Two Fruits

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waiting, Waiting

Tweed Heads, nthn NSW
Distance: 11.3 km in 62" 01"
Weather: sunny, temp 19 degrees,

Easy flat run on river edge after drive from Taree stopping at Woolgoolga for lunch. Weather nice so far, forecast for the weekend at Caboolture is sunny, temp in afternoon around 22 degrees, overnight about 10 degrees. Good running conditions.
Pasta tonight, check out the venue tomorrow.
Run on Saturday morning.

Monday, July 27, 2009

"Dream Big....and dare to fail"

Enough said

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bush Capital & Monthly Handicap

Goorooyaroo & Mulligans Flat Nature Parks
Distance: 12.75 km in 70' 50" at 5' 33 " per km
Weather: sunny after cold, foggy, frosty start, temp at run time, 12 degrees, humidity 50%, wind light northerly, nice afternoon
Week: 36.9 km, July: 297.3 km, Year: 2565.5 km
Blewitt's Forest - Monthly handicap
Distance: race 7.0 km in 31' 18" at 4' 28" per km
Finished: 17th
Distance : warm up 1.1 km - day total 8.1 km in 36' 38" at 4' 31" ave
Altitude gain/loss: 150 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp 6 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm
Week: 8.1 km, July: 305.4 km, Year: 2573.6 km

A big weekend has just finished and I can now relax and slowly pack ready to head to sunny, warm Qld tomorrow morning.
Saturday was helping at the Bush Capital marathon event, drink station 6 in Mulligans Flat at the marathon turn. We also had the 60 km ultra runners continue on and return 2 hours later, a good place to be. Except for the cold, the fog and the light but biting wind that stayed around until about 10 am. After that a beautiful day with the runners coming by at nicely spaced out intervals, all enjoying the Australian bush setting for their run. Ran from my DS out to Gundaroo Road to the next DS to collect signs and follow the last ultra runner back. Then ran from the Goorooyaroo/Mulligans Flat fence to Horse Park Dr, really good surface to run on and nicely down hill.
Saturday night an engagement party to go to, we didn't stay late as today was monthly handicap and another very early start.
Today a monthly handicap course at Blewitts Forest, very little flat parts after the first and last 500 metres, very tough course, fast down hill after 1.5 kms until 4.5 kms, then a long slog up next to Coppins Crossing Road for just over a km, before a fast down hill and a flat bit back to the start.
Those 3 days off and an easy day yesterday resulted in a very good 17th place starting in group 35. Only passed by one back marker, very happy with that, ran the up hills well, for once had some speed on the down. Speedygeoff shouted out near the 5 km mark that I was 64th so I picked up a few in the last 2 kms including an unfit Strewth. Don't mention the extra kilos she had in her pocket.
Good to see CJ do well in the walk, she needs to get the technique right as that is all she will be doing until the end of the year. I do feel sorry for her, but she is a toughie and will certainly see this injury through. A few marathoners from yesterday backed up today including Rob Ey and Elle, well done to them, I bet they sleep well.
Now for the benefit of Liz and Ewen' s bet. I will be disappointed if I go under 170 kms, happy with 185 kms and 200 km, the impossible dream. Anything can happen on the day. A very easy week driving up north, getting used to the warmer weather again, a couple of very short jogs, nothing too far. Also need a swim in the salt water before the run, great for preparation and certainly post race recovery. Footballers and horses use it, why not runners. I have no injuries, no excuses, just getting excited to get there and start.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Busy to Blog or Run

Last 3 Days
Running: nil

The week turned out busier than I expected. The easiest part of the week is work. A good thing that is straight forward. I know when, where & what I have to do every day. Dull and boring, just as we like it. No excitement, that means trouble.
The last part of this week has been all go. A few problems with government departments trying to get by passed medical lodged with RTA, Saturday's bush capital marathon day where I will be out on Mulligan's Flat at the drink station at the turn around, a monthly handicap at Blewitt's Forest, the course needed to be looked at to ensure all is Ok.
As well, getting organised to head north next week to Qld. Only so many hours in a day or three.
I will try not to get too stressed about not running, 3 days is near record except when in recovery mode. I will call it " refreshing" before tapering. I pinched that from Liz.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wrong Bus

