Two Fruits

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Update

Distance:  13.45 km
Time:  73' 19"
Rate:  5' 27" per km
Weather: sunny, nice day, temp 26 degrees, humidity 35%, wind light NE 10 kmph
Week:  16.05 km, 
January & Year:  456.05 kms in 27/31 days at ave 16.89 km per run day

So far, so good for the year. A couple of rather slack days during the month, with 4 running days under 10 kms.
The reason I ask should I include the small run day totals like yesterday's 2.6 kms is it reduces the kms per run day average. Not worried about a daily running streak, I have too many rest days.
Looks like I would be better off to not run or just jog around the block instead of just going over a mile. In the end, they are only figures that look good or bad on paper or in cyberspace.
Today's running was just a run home for lunch and back to work. Spent 25 minutes on a short but intense gym session before heading out the door. Funnily, the running was quite easy, but it was such a nice day, couldn't help but ease along without a care.
A good January, 2nd highest monthly total in 2 years when getting ready for Maroondah Dam 50 km where I did well over a very hilly course. Lots of fun that race and one I will get back to again.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Bit of Everything

Running - 2.6 kms in 14 & a bit minutes. Do they count, daily, weekly, streak ?
Gym- 45 minutes of pushing and pulling.
River - 13 minutes of recovery, Oh so good.

A recovery day, not really planned, but it was raining this morning so a bike ride to work was out of the question. Why, don't I like the rain ?
Running in the rain is a pain as I can't see through my glasses. Otherwise, unless it's winter, cold & wet, I don't mind.
Riding is even sillier in the rain. Apart from normally getting soaked through and not being able to see, there is a good chance I'll crash. Injuries from activities except from running are not acceptable.
I did my 45 minutes in the gym in the morning, a good session with a couple of others in there all encouraging & helpful.
I also went into the weight's gym to look at what the big boys were doing. Too many bars & those saucer looking heavy things in there for me to move. There is a nice high bar they do chin ups on, so I did 2 sets of 5.
After lunch at home, I drove back to Pine Is. That's where I did my 2.6 kms along the edge of the river before my 13 minutes in the water. All good.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Super Sunday - Monthly Handicap

Total Distance:   20.85 kms in 2 hrs 13 mins 33 secs at 6' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, nice day, temp range 20-25 kms, humidity 68% down to 45%, wind east 5 kmph
Week:  94.8 km,  Jan & Year:  440.00 km

Today's distance was made up of:
Warm up - mark course, jog back 4.2 kms in 34'53" at 8' 18"
Race- 6.0 kms in 27' 40" at 4'36.6" ( raw rate) - Started group 34 - finished 24th.  Happy !
Arboretum - 10.65 kms in 71'00' at 6' 40"

A top day at Aranda for the 1st monthly handicap of the year. I always start the year off well although during summer I don't do much speed training.
This time of the year is for putting down a base of endurance, strength & aerobic ready for the long stuff later on. But, the benefit is, if you still have some speed remaining from long ago, it's available & you can hold on at that pace over a long distance.
Janene today had good speed, but the endurance base to hold that speed has gone for the moment. Wait till she gets that back & better results & times will follow.
Today was my 172nd monthly handicap. I know by now, how it all works. But I still have only 2 medals to show for all those years of running. A silver & a bronze won over 10 years ago. One day !!
Chased hard all the way today, best of my group and only passed by Kathy Southgate 400 metres from the finish. I was going Ok, feeling good, so I could focus on racing.
Caught Strewth going slow, gave Ewen the hurry up inside the last 300 metres & he kicked away to save credibility. Mrs Muscles started off an earlier group ( not eligible), must have ran well, didn't catch her either. Certainly didn't see Janene except after the turn around, too good on the day.
Finished at Arboretum for a long lap of over 10 kms with Softshoe as he was doing his 4th long lap & completing over 40 kms for the day. Hot work out there with no shade.
Easy day tomorrow, certainly will get down to the river for a cool recovery session. Also need to get into the gym early in the week. I know it's working, I can see muscles where there have been none before.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tuggeranong Three Peaks

Distance:  30.1 km
Time: 4 hrs 9 mins 0 secs
Rate: 8' 17" per km
Elevation gain/loss:  1023 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp range 16-20 degrees, humidity 85% down to 65%, wind calm
Week:  73.95 kms
Jan & Year:  419.15 kms in 4 weeks at ave 104.78 kms p.w.

