Two Fruits

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Urambi Hills

Distance: 18.05 km
Time: 1 hr 44 mins 53 secs
Rate: 5' 48 " per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 45%, wind calm
Week: 60.4 km
March: 338.15 km
Year: 1223.6 km

Had plenty of time today to get a run in over the top of Urambi Hills and over to Gleneagles. Then across the open paddocks between Urambi Hills and the river. This is a great slightly down hill section of dirt track over a kilometre long and a chance to get the legs moving.
Then over to the river track leading to Kambah Pool where I turned at the kookaburra gate, return to the rock crossing at Tuggie Creek. Usually never see anyone out here but today, a nice sunny day at lunch time, a few were putting more kms in the bank.
Followed the river track back to Pine Is, a short lap to the southern end car park and back to the beach. While standing in the water, I watched a group out for a rafting adventure on the rapids, learning the skills on how not to tip the raft over, but still have fun on the river.
Late writing today's blog, but did have 14 hours at work today, not always driving but it is still tiring. Early start again tomorrow and then an early night to catch up on lost sleep. Hopefully I may get a short run in tomorrow, long run on Saturday morning as training must now get in to top gear if GH80 in May is be better than last year.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Late Season Wildlife

Distance: 12.85 km
Time: 67' 30"
Rate: 5' 15" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 45%, westerly at 20kmph
Week: 42.35 km
March: 320.1 km
Year: 1205.55 km

Nothing spectacular about the run today, a nice day if the westerly wind hadn't been blowing. A run from work over to Point Hut, along the river track past Pine Is to a loop track at the top car park, back to the beach to stand in the river for 10 minutes, then back to work.
Totally taken by surprise when I almost stepped on a red belly black snake (not the cafe) at the main BBQ area at Pine Is. Just catching the last of any warmth in the sun before hibernation for winter. Luckily I saw the jet black outline in time to avoid having to jump. A fine specimen, about 1 metre long, so I left well enough alone.
I did my recovery 10 minutes in the water then returned for another look, but RBB had gone. Good.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday

Distance: 14.4 km
Time: 78' 32"
Rate: 5' 27" per km
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle at times, temp 17 degrees, humidity 85%, wind calm
Week: 29.5 km
March: 307.25 km
Year: 1192.7 km

Light rain started to fall just after I left home. It wasn't cold and conditions were pleasant for running. I had planned a longer run, but cut is short when I needed to be back home by noon.
A trip down past Calwell oval, in top condition, over to Theodore to the sub station. On towards Calwell to the reservoirs, over the ridge to Conder , then back home up Johnson Dr.
Plenty of kangaroos about on the Tuggeranong Hill, must be the cooler, damp weather had them out looking around. Very few people about other than softshoeshuffle I met near Conder. Stopped for a quick chat.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Distance: 15.1 km
Time: 79' 06"
Rate: 5' 13" per km
Weather: cloudy to start/sunny, temp 18-20 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm
Week; 15.1 km
March: 292.85 km
Year: 1178.3 km

I know it is Easter Sunday and should have been a day of rest, however, the sight of the goodies from the Easter Bunny meant a few calories needed to be used up to compensate.
Easy to start just to get moving then all it all came together as the run got underway. The usual trip down to the river via Pine Is and Point Hut, stood in the water for 10 minutes half way through the run. The water has cooled down and is now really good for recovery.
A few people walking their dogs where they should not be, but they were well behaved or on a leash( the dogs that is) and the people were friendly as well.
Just started to feel a little tender in glutes and hips today, must be not yet fully recovered from SFT. Will need to be careful in the next few days and rest if necessary. I will try to stay away from the pill box but may need to take something if the problem does not get better. May be a trip to Maria is needed.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Tour de Tuggeranong

Distance: 28.6 km
Time: 2 hrs 53 mins 54 secs
Rate: 6' 04" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 435 metres
Weather: cloudy, cool, temp 12-16 degrees, humidity 67%, wind easterly at 10 kmph
Week: 89.9 km
March: 277.75 km
Year: 1163.2 km

