Two Fruits

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 30 - Not Big Enough

Running - Year to date:

Distance:   2,463.35 kms  in 30  weeks at  ave  82.1 km ( up from 80.9 km last week )

Last week:  116.1 kms in 6 days at ave 19.35 kms

Altitude:   47,459  metres in 30 weeks at  1,582 metres  ( up from 1,571 metres last week)

Last week:  1,893 metres in 6 days at ave 316 metres

Another good week but not really getting in the big distances or altitude that I need. While I have had only 3 rest days this month, the long runs need extending. The short mid week running is at easy pace, with a good hilly one in there of about 20 kms with around 400 metres of up hill on Tuesday.
Highlight of the week was a win ( Gold medal) in the monthly veteran's athletic running handicap over the 9 km Little Black Mountain course. It was undulating and a good back up run as I had done a 40 km training run the day before.
Otherwise, all good. Seem to getting it together. A week of reasonable winter weather has helped. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Week 29 and Getting Better

Year To Date

Running to week 29:

Distance:  2,347.25 kms  in  29 weeks at  ave  80.9 km  per week ( up from 79.8 km last week )

This week:  113.7 kms  in  6 days  at  ave   18.95 kms  per run day

Altitude:   45,566 metres in 29 weeks at  ave  1,571 metres per week ( up from 1,530 metres last week )

This week:  2,740 metres in 6 days  at  ave  457 metres per run day

The month is going well with 365 kms ran so far in 20 days with 2 rest days.
Highlight of the week was last Saturday with a good trip up Mt Tennent and out and back to the old deep space tracking station at Honeysuckle. That journey accounted for 40 kms and just under 1,700 metres of up hill for the week.
Followed up on Sunday with an easy run of 20 kms over a course to be used for our next work group bush walk. A good weekend with the other run days being the " junk" easy days that make a good proportion of my running. The rest day last Thursday was spent buying new trail running shoes.
On target for 500 kms ( the plan) for the month, so don't have to do anything too much to get there.
It's still winter so I hope the weather doesn't turn feral just yet. Been fairly lucky so far.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Week 28 - A Good One


Distance:  2,233.55 km in 28 weeks  at  ave  79.8 kms ( up from 78.07 km last week )

Last week:  125.65 kms ( 7 days  at  ave  17.95 kms )

Altitude:  42,826 metres in 28 weeks  at  ave  1,530 metres  ( up from 1,497 metres last week )

Last week:  2,409 metres ( 7 days at  ave  344 metres)

A consistent week managing to run on all 7 days ( shortest 12.2 kms, longest 32.1 kms ) getting it done despite some ordinary winter weather.
Nothing really special to report with Saturday's long run being up on to Mt Rob Roy where visibility being down to may be 50 metres due to low cloud. The mountain is just under 1100 metres in  height so no view from the top is not uncommon.
A bush walk on Sunday ( 22.5 kms ) with some people from work counted in the totals as it part of the training plan. Riding the mountain bike to and from work or just for a ride doesn't count as it's not recorded.
Otherwise, all good, no problems as the countdown continues with only 6 more weeks to go. I've entered the Bush Capital 63 kms in 2 week's time, but won't taper for that, just have an easy day or two before hand.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Week 27, Another Good One

Running - Year So Far

Distance:  2,107.9 kms in 27 weeks at ave  78.07 km ( up from 76.78 km last week )

This week:  111.55 km

Altitude:  40,417 metres in 27 weeks at ave  1,497 metres  ( up from 1,458 metres last week )

This week:  2,511 metres

Another good week considering I had yesterday ( Tues ) as a rest day. No problems, just had too many other things to do. Plus a rest is always good.

Highlight of the week was on Saturday with a long solo run along the Bullen Range. I had previously been along the first half so I knew where to go. A park ranger also had given me an idea of where some of the tracks went. I was confident of not getting lost.
I had thought the first half was difficult, plenty of ups and downs with only a couple of steep parts.
But the second half is really hard. Not expecting to have to walk down some of the slopes sideways & hang on to any small tree I could find.
The morning out measured 40 kms with just over 1600 metres of up hill. In comparison, Mt Tennent for a double trip has the same altitude gain in 28 kms, but this felt even more difficult.

A great training session, will certainly do it again but need company to help ease the pain.
Otherwise, all going well and still on plan.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Half A Year Done Plus A Day

Running to Date - Week 26

Distance:  1996.35 kms in 26 weeks at ave  76.78 kms ( up from 75.76 kms last week )

Distance last week :  102.3 kms

Altitude:  37,906 in 26 weeks at ave  1,458 metres ( up from 1,440 metres last week )

Altitude gain last week: 1,887 metres

Progressing along nicely at this stage without many long hard days. Only the hilly longer run on a Saturday morning is more than what most weekday running is at around the 12-15 kms. Once a week I throw in either a quicker, for me, short run, a lap of the lake which is basically flat, or a race.
Highlight this past week was doing the ascent of Mt Ainslie twice and also going up Mt Majura on Saturday mixed in with a surveillance of the monthly handicap course. A good 30 kms the day before racing the around the base of Mt Ainslie on Sunday.
I had a good run, starting back in group 31, to get a 25th place finish.
Consistency is still key to the training with the main aspect now to slowly increase distances from just over the 100 km mark.
A day off running next Tuesday, trip to Sydney, so trying to hit 120 kms will be a challenge in 6 days. Weather is forecast to be cold, hoping for no rain. All good, holding it together well.