Distance: 13.4 km plus 2 km walk
Time - run: 72' 15"
Rate - run: 5' 23" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 16 degrees, humidity 40%, NW wind 15kmph
Week: 24.15 km, July: 284.55 km, Year: 2552.75 km

What a beautiful day for the middle of winter. For those that run before sun rise at this time of the year, you have my sympathies. Lunch time was just perfect today.
Ran home and back to work, nothing to report about the running. It was after work that the funny part happened.
Recently I have been catching the bus instead of riding my mountain bike to work and home at night. Tonight I finished work in plenty of time to cross the road to catch the bus home. Not watching close enough, I jumped on the first bus that came my way. First lesson and mistake, check the route number. A little way down the road, the penny dropped, wrong bus. So what next? Get off as soon as possible and walk, too late to go back and catch the right bus.
With the Qld event now only 10 days away, a good walk of a couple of kms was a good idea. Not happy to be so stupid, but benefiting from some walking practise. But at the end of a long day, back pack and lunch bag in hand, it was a very useful exercise. Walking at 12 minutes per km, I think I could maintain that towards the end of the Qld event. Good information to be remembered.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Juggling Week

Distance: 8.75 km
Time: 47' 18"
Rate: 5' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 50%, wind Nthly at 30 kmph
Week: 8.75 km, July: 269.15 km, Year: 2537.35 km

A day off running yesterday, I had an afternoon at work, an unusual day for me to go to work. But it was school holidays, many drivers away with their kids. I put the hours worked in the bank to cover for a few days off I am having while in Qld.
Two weeks out from race day is a mixture of starting to ease up, but still too far away from really slowing down. Felt much better for yesterday's break, seemed to cruise along without a problem, even against the strong northerly wind. At least it wasn't cold today.
Bit longer run tomorrow, short run day on Wednesday as I have my annual medical to retain my public vehicle classification. Always a nervous time, but should scrape through again. If not, retire.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Calwell Oval - A Bit of Everything

Distance: 21.95 km
Time: 113' 46"
Rate: 5' 11" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 8-11 degrees, humidity 50%, NW wind at 10 kmph
Week: 81.8 km, July: 260.4 km, Year: 2528.6 km

A mixed day of running. Woke up this morning to a thick frost and plenty of fog. Listened to the news on the radio at 8 am to hear it was still -3 degrees outside, so turned the radio off and went back to bed. No point being a hero in the middle of winter.
The fog lifted around 10:30 so a little while later went out for a run. No idea on what to do or where to go. Running past Calwell shops I decided to take a look at the oval, it was vacant. The run down was the warm up.
Using the theory that speed is not required at this time with only two week to go before Qld, I tried to run slowly in lane 5. A few soccer players started to arrive after a while but one of them told me they were not playing until 1 pm. That was good news, still plenty of time and room to keep circulating.
The grass track is still in good condition for winter, soft enough under foot with no holes or muddy patches.
Ran 10 laps at around 4' 55" per km pace, then walked a lap in 3' 50". The part that then surprised me is how slowly I started running again, much slower than the previous easy pace I was running before the walking. Must remember that for Qld. Another 10 laps in opposite direction. Finished with 20 laps of running, 10.95 kms at 4' 51" per km ave. As slow as I could go, I will have to keep that in mind, way too fast to start with up north. Then after watching the first few minutes of the soccer game ran home.
Stuart come over to fix the microphone from the vet's PA system, it needs replacing. A little later, I had to take a few things down to his place in Gordon, this added another 6 kms to the mornings total of 16 kms.
Nice afternoon, sunny and almost warm out of the light breeze.
Not enough kms for the day, but that was the best I could manage. However, the mixture that it was, I think a bit of quality over quantity was good. Happy with the laps on the oval, the walk was at a reasonable walking pace, and I needed that information to finalise a race plan for Qld.
Ewen, had I ventured to the Cotter this morning, I was informed Elizabeth T was out there for the first time in a long time. Knees are not good, but at least she is still about. I should have been out there, but it was too cold for me. I will write to her and find what she has been doing. Heaps of ability, never really saw the best of her running. So good up hill.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Waste a Nice Day

