Two Fruits

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Half the Year has Gone

Distance: 16.45km
Time: 87'38"
Rate: 5'19" per km
Weather: cool, part cloudy/sun,windy from NW at 20kmph, humidity 50%
Distance: 61.45km
Running days: 4/7
Ave: 15.36km per run day
Distance: 218.25km
Running days: 15/30
Ave: 14.55km per run day
Year-1st 6 months:
Distance: 2095.1km
Running days: 114/181
Ave: 18.38km per run day

I should have been at the ACT off road half marathon today, however family factors with two kids for respite care would have been too much for one person to handle. One has a few behavoural problems, so needs to be watched all the time. The other has been coming to our place for the weekend once a month for the last 6 years and is now 11 years old so is almost one of the family. The other has just started so, the ground rules are slowly being learnt.
We took new one home after lunch, one night is enough at the moment,he other stays two nights. So after dropping him off in Conder, I decided to run home via Tuggie Hill and the flooded Murrumbidgee River at Point Hut. The low level concrete bridge was closed on Friday morning with the water level about half a metre over the road. A very long detour for Tharwa and beyond residents to get into town with their main bridge closed since last year due to it falling apart and new one at least a year away.
I am glad I don't live in Gippsland in Victoria because I don't think there is any dry land down there to run on.
So today was a gentle easy run at a reasonable pace with being exiting. The gradual build up in distance continues with this being a little bit further than last week.
Today also ended the 1st six months of the year with June rest month being the only one under 300km for a month.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Soggy under Foot

Distance: 12.9km
Time: 69'29"
Rate: 5'26" per km
Weather: late pm, cool, temp 6 degrees, calm, humidity 95%, light drizzle

Weather similar to yesterday, a run at the same time at the same rate, just a little shorter. However, with the rain over the last two days, the tracks were very wet with ACT ovals closed due to the amount of water. No excuses, however the track around the back of Tuggie Hill is a little bit more difficult than a flat run to Pine Is, so km rates are all relative.
Not as cold or as rugged up as Michelin Man yesterday, but still needed gloves plus needed the rain jacket today for a while when a light drizzle swept across from the snow covered mountains down south.
Just another few kms in the bank and that takes me over 200km for the month. Not too bad considering it is an easy recovery month.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Snow on the Mountains

Distance: 15.2km
Time: 82'49"
Rate: 5'27" per km
Weather: cold, cloudy, calm, temp 4 degrees, humidity 90%

It had rained all day so any thought of getting out for a run disappeared early in the day. However, driving home from work mid afternoon,(I took the car and also bought two new pairs of running shoes)the rain had eased an an opportunity presented itself. Dressed up like CJ doing her Michelin Woman impersonation, away I went with rain jacket tied around my waist, luckily not needed. Just to keep it safe in case of incident, I went down to Point Hut, along the river track to Pine Is, and back home around the back of Bonython.
The views of the mountains were great from the river with the Brindabellas, Mt Tennent and Mt Rob Roy all covered in snow. The next time we see the sun the sight will be picture perfect.
The run itself was nothing to rave about, but with the sightseeing and moving the kangaroos off the track, it was fairly slow, but a very enjoyable run. Dressed for the conditions instead of shedding clothing, at least I wasn't cold with beanie, gloves, bike pants under shorts, long sleeved top under short sleeved shirt. Gee, I hope winter goes away soon. All that dressed up, no wonder I was slow.
Still, part of the plan and build up.
By the way, why did Daniella save that stupid Michelle. Could not live near her for too long in a small house, no where to run to get away.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Vet's Handicap - Mt Ainslie

Race distance: 9.3km plus warm up and self imposed long cool down = 17km
Race time: 40'50"
Race rate: 4'23.4" per km (very ave) - finished 72nd
Weather: sunny,calm,cold (gloves,long sleeved top),frost,humidity 70%,

Woke up with great expectations and looking forward to a handicap run on one of the long established courses around the base of Mt Ainslie. Very cold at home and no warmer at 8:30am at the run start so the enthusiasm soon disappeared after opening the car door. The warm up seemed to mean nothing as soon as my group started, all I saw were the other group starters disappearing into the distance.
Not much improved during the rest of the run until the up hill section with just a few kms to go when I managed to pass a few that were having a walk and, I presume just as hard a day as I was.
I suppose that all goes for having a few slack weeks of little training and it shows on the clock. The "gun" runners all passed so quickly, and I passed only a couple so slowly.
Still, a good day out in the crisp morning air, a typical winter Canberra morning. A survey put out by the club today includes a question on whether the summer handicap races should start earlier than 9:00am, but no question on a later start for winter.
Plenty of room for improvement over the next week months in my running.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beautiful Winter Day

Distance: 15.1km
Time: 76'09"
Rate: 5'02" per km
Weather: very cool, sunny,calm, temp 4-7 degrees, humidity 55%
Week: 59.55km
June: 156.8km
Year: 2033.65km

