Two Fruits

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Numbers Count when 6.1 = 10

Distance: 7.35km
Time: 41'15"
Rate: 5'36" per km
Weather: Afternoon,cloudy,cool,temp 9 degrees,humidity 60%,wind from NW at 20km per hour.
Distance: 29.4km
Running days: 3/5
Ave: 9.8km per run day
Distance: 301.25km
Running days: 16/31
Ave: 18.83 km per run day
Year/5 months:
Distance: 1876.85km
Running days: 99/151
Ave: 18.96 km per run day
Last 10 months:
Distance: 3700.8km
Ave: 370 km per month

This afternoon's run was nothing more than about figures. My banking background meant that if an amount could be made to mean something, then do it. The headline said that all I had to do today was run 6.1km to make 300km for May to make 10 months in a row when I ran over 300km for each month. Of course, just making 300km for May drags down the long term average and this week's average at 9.8km per run looks " very average". So much for figures.
It also shows I need a rest so the next 2 - 3 weeks will be almost "run free". If I get motivated and it's a nice day, and I have nothing else to do, I might venture out. Must also ring Maria to arrange a massage and get myself right for the rest of the year. I might also sleep in, tidy up the back yard, can't wash the car, but I will still ride the bike to work except on night shift finishing at midnight.
It will be an active recovery but not stressful,so I will know when it is time to return. By end of June there will be only 3 and a bit months before Brindabella Classic, that will require a change of training to accommodate the distance and downhill otherwise, the next week will be painful.
If I don't write often now for a while, I will probably be having an afternoon nap on the couch exhausted from doing nothing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Into the Wind

Distance: 10.05km
Time: 51'13"
Rate: 5'06" per km
Weather: Afternoon, temp 18 degrees, humidity 60%, cloudy, very windy at 30km from NW

The best part of today's run was pushing into the wind and doing OK. Nothing special about the run although it looked like rain at the time but it held off. Now at 8:00pm it has started to come down, hopefully clearing by 5:30 tomorrow morning to let me ride the mtn bike to work.
Numbers were on my mind during the run with only 4 km to be done now by the end of the month to make 300km for May. That would make 10 months in a row over 300km each month with 4 of them over 400km. Being in ease off and recovery mode I wasn't going to do all 15km today.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oakey Hill

Distance: Race-7.5km plus warm up and cool down-4.5km = 12.0km
Time: Race- 32'39"
Rate: 4'20" per km
Course difficulty factor will be 1.08, rate will be about 4'00" per km corrected
Weather: sunny,calm,temp 3-12 degrees,humidity high with early fog patches.

Vets handicap race over Oakey Hill course starting at sub station behind suburb of Lyons. Undulating course heading towards Mt Taylor with 75 metres climb between 2km and 3.5km mark heading out, fast downhill on way back with steady climb in last 1km before fast 500 metres to the finish.
Started in group 39 with some quick runners, couldn't keep pace from the start so had to let them go, however only 3 others starting behind came past me in the run.
It's a course suited to me, I like the ups and downs and handicap running, chasing the early runners, and never catching them. Finished 61st today, mid field out of 100. Solid effort without being good. Take it easy now for couple of weeks to recover properly.
Long term plan for this year hopefully will be Brindabella Classic in Oct, Gosford 12 hour in January, Six Foot Track in March and Glasshouse Mtns 160km in Sept 2008.
That should keep me occupied and either in trouble or out of trouble for a while.
Also heard that Gosford will not be on grass but on Mondo (same as AIS) next year.
Right now, might just have a shower and afternoon siesta.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Week On

Distance: 12.7km
Time: 67'30"
Rate: 5'18" per km
Weather: Nice day, sunny, mild, calm, temp 18 degrees, humidity 45%
Distance: 115.85 km (inc GH80)
Running days: 4/7
Ave: 28.96 km per run day
Distance: 271.85 km
Running days: 13/26
Ave: 20.9 km per run day
Distance: 1847.45 km
Running days: 96/146
Ave: 19.24 km per run day
Ave: 12.65 km per day

Today's run was the same as two days ago and a week after GH80. Felt much easier and ran a minute and half faster with less effort. No wind today which made conditions very nice. Very cool in the mornings and late afternoon now so a midday start was perfect.
The run along the river was incident free, no wildlife, no snakes, just a few BBQ's alight enjoying lunch.
Vet's handicap tomorrow on a slightly hilly course especially the first 3kms. As long as I don't finish last, never have in 130 starts, I will be happy. After that, the next few weeks will be to recover fully before late June and July have a few good races, end June ACT Cross Country off road half marathon at Googong Dam, mid July Kangaroo Valley 32 km King of the Mountain, end July Bush Capital weekend, probably just run the 25km but could do the marathon or the 60km.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A little bit more