An early start to a run from home. Last Saturday, I made arrangements to meet softshoeshuffle for today's run as most other Canberrans had left town for the coast for the Easter break.
Not needing to travel to get in lots of off road kms, I started out from home and ran over to the track behind Theodore where we had arranged to meet near the sub station. We then continued in a huge loop that took us on dirt tracks behind the suburbs of Chisholm, Gilmore, over Isabella Dr to MacArthur, moved a few kangaroos out of the way on the open nature park above Long Gully Road before crossing into Farrer.
Around the back of the houses to the tracks of the Tour de Mountain course going up the hill after Yamba Dr to the Wanniassa Hills nature park. Exiting behind Fadden, down through Gowrie, we parted at Johnson Dr / Ashley Dr roundabout when I had just a km to home.
We tried to compare today with last Saturday's run at the Cotter. Today was much slower, I think partly to the rougher tracks in many parts, grassy and rocky where the Cotter tracks are mostly good, smooth gravel. I did think there would be as much elevation gain/loss as last week, but today only 435 metres compared with 600 metres last week. Much of that last week was in the first 2 kms.
A very good day out there, weather conditions were very good for running, cool and cloudy. Legs started to feel the pinch late in the run, but then I am just starting back, not a few weeks away from a road marathon.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Very Good Friday Morning

Distance: 13.45 km
Time: 70' 21"
Rate: 5' 14" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, temp 13 degrees, humidity 70%, light ESE breeze 13 kmph
Week: 61.3 km
March: 249.15 km
Year: 1134.6 km

Complete contrast to recent weeks weather wise, clouds and cool are not what we have been experiencing. However, they make good running conditions even though I prefer warm, sunny days. Very little happening on this Good Friday morning, so I made the most of a quiet day at home to get in a short run before an seafood lunch and hot cross buns.
A run down to Pine Is, along the river track to Point Hut and back home. Bit a surprise to find a few people out, just getting some exercise before the Easter bunny arrives on Sunday with all those goodies ( and calories / kilojoules) to be consumed.
Easy afternoon, maybe a nana nap if the couch is vacant.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Late Afternoon Run

Distance: 11.5 km
Time: 59' 17"
Rate: 5' 10" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 25 degrees, humidity 50%, light east breeze
Week: 47.85 km
March: 235.7 km
Year: 1121.15 km

Usable time to go running this week at a proper hour ( 10:00am) will be scarce so I had to get out again in the late afternoon. This time I ran from work before I rode the bike home. A run near the river, nothing exciting at all with no one about. Cloudy for the first time in weeks and although the temp gauge indicated about 25 degrees, it didn't feel like it. It wasn't cold or even cool, maybe just use to anything under 30 degrees.
Easy run, stopped at the river at Pine Is for 10 minutes in the water, then back to work, gathered up some gear and rode home.
Probably have tomorrow as a rest day, I have ran 7 days in a row, something I don't usually do. Most, except Saturday have been shortish, totalling 105 km for the last week.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sub 4's in Lane 5 - Calwell Oval

Distance: 20 laps, 8.95 kms tempo plus 1.25 kms cool down = 10.2 km
Time: 34' 54" tempo plus 5' 36" easy = 40' 30"
Rate: 3' 54" tempo plus 4' 28" easy = 3' 58"
Weather: late afternoon, sunny, temp 27 degrees, humidity 30%, wind light westerly
Week: 36.35 km
March: 224.2 km
Year: 1109.65 km

What happened I do not know, but it felt like how Ewen was after that 5 km at Stromlo in Jan or Feb. Just out of nowhere and really not pushing at all. Maybe the audience, some one watching ( maybe they weren't) but it was no different than any other trip to the oval. The grass track is still in great condition, ran bare feet as usual, changed direction after each 5 laps when I stopped for a drink.
Each 5 laps were very similar pace being 3' 55", 3' 52", 3' 54" and 3' 55" per km.
A chat to Ewen before about SFT and after about upcoming events reminded me have another look at the results from SFT. A check of my age group placing showed me as 8th in the M50s. But a closer look shows only Gramps ( never be like him) was the only runner older than me to finish in front of me. That is a good result.
I have tried to get Ewen to talk Strewth into a run at the Cotter the weekend after Easter. Will be the last one before winter for sure but Ewen may not front as he probably thinks Strewth won't wait for him on the hills. They could do an easy 15 miles while CJ gets around 20 miles in the same time.
So contradicting myself from yesterday when I wrote I don't like late pm running, I go and do the opposite. Beats me!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Afternoon Running

Distance: 12.6 km
Time: 68' 21"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 29 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm
Week: 26.15 km
March: 214.00 km
Year: 1099.45 km

