Two Fruits

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Arrive in Cairns

Distance: 5.45 km
Time: 32" 23"
Rate: 5' 56" per km
Weather: sunny, warm, temp 22.5 degrees, humidity 50%, wind light easterly
Week: 30.6 km
July: 427.2 km in 26/31 days at 16.4 km per run day
Year: 2987.45 km

Left Canberra before dawn with a temp at -4 degrees to fly to warmer places. Plane delayed for 20 minutes while the ground crew de-iced the wings and tail. Travel arrangements changed last night by the airline, now leaving 10 minutes earlier and travelling via Sydney instead of Brisbane. Didn't matter as I arrived in Cairns and hour earlier. Plane trips uneventful.
Arrived in sunny Cairns wearing far too many clothes, nice day, with plenty of sunshine and a light sea breeze. A few day of this will be perfect.
Met by brother at airport, good to him and later rest of the family. Late afternoon we went for a short jog to get the legs moving after siting in the plane for half a day.
A short but hilly run through the suburb with a nice little hill in the mix. However, a man with a barking dog said it was private property, no signs but with great views of the city centre and out to sea. May give his area a miss in future.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wombat Run

Distance: 10.15 km
Time: 55'55"
Rate: 5' 30" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 55%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week: 25.15 km
July: 421.75 km
Year: 2982.0 km

Didn't run yesterday due to being slack, and the cold wind from the south was not very pleasant. However, today is just perfect for winter. Very cold this morning riding the bike to work, about -2 degrees, but by late morning it was very nice.
Not too far today, taking it easy to recover from Saturday, but the run was Ok. Ran to Tuggie Creek then down to the river looking for soft sandy ground. Plenty there and the wombat sure like it as well. There are plenty of very large holes in the soft ground and today, for the first time ever, a large dirty brown wombat was sitting on the bank above his home. Just watching. Great life.
I stopped for 5 minutes to watch him (or her) doing nothing, then continued on my way towards Pine Is reserve. Through the nature park to Bonython and back to work. Ride bike home for lunch. Pack case for Qld, set alarm clock, back to work for the afternoon before going to the handicap sub committee meeting tonight to review the monthly handicap results at Mt Taylor.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Around Lake Tuggeranong

Distance: 7.95 km
Time: 42' 51"
Rate: 5' 23" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 9 degrees, humidity 60%, strong southerly wind at 35 kmph
Week: 15.0 km
July: 411.6 km
Year: 2971.85 km in 30 weeks at 99.06 km ave per week

The recovery continued today with an easy jog around the lake. Three benefits today, one the course is flat with grassy edges so you don't have to run on the bike path, with a strong wind blowing at least some of the time the wind must assist, and lastly I did stand in the cold water of the lake for 3 x 30 seconds. Any longer would have been too much for this little sook. Me and cold don't go together very well. The cold water works wonders so it's essential for recovery.
Times don't reflect the run, I really coasted at no pace whatsoever, a 5' 23" km pace seems too fast at least on paper. Wind assisted.
Back at work, changed over to the bike and rode home for lunch.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mt Taylor - On Duty

Distance: 7.05 km
Time: 74' 56"
Rate: 10' 38" per km
Weather: cold, cloudy, temp 0-7 degrees, humidity high, wind calm
Week: 7.05 km
July: 403.65 km
Year: 2963.9 km

Knowing I would not be able to back up after the ultra on Saturday, I put my name down to be on duty today. Good decision as it turned out although feeling Ok, race running may have been a disaster. However, a gentle walk with the guys marking the course was good tonic for recovery.
And a gentle jog for the last couple of kms back to the start, down hill as well was not an effort.
Cold morning, everyone was wearing gloves and beanies, long tops and pants, such is winter in Canberra. It's almost over, I can feel spring in the air, or is that a plane ticket burning a hole in my pocket.
Ewen, from hearing about CJ's run yesterday, I may have a chance at that beer, wait until the full results are available.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bush Capital Ultra - AMRA event