The boys fronted up at my place this morning just 2 days after running the Orroral valley Classic on Thursday. All of us seemed to have recovered well from that, so a challenging climb to the top of Mt Rob Roy shouldn't be a problem.
I had a planned walk/run strategy as I was wearing a 3 kg back pack as well. Mostly walked the steeper up hill, ran the down and just cruised along the flat parts.
The km rate does reflect the fact that we actually went to the trig on Mt Rob Roy which is off the main track, hard to find and rough bush & rocks.
The fire trail to the top of Mt Tuggeranong is also rough these days & steep towards the top. But excellent views from the top and well worth the effort.
To make 3 peaks, we headed to the top of the hill behind Ewen's house. I call it Theodore Hill, but it may have a proper name not known to me.
Back home via the Calwell oval. Little Athletics on the go there. The grass surface is back to having some green colour and nice and soft. It should be good for an interval/tempo session during next week.
Great day out, thanks to Softshoe especially for his company.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Day to Recover

Running -  nil

I decided to rest up the legs today although I don't know why I needed to.They certainly weren't pushed too hard down in the valley yesterday.
I did however use the free time to push a few weights around in the gym. Second time this week and so much easier than my last session on Wednesday.
It's all done at a constant moving pace with plenty of reps at each station. The weight isn't that heavy I can't move it up and down. But, after 6 full circuits, I've had enough.
Mrs Muscles said that I should change the order I move between each apparatus so the muscles don't know much one is coming up next. I did that, got mixed up a bit, did some twice, missed out another and then just looked around and did the one I saw in front of me.
As silly as it sounds, it's actually an unstructured system that keeps the brain focused as well. Takes away the hurt for a while. All good fun.
Caught the bus home for lunch, car back after as I diverted to Pine Is and a stand in the water for 13 minutes. Wonderful, and should help get me up Mt Rob Roy with back pack on Saturday morning.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Orroral Valley Classic

Distance:  20.5 km
Race time: 1: 55' 12 at 5' 37" per km
Running time: 1: 51' 07" at 5' 25" per km
Elevation gain/loss:  383 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp range 15-18 degrees approx, humidity 90% down to 75% approx, wind calm
Week:  43.85 km,  Jan & Year:  389.05 km

This annual classic event held in Namadgi National Park has been conducted by the Australian Mountain Running Association since about 1998. It was held in Sept or October for many years, but with either the chance of snow ( once) or extreme heat ( a few times ) it was moved to this current Australia Day time slot. This also gets it away from the crowded spring running dates.
It has also been moved from the return through the grassy valley track which has become overgrown, thus more chance of snakes being out and about.
A near perfect day for running with a good turnout of close to 100 runners after late entries on the day.
Plenty of familiar faces with some gun runners up the front, plenty of us middle of pack entrants as well, and some good paced walkers enjoying the great outdoors. A couple of shorter events to cater for all participants.
There are two times for myself listed above. The race time will go down in history as what it took me from start to finish. The run time is race time less time in the bushes, upset stomach at 13 kms causing me to lose about 4 minutes.
Before any one comments, run time is for my benefit. It allows me to know just how long it took me to run the race. I ran well, very happy with the performance, especially after last Saturday at the Cotter which I will totally forget. Second half was very pleasing. As well, I need to back up for this Saturday going up Mt Rob Roy.
Great run from Kelley today, cutting down the long distance running to focus on speed has certainly helped her to a terrific result today, 4th female behind a couple of gun female runners. Might have been the choccies for breakfast, secret start to the day.
Winner, Alex Matthews ran 1 hr 18 mins, broke race record by 5 minutes, sub 4's overall. Looking in top shape for Six Foot Track.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No More Advice

Distance:  12.00 km
Time:  68' 45"
Rate:  5' 43" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 45%, wind easterly 5 kmph
Week: 23.35 km,  Jan & year:  368.55 km

Today was a " junk kms" day. nothing to be gained. I jogged home at lunch time and back afterwards to work.
I got hammered again by my last post's comment, so I won't try to offer any more advice on running. I merely wanted to point out, there is a nice run on offer in Namadgi National Park on Thursday in a scenic location. A good off road event, a nice surface, all fire trail with no pressure for results. Just enjoy the outing. I guess Strewth should follow her own plan.
I have only ran 3 road marathons, that is correct. I guess off road marathons don't count.

