trails closer to town. We did meet super ultra runner Martin Fryer doing his traditional pipeline loop, a run of 40+ kms. Glad we didn't join him, way too fast, although we were going up hill at the time. He is doing Melbourne marathon in a few week's time.
Also met a group of mountain bikes up high on Warks road heading towards Mt Franklin. Some silly trail bike riders seemed to think they could get across Vanities, not possible now with some good sized rocks in the middle of the crossing. The cold water very nice on sore legs, not good on trails bikes.
Great morning, much better than our first time on this run in Oct last year when we ran in remembrance of the Brindabella Classic.
Really need to improve my last 6 kms from Vanities back to the finish, way too slow even if it is after 40 kms, shows lack of hill training over recent months. Mt Tennent next week will help fix that.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cold Water Treatment

Distance: 8.5 km
Time: 43' 24"
Rate: 5' 06" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 14 degrees, humidity 47%, wind NW at 10 kmph
Week: 81.5 km, Sept: 235.35 km, Year: 3379.2 km

Nothing exciting about the running, nice day. Ran home for lunch, car back to Pine Is. Short jog around the playgrounds, then stopped at the river's edge & wondered if I should.
Remembered CJ's letters of advice, JFDI. But could I take the leap and freeze. May be Michelle Bridges would make me stand there to 20 minutes.
Such a good opportunity on an "Anton" day, that I braved the snow melt water & stood in the river for 10 minutes. Just the legs at this stage & well worth the pain. Felt really good afterwards, so should be ready to go tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekday Company

Distance: 21. 8 km
Time: 2 hrs 11 mins 22 secs
Rate: 6' 01" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 13 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NW 30 kmph
Week: 73.0 km, Sept: 226.85 km,
Year: 3370.7 km in 37 weeks at ave 91.1 km

We made arrangements earlier in the week to run together today. I don't usually get company during the week so this was a special occasion. Last time back early winter, it rained, so we opted out.
Nothing special about where we ran, mainly around the river area between Tuggie creek and Point Hut. We covered our heads as a maggie dived us near the playground at Pine Is, nasty little bugger wanting to protect her babies or the nest.
Otherwise nice and slow running, plenty of chatter, good with the wind assisting as it was a bit strong and cool.
Thanks to a princess for her company today.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to Normal

Distance: 11.55 km
Time: 59' 00"
Rate: 5' 06" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 16 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW at 20 kmph
Week: 51.2 km, Sept: 205.05 km, Year: 348.9 km

Luckily, work & life returned to normal today. Routine day with a busy morning as usual, then time to run home for lunch and back to work. Afternoon, dull and boring, just as we like it.
Nice day, sunny, with a bit of a breeze.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Frustrating Morning

Distance: 5.8 km
Time: 31' 06"
Rate: 5' 22 " per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 14 degrees, humidity 60%, wind NE at 15 kmph
Week: 39.65 km, Sept: 193.5 km, Year: 3337.35 km

Arrived at work today at my normal time, just after 7 am, to be told I should have been at a meeting at 6:15 am. I don't miss meetings I have to attend, any time of the day or night, IF, I know it is being held.
Didn't get told, didn't attend. Always next time, I always have something to say.
A few items that were mentioned had to be tested, that was a good part of my split break taken, & the end of descent running time. Just managed time to run home, eat & get back to work.
Then the rain started late this afternoon, so not the greatest day, but survived.
Hopefully the rain will be gone by morning, then the sun can come out & we get back to some nice warm days again.
Easy day Wednesday & looking forward to having some company on Thursday.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunny Monday

Distance: 10.95 km
Time: 56' 52"
Rate: 5' 12" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 39%, west wind 18 kmph
Week: 33.85 km, Sept: 187.7 km, Year: 3331.55 km

An easy fill in day, tempted to wade into the cool waters of the Murrumbidgee but decided against after the experience of crossing Vanities last Saturday. That was bordering on painful cold.
A beaut Monday to run, a couple of mixed up efforts around Pine Is. Nothing special to report, except it was the nicest day for many months.
Felt Ok after a couple of back to back bigger days, the increase in distance having produced no problems.
Ewen, who is Natalie Jennings ? Do I know her ? Is she a local ACT ?
I saw the Glasshouse results with Pam winning the female side of the 100 mile in a very good sub 22 hours. Also saw Kerrie's result in the 100 km as well as the usual ultra runners I know.
From the coolrunning report, sounds like a little extra distance plus some navigating around puddles, all good fun. At least I know the tracks, so shouldn't get lost. But I won't be there in Sept next year, just back at work a few weeks. The May 50 miler might just be an excuse to be in the area while away if back in civilization by then. I would like another crack at Caboolture in July, not sure of how many hours to run.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Checking Out