Distance: 60.45 km
Time: 5 hrs 55 mins 24 secs
Rate: 5' 52" per km
Calories used: 4634
Elevation gain/loss: 610 metres
Weather: mostly sunny, cold to start, 0-9 degrees, humidity high, wind calm mostly then light but cool south/west
Week: 114.0 km
July: 396.6 km
Year: 2956.85 km

The Australian Mountain Running Association conduct this weekend of running to raise funds to help fund runners going to the World champs in mountain running. This year over 400 runners turned up on a crisp Saturday morning in Canberra to run from distances from 5 km to the marathon to the 60 km ultra.
I have previously ran the 25 km event which I think is a beauty. A bit of everything, one climb to negotiate near Mt Ainslie but really a good fast event. Not far enough to be too taxing, but when finished you need a rest.
The ultra is a big step up both in distance and time. Not all that much more difficult, no big hills except the up after the underpass of the Federal Highway with about 9 km to go. I had a little walk here today.
Started out keeping pace with the middle of the pack of both ultra and marathon runners, first small mistake, lesson 1, run your own race. But as you would expect, feeling in cruise mode, ran the up hill to Mt Ainslie saddle and up to the reservoir above Hackett. Out to the Federal Highway and over to Horse Park Dr, I was leading a group of talkers, including Kelley Flood, who went on to record 2nd in the women's marathon. That is her story to tell, running I think, around 3:45 hrs on that course.
I kept on going at the marathon turn out in Goorooyaroo Nature Park as the others waved goodbye. Still feeling Ok but knowing that calorie intake had been insufficient to date, lesson 2, eat early and more often.
Reached the ultra turn in good time, only stopping to remove a stone from a shoe, no blisters today. Kerrie Bremner didn't stop at the drink station and cruised away going well. I kept pace with her on the up hill, but lost distance on the flat and down. And so she should, running just over 9 hours for 100 km on the Gold Coast only a few weeks ago.
Going past 40 km the wheels loosened, not falling off, but I slowed considerably and, while not struggling to the finish, just lacked the zip I expected I would have had. Certainly not much walking, and lessons 1 & 2 above didn't help.
Self doubt about GH160 in 7 weeks but a few days rest to reflect. A trip away this week may help. I know I didn't handle the cold very well today, Qld will be different. And GH will be much slower with more walking and even pacing. Today's km rate slowed from 5'15" for the first 15 km to 7' 15" for the last 11 km.
In summary, a good event, a long way to run, broke 6 hours which was the plan but it could have been better, no injuries except a sore right hammie at times during the final few kms, a sore right shin which lasted a few kms and went away.
Too tired to go to the lake for a recovery 10 minutes but may get a chance tomorrow or Monday. On duty at the monthly handicap at Mt Taylor tomorrow.
Must finish now, Cadel rides tonight, go Aussie!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Group Ride, Solo Run

Bike ride: Distance 22.6 km in 90 mins
Run: Distance: 5.7 km in 29' 32" at 5' 10" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 53.55 km
July: 336.15 km
Year: 2896.4 km