Distance: 8.85 km
Time: 48' 47"
Rate: 5' 31"
per km
Week: 59.85 km, July: 238.45 km, Year: 2506.65 km

Probably should have had a rest day, but the weather, for this time of year, was too nice. Ran home for lunch, took the car back to work and added an extra 3 kms around Pine Is nature reserve.
I went passed the 2500 km mark today, not that much of an achievement really. Although it is only 3 weeks into the second half of the year. I can't see me doubling that total before year's end.
Tomorrow, with no better offers, I will run from home instead of travelling anywhere. A trip to the Cotter would be nice, but would have to run alone anyway.
Instead, I will do short loops, returning home to get used to eating and drinking on the move.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cruising in the Cold

Distance: 13.1 km
Time: 69' 25"
Rate: 5' 17" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 8 degrees, humidity 70%, wind cool sthly at 10 kmph
Week: 51.0 km, July: 229.6 km, Year: 2497.8 km

A flatter smoother surface than yesterday's run, resulting in a better km rate. Ran home for lunch and back to work.
Not much to report about the run, a cool almost calm day, nice and easy.
Ewen, she must get used to walking without feeling guilty, that's a problem for marathon runners. Still betting on a DNS at "Tan" or a DNF. Let's hope the second one is wrong.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kookaburra and Red Rocks

Distance: 14.4 km
Time: 92' 45"
Rate: 6' 25" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm
Week: 37.9 km, July: 216.5 km
Year: 2484.7 km in 28 weeks at 88.7 km ave per week

The title refers to the gates that I passed on the run out towards Kambah Pool on the Murrumbidgee River.
An ideal winter's day after a cold start in the morning. I haven't been out that way for a long time, the tracks are rocky and technical, not really suited to fast paced running. In fact, a good course to practice walking.
Enjoyable day out where few others go at any time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pushing Against the Cold Wind

Distance: 13.4 km
Time: 73' 24"
Rate: 5' 29" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 9 degrees, humidity 70%, wind cold, NW at 25 kmph
Week: 23.5 km, July: 202.1 km, Year: 2470.3 km

Easy day with the wind assisting on the way from work home at lunch time. Getting back a little later on was a different story. Cold wind cut through, even down hill was hard.
The kangaroos were out in abundance, must have been the rain overnight.
Nothing else to report about today, rest day yesterday as well. Trying to work out what I will do on Saturday. At this stage, similar to last weekend in Stromlo from Deeks Forest Park.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Down the Parkway

Distance: 10.1 km
Time: 53' 18"
Rate: 5' 16" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 12 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 10.1 km, July: 188.7 km, Year: 2456.9 km

We went visiting on the dark side this afternoon. On the way home, I was dropped off at Kambah Village and ran the rest of the way home. The best part is it is basically a down hill or flat until the last km from home.
I missed the best part of the day by an hour or so, and was really happy to back up with a reasonable pace run after yesterday.
Felt good on the run, no worries from the previous day. A good night's sleep helped as well.
For those that need to know, there is no current emailing list. At this time of the year, very few are doing what I am interested in, ie ultras without mountains.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Solo at Deeks.... for a while

Distance: 46.2 km
Time: 4 hours 32 mins 0 secs
Rate: 5' 53" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 5-12 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 112.8 km, July: 178.6 km, Year: 2446.8 km

Nine laps solo then Ewen turned up to run the last 3 with me. Two weeks ago the rally cars were churning up the track and the dust was flying. Today, a few mountain bike riders, a couple of people walking their dogs and me, the solo runner. Quite happy in my own world to run boring laps, 12 of them on the main part of the old Jogalong course in Deeks Forest Park.
Parts of the circuit, the Cotter road side have been graded with a bit of drainage put in, I presume for the rain water to have somewhere to go. That's forward thinking from the local government, if we ever get enough rain to create run off. Each lap was 3.85 km, the GPS variation only 20 metres and that would have depended on which side of the track I ran. The average was just over 22 minutes when I ran the whole way, a couple of laps I walked for a few minutes.
Stopped at the car to eat and drink, conditions not warm enough to need much to drink. Stopped the clock when I stopped at the car, but at the real event that won't happen. The clock doesn't stop. However, in Qld I will eat and drink and keep walking.
Happen to run nearly all the way, especially when Ewen arrived. Good day out, just wish the sun had been out as well.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Today: Nil

A real rest day, even caught the bus to work and home.

