Two Fruits

Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Done & So Is Summer

Purpose:   mixed flat & hill
Distance:  18.25 km
Time:  1 hr 43 mins 03 secs
Rate:   5' 39" per km
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle, temp 19 degrees, humidity 80%, wind calm,

Week:  61.5 km,   Year:  915.5 km
Feb:  392.75 kms in 23/28 days at ave 17.08 kms per run day

I didn't look like breaking 400 kms for the month mainly due to missing a weekend of running when the Stromlo 12 hour event was held. I assisted Saturday afternoon, all night & then slept most of Sunday. It didn't matter about the missed running as the night at Stromlo was well worth the attendance fee.
Today, I had intended to run to top of Mt Taylor but the weather looked terrible & the forecast was not good.
So I took the easier & safer option of a lap of Lake Tuggeranong, then down to Bonython, up the hill behind the houses, thru Gordon to Pine Is and back to work.
Light drizzle fell throughout the run, not a problem, and it was wasn't cold, so pleasant conditions.
A good solid run, not too pacy with a mixture of surfaces & terrain.
Now, just half a km up on same time last week, need to push a bit these last 3 days.
Summer has finished although it seems a long time ago with today no better than late autumn, cool most of the day with a southerly wind.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February Nearly Done

Purpose:  Junk mid week
Distance:  13.75 km
Time:  78' 51"
Rate:  5' 44" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 24 degrees, humidity 75%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week:  43.25 km,  Feb:  374.5 km,  Year:  897.25 km

Not quite rain/showers but the weather again wasn't nice when I ventured outside on my way from work to home at lunch time.
Nothing to report, just roll along at no special pace doing nothing silly.
Looks like I'll fall short of 400 kms for this month, but only 28 days in February makes it a bit more difficult. However, the weekend of the Stromlo Running Festival I did not run at all, too tired & too busy.
On the plus side, we will have Alvin for company this weekend & may be the weekend after before his work is finished on the Cotter dam & he returns to the USA for good.
It has been a pleasure to know him over the last couple of years. He is a great bloke & certainly a very good runner finishing 2nd in the Antarctic marathon a year ago. As well a couple of great results locally in the Deep Space Mountain marathon. He should have run Six Foot Track while in Australia, he would have loved it. May be another day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tough Conditions

Purpose:  rolling along
Distance:  15.7 km
Time:  87' 57"
Rate:  5' 36" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 25 degrees, humidity 65%, wind calm

Week:  29.5 km,  Feb: 360.75 km,  Year: 883.5 km

Another training run during the week with no purpose than to add kms to the bank balance.
The target for this week is 135 kms, so the more that can be done early, the less to be done later in the week leaving me with some freshness to attack the Saturday long run.
Comparing with last week, I'm only 1.05 kms behind, close enough. But, the weather forecast is not good for the rest of the week. Just have to do what I can, when I can.
Today, nothing more than a long way to get home at lunch time and back to work.
The humid conditions with a warm cloudy day are not in my favour. I don't like humidity, much prefer dry, sunny conditions.
However, not too bad today. Still on plan.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Recovery

Purpose: easy recovery
Distance: 13.8 km
Time:  77' 43"
Rate:  5' 38" per km
Weather: sunny, muggy, temp 28 degrees, humidity  55%, wind calm

Week:  13.8 km,  Feb:  345.05 km,  Year:  867.8 km

Monday recovery day wasn't really needed but I make them easy just in case the weekend has produced something unplanned.
Very comfortable today, usual run home for lunch & back to work via 5 minutes in the river at Pine Is.
All good, nice day except for the high humidity.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Raining in Curtin

Purpose: Race day
Distance:  6.3 kms
Time:   29' 15"
Rate: 4' 38" per km
Plus warm up to mark short course 2.5 kms
Start group:  32
Finished: 33rd
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle before race start, temp 19 degrees, humidity 90%, wind calm