Thursday group mountain bike ride today with a near record field of 8, good quality field out for a ride on a beaut winter's day. A little secret mid week training has been done by a few recently and it it starting to pay dividends. Not exactly an easy ride today, plenty of undulations to keep us all pedalling along nicely, not quite Tour de France stuff, but we are working on it.
The ride was almost a Tour de Kambah, from work up to Sulwood Dr, over to Kambah Pool Road, good speed down to the Murrumbidgee golf club. Gee, the speedsters get up some pace down there. Then we hit the dirt, and a hill on the outside of the golf course heading to the big houses to Gleneagles. The hill spread the field with the hill climbers outlasting the sprinters, but beware in front, a few more weeks and a bit more riding, and the field will be much closer.
Then, the undulating dirt track on the side of Urambi Hill heading to Athllon Dr near Learmonth Dr. Great piece of track at a good speed. Several went back to work, with 3 of us heading to river at Tuggie Creek. We rode back towards Pine Is on a track I run several times a week, great to run and good fun on the bike. Nice dirt and sand base, holding together with recent rain. Bit technical in places, wombat holes everywhere, but didn't see any wombats. Must have been at work.
We all had a good day out, plenty of chatter, no accidents or spills, and we burned off a few more calories. As Paul says, just need to stay away from the canteen when you get back to work. Savage Garden had a song that had words that said something like " junk food tastes so good because it's bad for you". Don't tell Deansie that his food is junk!!
I will miss next Thursday's ride due to waiting at Brisbane airport at 11:00 am for another flight north to Cairns. I am sure the leaders will find somewhere interesting to go riding.
I went out for a short run after a drink from the fountain, just down and around Pine Is. Nice and easy topping off a nice day. Pity about having to work before and after.
Ewen, the bus was stopping at the bus stop outside the police station, a female was driving the bus, the car driver was " allegedly" blinded by the sun and didn't see the bus slowing down, the car was a mess. Yep, could be on the pension right now if that was me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Retiring..... No

Distance: Nil

Unfortunately, the doctor passed me as being healthy enough to continue to work, so there goes early retirement. Nothing else happened, but I must go now as Cadel is riding in Le Tour de France.
Important night in the Alps tonight for him and his team to stay in contact, then out ride them all in the time trial in a couple of day's time.
Tomorrow for me, bike ride with the guys from work, followed by a short run.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kambah Pool Circuit

Distance: 21.95 km
Time: 2hrs and 56 secs
Rate: 5' 30" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm to start then light southerly
Week: 47.85 km
July: 330.45 km
Year: 2890.7 km

I ran from work at midday on a great winter's day. Doesn't get much better at this time of year. From work it was over to the base track of Urambi Hills near Learmonth Dr. On towards the big houses of Gleneagles, past the Murrumbidgee golf club and finally to Kambah Pool Road.
Down to the river, too cold for nudists at the beach, then left toward Tuggie Creek and Pine Is. The recent rain has nicely softened the tracks, really good to run.
It has been a while since I ran this area, a circuit I did with CJ about this time last year. I don't use many of the river tracks in summer because the grass gets too long, just perfect for a hiding brown snake.
But in winter, when all the reptiles are hibernating, the grass has fallen over and few other people are about, it is good training ground. The undulating nature of Urambi, the fast down towards Kambah Pool and the technical river track certainly provide entertainment.
Another good solid run, a bit faster in places, and taking it easy at times.
Rest day tomorrow due to a compulsory annual medical for my bus licence and renewal of my driver's licence to be paid. Fail the medical!! Retire early, could be a chance, but hopefully not.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Very Windy Monday

Distance: 13.1 km
Time: 70' 54"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: mostly sunny, temp 9 degrees, humidity 55%, strong WNW wind at 30 kmph
Week: 25.9 km
July: 308.5 km
Year: 2868.75 km in 29 weeks at 98.9 km ave per week

Run from work to home for lunch. Luckily the strong and cool WNW wind was mostly assisting.
Work to the river track to the dog exercise area near Point Hut. Up through Gordon to the underpass at Drakeford Dr. Continue on Tharwa Dr to the drain near Calwell oval. Decided to check out the track as we have a bit of rain recently. The whole oval seems to holding a fair bit of water with lanes 5 & 6 ( important lanes) in need of the good few days of sun. The running track is very soggy.
Continue on past Calwell shops and up Johnson Dr against the wind to home for toasted sandwiches & soup.
I will take the car back to work as I need to be home as early as possible tonight. Last night of BB.
I woke up during the last night so got out of bed to watch the cycling and golf. Greg the Shark bombed out but the cycling was great in the mountains. Aussies did very well with a win on the stage and Cadel losing the yellow jersey but still there not far behind.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Better than Last Sunday

Distance: 12.8 km
Time: 65' 40"
Rate: 5' 08" per km
Weather: cloudy, cool, temp 10 degrees, humidity 67%, calm
Week: 12.8 km
July: 295.4 km
Year: 2855.65 km