Distance: 12.75km
Time: 69'01"
Rate: 5'24" per km
Weather: sunny, windy at 20km from NW, temp 14 degrees, humidity 60%

Week: 103.15km
May: 259.15km
Year: 1834.75km

A little further today at similar pace to yesterday heading down towards the river. Nothing to get exited about except a small red belly black snake warming up on the river track. I had thought that it was now too cold for them but this little fella only about 30cm long had not experienced a winter yet. He was very lucky as well as a kookaburra was waiting in a tree down the track waiting for lunch to slither by.
Said hello to both and continued on turning into the cool wind on the way home.
Glad to be able to run during the middle of the day from now on as the cool,getting cold temps do nothing to inspire getting out into the great outdoors. I think winter is really for hibernation.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Next Chapter

Distance: 8.1km
Time: 43'45"
Rate: 5'23" per km
Weather: Nice, sunny, calm,temp 12 degrees,humidity 65%

First run after GH80 last Sunday so it was a steady, easy effort with no pace in mind. Simple loop run from home down Johnson Dr past Calwell shops to Tharwa Dr, past Theodore to Drakeford Dr at Gordon and back home. Small hill on Tharwa Dr but managed to run all way. Felt fairly good, no lingering effects but no speed. That is now the main aim for the winter with a gradual build up again into spring.
There are a few nice events during winter leading to Bush Capital Marathon weekend and then later to BC in Oct.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Glasshouse Mountains

Sunday 20/5/07
Distance: 82.3km
Time: 9 hrs 56 mins 3 secs
Rate: 7'15" per km
Weather: Perfect running night/day, clear, calm, temp 17-24 degrees, humidity 30%

Stopped at Nambucca Heads overnight on the way up so went for a short 6km jog on Friday morning along the edge of the river out to the sea on a perfect morning in northern NSW. Arrived Caboolture in the afternoon and settled in for a few days in sunny, warm Qld. Heard all the news about drought breaking rain down south so was glad to be far away. Saturday was spent on a remembering cruise around the course which, allowing for a few changes in directions over the years was still all familiar especially with the first 3 hours of running in the dark.
Run day started early with the alarm going off at 1:00AM for a 3 AM start. Meeting up with some ultra running regulars again, the RD gave the usual instructions about not getting lost, a few course changes and away 16 starters (13 male and 3 female)in the 50 miler went into the dark. Several groups formed and as everyone had headlamps or torches, seeing the tracks was reasonably easy. The course at this stage was dirt roads and sandy fire trails and easy going although running was slower due to much chatter with most catching up on the latest running news. Many are going to Western States and Hardrock 100 mile events in USA in a few weeks time, using this event as a last long run.
Bit of a scare for a some of us in the dark when a carpet python was spotted asleep on the side of the road. This turned out to be the lone bit of wildlife seen except for a couple of noisy trail bike riders later in the day.
Up to 30km and a bit beyond, all was well. As the saying goes in ultra running "if you feel good,don't worry it will soon pass". And so it was until I hit the power lines. A rough track under a section of power lines as rough as there is on any run course I have run. It's a length of about 5km of very steep, undulating dirt track, rutted parts, steep downs and ups, hold on to the trees on the side, dark and muddy in parts and generally very slow. From memory, not that bad, but just did not handle it and lost plenty of time. It was also the time I developed a couple of blisters due to the uneven ground which later caused more lost time. At that stage I had covered about 45km in around 5 hours.
Eating and drinking were under control as there were 2 stops on the course where we were weighed and compared with you starting weight. Any changes are most likely to be dehydration so careful note is taken. Fortunately, my weight did not change all run.
Another nasty section of 10km plus leading up to the 60km mark has more steep, short parts, care required going down and up. Sideways is a good option, no running or even walking at times. The last long climb hits at the 65km mark with something similar to the front of Mt Ainslie only a dirt track. Slow walking for me but it is the last difficult part.
Finally found some rhythm heading home so with only 15km to go, it should have been a breeze. However, soft sandy tracks and feeling tired but OK, the last 2 hours were slow but steady. Even found some faster 6 minute per km pace at times and heading into the last drink station with 5.3km to go, I had 40 minutes to break 10 hours. How easy is that!. Not very easy. Charging along at 7 mins per km on nice soft sandy track, I kicked a rock or tree root and over I went, I thought "done a CJ" what a time, but no damage, dust off the sand, check the Garmin, OK onwards and homewards.
In the end, I broke 10 hours, nowhere near 9 hours but it didn't matter. I had a great day, love the event, won a prize in the barrel draw, got the GH cup, the medal for finishing, had ran over 80km on a perfect day.
The start/finish location at Woodford was perfect,a 100 metres of road and into the bush, BBQ, showers,the swimming pool reopened just for us for a nice soak in the water. Woke up the next day, apart from a couple of blisters,I could have gone for a run. I have recovered better from this than any other run in the last few years. Just shows what a bit (lot) of training does for you. I finished 14th, the girls beat me home, but I had a good day out.
Good trip away, very enjoyable with very experienced people organising the event.
A few days rest now, and then find something else later in the year to tackle. It will be winter soon, so it won't be too far.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Easing Down

