Two Fruits

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

21 Weeks Done

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1517.75 kms in 21 weeks at ave  72.27 km ( up from 69.6 kms )

Last week: 126.25 kms

Altitude gain:  28,261 metres in 21 weeks at ave 1,346 metres ( up from 1317 metres )

Last week: 1917 metres

The last 2 weeks have been really good showing the benefit of consistent running.
Both March & April were disrupted by many & varied outside events. Now that not much is happening outside of work & home, it allows a routine.
The benefits of strength from the hills and the endurance from the distance running have had added benefits as my training pace has also improved.
At this stage, I've done no specific speed work except I try to run the gentle down hills as quick as I can.
A long run of 72 kms over most of the AnzacUltra2015 course last Saturday was great. No problems from the run, the next day off just to consolidate the training. At the moment, all good.
Another couple of specific training days coming up in next few weeks in June, then in July & August will able to ramp it up.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Better Week

Running: Year to Date

Distance:  1391.5 kms in 20 weeks at ave  69.6 kms  pw ( up from 67.9 kms)

Altitude gain:  26,344 metres in 20 weeks at ave  1317 metres pw ( up from 1251 metres )

Finally managed 100 kms for the 7 days from last Wednesday, week 19 for the year.
As the weeks of the year go by, it's getting harder to improve on the weekly averages. But, that will get better as the focus on the remainder of the autumn/winter training for a spring time long run.
I'll continue with tried & tested training routine that has worked previously, so plenty of hills & mountains, very gradually increase the distances so 100 km weeks become the low side of normal.
All good at the moment, just need to take care with any other unusual activities.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

All Going Forward

Year to date:


Distance:  1290.8 kms in 19 weeks at ave  67.9 kms

Altitude:  23,779 metres in 19 weeks at ave  1251 metres

Managed almost 100 kms last week to lift the weekly average by 1 km. Doesn't take much to let the weekly ave drop, but it's going to be a big effort over next 3-4 months to move it much upwards.
However, I'm likely to run everyday now, unless something happens like a spell of cold wet winter weather.
Keeping the hill running in the plan maintains the strength and allows a few less kms in distance.
A few short term events to focus on will maintain the interest until decisions on what to do later in the year are made.
All good at the moment.
Ewen, Softshoe is getting over his recent long term injury. Plus has a quiet period soon with an overseas trip to mess up winter running. No doubt spring time will see him back in full swing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Routine Running - Finally

Year to date:

Distance:  1205.5 kms in 18 weeks at ave  66.97 kms

Altitude:   21650 metres in 18 weeks at ave 1203 metres

Finally the packed last few months have settled down finishing with last week's holiday.
Now, 4 months of being at home to survive a Canberra winter.
Early morning bike rides to work with temps below freezing with more layers of clothing to keep out the cold are something I have missed for the last 3 winters.
At this stage, the short term plan is to run a 6 hour event in the middle of June in Sydney.
There won't be much time to get big miles done in May, but 6 hours is not that long to have to survive.
Those weekly ave figures above will both need to improve.
Consistent training without pushing too far, too fast, should set up the rest of the year.