The weather forecast for today was windy with showers. The BOM got the cloudy, cool part right but luckily it was calm with no rain likely. For this time of the year, conditions were good for running,
Late start after working last night then watching the cycling and some golf when I finished. Great to see the Aussies doing so well at both events.
Back to the running, a run down to Pine Is, along the river track towards Point Hut and back home. Good solid run at a consistent pace throughout. Not many BBQers about, plenty of cars with the heaters on no doubt.
An easy week coming up with the Bush Capital 60 km on Saturday. Duty on Sunday at the monthly handicap at Mt Taylor, out on the course somewhere watching and directing, no desk jobs for me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mt Taylor

Distance: 27. 75 km
Time: 2 hrs 46 mins 48 secs
Rate: 6' 00" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 8-10 degrees, humidity 60%-50%, wind NW 10 kmph- 24 kmph
Week: 81.1 km
July: 282.6 km
Year: 2842.85 km

A day off seemed to do the trick, much better run although no real pace except where gravity helped. Started out late morning when there was a least a bit of warmth in the air. Finally a sunny day which helped, but the wind from the NW didn't help. I guess, all even in the conditions.
Home along Ashley Dr towards Gowrie where I met softshoeshuffle coming the other way. He had been out for over 2 hours where I had just started. Stopped for a chat, then on our way. I continued on to the Wanniassa Hills nature park at Fadden, up to the top of the ridge, then under Yamba Dr at the underpass to Farrer ridge.
Bit of a loop here then over to Athllon Dr heading towards Mt Taylor. Up the easy side from the horse paddocks and the scene of next week's monthly handicap. Could not believe the number of people, mainly female , on the mountain. Great day for a walk or run with views over the great southern suburbs of Canberra and over to the Brindabellas with snow.
Down the new zig zag track to Torrens, very nice track to run, care needed going down with plenty of logs across the track to prevent erosion. On the base track back to Athllon Dr, down to the ACT Environment HQ, up onto Farrer ridge, under Yamba Dr again, low track to Gowrie, down Ashley Dr to Isabella Dr. Then looked at the GPS, not far enough for a descent run so added a few more kms by going down to the Isabella pond, then on the bike path to Johnson Dr and finally home.
After feeling flat all week, today was much better than I expected. Played it safe by stopping at 27 plus kms.
Big nights on Sunday and Monday on BB, last 2 shows. I think the final two will be female, with maybe Nanna Terri will win. Alice would be a worthy winner also. There is no way Travis would know what to do with the money let alone the fame.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Must Add Rest

Distance: 12.9 km
Time: 78' 30"
Rate: 6' 05" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, temp 9 degrees, humidity 75%, light NW wind
Week: 53.35 km
July: 254.85 km
Year: 2815.1 km

Since 12th June, I have had 2 rest days and covered 562 km. No wonder I am feeling a little off the pace. The body must have calculated after the Googong run that it needs a rest. Unfortunately the brain was too slow to recognise the signs, so the body just slowed down. A type of peaking too early for an event, then requiring a rest afterwards. Rest day tomorrow from running, still ride the bike to work and back home.
Today, as noted by the slow km rate, there was nearly as much walking as running. The walking was on the up of Urambi Hill, I did a couple of small sections before going down to the river on the back side where the old monthly handicap went up. Good to get a little walking practise done.
The Bush Capital events are not far away, I saw a few familiar names entered, I didn't see Ewen's name, yet!
Strewth in the 16 km and CJ in the 25 km backing up after the marathon. I thought CJ would have been doing the marathon walk ready for Trailwalker. Good luck to both, especially if they back up the next day at the monthly handicap at Mt Taylor. A couple more hills to enjoy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Backing Off to Build Up

Distance: 8.5 km
Time: 49' 11"
Rate: 5' 47" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 10 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm
Week: 40.45 km
July: 241.95 km
Year: 2802.2 km