After a big frost this morning with overnight temperature down to -4 degrees, winter produces days like today in the ACT. With a crisp feeling in the air even at midday, these days are great for running. Little to no wind over the same course as Wednesday helped stop the clock nearly 2 minutes sooner. Down by the river, the kangaroos were trying to catch some sun to thaw out, so they didn't bother to stand to say hello as I jogged past.
The river certainly has gained some flow in the last few days with water levels well above where they were just a few weeks ago. I haven't been brave enough to test the temperature yet. Just another reason not to go out to the Cotter running in winter, trying to get through Vanity's Crossing would be very painful.
Today's run would be the best for some time now and the return to a meaningful plan would seem to be paying dividends. Quite looking forward to the off road half marathon in a week's time over at Googong Dam.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bring Back The Hills

Distance: 16.5km
Time: 89'56"
Rate: 5'19" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, light NW breeze, humidity 65%

A mid week increase in distance with a few hilly parts in there because the Tuggeranong valley has plenty of hills. A couple of good races coming up soon are all undulating, so it is time to get a bit of training in to tackle them with any confidence. Today, again cool but with little wind made conditions for running pleasant.
Around the back of Theodore and up to a reservoir on the lower slopes of Tuggeranong Hill. Normally don't see anyone in the area, especially during the middle of the day a bit too steep for most, but I met a couple of runners heading up as I was going down. Good to see the locals making the most of this excellent training area.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Past 2000

Distance: 15.1km
Time: 77'50"
Rate: 5'09" per km
Weather: sunny,temp 10 degrees,calm,humidity 50%
Distance: 27.95km
Running days: 2/4
Ave: 13.975km per run day
Distance: 125.2km
Running days: 9/20
Ave: 13.9km per run day
Distance: 2002.05km
Running days: 108/171
Ave: 18.54km per run day

It seems a long time ago that we saw a nice sunny day to go out for a run, but finally after last night's rain cleared, to the sun appeared. Not warm, 10 degrees but little or no wind, but very pleasant running conditions. Ran from home down to Pine Is, along the river track to Point Hut and back home.
Very strange to hear and see so much water in the Murrumbidgee River, everything feels clean and fresh after the rain. The wildlife is out and having fun, everyone is having fun.
So today, the running total for the year has gone past 2000km in less than 6 month. That's alright considering there has been around 4 weeks in there in tapering and recovering from 2 long distance events being SFT and GH80.
A big second half of year 2004 saw me exceed 4000km leading up to Kepler Challenge in NZ but that is the only time I have gone that far in a calendar year.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday, Monday

Distance: 12.85km
Time: 68'39"
Rate: 5'20" per km
Weather: Cool, cloudy, temp 10 degrees, humidity 75%, SE wind at 10km

After a reasonable run on Saturday up and down a mountain a couple of times, I is time to get moving and increasing the training. Today was very cool again, so I decided to wear a long sleeved top I bought a few years ago when I went to New Zealand for the Kepler Challenge. The only problem with it is it holds the heat generated very well, so if the temp is above about 6 degrees, then you get too warm.
A cool breeze from the SE and an air temp of around 10 kept the heat down so for once it was not a cold miserable run.
A short run to start the week started from home, went around the Conder side of Tuggeranong Hill to the sub station and back home past the Calwell oval and shops.First half is rather hilly but the downhill helps getting home with the breeze behind. At least today's run gives me a starting point.

By the way, Laura's gone, good, she was giving us Tasmanians a bad name.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Australian Mountain Running Championships - Mt Majura

Race Distance: 8.8km plus 3.1km warm up and cool down
Race time: 59'10"
Rate: 6'43" per km
weather: Cool part sun/cloud,temp about 12 degrees, light south breeze,humidity 50%
Distance: 58.95km
Running days: 4/7
Ave: 14.73km per run day
Distance: 97.25km
Running days: 7/16
Ave: 13.9km per run day
Distance: 1974.1km
Running days: 106/158
Ave: 18.62km per run day

I entered today's Australian championships by default when John Harding rang me on Wednesday night and said I had a chance to get a placing in my age group. I said I had not done much running in the last month since Glasshouse and certainly nothing up and down mountains. So when an email came around with a list of pre entries my name was on the list with only one other in my age group. So I had to run but with no confidence of making one lap of Mt Majura let alone doing two laps. Us oldies don't have to do the third lap the open runners do.
First lap was very careful, settled into the run near last but made it up the very steep climb straight after the start walking a fair way. Managed to run from the 4 ways corner to the top and then back down, in and out of the pines which was fun and finished the lap finally into a decent rhythm. Second lap ran more of the steep section and generally thought the second lap was better than the first.
So, there being only 2 entrants in the age group, I took second place at an Australian championship, received the bottle of wine and came home with an enthusiasm rekindled for the second half of the year.
Just need to do something about the weather to help the inspiration.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Cold