Part of the training plan running long distance is the mental side. The physical side is hard but doable. The mental side requires at bit more attention as the run goes on, the more the brain gets tired as well.
That's why they play music, change directions and other activities happen at events to take away the boredom.
Although there is always something happening, someone to talk to, or just counting off the laps and doing mental calculations on far to to go.
Tomorrow's long run in Stromlo will be over the same 4km loop many times. How far depends on what happens on the day. But doing loops of the same course sure helps the mental side. Same scenery, or in Stromlo's case, lack of scenery, maybe a change of direction. Certainly a " Tan " type course.
The ACTCCC event at Googong Dam would be much better, a hilly half marathon with barely a flat part on the course. A ripper of an event, pity I have other priorities just at the moment.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Lazy Day for All

Distance: 9.15 km
Time: 51' 25"
Rate: 5' 37" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 11 degrees, humidity 60%, wind light easterly 10 kmph
Week: 66.6 km, July: 132.4 km, Year: 2400.6 km

An easy day, I jogged home at lunch time, drove the car back to Pine Is, then added another couple of kms to the day. A sunny afternoon with the kangaroos lying in the sunshine just watching the activities around them.
Nothing else to report today, rest day tomorrow with a long morning on Saturday in Stromlo.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wanniassa Loop

Distance: 15.2 km
Time: 81' 32"
Rate: 5' 22" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 9.5 degrees, humidity 70%, wind SSW at 10 kmph, temp felt like 8 degrees
Week: 57.45 km, July: 123.25 km
Year: 2391.45 km in 27 weeks at 88.5 km ave per week

It's been a long time since I ran a circuit of Wanniassa. Years ago, pre GPS and other distance measuring methods, a group of us at work would run this and guess the distance at a bit over 14 km.
From work, I ran around the outside of Lake Tuggeranong to Athllon Dr, followed that up to Sulwood Dr, along to Erindale Dr then fast to an underpass to Monash. Back at the lake a short detour around the back of the Actew yard, then a knock on the front door of the depot to let me in.
Measured today by the Garmin, allowing for the detour to Monash, the estimate of 14 kms was fairly close. However, I would run it in just over an hour. Must have been younger back then.
Today was good, stopped to talk to Ernie W at Erindale, Ewen's mate, good for a chat with Ernie, finisher of many, many marathons and recorder holder in his age groups as the years went on. He still walks every day, mostly reading as he meanders along.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just a Day

Distance: 12.35 km
Time: 70' 04"
Rate: 5' 40" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 9 degrees, felt like 6 degrees, humidity 50%, wind cold sthy 18 kmph
Week: 42.25 km, July: 108.05 km, Year: 2376.25 km

Sunny day with cold southerly breeze, run home for lunch into the breeze was therefore warm on one side and cold on the other. Should have turned around a few times to even up the temp.
Nothing else to report, just filling in the days.
Ewen, you can't get beer for being out by 5 minutes or more. However, we must buy the six pack and share a drink one quiet Sunday afternoon in celebration anyway. She ran a good race anyway, we couldn't get anywhere near that time in a relay or by catching a bus.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Circuit

Distance: 16.35 km
Time: 94' 55"
Rate: 5' 48" per km
Altitude gain: 213 metres
Weather: sun/ light high cloud, temp 8 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week: 29.9 km, July: 95.7 km, Year: 2363.9 km