Week:  122.9 km,  Feb:  331.25 km  Year:  854.0 km

Woke this morning to the sound of rain in line with the forecast.. Very lucky as I arrived at run location in Curtin as the showers were easing and eventually stopped as I helped mark the short course.
The rain however must have been heavy as the drains were in flood and had covered the bike path under the road bridge on McCullough St.
Course had to be diverted as the path had been closed off, the red lights were flashing from under the bridge. A volunteer was found to stop our runners as they crossed the road when cars were near. A big thanks to George for doing this. No injuries or deaths reported.
Otherwise, the long course went in the opposite direction to that used previously. I think may be just a bit easier, but not much.
I felt I had a good run after yesterday's long effort, but I ran almost 2 minutes slower than last year.
Hit target for weekly kms. This week target is 135 kms, so need to take care to get there.
All good at this stage. A nice chance to catch up others I don't see very often. Not sure why Mrs Muscles isn't talking to me at the moment, very quiet.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Long Run

Purpose:  long endurance run
Distance:  40.85 km
Time:  4 hrs 36 mins 4 secs
Rate:  6' 46" per km
Altitude gain: 757 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp range 16-19 degrees, humidity 85% down to 75%, wind southerly from 15-25 kmph

Week: 114.1 km,  Feb:  322.45 km  Year:  845.2 km

First long run since Brindie 95kms three weeks ago. Felt a bit sluggish to start but that may have been the early morning start, or a some residual fatigue that hasn't gone.
The weather looked very average all day, but there was no rain, just a very light drizzle nearing the finish.
Ran a big Woden loop, similar to several done over the past few months. Started from home, over to MacArthur, Wanniassa Hills nature park to cross Hindmarsh Drive then on to Red Hill trig.
That was almost half way in distance, bit over in time for the plan for today.
Down thru Curtin to meet Katie F on a jog with her dog. A short chat then on to the lower trails of Oakey Hill and Mt Taylor before heading to Erindale shops and back home.
A good run, not much resting except for talking to Katie.
This week is only to get to 120 kms, so not much tomorrow at the monthly handicap except the race.
I will help mark part of the course, so may be finish with 10 kms for the day.
Race will not be pushed, a good solid hit out.

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Run Too Far

Purpose:  easy day
Distance:  12.25 km
Time:    69' 08"
Rate:   5' 38" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 20 degrees, humidity 65%, wind ESE 10 kmph

Week: 73.25 km,  Feb:  281.6 km,  Year:  804.35 km

To stick to the plan not to over do the running side, I should have only gone 9 kms today. I'm not going to be too regimental about small unders or overs, but there will be a big risk of doing too much, too soon.
Saturday's long run will always be the important one, this week 40 kms followed by 10 kms on Sunday including race pace 6.3 kms plus warm up/cool down to make 10 kms.
As per yesterday's post, this week's running total is to be 120 kms. Next week 135kms, the week after 150 kms. Then a low km week as we catch the boat to Tassie on a weekend.
Spent 10 minutes in the river on way back to work, so nice & so good for the legs.
Bike riding doesn't count towards running kms.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There has to be a plan

Purpose:  Mid week long run
Distance:  16.85 km
Time:   1 hr 32 mins 45 secs
Rate:    5' 30" per km
Weather:  cloudy, temp 23 degrees, humidity 60%, wind SE 15 kmph

Week:  61.00 km,  Feb:  269.35 km,  Year:  792.1 km

If you have read my FB page, you would now know there is a big, long distance event planned for later in the year.
Planning in advance to work backwards from this event, it's now crunch time for training with only the Coburg 24 hour run on in April.
To get to a descent level of fitness for that & to then move on to the big one, I have virtually returned to base build running.
The plan for this week is to hit 120 kms, next week 135 kms & the following week 150 kms. That's just over the 10% rule increase off an average of 107 kms per week for the first 7 weeks of this year.
The last 2 weeks of March I have on holidays. We will be in Tassie for that, so the running will be a bit " do what you can, when you can".
Next week, I will try to include 2 mid week longish runs, a short one/ rest day & then have good long run/walks over the weekends. Rest days will depend on the weather. A rainy, cold day will be a good chance to bludge/recover.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Routine Running

Purpose:  Junk
Distance: 13.6 km
Time:  76' 44"
Rate:  5' 39" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 25 degrees, humidity 50%, wind light NE 10 kmph