Monday, January 23, 2012

What Will This Week Bring ?

Distance:  11.35 km
Time:  65' 03"
Rate:  5' 44" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 21 degrees, humidity 50%, wind cool easterly 10 kmph
Week:  11.35 km,  Jan & Year:  356.55 km

A nothing much day with a run from work to home at lunch time and back to work afterwards.
A rest day from other activities except riding the bike to work in the morning and back home at night.
I'll get back into the gym on Tuesday hoping that the bad performance on Saturday may have only been an early sign of over doing it.
Today's effort to run was Ok, not pushing any pace at all.
Thursday is Orroral Classic, a 20 km run in Namadgi National Park.
Strewth should really take the opportunity to run an easy mountain race without pressure and only one hill. An excellent run in a scenic location & perfect marathon training with a rest day on Friday before a back up training long run on Saturday. But, she will run track on Wednesday night.
I've given all the help I can, I hope her coach has better advice than me or Speedygeoff running the ultra will have the last laugh.
The winner of the Hobart marathon only 3 weeks ago, Alex Matthews is backing up on Thursday to run 20 kms and then adding another 10 km. Good enough for him, good enough for me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Out Late

Distance:  11.15 km
Time:  64' 16"
Rate:  5' 46" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 19 degrees, humidity 58%, wind SE 18 kmph
Week:  97.85 km,  Jan & Year:  345.2 km

I've tried not to be obsessed by the numbers, although in the past I have chased certain targets just so they look good written down.
I could easily ran another 2.15 kms today just to make 100 kms for the week. So instead, I'll do an extra 300 metres each day of next week to make it up.
I'm still well above 110 kms per week so far this year, that is a nice figure to maintain, but it will certainly move up and down as I train up, race then recover all year.
Today, cleared out the garage to dry it out from the rain storm on Friday night. A chance to toss out a few items never used, still plenty to go.
Nothing special today, more to see if yesterday at Cotter was just a one day disaster, or something sinister. All appeared Ok today, felt Ok, ran comfortably, contending with a cool breeze on the way back.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cotter - Nothing to Give

Distance:  33.7 km
Time: 3 hrs 42 mins 34 secs
Rate: 6' 36" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp range 15-22 degrees, humidity 95% down to 70%, wind calm
Week:  86.7 km,  Jan & Year: 334.05 km

Not the best  of my 157 Cotter runs I have ever done. Felt Ok to start up the Brindabella Road and up to top of Mt McDonald. Tailed the field but it was still a longish day under cloudy humid conditions. No sign of rain.
Somewhere, the legs just gave up. It was if the turbo had cut out and the small diesel engine was doing all the hard work.
I did manage to do the 21 mile course, although I would have liked to cut that down to the 18 miler. But, the inner devil said no, go the full distance as you made the others come out here and go the distance. Vanities was lovely, but as I was so far behind, it was a case of wading thru and keep on going. A sit & rest in the water was very tempting.
They must be friends as every one was still there when I finished. We stopped at Cooleman Court for a coffee on our way home.
Not sure what happened on the day, seem Ok now. Try a shortish run tomorrow, just over 13.3 kms will do nicely.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lots of Threes

Distance:  13.00 kms
Time:  74' 31"
Rate: 5' 44 " per km
Weather: sunny, temp 30 degrees, humidity 33%, wind NW 13 kmph
Week:  53.00 km,  Jan & Year:  300.35 km

Similar run from work to home and back after lunch. Nothing too special about the day, except is was very warm. Low humidity made it bearable & runable.
No gym work today, but I did ride mountain bike to work in the morning and home at night.
A good storm has hit tonight, garage flooded. A bit of work to be done tomorrow after running in the morning. Hopefully a sunny dry day for Cotter run and then to get into the garage. Some old carpet on the floor of the garage needs to see the sunshine.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Better Count These