No chance to run in the morning due to work, so had to wait until after 5:00 pm to get out. Fortunately, the temp was under 30, and no wind. It had been a nice day for anyone that had the chance to enjoy the great outdoors.
I can't seem to get moving running late in the day and it took a while to find any rhythm. A short trip around the base of Tuggeranong Hill with a few people walking their dogs. Late afternoon the sun is getting low in the sky, every time I turned a corner, it was right there at eye height.
I will have an easy few days this week, maybe even take the car to work one day, maybe not. Riding the bike is much more fun even on hot days. Cars to work are for rainy days in winter. I still need a calorie deficit day or two because the Easter bunny will be here soon. He knows where I live!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Distance: 13.55 km
Time: 72' 24"
Rate: 5' 21" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18-22 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 13.55 km
March: 201.4 km
Year: 1086.85 km

Another perfect morning for a run, woke early, nothing happening at home so headed out just after 9:oo am. Felt alright after yesterday's run at the Cotter, with today to be as flat as possible and easy. Not many about, a few cyclists putting in hard yards.
Down Johnson and Woodcock Dr to Point Hut, along the river track to Pine Is, and back home on the track behind Bonython. I was on a wider track, but I am sure I saw softshoeshuffle near the houses. I did have a recognition problem as I had earlier knocked my sunnies off and lost one of the tiny screws that hold the lens.
I trip to the optometrist today or tomorrow will fix that. Also have been told to take James, our respite child down to Pine Is for a swim this afternoon, so that will be good recovery as well.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cotter - 20 miles

Distance: 31.9 km
Time: 3 hrs 2 mins 5 secs
Rate: 5' 42" per km
Weather: nice, sunny, temp 14-25 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 68.8 km
March: 187.85 km
Year: 1073.3 km

I wrote to CJ during the week as she had a DNS at Weston Creek half marathon last weekend. I was concerned the wheels had fallen off with only a month before the marathon. Turns out she had caught a virus that the rest of the family had and decided, very wisely to give the half a miss. She is growing up the running world.
So the arrangements set, we met at the Cotter for 32 kms just after 7:00 am. Four others had just left and softshoeshuffle (Michael T) turns up as he is also doing the marathon and coming off an injury plagued preparation.
Beaut morning, sunny, mild with no wind. Properly measured the Cotter 21 is really 20 miles, 32 kms. Running at CJ pace, which was fairly solid, not too fast and just a pace I could keep up with after SFT last week. The two females ( I won't mention it was Maria and Helen) who had left early missed the turn to jelly legs, added distance as they almost reached the Uriarra settlement, turned around, found the correct turn and would have done almost the same as us. The two males, ( Bob & Rob) just kept on going.
On bicycle, Roger eventually found the ladies, both OK. CJ and I had a good run up onto Warks Road and on to the 20 mile course with softshoeshuffle opting to do the 18 mile course. We met him again at Vanities, water level down but still nice and cool. We did take our shoes off to get through, but we could have easily walked across the top of the weir.
Caught Michael on Ma and Pa and made it the finish just as the last early starters were leaving. A mirage for CJ at the finish. A mobile coffee man had his gear all set up near the entrance to the playground area, so after siting in the water for 15 minutes, we made our way to partake. A very good way to finish off the morning. Thank you CJ for your company and Michael and I will catch up next Saturday to continue his preparation for the Canberra marathon. CJ is away down the coast for Easter. ( eggs, chocolate, relaxing, and a good long run on Sat.)
I have plan set down for the training for Glasshouse Mountains 80 km in May. One week after SFT, so far so good.
In the afternoon, I had child minding duty, so we went to Pine Is, James swam and played around and I continued the post run recovery with an hour in the cool water. Fingers and hands looked like grannies, maybe like a prune, but the legs feel great.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Calwell Oval - Around the Outside

Distance: 10.7 km
Time: 47' 58"
Rate: 4' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22-28 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 36.9 km
March: 155.95 km
Year: 1041.4 km

Riding the bike down to the oval, and just outside the local service station were two blokes pushing a ute. Looking at the sign writing on the outside was " Repco Auto Spares", the vehicle had run out of petrol. How embarrassing for them. Jumped off the bike to give them a hand, another man also helped and we soon had the ute in the servo. That was the warm up and good Samaritan work down for the day.
The oval was empty, the grass had been recently mowed and is is great shape. Just for a change I decided to run around the outside of the main area with the GPS telling me that 3 laps on the outside is the same as 5 laps in lane 5 of the running track, 2.15 km.
I ran 4 times 3 laps circuits changing direction after each 3 laps, ran bare feet because is so nice on your feet.
Then ran a few up and down the centre of the oval at a slower pace to cool down.
Just as I was leaving, it is now lunch time, as couple of men turned up with their model airplanes for a fly. Good conditions for them as well, a very light NW breeze had arrived. Beaut day, the weekend is looking the same as well. I seem to have recovered reasonably well since SFT, unlike poor Ewen who is still suffering. Guess he is not up to 30 km at the Cotter on Saturday morning!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back in the Swing