Distance: 22.9 km
Time: 2 hrs 4 mins 11 secs
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 20 kmph
Week: 22.9 km, Sept: 176.75 km, Year: 3320.6 km

Checked out EPIC to see if there are any nice caravans on the road, checked out Belconnen markets to see if the fruit & veges on the north side are as good as the south side, checked out my nephew's house to see his new bathroom, checked the Arboretum to see how churned up the tracks are for this month's handicap.
Then I ran from the Arboretum to home to check out any fatigue from yesterday's outing at the Cotter.
So the answers were : yes, no, yes, yes, no. The aye's have it. Case dismissed.
Nice day, about time, pity the forecast again is showers and windy. But it is spring.
Well done to the Glasshouse runners, great spot to be in Sept whether doing 100 kms or 100 miles. May be next year ?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cotter - No 146

Distance: 6.3 km in 32' 10" at ave 5' 06" per km
Distance: 34.3 km
Time: 3hrs 33 mins 06 secs
Rate: 6' 12" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 740 metres
Weather: sunny, temp 4-15 degrees, humidity 85% - 35%, wind calm
Week: 119.9 km, Sept: 153.85 km, Year: 3297.7 km

Plenty of water in the creeks and crossings so wet feet or stopping to takes shoes and socks off.
We couldn't find the track around the top of the new dam construction site so we climbed to the top of Mt McDonald. Certainly knocks the freshness out very quickly but the views from the top are excellent on such a nice day as today.
Jellylegs was a rough under foot considering the trails around the dam are near perfect dirt surfaces but the rest of the trip was Ok. Padovans was overflowing as was the next crossing, too much water still coming down and topping up the rivers. However arriving at Vanities, the water on me was top of leg's height, cold, rocky and flowing. Quite refreshing.
The last 6.5 kms was a struggle showing the lack of hill training over recent months. Need to work on that very quickly with Spiny Cray & Deep Space on soon.
Back out there again next weekend heading towards Bulls Head, just 10 kms further than today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running Like Anton

Distance: 12.05 km in 62' 47" at ave 5' 12" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 13 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Distance: 11.4 km
Time: 58' 52"
Rate: 5' 10" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 55%, NW wind at 20 kmph
Week: 79.3 km, Sept: 113.25 km
Year: 3257.1 km in 36 weeks at ave 90.47 km

Nothing special about yesterday, just a run home for lunch and back to work.
Today, as much as I don't like running around the lake, I went over the dam wall to the Drakeford Dr side as far as Athllon Dr ( top of image). Then crossed the bigger dam wall and headed down to Tuggie Creek. Same place as Kelley does hill repeats, isn't she good.
Followed the track beside the river back to Pine Is and finally back to work. Once I left suburbia, no one else in sight although it was a nice afternoon, and then to be at one with nature, like Anton.
Pity it started to cloud over and then some gentle showers later just on dark. The weather forecast for the weekend is Ok.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nice Day, Could Be Warmer

Distance: 1`4.00 km
Time: 72' 36"
Rate: 5' 11" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm
Week: 55.85 km, Sept: 89.8 km, Year: 3233.65 km

The water in the river is slowly receeding, but it's a dirty brown and uninviting to stand in to help some sore legs. Plus it's still a little too cold with some snow melt still to come down from the mountains.
So it's just watch as I ran by on my way home. Nothing to report about today's outing, a nice day but I need some warmth from the sun as any hint of a breeze is cool.
Hopefully, not much rain later this week and Saturday is fine.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Muddy Murrumbidgee River

Distance: 15.35 km
Time: 82' 26"
Rate: 5' 22" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 60%, strong WNW wind at 25 kmph
Week: 41.85 km, Sept: 75.8 km, Year: 3219.65 km