An easy jog from work to home for lunch. Not much of a day again, cool, cloudy, typical winter's day for the nation's capital.
Trying to run very easy, just seem to have gone off the boil this week. Good that it is happening now, that still gives me plenty of time to rebuild for Bush Capital 60 and GH 160 in Sept.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Basics

Distance: 6.95 km
Time: 41' 09"
Rate: 5' 55" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 13 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm
Week: 31.95 km
July: 233.45 km
Year: 2793.7 km

Time and enthusiasm are not always compatible with age and ability. I knew when I changed work hours recently that more usable time would take some management. Too much time has resulted in too many continuous running days. Must be better at arranging rest days.
After the Googong half marathon last weekend, I didn't push too hard by any means, I should have had Sunday as a complete rest. Instead, I did 14 kms easy, but it may have been too much. I have felt really flat since, and it has showed with a couple of very ordinary runs on Monday and today. Both nice days to get out, that being a problem in itself, making the most of good days during winter.
Today, I went back to basics, a short run, stood in the very, very cold water in the river at Pine Is, and took the rest of the day very easy. I even took the car to work instead of riding the bike. The river water is so cold, I could only handle 3 x 20 seconds in the water. Still did the trick, legs were so much better for the effort, but that water must have had ice in it upstream. Too cold for polar bears.
Gradual return during this week, hope to freshen up for a long run on Saturday, not sure on what, where or when.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What a Waste of a Nice Day

Distance: 11.05 km
Time: 66' 47"
Rate: 6' 03" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 16 degrees, humidity 50%, light NW wind
Week: 25.0 km
July: 226.5 km
Year: 2786.75 km in 28 weeks at ave 99.5 km per week

Beaut winter day, pity about the terrible run although I did enjoy being out in the sun. Maybe I just need a rest day or two, but for some reason, nothing seemed to want to promote forward movement. The will was there but that was all. Just one of those days, I hope.
I ran home from work for lunch, along the river, up onto Stranger Hill, and up Johnson Dr. That was my small amount of hills for the day. A struggle doing that.
The doom and gloom people will be happy now that BB is nearly finished for good, funny how no one admits to watching, they all know what is happening, but will also be glad when it ends.
I won't watch Gordon Ramsey swear all night, but I won't say that the show should not be on TV. Everyone to their own, there is also the off button.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Start of Junk Distance Week

Distance: 13.95 km
Time: 76' 31"
Rate: 5' 29" per km
Weather: cloudy, cool, temp 10 degrees, humidity 75%, calm
Week: 13.95 km
July: 215.45 km
Year: 2775.7 km

One of the directives from the coach yesterday was the need to do junk kilometres. That is just base building running, every km goes into the bank to allow specific training to be done later. This rule applies whether that specific training is speed, hills, tempo etc. That solid base will prevent injuries and allow for any big increase in distance such as required for ultra distances, or in CJ's case at Trailwalker, a long day or two on the trail.
I believe most runners don't do enough simple running and try specific training all the time. Speedygeoff has on his blog recently outlined a plan for the whole year, with plenty of time just to build a base, then start priority training later. Note the runners who seem to go without getting injured. Ewen is a good example as well mixing up his training on a solid base of kms all year round.
Today, an uninspiring day weather wise, but eventually I went for a run even though it was noted as a rest day. However, the weather forecast for the week is not good, so an enforced day off can now be taken if necessary.
Home to Point Hut, along the river track to Pine Is and back home. A few kangaroos out, no beanies on their heads although they did have paws in pockets.