Distance:  4.5 km
Time: 24' 55"
Rate:  5' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 29 degrees, humidity 35%, wind light NW 10 kmph
Week:   40.0 km,  Jan & Year: 287.35 km

I had lunch with the girls at noon. Before that, I did a 45 minutes session in the gym. A good, fast tough workout which I really enjoyed today.
Lunch was nice, a social chat over a bite to eat & a coffee.
Still had time left before starting work again, so I changed and went to Pine Is for a short jog and a dip in the river. Both easy & good, heaps of kids mainly about enjoying the sunshine.
A few black clouds rolled in but amounted to nothing later in the afternoon.
I had better count this day as a running day. It was hardly a warm up for the gym session 2 hours hours late.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 laps at Calwell Oval

Laps distance: 8.9 kms in 40' 46" at 4' 35" per km
Cool down dist: 1.15 kms in 5' 23" at 4' 40" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 28 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week:  35.5 km,  Jan & Year: 282.85 km

Perfect day on the oval except the grass really needs some water. Recent sunny spell of weather has quickly dried out the grass and the moisture under the surface is going quickly.
Otherwise, a great day for 20 laps in lane 5. Ran bare feet as usual at a nice solid tempo pace. Stopped for a drink and change of direction after each 5 laps. Felt comfortable all session and a big improvement on last effort on 30th Dec. And certainly much better than the 1 kms I did a week ago on the gravel track behind Bonython.
Pace was good, not quite 10 kms race pace as Ewen suggested would be near flying around this oval.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Repeat of Yesterday

Distance:  12.75 km
Time: 73' 11"
Rate: 5' 44" per km
weather: sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 40%, wind northerly 10 kmph
Week:  25.45 km,  Jan & Year:  272.8 km

Nothing special about today, same as yesterday with short gym session to start after a chat & coffee with the troops at work.
Ran home for lunch,  then ran back to Pine Is for only 6 minutes splashing about in the water. Easy 1 km jog back to work.
Bike ride to and from work in morning & afternoon. A good way to roll the legs over without the impact.
Perfect summer day for any outdoor activity.  Easy casual day, added a few kms to the annual total with mind still on recovery from last Sunday & the weekend ahead.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Routine Recovery

Distance:  12.7 km
Time:  71' 25"
Rate:  5' 38" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 21 degrees, humidity 55%, wind light NE 5 kmph
Week:  12.7 km,  Jan & Year: 260.05 km

Back to normal now the house hold has been reunited after many interrupted months with trips to Tassie.
Normal during school holidays means I run easy home for lunch during my split shift break.
That also means time for 25 minutes in the gym, the run home and back plus stopping at Pine Is for 10-15 minutes recovery in the river.
I need to find a day for a speedier session but that will depend on the weather. It needs to be warm as I can't go fast on a cool day, or a wet day.
Legs felt good today after yesterday on the mountain. A couple of days to get the energy levels back.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mt Tennent

Distance:  30.6 km
Time: 4 hrs 4 mins 33 secs
Rate: 8' 00" per km
Altitude gain/loss:  1588 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp range 15-18 degrees, humidity 65%, wind mostly calm, bit cool on top of mtn
Week:  96.1 km,  Jan & Year:  247.35 km

We have done this run many times over the years. Mostly when training for Six Foot Track. We missed going out there last year when training for Centennial Park 100 km. May be I should have as the result showed.
Five others braved the torture this morning in almost ideal conditions for running up and down mountains. We followed our usual path from the Namadgi Visitor's Centre to the top of the mountain. Then down on to Bushfold Flats, down the fire trail to Apollo Road.
The hard part is back up the fire trail to the top. I did manage to run, although very slowly at times, all of this.
However, with Nick just in front on a good walking/run plan, I didn't manage to gain on him until inside the last 1 km.
A very slow effort down  the front walking track back to the start. I know it's rocky, technical, steep & dangerous, but I was almost 7 minutes slower than in the recent past. Must be getting older & wiser.
However, I do like this last part, it's fun & on the way home.
Jeff ran well today on his first trip up the mountain as did Richie, training & hoping to get a start at Six Foot Track.
Tired this afternoon, lunch, shower & nana nap. Certainly down to the river tomorrow, the legs will need all the help they can get.
I'll change the training plan for next week & head back to the Cotter for the 21 plus Mt McDonald. That will be easy in comparison & give us a chance to run a little faster than the slow rate of today.
Vanessa H was out there today doing her SFT training. I also think Bryony McC would like a run up the mountain next time. She would like the challenge as B2H was cut short by the weather last weekend.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Morning of Waiting