Distance: 11.8km
Rate: 5'44" per km
Weather: Late afternoon,cool,temp 20 - 18 degrees,calm,humidity 55%
Week: 11.8 km
May: 150.0km
Year: 1725.6km

Casual easy run after work among the kangaroos and cattle down by the river. Nothing to report only it gets dark early now and cools off quickly. Maybe last run before GH80, but may sneak another short one in later in the week.
On BB, voted out that trouble maker TJ, Bodie's gone as well, Hayley will go next week, she's only there for the money.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cotter - 15 miles

Distance: 23.7 km
Time: 2 hrs 11 mins 29 secs
Rate: 5'32" per km
Weather: cool early,sunny,calm,temp range 4-16 degrees,humidity 50%
Distance: 62.95km
Running days: 4/7
Ave: 15.74 km per run day
Distance: 138.2 km
Running days: 7/11
Ave: 19.74 km per run day
Distance: 1713.8 km
Running days: 90/131
Ave: 19.04 km per run day

Today's title should have been called " when slow is too fast". Last long run before GH80 next weekend so a very nice run with John K around the 15 mile course. A great day for running, cool early, no wind. We started out at 8:15 am with a plan for me to walk a bit, jog a bit, run a bit but with so many kms in the legs and an easy week, I felt really good so probably didn't walk as much as I should. I walked the last part of jellylegs and parts of Ma & Pa. Still the run pace was such we could talk all the way so the speed was slow enough.
The biggest surprise was the amount of water flowing over the little dam wall at Vanity's Crossing, and it was cold!! The few seconds to cross were plenty enough to go from refreshing to pain. The water must have been released from a dam upstream as the Cotter river is nearly dry, when will it rain?
A really enjoyable day today, glad for the company, leave mid week for Qld hoping for a dry, warm day next Sunday. A couple of short runs early in the week but nothing serious. I won't even need a snooze this afternoon, not that tired, didn't push very hard at all.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Better than Monday

Distance: 13.3km
Time: 67'39"
Rate: 5'05" per km
Weather: cloudy,calm,temp 14 degrees,humidity 70%
Week: 39.25km
May: 114.5km
Year: 1690.1km

Ran the same course as Monday but in reverse in good running conditions although not much of a day weather wise. It could have been 10 degrees warmer and sunny. But, that's autumn, nearly winter in the nation's capital. Those niggles from yesterday disappeared overnight, not thru any miracle but by careful stretching, massage, and general sound recovery techniques.
It all worked today running a solid pace to be home in almost 1:30 mins faster than Monday without any more effort. Must the sleep in after watching BB until the end at night. Lock up your sons as CJ's daughter is on the loose. Double eviction this week she's gone!!
Last longish run on Saturday at Cotter then take it easy. Rest day Friday.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Mind Games Begin

Distance: 12.65km
Time: 69'32"
Rate: 5'29" per km
Weather: mild, cloudy,temp 18 degrees,calm,humidity 60%
Week: 25.95km
May: 101.2km
Year: 1676.8km

Just over a week to go and you start to think all small aches are life threatening or at least run stopping. A small niggle behind left knee and I am thinking it's all over. However, I have done unusual ( other than 100's of kms) so I hope it's nothing to worry about. Other than that, all is well.
Today was just a short jog around the back of Tuggie Hill behind Theodore, a few ups and downs but nothing major. No pace in the run,in fact walked up a couple of hills to get used to it as there will be plenty of walking next weekend.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Out and about

Distance: 13.3km
Time: 69'05"
Rate: 5'12" per km
Weather: Sunny/part cloud,calm,temp 18 degrees, humidity 60%,good running conditions

After rest day yesterday, it is always interesting to see how the next run will be. Today, it turned out to be fairly easy with no adverse effects from last Saturday's long run.
As flat as I can get down to Pine Is, along the river track and back home with no stops. Very few people out today, they must be having an enjoyable day at work.
Running days now will need to be cut back as well as distance and time. Biggest problem now is speed, speed kills tapering for long distance events and takes longer for recovery.
I have received my number for GH80 with a list of entries to put on " coolrunning" this week. All is well.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A chat with the Guru