Googong Off Road Half Marathon

Race: Distance - 21.2 km in 1 hr 43 mins 10 secs at 4' 52" per km
Warm up - 4.1 km in 21' 30" at 5' 15" per km
Cool down - 11.1 km in 69' 03" at 6' 13" per km
Totals: Distance - 36.4 km in 3 hrs 13 mins 43 secs at 5' 19" per km

Weather: light cloud, temp 8-11 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm,
Week: 100.2 km
July: 201.5 km
Year: 2761.75 km

A clash with the Kangaroo Valley King of the Mountain this weekend meant a decision on which event to run. Eventually not needing to travel won out so I went to Googong. The weather during the week had been terrible, but luckily race day was near perfect for winter.
Softshoeshuffle and I arrived around 45 minutes early, registered and went for a surveillance run out to turn before the hilly section started.
This event is what I like best, off road, hilly, out in the bush at peace with nature. A smaller number of runners than previously, maybe because of the clash with KOM and school holidays. This is a difficult half marathon, a flat 2 kms to start and 1 km at the finish, but after that, it is all up and down. My Garmin measured 400 metres of altitude gain and loss in the 18 kms.
Out and back courses allow you to see the field after the turn, the front runners really pushing the pace. My run finally placed me 23rd out of around 50, good solid run at under 5 minute pace, the hills adding around 10-15 minutes on a normal flat half marathon time.
A cuppa and a chat after the run, then out on the trail again to make a add some kms to the day. Top day, until I got home mid afternoon when the phone rang. Work wanted to know if I could go in early and help move the World Youth Day crowd from EPIC. So much for the roast dinner, snooze and write this blog on Saturday. Actually didn't feel too bad, just another 7 hours in the hot seat.
The coach advised that I need to do " more hills". I thought I was doing a lot, but when he does a 100 km training run in the Brindabellas last weekend in the snow preparing for the 48 hour national champs, then I need to get my act together. He says push the weekly distances up to 160 km with more hills, some speed work, cross training, etc. When!!
Good day yesterday, shows the training is getting some results, Bush Capital 60 km in 2 weeks will be the next test, now only 2 months until GH 160.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Snow on the Hills

Distance: 12.75 km
Time: 66' 53"
Rate: 5' 15" per km
Weather: cold, cloudy, temp 6 degrees, humidity 80%, NW wind.
Week: 63.8 km
July: 165.1 km
Year: 2725.35 km

The clouds lifted for a short time this morning and we had snow on the hills and mountains. In fact, close to home there was snow on Mt Tennent, Mt Rob Roy and the hills behind Theodore. Snow so close to home happens most winters and looks great.
The run today was in the same conditions as have prevailed all week, no rain the only savior. The wind blew all day, a cold breeze going straight through you, instead of around. Even an after lunch run didn't mean the best conditions. However, the best run of the week, no hill running but against the wind has the same affect.
From work over to the archery area, not a good place on the weekend, but Friday is Ok, past heaps of kangaroos trying to stay warm, to the Tuggie rock wall near the river, then all the way on the river track past Pine Is to the dog exercise area near Point Hut. Against the wind then back to Bonython and back to work.
Googong half marathon on Saturday, will probably do it twice to make a descent run out of day depending on conditions.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kangaroos Wearing Gloves and Beanies

Distance: 11.85 km
Time: 63' 20"
Rate: 5' 21" per km
Weather: cold, cloudy, temp 8 down to 6 degrees, humidity 95%, light drizzle, wind strong from NW up to 30 kmph
Week: 51.1 km
July: 152.35 km
Year: 2712.6 km

It was that cold all day even the kangaroos had to wear a beanie to keep their ears warm. The weather bureau said that with the wind chill factor, the temp would have been at or below zero all day.
Even so, I did get out for a short run early afternoon. Not much fun again, wore a spray jacket to keep the drizzle and wind out when trying to move forward against the strong north westerly.
A circuit over to Tuggie creek, along the river track towards Point Hut, back behind Bonython. A bit of shelter near the river helped, but glad to get back for a hot shower and more lunch.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Fun in the Cold

Distance: 12.7 km
Time: 69' 49"
Rate: 5' 30" per km
Weather: cold, cloudy, temp 6 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm
Week: 39.25 km
July: 140.5 km
Year: 2700.75 km