Week:  44.15 km, Feb:  252.5 km,  Year: 775.25 km

Another routine run from work home at lunch time and back to work. Nothing special, all Ok.
Stopped at Pine Is for 10 minutes in the river to cool down & refresh the legs.
Water needs to cool down to be more beneficial, but I don't want summer to finish either.
So far, so good.
There will be plenty of this running from now on, so the posts may get a little boring. But so will 520 kms across the outback, it's part of the mental game.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Routine Running

Purpose:  Junk with a couple of hills
Distance:  14.35 km
Time:   80' 32"
Rate:   5' 37" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 40%, wind northerly 10 kmph

Week:  30.55 km,  Feb: 238.9 km,  Year:  761.65 km

There will be much more of this basic running over the next months. Today, a run home with the hill behind Bonython thrown in to add some resistance to an otherwise flat run.
Very comfortable, a nice sunny day to build up the weekly total without getting into over training zone & needing time off.
Looking for 4 solid weeks before going to Tassie for a couple of weeks. I can get some running done there, but it may be only every now & then.
Coburg is 7 & half weeks away, with a taper. Not much time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Update & Monday

Running:  Nil
Distance:   16.2 km
Time:  89' 09"
Rate:  5' 30" per km
Weather: sunny, temp  25 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm

Week: 16.2 km,  Feb:  224.55 km
Year: 747.3 kms in 7 weeks at ave 106.75 km

Most of Saturday was spent out at Stromlo Forest Park to assist with the 12 hour event held as part of the Running Festival.
With no sleep on Saturday night, I had around 5 hours of snooze time on Sunday morning/early afternoon, then a good night's sleep at night. Just as tiring when not running, the hard surface of the bike critirium track preventing me from having a run in the 12 hour. It would have killed my legs, so not interested in running.
However, there were plenty of fantastic performances. As much as some have dismissed the effort by Marty Dent, he did have a go at the Australian record for a road 100 km. This record has stood the test of time, held by Tim Sloane, a Tasmanian for a long time.
Being set on the Ross to Richmond road in Tasmania, the course may have been slightly down hill and on a good day, would certainly be wind assisted by a north westerly. Don't know what the conditions were like on the day, but sub 6 hours 30 mins is a mighty run.
Marty didn't have that advantage. He certainly had a light breeze, mostly not assisting, a slight up hill every lap, a tight turn at the top of the front straight & a dark track on the southern end.
He gave it his all, finally finishing due to stomach/food problems, as in throwing up a few times. That will not help in any record attempt.
I hope he gets the desire back to have another go at the 100 km record, but not on the Stromlo track.
Today, I started my training program to get me to Coburg 24 hour in good shape. A really good run at the Brindie 100 km ( 95 km) has given me confidence to put in a solid performance at Coburg.
Again, like the Brindie, it will be a training run. This is the last in the series of races before the main event during winter.
Just need to hold together, stay fit & healthy & keep the motivation going.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, At Last

Purpose: Get back to work
Distance:  7.00 km
Time: 37' 56"
Rate:  5' 25" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 23 degrees, humidity 50%, wind ESE 10 kmph

Week: 51.25 km,  Feb:  208.35 km,  Year:  731.1 km

Nothing to report, easy run from home back to work as I had left my mountain bike at work overnight and rode home.
A nice mixed up day, no pressure with only the weekend to come before I need to get serious again leading up to Coburg 24 hour in exactly 8 weeks time.
This weekend will be mostly spent at Stromlo 12 hour where the 12 hour/100 km/6 hour is being held. Guess Sunday looks like a sleeping day.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mid Week Mixture

Purpose:  course measuring
Distance:   6.2 km
Time:   60' 00"
Rate:  9' 40" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm

Purpose: short, hilly
Distance:   10.55 km
Time:  61' 04"
Rate:  5' 47" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm

Week: 44.25 km,  Feb:  201.35 km,  Year:  724.1 km

Wednesday was to check, measure & note km points for the next monthly handicap at Central Curtin. I forgot to restart my Garmin at one point, so distance is 100 metres short for me, but the race distance length is 6.3 kms. It's the same course for the Thomas series as we used from Cotter Road but going in reverse from a new starting location. The short course is slightly harder than the previous one, a gentle down hill for 500 metres, then flat out and back for 2 kms, then a gentle up hill finish.
The finish is the same for both short course events as well as the longer Thomas series. All events should be good, and fast.
Today I had Artic bus training at 1 pm, so I had to get a short but quality run done before that happened.
The new articulated buses are really nice to drive, all computerized, 9 in total to monitor & control the electronics. Thankfully I don't have to worry much about what is going on in that area. If it stops, I call for the cavalry ( mechanics) to fix & get going.
Capable of carrying over 100 people, worth around $ 900,000, better be careful out on the road.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Could Have, Should Have

Purpose:  Junk kms, they all count
Distance:  13.25 km
Time:  73' 42"
Rate:   5' 33"  per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 55%, wind light easterly 10 kmph

Week:  27.5  km,  Feb:  184.6 km,  Year:  707.35 km

Nothing special, a normal run home at lunch time.
Then back to work via Pine Is for short 5 minutes in the water. Legs seemed a little reluctant to move today for a while.  It's part of the 2nd week after a long run tiredness, expected.
Usually 2nd week can also be the time you catch a cold or some other virus while the immune system is low and recovering. All good at this stage.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Another New Week

Purpose:  Adding to the bank balance
Distance:  14.25 km
Time:   82' 03"
Rate:  5' 46" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 19 degrees, humidity 60%, wind light easterly 10 kmph

Week:  14.25 km,  Feb:  171.35 km
Year:  694.1 kms in 6 weeks at ave 115.7 km p.w.

The weekly average dropped considerably after a low number of kms done this past week and with 2 rest days. Nothing to worry about, the rest days were well received & needed.
Today, a run home at lunch time and back to work. Monday is a " take it as it happens" day, so no pressure for either speed or distance.
A cloudy coolish day for the first time in a while, took a little time to adjust from the very warm sunny days of the last 2 months.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Purpose:  easy run
Distance: 13.05 km
Time:  73' 48"
Rate:  5' 39" per km
Weather; part sun/cloud, temp 28 degrees, humidity 35%, wind NE 10 kmph

Week:  61.7 km,  Feb:  157.1 km,  Year:  679.85 km

A sleep in this morning after working till midnight last night.
Cleaned out the gum leaves from the gutter on the south side of the house this morning & cut the grass at the back.
An easy run to Pine Is and back this afternoon, nothing special.
Next weekend I don't know how to get some running done as I will be at Stromlo all night. A lack of sleep & the timing to get any nana naps may interfere with the running.
Wait and see on that, so may need to up the distances a little during this week to compensate and call this week another consolidation time.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bush Walk Course

Purpose: long run with hills
Distance: 20.5 km
Time:  2 hrs 17 mins 21 secs
Rate:   6' 42"  per km
Weather: sunny, very warm, temp range 18-31 degrees, humidity 70% down to 25%, wind calm

Week:  48.65 km,  Feb: 144.05 km,  Year:  666.8 km

Recovered Ok from last weekend's run in the Brindies so a chance to find a course for the work group bush walk over the March long weekend.
To take in the views of the city and the northern suburbs, we started from the car park behind the Australian War Memorial, climbed the zigzag walking track to the top of Mt Ainslie.
Plenty of people going both ways this morning, nice to see others enjoying the day.
From the top, it was part way down the road to exit and down to the power lines behind the suburb of Ainslie. A short distance, we found the trail up Mt Majura, another zigzag so not too many steep parts until we reached the 4 ways about 500 metres from the top. Then it gets a little steeper, and not before long you see the radar on top of the mountain and you have reached the trig.
Excellent views from here and a chance to recover.
Then a good fast run down the road, into the bush and out above the grape vines of the Mt Majura Winery. Pity I don't drink wine, apparently it's really good.
It's easier running after this, along the carved up tracks where the Majura Parkway will be extended. Then over Hackett Hill, down to the main fire trail around Mt Ainslie, past the gun club, back to the car park at the AWM.
Best part yet to come with an invitation to Liz's 50th birthday celebration in the cafe for a few fellow runners. A good finish to a great morning.
Thanks to Liz for the invite, thanks to Michael, Jen & Peter for their company on the run.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Back to Normal, With Care