An easy run home after checking out the fast flowing, muddy Murrumbidgee River. Plenty of rain water on it's way down to Gundagai, Wagga Wagga and eventually reaching the mighty Murray River.
We don't need to keep any, plenty in our dams now nearing 75% full. Or if you are a pessimist, only 25% empty.
Whatever, the grounds are water logged. I just hope that Vanities Crossing is not too high for Saturday's Cotter run. I would hate to get there after 25 kms and then have to turn around and go back. There are no short cuts with a large dam in the middle. A nice fine sunny day will be nice.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wet and Muddy Hills

Distance: 26.5 km
Time: 2 hrs 46 mins 16 secs
Rate: 6' 16" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 500 metres
Weather: mostly sunny, temp 8-11 degrees, humidity 75% down to 65%, very strong NW at 40 kmph, gusts to 55 kmph
Week: 26.5 km, Sept: 60.45 km, Year: 3204.3 km

Kinda made up for yesterday's wash out with a reasonable outing over the local hills on wet & muddy trails.
Leaving home & heading towards Gowrie on Ashley Dr encountered first obstacle. The drains were very fast flowing and still carrying plenty of rain water. Instead of the usual trickle allowing a short jump to cross, it was use the bridge on the road dodging the traffic. Safely done.
The tracks are water logged, so much jumping and weaving felt as though I could enter a field event at the AIS track.
The nature parks tracks on Wanniassa Hills & Farrer ridge were no better, certainly slowing progress, but lots of fun.
Moving over Athllon Dr, a slow climb up Mt Taylor, almost lost the cap on the top as the wind was blowing very strong. A couple of trees blown over on the top of the mountain. A few other hardy walkers out so they were keen as well to make up for yesterday.
Off the top on the zig zag track down to Torrens, the rest of the trip was down hill or flat as I went to the top of Lake Tuggeranong, around the outside towards Monash & eventually home.
Passed by a girl runner who I met a few months ago when she was in final training for Gold Coast marathon. It was her first marathon and she was happy to have finished in 3 hrs 55 mins. She said she struggled after 33 kms but made it to the finish. As we have all said at some time, she said never again, it's too hard. Later, she has had a change of mind and will do another some time.
Before that, she will target the Canberra half ironman triathlon in December. Unusually, she likes the swimming & running in the tris, neither complicated by the technical side of the cycling.
Conditions not good today but at least fine, the spring weather is unpredicable.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Too Much Rain

Anything: Nil

Too much bad weather today so far, and it doesn't look like getting any better.
Can't see past the houses next door, and I don't like my chances of getting out the door at all.
Easiest to call it a rest day, sit in the chair and watch the footy. Plus write these short stories & read about other very brave people who did get out.
May be tomorrow, if the rain stops ?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weather Forecasting !!

Distance: 10.5 km
Time: 55' 18"
Rate: 5' 16" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 11 degrees, humidity 66%, wind NE 10 kmph
Week: 68.8 km, Sept: 33.95 km, Year: 3177.8 km

The weather forecast stating last Wednesday was rain. Friday night and the ground is still dry. Not a drop to see seen, heard or felt. So confident that we are to get rain over the weekend, the concrete pouring on major road works has been cancelled and I wrote to the group to make their own arrangements for weekend running. No point in us all getting soaked at the same time.
Today, a short journey around the nature parks near work. Nothing exciting, just a chance to do something in case the weekend is a wash out. On that point, it's wait and see.
If it's dry in the morning, I will try to get 3 hours done, the Two Fruits loop or near enough going opposite way to the usual.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Busy Week

Distance: 11.8 kms in 63'09" at ave 5' 21" per km
Distance: 11.65 km
Time: 63' 42"
Rate: 5' 23" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp mild 16 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 58.3 km, Sept: 23.45 km
Year: 3167.3 km in 35 weeks at ave 90.5 kms

A very busy week especially at work with the trial of the new ticket system. Only two of us at my depot are on the road doing the trial so every one wants to know how it is working.
The basics are it will be good, just some of the technical aspects to be sorted out before the general public get to see it in " action" early next year.
But all this eats into my running time in the middle of the day. So not much happening on that front other than a couple of usual run home for lunch and back again. Today I was lucky enough to meet Kelley doing hilly intervals on the dirt track near the Tuggie Creek.
Rain expected over the next few days, just another interruption to getting back to consistent running over a bit longer distance.