Distance: 15.15 km
Time: 80' 36"
Rate: 5' 19" per km
Weather: beaut, sunny, temp 22-27 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Week: 26.2 km
March: 145.25 km
Year: 1030.7 km

Didn't get a chance to run yesterday as I had a meeting at noon in the city, then started my afternoon/night shift at work at 2: 30 pm not finishing until after midnight. Probably a blessing as I felt really good today, taking it easy on a perfect day. A regular course down to Point Hut, along the edge of the river to Pine Is, stopped for 10 minutes to stand in the river, then back home on the tracks behind Bonython.
I don't know if stopping half way through the run to stand in the water helps, but it sure feels good. I thinks it is better when I run from work and it is only a 6 minute jog up the road after cooling down.
Whatever, it assists sore muscles recover. Very few people about today, must be at work missing a perfect autumn day outside. Just lucky I don't live in Adelaide at the moment, damm hot over there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Calwell Oval - 20 laps in Lane 5

Distance: 11.05 km
Time: 50' 11"
Rate: 4' 33" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 25-29 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Week: 11.05 km
March: 130.10 km
Year: 1015.55 km

Beautiful morning in Canberra so I rode the bike down to the oval. Luckily no one about so I stripped off to the bare essentials plus GPS and wondered how I would feel after a few days rest.
Returning to running on the flat grass oval proved to be ideal as there are no hills, there was no wind, and a controlled area. Lane 5 is in great condition with the grass short enough for running bare feet but long enough to provide some cushioning.
Taking it very easy, I ran just 5 laps at a time before stopping to rest and drink. Then changed direction for another 5 laps and so on. I tried to run most laps at 2 minutes per lap so over 400 metres per lap and as the legs became as loosened after a while the times got a little quicker without any more effort. Finally completed 20 laps in 39' 41" at 4' 31" per km, then a short warm down before riding home. Very enjoyable morning.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Active Recovery

Mtn Bike ride: 14.0 km
Weather: sunny, temp 28 degrees, humidity 30%, wind light west

The next chapter in the running program starts with recovery from the previous event. Many fail to take a few days off before turning the next page, and what happens, injured.
Today, public holiday in the ACT has been perfect, a few hours at work this morning then a bike ride and 30 minutes resting in the water at Point Hut. Plenty of people about with kids and dogs all having a good time.
May be a run tomorrow, the quads are almost right.
My mate Mick has bought a new Garmin 305 with the latest software from Garmin Training Centre and a motionbased account. Like any kid with a new toy, he set my computer on Sunday up with the new software, because I am too dumb to do it myself.
I can now overload tracks on maps, how high I climbed and came back down for the last 2 and half years that I have had my GPS etc etc. Sometimes too much info, but it is interesting. For example, since Dec 2005, I have ran with the GPS 9665 kms in 897.5 hours climbing 144,240 metres and descending 149,466 metres. That is a lot of hills. Wow!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Six Foot Track

Distance: 45 km
Time: 4hrs 50 mins 40 secs
Rate: 6' 27.6 " per km
Prov. place: 145th / 800 entrants
Weather: cool, temp 12 - 20 degrees, low cloud, rain overnight, humidity high, wind calm
Week: 92.55 km
March: 119.05 km
Year: 1004.5 km
Bike ride: 16 km home to Pine Is for cold water recovery

