Two Fruits

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Week 34 - Last Good Week

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,522.65 kms in 34 weeks at ave  74.2 kms ( up from 73.7 kms in week 33)

Last week:  89.65 kms

Altitude:  91,422 metres in 34 weeks at ave  2,689 metres ( up from 2,660 metres in week 33)

Last week:  3,644 metres

Last good running week as I go on holiday mid next week. While running won't be the main focus, there will be some running done. Certainly, there won't be the opportunity for much vertical metres. May not be too many hills about.
This week has been consistent, activity every day. There were two planned walk days accounting for 12 kms of the weekly total & 420 metres of vert.
Today improved both total with a nice solo run into the mountain giving 30 kms & over 1600 metres of up hill.
Unlike last weekend, the snow has melted. The trails are now nice & soft. Winter is still in force, so a journey north to find some warmth & sunshine has been planned.
Now we have some dates set, I can look for a race to do that I can get done without much tweaking of the training/running.
The challenge of getting to 100k vert metres looks achievable by end of year, so a bit of a delay now won't matter.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Week 33 - Up and Over

Running:  Year to Date ( Sat 19.8.17)

Distance:  2,433.0 kms in 33 weeks at ave  73.7 kms  ( up from 73.2 kms in week 32)

Last week:  91.9 kms

Altitude:  87,778 metres in 33 weeks at ave  2,660 metres ( up from 2,616 metres in week 32)

Last week:  4,080 metres

A couple of good long hilly runs in the past 7 days. Four running days with distances under 10 kms each. Don't have to be all quality sessions.
Yesterday was a good run on the local mountain with snow having fallen late in the week providing a nice thick covering over the trails.
Certainly up there as one of the best winter running days.

I ran with 2 others, we had a great morning in perfect winter conditions. The snow plough was clearing the road as we passed by. Road was closed to vehicles , so we virtually had the mountain to ourselves.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Week 32 - No Long Run

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,341.1 kms in 32 weeks at ave  73.2 kms ( up from 73.1 kms in week 31)

Last week:  75.25 kms

Altitude:  83,698 metres in 32 weeks at ave  2,616 metres ( down from 2,622 metres in week 31)

Last week:  2,401 metres

Some crappy weather today and a recovery day mid week resulted in a marking time week.
In fact, today, Saturday is the regular long run day, was planned to be quite hilly & long. But heaps of rain, falling as snow up high, and gale force winds on the mountains meant is was a little dangerous to be solo out in the extreme elements.
Friday afternoon & overnight, winds on the mountains were around the 100 kmph speed. Combined with rain, the wind chill factor had temps down near -10 deg C.
Long run now moves to Sunday, so next week should show an improvement in the figures above as I focus on getting a suitable ultra distance & hilly run done in the next month or so. Living now on an island, you can't just jump in the car & drive somewhere to run interstate. Apart from the extra expense, getting a spot on the boat which is always full with cars & freight, means booking well in advance.
Upping the time on feet aspect is what I will need to concentrate on now. Hopefully, I have enough kms for endurance & strength from the hills to get through.
All good at the moment, can I hold together physically to do what the head wants to do. Time will tell.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week 31 - A Good One

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,265.85 kms in 31 weeks at ave  73.1 kms ( up from 72.4 kms in week 30)

Last week:  94.8 kms

Altitude:  81,297 metres in 31 weeks at ave  2,622 metres ( up from  2,575 metres in week 30)

Last week:  4,047 metres

Easy to get a big week in when doing long run last Sunday and a long run today ( Saturday). With both those day contributing over 50 kms and almost 3,000 metres of the vertical, a sneaky rest day on Thursday almost went without notice.
The winter in Tasmania has been a bit of a fizzer. It wasn't as cold as would have been expected. Lucky when it was cold & wet enough for snow, it happened on a Thursday and was still there on a Saturday morning. Managed to get out in the snow 4-5 times, but chances are slim now for much more.
However, spring & summer are many months away, so it won't get warm for a long time yet.
I'm still looking for an end of year hilly ultra race. There are many on the calendar, but can't pin one down that's both suitable in time & place.