Distance:  8.95 km
Time: 46' 00 "
Rate:  5' 08" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 65%, wind NE 15 kmph
Week:  65.5 km,  Jan & Year:  216.75 km

Mrs TF was due in on a flight from Hobart this morning at 9:00 am. But engineering problems with the plane meant a 3 hour delay before taking off. So I waited & waited for news before heading to Canberra airport.
Eventually a phone call to say the plane was ready to go and I just had enough time to get this short run done around the outside of Isabella Plains on the bike path.
Following advise from Martin F, I ran this much harder than I would have normally given I tough run up Mt Tennent tomorrow morning.
I need more speed as well as endurance. Somehow, I will combine these elements and some gym sessions. Big picture, looking forward.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I Tried Tempo, But Nothing There

Distance:    10.4 km
Time:  54' 45"
Rate:  5' 16" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 15 kmph
Week:  56.55 km,  Jan & Year:  207.8 km

I need to keep some speed in my legs as the slow hilly, long distance running certainly kills off the fast twitch muscles.
It's not that I need to run fast but I like it. As well, the first monthly handicap is on soon, and I don't want the track runners to leave me behind to finish last. At 6 kms, it's going to be a sprint all the way.
So, I ventured over to the gravel track behind Bonython for a few 1 km tempo runs.
Didn't like them at all, only did 4 at ave 4' 50", felt terrible. Changed down to half that distance for 2 x 500 metres, better pace but not sensational.
Over to Pine Is to the river for 12 minutes in the water. It seems cooler than recent trips down there, so nice and refreshing and helped the legs feel better.
Back at work, I had 15 minutes in the gym, a short quick workout. That was good, with plenty of reps on 4 machines. After the weekend, the soreness in the shoulders & arms will have gone so I can step it up again.
Jog, might have to get some protein drinks, I do like the chocolate flavour.
The gravel track is a bit too rough for faster tempo running. I will have to get to the oval on the nice grass & run bare feet which is so much nicer. And I run much quicker.
I'll get Ewen to organise a cut of lane 5 for next week.
Easy day tomorrow. Mrs TF gets back home from Tassie in the morning. Then Sunday is Mt Tennent.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mt Taylor & Back

Distance:  20.1 km
Time: 2 hrs 0 mins 45 secs
Rate: 6' 00" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 35%, wind cool SW 10 kmph
Week: 46.05 km,  Jan & Year: 197.4 km

I ran from work around the outside of Lake Tuggeranong to Athllon Dr. Then up to Sulwood Dr to find the track to the top of Mt Taylor like peak hour. Plenty of people with their dogs out enjoying the sunshine which is really nice to see.
Everyone is friendly, no doubt we all know how hard it is to get to the top of this mountain. One lady doing it the hard way with baby in capsule on her front, looking to regain her own fitness after baby being born.
Down on the Torrens side on the zig zag track, then back to Athllon Dr  & all the way to work. A very quick hello from a distance to Kelley doing fast something. She is cutting out the distance now & concentrating on shorter, faster running. Age is catching up on her, she says.
I didn't push too hard today, trying to keep moving and I did with only the few steps half way up where I walked as the steps are too far apart for my short legs to run. Otherwise, very happy with the outing.