Distance: nil

Out running yesterday morning, I was heading down off Wanniassa Hills towards Farrer ridge when I runner dressed like it was the middle of winter was coming up the hill towards me. Now, it was a nice autumn morning, around 15 degrees, perfect running conditions. I thought,you must be mad to feel the cold so badly in May. How will you be in July and August?
Then the surprise. I recognised the best long distance runner in Australia at the moment. So we stopped for a chat. In this game, you never let a chance go by. "Phibes" is going great at the moment having ran 228km at Coburg 2 weeks ago in 24 hours having done 120km in the first 12 hours of the run. And just short of 360km last year in 48 hours on the Gold Coast. Just 2 weeks after Coburg 24 hours, he is out on a 30km run rugged up to the hilt in long pants, long sleeved thermal top and beanie ( me dressed in shorts and SFT singlet) acclimatizing to conditions he expects at Western States 100 mile in USA in 5 weeks to time. Weather predicted to be in high 30's. It is also a net downhill run similar to Brindabella Classic only on a bigger scale. He doesn't need too much having won the event last year and with a sub 4 hour at SFT this year.
So we chatted about running and our training methods. If you need to know how to go about it, he is the one to offer very good advice. Basically a big fitness base, don't worry about speed, most people do their long runs too fast, pacing is most important,walking is an important part to a strong finish.
So nothing that 120-140 km per week won't fix, a bit of commitment and motivation, no such thing a junk kilometres, just get out and enjoy the great outdoors.
We could have talked for hours, but both had other things to do, he had another 20km to go and I had another 40km to go. Such a nice day to do it.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Fun Day

Distance: 50.15km
Time: 5 hrs 8 mins 00 secs
Rate: 6'08" per km
Distance: 106.55km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 21.3 km per run day
Distance: 75.25km
Running days: 3/5
Ave: 25.08 km per run day
Distance: 1625.75km
Running days: 86/125
Ave: 18.90km per run day

Today was the last and longest run before GH80 now only 2 weeks away. Similar to last few weekend runs, I went out on a circuit that bought me back home for creamed rice and bananas and drink refill. In short I think I covered most of the Tuggeranong valley, first lap over to Wanniassa Hills and Farrer ridge returning via MacArthur and Fadden Pines. Second lap was a circuit of Tuggeranong Hill and back via Calwell oval. Third lap was a short tour around Calwell down Johnson Dr, along Tharwa Dr and back home. Last lap went down to Point Hut, along river track, past Pine Is and up to top car park before finishing at Pinr Is beach. Into the cold water for 15 minutes and recovery seems to be complete.
Within an hour walking OK and feeling back to normal. I had to go over to Mt Majura to the ACT Mtn running championships afterwards. A bit more walking helped the legs and now ,a couple of hours later everything is fine.
A few hours at work later tonight and sleeping should be easy. Rest day tomorrow, easy week coming up.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Night Run with Lightning

Distance: 12.3 km
Time: 70'45"
Rate: 5'45" per km
Weather: 8:00pm start,cloudy,windy at 30kmph from NW,temp 19 degrees,humidity 50%

I needed another night run because the first 30km at GH80 will be in the dark with a 3:00AM start. A full moon tonight lessened the benefit because the torch was really only needed down by the river with street lights and the moon shining brightly. Even the kangaroos could see where they were going without a torch although the mums carry a spare in their pouches and dads carry the batteries and globes. The run went really well with the run along the river on the narrow sandy and winding track perfect training, GH in the dark from the start is very similar.
Lucky with the weather as well because there was plenty of lightning over the ranges during the run with the thunder and rain starting just after getting back home.
A great night out, should do more of it, good fun. Long run Saturday, rest tomorrow.
Late leaving tonight as well due to the daily highlights of BB on at 7:00pm. Can't believe CJ's daughter has latched on to Bodie and now moved beds. She is jealous of Demet as well.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Improving your Cruising Pace

Distance: 12.8 km
Time: 66'20"
Rate: 5'10" per km
Weather: Mid afternoon start,temp 18 degrees,cloudy,windy from NW at 25km,humidity 50%

After work this week due to work changes leaving not enough time for even a half descent run at lunch time. Simple circuit of Tuggeranong Hill starting from home, down to Gordon and Conder side of the hill, over to the sub station, behind Theodore, past Calwell oval and shops and back home. Solid run especially against the wind on the way home, trying to improve my "cruising speed" to allow both the faster and slower runs easier. Any suggestions without going to the track for outright speed work?