Six Foot Track continues to amaze as a run, very difficult, hilly, a test of mind and body yet attracts record numbers every year. This year over 800 entries. In 1998, my first run there were 449 entries when I took 4 hrs 40 minutes to cover what was then 46.5 km as we ran a section of Caves Road instead of the "deviation" we now run for safety reasons.
This year we travelled up on Friday night through a massive electrical thunderstorm, heaps of rain, wind and a beaut lightning show from Goulburn to Penrith. Closer to the Blue Mountains the weather eased off and the rain finally stopped just as we arrived at Mick's father's place.
The usual restless night with the alarm set for 5 o'clock, off up the hill towards Katoomba and a finding the new car parking area. We collected our numbers, chip and a chat to several regulars before boarding the bus to the start. The early wave had just left as we arrived, but the start area filled again quickly as bus after bus load of eager runners arrived.
This is always a chance to catch up for a chat before heading out on 45 kms of ups and downs. Decisions also need to be made, do I need the sunnies, what about sunscreen, will it rain, will it get colder, how high is the river? Too late now for " have I done enough training" ( I will let Ewen tell his story about the need for training).
I had just been outside the cut off times to maintain a wave 1 start and was happy to be in wave 2, starting just 5 minutes behind but in a much larger group with 220 plus in wave 2. The pace down Nellies Glen was the usual steady, wet underfoot but not too bad, everyone taking it easy, very dark and closed in in places, lost GPS signal down here for the 2 km until out in the open again.
Time to the bottom of 19 minutes was OK and then the open fire trails meant a good steady rhythm could be maintained to Cox's River. Arrived at the river in 1 hr 28 minutes, crossing at the rope as the feet had already been wet from a few small creeks. In the past I have always had a shoe get full of sand and this the same again. It is a decision then to stop and fix now or run on , suffer and hope for no blisters. An empty chair on the other side was empty and inviting, so I stopped, removed the sand, ate half a banana and continued. I lost about 2 minutes but probably gained that back in running time as I ran all the mini saddle to just short of the top, when a short walk of 100 metres helped lower the heart rate and gave the legs a chance to recover. I can't believe the number of people that walk as soon as they reach the first hill at this point, can only be they just have not done enough of the right type of training. Walking up the mini saddle, just 15 km into the run with 30 kms to go would mean a long day out there with plenty of the same to come. Just keep moving and you pass plenty as most have also started out too fast.
Weather conditions still good, cloud cover, no wind, temp still good so no real worries about dehydration or getting cramps. Down to the Alum creek where the real work starts up to the pluviometer, ran all of ups here now passing some of the wave 1 starters catching Maria W on the Black Range and then a bit later Diana S near the turn to the deviation. I found here that the best part of a wave 2 start is that you now start catching and passing early starters giving something to aim for in the distance. As well a couple of others around you either get in front or you go past them only to be caught again a little later on. A girl in a green top did this, I would get away on the hills, she would catch me on the flat and get a lead. It took me until 4 kms from the finish to finally get in front.
I walked a short section of the deviation where a rocky, yucky up hill part is rough, only a few 100 metres and a chance for a rest just short of crossing the Caves Road. After the crossing, it is all go with about 7 kms to the finish. I managed to see Mick C in front after passing the cabins, so with a 5 minute start ( wave 1) I knew I would able to be in front at the finish. The closer I got I could see him having a walk on a short rise, and I was going well and feeling good. Passed him with about 3 kms to go just before the final steep down hill and then you can hear the noise coming up from the finish line. The closer you get, the louder Belinda's voice is from the microphone and then a couple of sharp corners, down the steps and there it is. A great sight and a relief it is all over for the 10th time.
The male winner broke the race record by a minute. Some excellent performances by Canberra runners and another excellent race put on by race committee. Final results should be out soon on the web.
A bike ride today down to the river for 2 x 15 minutes in the cool waters have helped the recovery which I hope will allow a run early this week. A couple of easy weeks, then back into serious training ready for a trip to Qld in May to the Glasshouse Mtns 80 km run again.
I think I now have a suitable program to get through the year, what I have done so far this year has been good without injury and with good recovery. Those 500 plus kms months in Dec and Jan have been the kick start that was needed. Good advise from Martin in Oct who by the way, missed SFT to run 249 km on a treadmill in Melb in 24 hours just in front of David Waugh by 4 kms, well done to both.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still Slowing

Distance: 9.25 km
Time: 49' 43"
Rate: 5' 21" per km
Weather: nice, sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 30%, calm
Week: 47.55 km
March: 74.05 km
Year: 959.5 km

Nice day to get in an easy final jog, down to Pine Is, along to Point Hut on the river track, back to Pine Is for a refreshing 15 minutes in the water, then back to work. The sand on the beach is just rough enough to kick about to prevent blisters on Saturday.
The weather has been perfect through the middle of the day this week. Pity I am tapering again as it would have been good to get a few 20 km runs in while the chance is there.
I won't run again until Saturday morning which will be difficult if I get a few hours off mid morning on Thurs and Fri. Two days will be a struggle, how would I handle a long term not being able to run.
Thanks to Strewth, CJ and softshoeshuffle's best wishes for a good run on Saturday, I can only do my best, but whatever, I always enjoy the day. I may be a bit mad, it helps, but then nearly 800 others are just the same.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slowing Down

Distance: 12.9 km
Time: 68' 22"
Rate: 5' 18" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm
Week: 38.3 km
March: 64.8 km
Year: 950.35 km