Jog, as I have never been to a proper gym where the participants actually know or are supervised in what they are doing, I have my own routine that seems to work for me.
I usually have the gym at work with the machines to myself. We have another room with free weights, but I don't go in there as I don't know enough about technique to use them correctly.
Yesterday's short run was the warm up as it was a non running, rest day. I use 5 apparatuses plus the rowing machine & the mat. In a 3 lap circuit non stop, I do between 15 & 20 reps at each apparatus plus 25 sit ups, 2 different types. The weight increases after the first circuit, warmed up the muscles. All are upper body, no leg work, that's what running up hills is about.
A quick drink as I pass the water bottle each time. Stop after 3 circuits, quick breather then off again. I try to keep it as an aerobic session like Cross Fit as well.  Some apparatuses have different weights to others, my strength pushing up is not as good as pulling down, pushing out or pulling in.
Even so, after 6-7 circuits even lighter weights are muscles killing, sore shoulders & arms after yesterday's session for the first time. I did push the pace & the weight.
I think it is working for me. I feel better overall & after 2 months, even with a couple of breaks for Christmas & a trip to Tassie, I know it will help retain upper body form. It is designed to stop the upper body from fatiguing before the lower & legs give out in the ultras.
I'll keep it going, it's good fun which is something I thought I would never say.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1.15 kms Not Out

Distance:  1.15 kms
Time:  5' 49"
Rate: 5' 03" per km
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle, temp 16 degrees, humidity 50%, wind strong NW 35 kmph
Week:  26.05 km,  Jan & Year: 177.3 km

As I predicted in my last post, I ran around the outside of the depot as a warm up for my gym session.
Because I didn't count today as a run day, a rest day, the kms, done all 1.15 of them, only count in the weekly total.
To use cricket speak, that's "not out". So I have ran on 9 of the 11 days of this month, thus the average run per running day goes up ever so slightly. Just like a cricket batsman's average when not out.
Logical may be, sneaky for sure.
The weather today was very unseasonal for summer, cool with a strong wind & some light showers. A good day to be in the gym.
But sore muscles for the first time from Monday's workout had me on lighter weights, still plenty of reps & still getting benefit from the cross training.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Food For Thought & Energy

Distance:  16.45 km
Time:  1 hr 39 mins 32 secs
Rate: 6' 03" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 20 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 25 kmph
Week:  24.9 km,  Jan & Year:  176.15 km

Me thinks Strewth might be right in some respects, I do need to learn how to cook and look after myself better. It's only when Mrs TF goes away on emergency trips that I need to do that.
Normally, both freezers are so full of prepared food, I could feed a football team. All I do is take something out to thaw during the day, lodge neatly in the microwave, mix up some spuds & bingo, all done. Even a small dessert may be found hidden somewhere.
I don't think a salad will get me far on a Saturday morning. I have enough problems getting enough carbos & protein intake every day, let alone eat rabbit food.
When I have to think about food preparation, there are other priorities, eg, work, sleep & running, not necessarily in that order.
Today, the week's weather forecast dictated my priorities this week. Today was Ok, so I ran. Tomorrow is forecast to be a bit average, so a running rest day. Instead, hit the gym for longer & make it worthwhile. Might just do the warm up and cool down outside instead of on the exercise bike inside.
That way, the kms will count, otherwise they don't. The Garmin doesn't register if you don't actually move.
The figures don't tell the full story about today. I ran from work down Lanyon Dr past the shops to the very end of southern Canberra houses at Gordon. Then, on the fire trail behind the Gordon houses back to Point Hut, the river track to Pine Is and back to work.
Easy enough heading south with a good breeze behind and reasonably flat, but the return was the opposite. A strong head wind plus a couple of nasty little hills slowed the pace down. I felt really good all the way. It's the clock that tells the lies, or half truths.
Ewen, I have thought about the club for a change, but have resisted so far.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Totally Refreshed

Distance;   8.45 km
Time:  50' 15"
Rate: 5' 56" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 33%, wind NW 20 kmph
Week:  8.45 km,  Jan & Year:  159.7 km

On this day last week, the first working day of the week, so it was Tuesday, I felt totally stuffed from 90 kms in 3 days of the long weekend. It took the rest of the week to work out what I had done, other than too many kms. The answer finished up being a combination of too much, not enough rest &/or sleep, eating for recovery, ie protein, & a week of humidity.
Today, although yesterday was run in very humid conditions, seemed to take little out of me, or Softshoe as well. May be we are just getting used to the summer conditions.
I ran short & easy, not wanting a repeat of last week. Stopped at Pine Is for 10 minutes in the river, but didn't really need to do that as the legs felt good.
Finished the lunch break with 40 minutes in the gym at work. A good solid session of the circuit I do adding another apparatus, increasing the weights on a couple of others,  upping the reps in each set, doing 7 circuits up from 6, and increasing the speed of the session.
A great day of exercise, it all felt so much easier than it has been. I took on board some good advise last week, I think this has helped immensely.
It's all about attitude, just be positive all the time. No time now for any negative thoughts, too much to do.
I now need Mrs TF to get back home so I don't have to stuff about in the kitchen. Don't really know my way around there at all. If it goes in a microwave, I'm fine, otherwise, no idea.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Arboretum - Tracks & Laps