This week weather wise has been plain miserable. Monday, rain, Tuesday windy with showers, today, cold, cloudy without the rain and wind. However it is winter, and I am lucky that I don't run at 5:30 in the morning.
Easy run home from work at lunch time, down by the river to Point Hut, over to Lanyon shops, up onto Tuggie Hill base track, part of Gordon then up Johnson Dr to home.
Lunch, then I will take the car back because I want to be home as soon as possible after work to see Pammy enter the BB house. It's getting exiting, only two weeks to go and I have no idea who will win.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cold Again

Distance: 12.55 km
Time: 67' 50"
Rate: 5' 24" per km
Weather: part sun, temp 8 degrees, humidity 60%, wind cold NW
Week: 26.55 km
July: 127.8 km
Year: 2688.05 km

At least the rain held off long enough to go for a run without getting saturated. But the cool wind made conditions just as unpleasant, so no net gain from yesterday. Except it was at faster pace.
A loop run from work during lunch time split break, too cold to go longer, so just over an hour was enough. Down near the river where it is a bit sheltered and pleasant with a tail breeze, but cold and a need to push behind Bonython on the open gravel track on the return.
Really just another day to get out and get back, can't wait for spring and summer to run. So much better.

Monday, July 7, 2008

And the Rain Came Down

Distance: 14.0 km
Time: 78' 45"
Rate: 5' 37" per km
Weather: rain, temp 8 degrees, humidity 95%, wind calm
Week: 14.0 km
July: 115.25 km
Year: 2675.5 km in 27 weeks at ave 99.1 km per week

I waited and hoped that the rain would stop but it didn't. So on went the rain jacket. Fortunately there was no wind but the rain made a miserable 8 degrees in temp seem very cold.
I wore the oldest shoes I had at work, ( I have 3 pairs) to go over to Tuggie Creek, along the edge of the river to near Point Hut and back to work. Needless to say, there was very little stopping. Got the job done, not much more to say.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tour de Tuggeranong Valley

Distance: 50.2 km
Time: 5 hrs 17 mins 1 sec
Rate: 6' 19" per km
Elevation gain/loss: 650 metres
Calories used: 3950
Weather: mostly cloudy, sun at times, temp range 2-12 degrees, humidity 55%, wind calm
Week: 138.7 km in 7/7 days at 19.8 km per run day
July: 101.25 km in 5/5 days at 20.25 km per run day
Year: 2661.5 km in 143/187 days at 18.6 km per run day

I met softshoeshuffle on the track behind his place in Theodore at 8.15 am on a sunny, calm morning, bit a chill in the air in the shade but it warmed up to a beautiful running day as the time went on. No real decision had been made about where to go but we both knew that 50 km was about the goal. The next challenge is the 60 km at the Bush Capital weekend at the end of this month.
We decided to make the first loop shorter than previous Saturday runs, so off we went to the tracks behind Chisholm, Golmore, over to MacArthur, across the open paddocks near Long Gully Road, and up to the trig on Wanniassa Hills. Great views from here of Woden and Tuggeranong valleys. Carefully down the rocky track to the exit gate behind Fadden, through Gowrie, down Ashley Dr and back to my place. First 25 km done.
Stop for honey sandwich and a drink, then off again towards Pine Is. From the top car park it is all the way on the river track to Point Hut, up that very steep hill behind Gordon, over to Banks, Conder and finally the sub station at Theodore. It is one steady section with a few hills, and hard work at times.
We parted ways soon after, me going towards Calwell oval and softshoeshuffle heading back to his place. Made it home having covered the desired 50 km so no more to be done today. Good run today, perfect running conditions. Completed 2nd biggest week in recent years. Very enjoyable day and week.
Rest day tomorrow as a baby has to be christened and Dad want's us all to celebrate. Can't let him do it alone.