Distance: 15.8km
Time: 90'31"
Rate: 5'43" per km
Weather: Start 2.45pm, cold, calm, sunny, temp 7 degrees, humidity 70%

Decided to run from work instead of riding home and then going out. Also allowed a change of scenery as work changes have meant I have run from home for the last 6 months. After heading down the main road to Pine Is, I continued along the river tracks towards Tuggie Creek bridge crossing, then followed the track towards Kambah Pool. The track crosses open paddocks where no one else seems to go in winter as the grass is getting long with the cattle and kangaroos as slacking off keeping the grass down. In fact, the kangaroos just stand and watch you go by not moving as you approach. The cattle also stand and watch, but I did see one lying on the ground asleep, he must have been a " bulldozer". Whatever, they don't care much.
Ran out to the Red Rocks Gorge gate and returned back to work almost the same way but kept closer to the river on another track. This is an area I do lots of running as I can also incorporate Urambi Hills or go as far as Murrumbidgee Golf Club or Kambah Pool. The tracks are soft and forgiving and mostly you are the only one around. Also a good place for a swim or soak the legs after a run at Pine Island beach after 20 or so kms.
Too cold for that today, very average run but again, another one done. Rest day or two now, weather is changing as winter is here in it's glory.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cold and Terrible

Distance: 16.55km
Time: 98'07"
Rate: 5'55" per km
Weather: Start time 3:45pm,cold,temp 9 - 6 degrees,humidity 60%, wind from SE at 10km

Did not get warmed up, felt lethargic all run, ran into the cold breeze most of the way and it was generally a terrible afternoon out. But it is another run in the bank.Other than that I managed to catch up with Ewen down at the track and caught up with the important events happening throughout the world. Gold Coast and Googong half marathons, 100 mile runs in USA, the cold weather and BB. Not much else to talk about really.Forgot to mention those travellers in Rome. I hope they are having a good time in the warm European summer. Good luck to them.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Wind Finally Eases

Time: 75'49"
Rate: 5'10" per km
Weather: sunny,calm,temp 14 degrees,humidity 50%
Week: 14.7km
June: 53km
Year: 1929.85km

Finally the winds eased and it was a very nice morning to get out. And lots of others thought so as well.Plenty of people and their pets were out enjoying the sunshine especially down by the river where the BBQs were alight and the kids were playing. The calm sunny conditions were a relief from the previous days and so it showed on the clock. Not fast but a good solid pace easy to maintain.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Let The Wind Be Your Friend

Distance: 14.35km
Time: 77'33"
Rate: 5'24" per km
Weather: Cool, part sun/cloud,temp 14 degrees,strong south wind at 30kph,humidity 60%
Week: 38.3km
June: 38.3km
Year: 1915.15km

It has blown cold winds from the south east for a few days now with plenty of rain and damage on the eastern Aust coast but no rain in the ACT. The wind has been either friend or foe in the running arena depending on your mood. Windy today meant no need to head for the hills, at today's intensity it was just as difficult as running up hill.
Decided to keep the run flat so ran down by the river where although there was no relief from the wind, a chance to run with the wind from behind, gave me a chance to go a little faster at times than I have for months. Mind you, coming back home was a struggle against but it made you work hard. Still a good day out.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Hold On To Your Hat

Distance: Nil

I am glad I am not an "addicted to running" person. Today was a great day to stay inside with those south easterly winds blowing at gale force. Maybe tomorrow I will get out again. Some call it woosing out, I say, just part of the recovery plan.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Still Cold at Midday

Distance: 12.7km
Time: 67'16"
Rate: 5'17" per km
Weather: Cool,cloudy,windy at 20km from south,humidity 60%

Second run back from a spell(sounds like a race horse) but it was an improvement even with the cooler conditions. Loop circuit around the back of Tuggy Hill with the wind behind on the way home. Nothing to get too excited about but at least I did get out there and managed to run all the way. June will be just a base building month before the real stuff starts in July.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Start the Build Up Again

Distance: 11.25km
Time: 62'17"
Rate: 5'32" per km
Weather: Sun/part cloud,temp 12 degrees, calm, humidity 66%

I thought I may last longer before the mind took over and said it was time to go for a run. I had planned to have a couple of weeks off running but keep active, but today turned out to be a reasonably nice winter's day so out I went. Fairly slow and steady but it was an enjoyable hour at midday.
The program has now been written out for the rest of the year including BC in Oct and through to Gosford 12 hour in Jan. That means a change in the previous training plans over the last few years with a concentration now on distance with a few hills thrown in. Saturday's long runs will need to be longer.
Fortunately there are a few good races of half marathon distance and longer in the short term leading into spring.