Distance:  43.15 km
Time:  5 hrs 20 mins 54 secs
Rate:  7' 26" per km
Altitude gain/loss:   668 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp range 18-23 degrees, humidity 93% down to 70%, wind calm to NW at 10 kmph
Week:  121.1 km,  Jan & Year:  151.25 km

Joined by Softshoe to again run around the trails of the Arboretum. The track surface is mostly soft from either construction traffic or any rain or watering done to grow the trees.
It could have bucketed down with rain at any time but we received only a few drops every now and then. But the clouds would part just enough as well to really heat up and thus the humidity became quite sticky.
We parked outside the main gate and started out just after 7:00 am. The first couple of laps were just over 11 kms each. Back at the car we refueled & replenished our drink bottles as we were getting through the liquids quickly each lap.
To take in all the main trails, we also included a trip to the " Wide Brown Land" sign as well as visiting the eagle's nest on top of Dairy Farmer's Hill. This accounted for much of the altitude gain & loss, but even with low cloud cover, the view is great.
Certainly hard work out there today, glad to finish but could have rolled on to 50 kms if that was necessary. May be another day. Better look at the training plan to see when that will be.
Tired now, time for lunch, shower & a nana nap.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Circuit of Tuggeranong Hill

Distance:  20.75 km
Time: 2 hrs 12 mins 14 secs
Rate:  6' 22" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 329 metres
Weather: sunny, temp 16-21 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week:  77.95 km,  Jan & Year:  108.1 km

With a long run at the Arboretum on the plan for tomorrow, an easy couple of hours today was all that was required.
Although I tried to keep it flat, the track around the full base of Tuggie Hill is undulating at the least with a couple of good steep climbs which I did run up all the way.
A perfect morning to be out and about under mild sunny skies and no wind.
This image is also on my Facebook page for those that don't have access or don't read it.
It's a circuit I once did very regularly but only now do when I am on a night shift at work and run from home during the day. Normal day time running is mostly done starting from work so this is a bit too far out of the way.
I can also cut over the ridge of Tuggie Hill or do the steep climb up to the top which is hard. Great views over the valley when you get there.
Hopefully recover Ok today, a few laps around the Arboretum tomorrow. A morning like today would be perfect again.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Good Learning Week

Distance:  12.25 km
Time;   73' 35"
Rate:  6' 00" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 55%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week:  57.2 km,  Jan & Year:  87.35 km

Jog is spot on with her comment on my last post. The long running days over the weekend have taken more out of me than I expected, resulting in 3 very average outings during this week. Today was slower again, but there were better reasons today.  Get your head around the problem & don't push on regardless.
That is a big mistake, and can only lead to going backwards instead of forward.
I now know how to approach the next couple of months leading to Coburg. It's just as much what not to do as what you need to do.
The three long runs in themselves were not the problem, I got through them Ok, very well in fact. My mistake is continuing to run, a rest day on Tuesday & probably today would have been better.
Weather conditions, fatigue, not enough sleep this week & old age are also good enough excuses.
I ran easy today, Ok for first half an hour, then slowed down. Finished at Pine Is for 12 minutes in the river, very nice indeed.
Missed going into the gym due to chatting & watching the cricket. That will probably help as well.
Tomorrow is a scheduled rest day, and I am looking forward to it.
A valuable week, lessons that need to be heeded.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On This Day Years Ago

Distance:  10.85 km
Time:   64' 20"
Rate:   5' 55" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 28 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Week: 44.95 km,  Jan & Year:  75.1 km

