Two Fruits

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week17 - Recovery Week to Maintain Averages

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,526.9 kms in 17 weeks at ave 89.8 kms ( down from 90.1 kms at week 16)

Last week:  84.75 kms

Altitude:  52,573 metres in 17 weeks at ave  3,092 metres ( up from 3,084 metres at week 16)

Last week:  3,223 metres

The week after Convicts has gone well, running or walking every day.
The week included a 3 km & 5 km walk, two sessions in the cold water just to help, a massage on Friday. Two good hilly runs, today was 27 kms with 1300 metres of vert, Wednesday was 16 kms with 840 metres of vert.
As a recovery week, it was more like a average maintenance week. With no important races on the horizon, this may be about the best for a while.
Jodie's massage on Friday found a few, but not many, sore spots mainly on the left side. Apparently, my left hammie is being overloaded & unable to handle the workload.
But, she worked her magic, and today's run was good up into the mountains.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Week 16 - Convicts & Wenches Race

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  1,442.15 kms in 16 weeks at ave  90.1 kms ( down from 92.2 kms at week 14)

Last 2 weeks:  150.8 kms

Altitude:  Garmin: 49,350 metres in 16 weeks at ave  3,084 metres ( down from 3,262 metres at week 14)
Last 2 weeks:  3,684 metres        

Strava:    52, 458 metres

Not much happened in the week after the mountain running champs. A couple of easy run days doing a double check that all the signs marking the course had been collected.
The following weekend was a family get together in the north of the state so very little running. The weather was terrible as well, rain and very strong winds.
The past week was tapering trying to freshen up for the Convicts & Wenches 50 kms race. These days, races are not races as such as I have more chance of finishing last then first. Although, neither of those has actually happened.
Convicts & Wenches is basically a beach run, out and back 25 kms over 2 beaches and over 2 headlands on single file tracks. One of the most scenic race locations you will ever run.
Perfect weather conditions, sunny, mild temps 11-18 degrees, mid humidity & no winds.
I managed a 15 minute better time than last year mainly as I didn't stop to take as many photos & a bit of course knowledge. Final time of 6 hrs 7 minutes 55 secs was very acceptable. I ran well for me, walked only the couple of steeper climbs up on to the headlands which were a little rough as well underfoot.
Sighted one well fed tiger snake warming itself on the sandy track on my way back. Very scary as they are rated about 4th most deadly in the world. However, it turned around quickly & back into the light scrub & out of sight. Very thankful for that.
Overall, one of the best coastal events I have ever done, just beautiful scenery & course.
No more major races planned for now. May be a few local Tasmanian winter races but not ultra or of significant distances. Couple of photos from Convicts & Wenches run.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Week 14 - Mountain Running Championships

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  1,291.35 kms in 14 weeks at ave  92.2 km ( down from 94.9 kms at week 13)

Last week:  56.85 kms

Elevation:  Garmin:  45,666 metres in 14 weeks at ave  3,262 metres ( up from 3,040 metres at week 13)
                  Strava:  48,654 metres

Last week:  Garmin:  3,118 metres

This week was not about me. It was checking & rechecking the two courses to be used today ( Sunday) for the Australian mountain running championships on Mt Wellington behind Hobart in Tasmania.
Good weather during the week allowed for a jog check on Tuesday followed by a very slow ( over 6 hrs) to marking both courses on Friday. Really had to make sure everyone knew where to go on race day.
Today, the nice weather disappeared at race time. But with clouds & a bit of wind, temps were great for running even if the views were somewhat lacking.
I was on officials duties today, so no running.
I have Convicts & Wenches 50 km race to do in 2 weeks time, so need to find some flat speed.
Otherwise, all good on the running front. Summer has gone so we now just wait until winter weather brings some snow. Hoping for as good as we had last year.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Week 13 - Neverest Challenge

Running:  Year to date

Distance:  1,234.5 kms in 13 weeks at ave  94.9 kms ( down from 98.2 kms at week 11)

Last 2 weeks:  154.15 kms

Altitude:  42,548 metres in 13 weeks at ave  3,040 metres ( up from 3,021 metres at week 11)

Last 2 weeks:  19,314 metres

The last 2 weeks has been about getting the Neverest Challenge done. It's not a race, but a challenge to do the vertical height of Mt Everest ( 8,848 metres).
I travelled to Canberra to be part of this & to do as much as possible on the day. I was unlikely to get it all done in one go but did manage to do 30 laps up and down Mt Ainslie ( one lap was 2 kms) with 4,900 metres of vertical on the Friday night & Saturday morning.
Rested on Sunday, then up and down Mt Tennent on Monday ( 800 metres of vert). Travel home on Tuesday. Wednesday a trip to Launceston getting a walk done around the city for another 220 metres ( they all count ).
Thursday back at home added another 1070 metres with a trip half way up Mt Wellington. Friday I did 5 repeats on my local hill getting 565 more metres to the total. Took that day very easy as Saturday was going to be a tough one.
Bigger local hill was the final day. Nice sunny day, no wind as I managed to do a triple repeat of Goat Hill with the 1,355 metres of vertical enough to get me over the line.
While it took me 8 days in total, 6 run/walk days to hit the target, it was all in the name of a good cause raising money for the Australian Himalayan Foundation for repairs to schools & kids education in Nepal.
Today, headed to the river to soak the legs in the getting colder waters of the Derwent River. Water temp down to around 16 degrees at the moment, so really nice.
Next event is Convicts & Wenches in 3 weeks which is 50 kms flat along beaches on the north coast of Tassie. Something different, although I did it last year & loved it.