Managed to get in a few kms today for maybe the last time as there is much happening later in the week to get out again. A long rest but riding the bike to work and home will help keep the legs moving.
Easy near the river today, few people out mid morning, a really nice day, just trying not to do anything that may stop going to SFT. A relaxing 15 minutes in the water was just perfect.
In order of disaster, "doing a Strewth" pulling a hammie, " doing a Two Fruits" going over the handlebars, or " doing a CJ" just falling over.
Now is the time to get nervous, but why, I have been there 9 times before.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tapering Again

Distance: 9.25 km
Time: 46' 59"
Rate: 5' o5" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm
Week: 25.4 km
March: 51.9 km
Year: 937.35 km

Lunch at Woden today so a chance for a relatively flat run from the bus interchange along the bike path to the North Curtin oval, on to the dirt track to the Cotter Rd corner, up the hill past the horse paddocks to the top of the ridge and back thru the houses to the Tradies. No schooners for lunch as I am tapering and need to be good before SFT.
Great day and perfect for a short easy run.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Round and Round I Go

Total Distance: 16.15 km in 70' 31" at 4' 22" per km
Made up of:
Warm up - 550 mtrs in 2' 51" at 5' 07" per km
30 laps in lane 5 - 13.10 km in 57' 00" at 4' 20" per km
Cool down - 1.70 km in 7' 49" at 4' 35" per km
Faster - 5 x 160 mtrs in 2' 51" at 3' 34 " per km
Mtn bike ride: 15.6 km
Weather: perfect morning, sunny, temp 18-23 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm/very light
Week: 16.15 km
March: 42.65 km
Year: 928.1 km

It has been a few weeks since I ran laps on Calwell oval which is in perfect condition at present. A nice morning to ride the bike down to the oval found me sharing the oval with a game of soccer but on the outside so no real bother about finding space in lane 5. A model airplane in the sky above did cause some concern at times but they soon left.
Warm up, just 500 metres as I use the ride down to turn the legs over and get moving. Very good conditions, the grass is just long enough to provide a cushion to run without shoes, but short enough not to slow you down. Changed direction every 10 laps as usual and ran very comfortably without pushing too hard.
I had finished 30 laps, did a warm down up and down to finish off and decided to do a few sprints.
Something I have not done for years and although the times not flattering being 34 seconds for 160 metres each, I did 5 and was fairly happy with the result. Will they help get me through Six Foot Track on Saturday, don't know.
Should have rode home then, but decided a longer ride on the bike would be good a a nice place to go would be to the river. Plenty of people thought a nice day for a BBQ at Pine Is would be good, the water was great, cool. Rode home very relaxed ending what I would say was a perfect mixture of a training day. Bike ride, tempo run on the oval, cold water immersion to prevent injury on a great day.
I need some rainy or cool days early this week to give an excuse for a rest day, although Thursday is meeting day and Friday will be a rest day anyway.
In trouble for being away so long when I got home, but that only lasts a few days, then all will be back to normal. Some just don't understand. Always in the manure, just the depth that changes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Last Long Run

Distance: 26.5 km
Time: 2hrs 38 mins 17 secs
Rate: 5' 58" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 14-20 degrees, humidity 35%, wind sthy to start at 20kmph then almost calm by finish
Week: 100.3 km
March: 26.5 km
Year: 910.95 km

No offers to run early allowed a sleep in, cool overnight meant the sun had done a bit of warming up by the time I was ready to go. I headed down towards the oval, over to Theodore, up to the top of Theodore Hill, up to the top of Tuggeranong hill. A group called "Friends of the Tuggy Hill and Conder wetlands" were to meet at the electricity sub station this afternoon to plan weed control and plant identification program for the area.
Back down off the mtn, then around to the reservoir, over the ridge to Conder, then over to Gordon, up Johnson Dr and home. Stop for a drink, then down Johnson and Woodcock Dr to the dog exercise area near Point Hut, along the river track to Pine Is, up to the top car park and stop at the central beach. A very nice 15 minutes in the water to recover and finally a car arrived to take me home.
An excellent day out, not too warm, dry tracks and a few people about to say hello to as we passed. Managed to get past the 100 kms for the week, but another taper week coming up with SFT next weekend.
Aura newsletter received today shows 250 entries already in the North Face 100 km in May, there are 770 entries for SFT, the Coburg 24 hour run has reached capacity showing a great following in ultra running. Just shows that it is not that difficult and certainly not as damaging as running road marathons.