On this day in 1971, I joined the work force in Devonport in Tasmania. Some how, the Bank of New South Wales ( now Westpac ) were seeking new employees, may be I was the only applicant.
That started 18 and a half years of counting money, finishing in 1989.
Today, I do something completely different, still count a few dollars every day, but  inside work,outdoors, I love it. It will do me until I hand in the cash bag & the bus keys.
Today, I ran very poorly for some kms at midday.
Some at work said it should have been easier today than in the heat yesterday, but for me, it was tough. Nothing wanted to help with forward movement, the warm temperature under cloud cover & humidity are not my best conditions in which to run. I don't handle it at all well. The same conditions prevailed at Centennial Park 100 km in Sydney in February.
Finished with 45 minutes in the gym, that was a much better session. Then watched Punter & Pup get their centuries at the SCG, well done Aussies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Better Hot Than Not

Distance:  6.85 km
Time:  38' 54"
Rate: 5' 41" per km
Weather: sunny, very warm, temp 32 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week:  34.1 km,  Jan & Year:  64.25 km

I was standing at the front door of the bus depot waiting for the GPS to pick up the satellites. I usually get a non runner, that's almost every one where I work, ask if it was too hot to run in this heat.
Without trying to be too clever with a remark, I said I was going for only 5 kms, stopping at 3.5 kms for a drink & a swim, then 1.5 kms back to work.
I assured this person I would stay close to houses, run under any shade there was, a watch out for snakes.
Well, I got most of it right, except the distance, added a bit more because I felt good after a big weekend of running.
It was a feel good run, the running was Ok, the swim was great, and I was out in the great outdoors.
Finished with 45 minutes in the gym, then shower, lunch & watch some of the cricket on TV.
I'll play the rest of the week as it goes, no plan for the next 2 days, then I hope for a cooler day so I can get a reasonably longer run done. That's the problem with running at midday.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mt Rob Roy - No 43

Distance:  27.25 km
Time:  3 hrs 27 mins 15 secs
Rate: 7' 36" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 778 metres
Weather: sunny, temp range 15-25 degrees, humidity 85% down to 50%, wind calm
Week:  27.25 km,  Jan & Year: 57.4 km

Mick C & Michael T met at my place to run to Theodore sub station to join others that had started elsewhere. We started before 6:30 am to try to beat the heat, but we didn't beat the humidity. A very muggy morning, so we had to drink heaps. I had the back pack so had more drinks that usual, just enough to get thru the run.
The track to the top of Mt Rob Roy is rocky & loose in places so we walked a few places, but managed to run much of it as well. It was a good day of " time on feet, with hills " which can't be underestimated.
Off the top of the mountain, we went down the back and turned to the open paddock before going up Big Monks thru the thistles. Last time now as they grow quickly & won't die off until the end of winter.
We followed the trail to Conder/Banks where Elle went left to head home. We went right thru the streets past Lanyon shops to Tharwa Dr, then towards home on the bike paths.
Very warm now, we had been out almost 4 hours in the sunshine and were looking for shade. But because we didn't go back the same way as going out, we needed to add some distance to make the outing worthwhile. A circuit of the streets finally got us to 27 kms and the end of a good, tough but enjoyable morning.
Yes Ewen, I certainly need to at get past 5200 kms this year at the least, may be touching the next 6000 km if possible without falling off the rails.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to Back Long Runs

Where: Arboretum, ACT
Distance:  30.15 km
Time: 3 hrs 14 mins 36 secs
Rate:  6' 27" per km
Altitude gain/loss:  495 metres
Weather: sunny, warm, temp range 21-28 degrees, humidity 60% down to 35%, wind calm
Week:  126.9 km,  Jan & Year:  30.15 km

Ran a few laps around the open trails at the Arboretum this morning. Late start, worked until just after midnight on NYE, so needed some sleep.
Very few about as the area is closed to traffic but open to pedestrians on a Sunday.
I basically ran where I turned and almost covered every trail in the area including the gun barrel, the power lines and out to Clo's Crossing. The hardest part was getting to the top of Dairy Farmer's Hill and visiting the eagle at the very last as I left it out beforehand.
I parked the car outside the gate and returned 5 times to replenish my drinks and have a bite to eat.
I actually like these dry, low humidity days on dusty trails. The recovery from yesterday's Cotter run was Ok, but it did take an hour or so to get going.
Backing up again tomorrow with a run up Mt Rob Roy. I'm sure this one will be slow.