School holidays began today with a change of shifts at work. Still have the same 4 hours off during the day, but beginning a bit later nearer midday. Really nice as the morning was cold and foggy.
I ran over to Urambi Hills fire trail, towards Gleneagles estate, I turned back across the open paddocks passing by cattle just eating away, crossed the Tuggie creek and on towards Pine Is. A bit of cross country and finally back to work. The run covered some ups and down hill, a reasonable run over the terrain. Nice day, no wind again was good.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Beaut Afternoon Run

Distance: 13.55 km
Time: 73' 32"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 11 degrees, humidity 60%, NW wind at 15 kmph
Week: 13.55 km, July: 79.35 km, Year: 2347.55 km

A nice winter's day was the perfect opportunity to get out just to run for fun. No pressure other than to enjoy the day, and I did.
A trip to nature's wonderland beside the river, plenty of other people out walking with their dogs. A great day out.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Running Long, Locally

Distance: 40.5 km
Time: 4 hrs 13 mins 12 secs
Rate: 6' 15" per km
Weather: sunny, start temp -0.5 degrees, humidity 90%, wind calm changing to finish at 11 degrees, humidity 50%, cold WSW wind at 30 kmph, gusts to 48 kmph, temp felt like 8 degrees.
Week: 103.5 km, July: 65.8 km, Year: 2334.0 km

With no one else about to run with today, I stayed close to home and ran locally. The group seems to be spread all over the globe at the moment, or injured. Out injured as I understand are Softshoeshuffle & CJ, overseas is Strewth, interstate is Liz ( Gold Coast marathon tomorrow) Mick, Nick and others will run Kangaroo Valley King of the Mountain tomorrow. As well it's the start of school holidays and the ACT cross country championships are on today at Weston Park.
No other runners sighted today but there were plenty of other people out walking their dogs, all under control. It was a great morning to be in the great outdoors.
I didn't want hills in the running today so opted for the relatively flat tracks near Pine Is, Point Hut and the nature parks in between. Ran back to home a couple of times for eating and drinking. As hard as I tried, I still ran a bit quicker than I wanted, I need to go slow and then go slower if I am to finish 24 hours still moving forward.
Beaut conditions to start with at 8:30am, cool, gloves to keep the last bit of frost out, long sleeves and shorts, not cold enough for beanie and no wind. Temp still below zero but the sun soon moved the temp upwards. Later in the morning the wind showed it still has bite, cold from the south west, off the mountains and snow.
Remembering I caught a chill in my back last year in winter from the cold winds, I cut today short by a few kms, was really looking to get near 50 kms. I am not taking the chance of the same thing happening again. Last year it ended with 3 days off work and no running for a week.
Overall, today was still faster than I have planned for the first 6 hours of the 24 hour run on a better surface. Hope to get a back up run done tomorrow to go with today.

Friday, July 3, 2009

At Last, A Sunny Day

Distance: 11.7 km
Time: 63' 33"
Rate: 5' 25"
Weather: sunny, temp 8 degrees, humidity 60%, wind NW at 20 kmph, temp felt like 6 degrees
Week: 63.0 km, July: 25.3 km, Year: 2293.5 km

Not much to report, the sun finally shone, but the cold wind was having a final say before going away for the next few days.
Ran home for lunch and back afterwards. Apart from the wind, an enjoyable hour taking it easy with a long run tomorrow morning.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Victim of the Weather

Dist. 7.8 km in 41' 39" at 5' 20" per km
Dist. 5.8 km in 31' 24" at 5' 24" per km
Weather: both days similar, cloudy, temp 10 degrees with strong cold NW winds at 25-30 kmph, temp felt like 6 degrees, humidity 70%
Week: 51.3 km, July: 13.6 km, Year: 2281.8 km

Fell victim to the weather this week. Monday and Tuesday were short and easy, planned. Wednesday and today were meant to be a bit more but the lousy midday weather curtailed any long distance plans.
Not prepared to risk getting sick or " doing a CJ" for little or no gain this week. I call this a recovery week, just hope for more favourable conditions soon and get a bit more done.
The weekend sessions are more important at this stage.
The two runs were work to home for lunch or a loop, then ride the bike home. Some cross training with the daily bike riding, not much but it helps.
Good luck to all running in the sunshine on the Gold Coast on Sunday. Don't lose your medal for finishing.