Running - Nil
Bike Riding: about 25 kms
Distance:  12.6 km
Time:    69' 13"
Rate:  5' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, very warm, temp 32 degrees, humidity 25%, wind NW 20 kmph

Week:  28.15 km,  Feb:  123.55 km,  Year:   646.3 km

A return to normal today with an easy run home for lunch and back to work after a break.
Stopped at Pine Is for 5 minutes in the water more to freshen up than as a recovery means.
Yesterday was a non running day, with a 4 times bike ride to roll over the legs but at an easy effort.
Another really nice day, too good to stay indoors & do nothing.
This week has been nice and easy, no pressure with many of the recovery techniques that have served me well over the years.
No problems at this stage, so next week will see a return to a more " normal " training week. Except for Saturday where I will be out at Stromlo all night for the 12 hour, so I might get a sleep in. Probably very little running over that weekend.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More of the Same

Distance:  7.65 km
Time:    45' 04"
Rate:    5' 53" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week: 15.55 km,  Feb: 110.95 km,  Year:  633.7 km

A similar day to the last two with no intensity in the running at all. Really just cruising along at whatever pace the legs decide to turn over.
However, the distance increase by a little & the pace came down a little. Nice and easy out in the sunshine and finished with 15 minutes in the river.
Still feeling Ok, but I know a couple of  down days are due, it's to be expected. Probably have them in 2nd week, that's normal.
If all continues as is, I'll be back sooner rather than later. I can't wait too long as it's only 2 months until Coburg.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Like Recovery Time

Distance:  4.15 km
Time:  24' 49"
Rate:  5' 58" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm

Week:  7.9 km,  Feb:  103.3 km,  Year:  626.05 km

Not much difference from yesterday in the recovery stakes.
Rode bike home at lunch time, car back to Pine Is, then short run followed by 8 minutes in the cool waters of the Murrumbidgee River.
All going well, but can't wait to be able to get back into real running considering the nice weather we are having at the moment.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Let the Recovery Begin

Absolutely nothing
Distance:  3.75 km
Time: 22' 57"
Rate:  6' 06" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 22 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm
Week: 3.75 km,  Feb:  99.15 km
Year:  621.9 kms in 5 weeks at ave 124.38 km p.w.

Yesterday was a real rest day, sleeping in a doing nothing. A bit of a struggle to get to sleep last night. Again nothing unusual about that with sore legs & an active mind recounting the previous day's activities.
However, that is now old news. The recovery process is the main focus with 2 months & a week until Coburg 24 hour. Plenty happening between now and Saturday 13th April, so not having any running problems to hinder the preparations will help.
This morning I rode the mountain bike to work, about 4.5 kms, felt Ok.
Split shift break at work so I ventured out for a short jog to see how I had pulled up after the long run.
Energy levels down, still tired, but legs Ok. Bike home for lunch, no problems here either as this is the main recovery process I use after ultra events.
Car back to work via Pine Is to stand in the river for 15 minutes. Water levels are falling due to lack of rain, so the area to stand in is now much deeper & the water is colder. Really good immediately after getting out, but it draws out any soreness and the legs were tender for the rest of the afternoon.
Exactly as expected, I know what is going to happen and it's all good.
The right decisions now are important to not get any setbacks as the recovery should take about 2 weeks of easy running & biking. After that, I can increase back into training mode ready for a longer & completely different type of ultra.
Similar type of day tomorrow, then see how it's going.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Up In The Brindies

Purpose: Long Run
Distance:  95.4 km
Time: 13 hours 51 mins 34 secs
Rate: 8' 43" per km
Altitude:  Gain:  3152 metres,  Loss:  2427 metres
Weather: mostly cloudy, some sun, temp range 10 degrees up to 18 degrees, humidity 70% down to 40%, wind cool southerly 10-15 kmph, calm high in the mountains

