Two Fruits

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week 34 & Running Tasmania

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  2,862.2 kms in 34 weeks at ave 84.2 kms ( going down )

Last week:  54.85 kms

Altitude:  68,476 metres in 34 weeks at ave 2,014 metres ( going down as well )

Last week:  1,065 metres

A combination of bad weather, lack of motivation & inconsistent opportunities has resulted in no blog update for 3 weeks as not much running to report.
This week finally had 4 days of running done. Better weather meant I could head to the hills behind the city of Hobart without getting close to the big mountain. The smaller hills were a challenge as little running in 3 weeks took it's toll.
Hopefully, the house hunting will come to a close soon and proper living activities can become more regular.
Otherwise, all is good. I have Point to Pinnacle up Mt Wellington in mid November to be ready for. But a solid base from the first half of this year only needs to be topped up. Those dropping average figures above need to be going up not down.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Arrive Tasmania


Not much

I will update next week when life settles down after packing up a house & moving across Bass Strait to Tasmania to live permanently.

Running has taken a back seat recently, been a bit busy. At this stage, we are likely to live in Hobart with Mt Wellington as nice backdrop giving plenty of opportunity to continue the love of going up and down steep fire trails & single tracks.