Friday, July 4, 2008

They Know at Work

Distance: 10.6 km
Time: 57' 31"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 9 degrees, humidity 65%, wind from ESE at 18 kmph
Week: 88.5 km
July: 51.05 km
Year: 2611.3 km

The guys at work know I am a little silly, they are also expecting me to fall over having a heart attack any day. There is no logic to their thinking just because one of our workmates, ( a very dedicated and hard training veteran cyclist) is off work for 3 months at least after having chest and arm pains. Luckily he was at home at the time and after an urgent trip to hospital, the doctors found 7 blocked or burst open arteries. Very lucky to be alive. He pushed himself really hard in both training and racing and paid the price.
Ewen also writes about running in different heart rate zones. It has never really been a priority of mine. Yesterday after the bike ride during my short run, I stopped at a gate and checked my pulse. Counted for half a minute and counted 45 beats, that's only 90 bpm during a run. I certainly don't push too hard.
Today just a run home for lunch, around the back of Bonython, over to Pine Is, along the river track to Point Hut and up Woodcock and Johnson Drs to home.
Some at work also know about this secret little blog, so I must be careful from now on about the contents.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Rode.... then I Ran

Group Bike Ride: Distance - 22.5 km in 90 minutes (approx)
Run Distance: 7.8 km
Time: 43' 50"
Rate: 5' 37" per km
Weather: nice sunny day, temp 10-12 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm
Week: 77.9 km
July: 40.45 km
Year: 2600.7 km

Thursday has been set as the group bike ride day. Today 6 of us set out on a beautiful winter's day including a couple of very unfit bus drivers and one female who more than kept pace on the ride. At least they are out there having a go. Bike ride went up Isabella Dr to MacArthur, behind the houses of Gilmore and Chisholm to Johnson Dr corner with Tharwa Dr. Four went the easier flat way back to work with two of us going a longer way adding a couple of kms.
A quick snack back at the depot and out for a short run, bit like the training the triathletes do, only at a more sedate pace. Down to the river track at Pine Is, over to Bonython houses and back to work. Then a shower, lunch and a rest.
Great day out, the bike ride was heaps of fun and good cross training, and the run was much easier than two weeks ago to get into a rhythm. Really just adding to the deposit of kms in the bank.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

Distance: 14.6 km
Time: 79' 12"
Rate: 5' 26" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 11 degrees, humidity 60%, wind from NW at 27 kmph
Week: 70.1 km
July: 32.65 km
Year: 2592.9 km

I am still fascinated by CJ deciding to join a team to compete in Trailwalker in late August in Sydney. What is she thinking!! A stoll in the park it will not be, the winning team will take around 15 hours, with a cut off of 48 hours. And she may well be the fittest member of the team. Good luck for having a go.
Today was a home for lunch day, two days a week I stay at work. Something a little bit different to get home. This time up to Erindale shops, follow the bike path, not on it, between Fadden and Gowrie to exit at Chisholm shops. Then down hill on Isabella Dr past Fadden Pines to Isabella pond, and home .
The sun has reappeared, the temp is not much better at 11 degrees, but the wind has ease a bit. There's snow on the Brindabella Mountains to our west. Good run today, enjoyable outing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What About The Wind

Distance: 18.05 km
Time: 1 hr 44 mins 31 secs
Rate: 5' 47" per km
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle to start then fine, temp about 10 degrees, humidity about 80%, strong WNW wind up to 40 kmph
Week: 55.5 km
July: 18.05 km
Year: 2578.3 km

Winter returned today so the start was delayed hoping for an improvement in the weather. One of the driver's at work kindly lent me a spray jacket so there then no excuse not to get out and brave the elements.
Terrible weather for running mid morning with a low temperature, light drizzle falling and a very strong wind blowing. Deciding on a course to run, I headed into the wind first hoping for some assistance on the way back.
That meant going north, so towards Urambi Hills I went, over the old monthly handicap track around the base. At Gleneagles I finally turned south with the wind behind. Picked up the pace easily as the running into the wind was at barely going forward pace.
Over the rocks at Tuggie Creek and following the track beside the river past Pine Is to a small bridge close to Point Hut. I again crossed open paddocks as I was head down and battling the wind trying to keep the cap on.
A tough day out, using the wind as a kind of hill training session.