Week: 126.7 km,  Feb:  95.4 km,  Year:  618.15 km

It was a "Fat Ass" style run, not an official race as there was no entry fee, no official approvals & as such not many starters. However, with Martin Fryer as the leading ultra, ultra runner in Australia, as a competitor, it takes on a higher level of credibility.
Five of us started at Namadgi Visitors Centre at 6:00 am to immediately head up Mt Tennent. Very familiar with the Alpine Walking Track start to the top even in the early rays of daylight. It was cold so I wore 2 shirts and an old track suit top just to keep out the wind.
This meant I had an extra two pockets and could easy wrap it around my waist later on when & if the temperature climbed. However, with the climbing in altitude, the temp doesn't follow and it was very cool on top of Mt Tennent. Not a time to stop and enjoy the view. The view towards the west is where we where going, and I didn't want to know about that just yet.
Better off after a quick decent down the fire trail to turn on to Bushfold Flats for about a km or so to pick up the Alpine Walking track that took us past Booroomba Rocks to Honeysuckle Tracking Station.
This is wonderful single track and some of the best there is around here. Passed here by Dave Baldwin, Julie Quinn and another as they were off on a very long day out as well.
Martin had established a good lead on me along here and was almost 30 minutes in front at Honeysuckle after just a km in front after the top of Mt Tennent.
I was right on plan target, just 1 minute over at Honeysuckle, feeling good & running well.
A brief stop to get more to drink and eat from my crewman, Softshoe and down the steep ridge fire trail to Orroral Tracking Station. Lost a bit of time on this 10 km section taking 78 minutes as the first 3.5 kms is all up hill which I walked most of it.
The downhill is also very steep, but made up some time getting to the next drink station around 20 minutes late. A longer stop for a brief rest, a big restock of food and drinks cost me 14 minutes before I was off on the next 10 kms out to Smoker's Trail.
This has a long climb after 4 kms which I handled Ok, but lost time again on the plan target. It took me an hour 42 mins for the 10 kms, but I was still going well.
But the next section was unknown to me. I had never been past the intersection where Smoker's Trail heads north towards Corin Forest.
Signs up to say roadworks indicated the trail would be reasonably smooth. It was in good condition, a little soft in place due to recent rain but nice to run on and I ran the next 10 kms to the Cotter River bridge in 65 minutes. There was plenty of nice downhill here, so that pace was easy.
But what goes down, must go up. All this down was not good as we are climbing up to Mt Ginini at a height of 1700 metres, some 700 metres above where we are now.
That climbing is to be done over 20 kms, but the trail deteriorates for nearly all of that with too many rocks, water wash aways and generally rough. Not a fast section for me at all. I had planned on this taking 4 hours 30 mins, but I ran/walked strongly to get thru to Mt Ginini car park in 3 hrs 16 mins and made up all of the lost time plus more to now be in front of the planned 15 hours.
Softshoe met me coming in from the car park just after I went past Pryor's Hut where I had written in the visitor's book.
It was a couple of kms to the car park where I was due to be met by others, but the road after Mt Franklin is closed due to road works. So it is another 4 kms to run, but with company this time down the road to meet others plus race director Andrew and Martin who had already finished and was back having afternoon tea.
I still had about 16 kms to go, but being able to ditch the backpack and track suit, running was much easier. Stopped for around 10 minutes while having soup, toasted sandwich and a coffee, and it the final section to Bulls Head on a nice graded road with only a couple of short up hill parts.
Softshoe was still with me and we made good progress running nearly all of this last 21 kms in 2 hrs 43 minutes and making further gains on the target plan.
Finished at Bulls Head an hour and 6 minutes in front of target.
Martin finished in 10 hours 59 mins, I was 2nd, but wasn't a race in 13 hrs 51 mins, with the others in 15 hours, and 17 hours.
A very tough, long day. Not sure on how it would compare with North Face 100 km or an Alpine run in Victoria as I haven't ran those courses. Certainly tougher than an Glasshouse Mountains event.
A very nice day out, wonderful scenery and we were lucky with the weather, not hot & no rain which was fortunate.
Feel nothing worse than tired today, legs are Ok, fatigue level will come back in a day or so, then back into the training with Coburg 24 hour the next target event.
Next year, do it again? No, I will crew for Softshoe who now knows how it works. He was unlucky with a foot problem this year, so next year it's his to tackle.