Two Fruits

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Walk in the Hills

Purpose: bush walk
Distance:  20.05 km
Time:  3 hrs 49 mins 4 secs
Rate:  11' 26" per km
Weather:  cloudy, temp range 8-20 degrees, humidity 90% down to 45%, wind mostly calm
Altitude gain/loss:  494 metres

Week:  20.05 km,
Sept: 257.4 km in 23 / 30 days at ave 11.2 km per run day
Year:  4020.5 km in 39 weeks at ave 103.1 km per week

The work group bush walking went into hibernation during winter while I was away on holidays.
The walk today was previous course we did back late last year but this time we did it in reverse.
Same start place at Mawson shops, over to Yamba Dr and around the back of East O'Malley estate. Some big houses over there.
Then, following the fire trail behind O'Malley up on to Isaacs Ridge, steep short climb up to the top but good views once up there.
On to Long Gully Road, then over to Wanniassa Hills, touch the trig, down under Yamba Dr to Farrer Ridge and eventually back to Athllon Dr for the short distance back to the start.
Last time we did this course, almost the same distance we took exactly 4 hours of walking time. This time shaved 11 minutes off, so the group must have improved over the past 12  months.
Girls outnumbered the boys today 5 - 2, making the 4 hours more enjoyable. It was all good fun, but I'm sure some will moan about sore legs tomorrow. Ha Ha.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monthly Handicap on O'Connor Ridge

Purpose:  race day
Distance: 8 km plus 4.2 km warm up
Time:  43' 31"
Rate:  5' 27" per km
Weather:  sunny, nice morning, temp 13 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Start group: 30
Finish place: 57th

Week:  96.15 km,  Sept:  237.35 km,  Year:  4006.45 km

Nothing special about the monthly handicap run or result. After a couple of trips to the top of Mt Rob Roy in 4 days, plus no speed in the legs, I finished mid pack without trying too hard.
No race pace at all even on the down hill, so might need a session or two at Calwell oval to improve.
Too many went past me that I would normally be competitive with today.
Otherwise, a beaut morning to be out.
It's taken a while this year, but I have gone past the 4000 kms. With the last 3 months needing to be consistent ready for B2H, I should be able to maintain the above 100 km per week.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mt Rob Roy for the 55th Time

Purpose:  easy jog
Distance:  12.15 km
Time:  73' 01"
Rate: 6' 00" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 35%, wind NW 15 kmph

Purpose: strength run
Distance: 29.35 km
Time:  3 hrs 48 mins 16 secs
Rate:  7' 47" per km
Altitude gain/loss:  825 metres
Weather: sunny, temp range 9-17 degrees, humidity 60% down to 30%, wind strong NW 10-40 kmph with gale force at 60 km up high

Week:  83.95 km,  Sept:  225.15 km,  Year:  3994.25 km

Friday an easy jog home and back to work at lunch time with 6 minutes standing in the cool water at Pine Is. All good after rest day on Thursday due to very cold & strong winds.
Today, another run to Mt Rob Roy. This time with Kerrie M & meeting Softshoe behind Theodore. A nice day to start, not cold & with light winds.
However, as the climbing started from the Theodore substation, the wind started to get strong from the west, a little bit assisting.
The downhill from the top was a little protected but then it hit with the force of a gale along the open paddock & up to the trig on Big Monks. It was holding on to not get blown over up there. We guessed at 60 kmph, but certainly could have been more as at one stage we came to a dead stop due to the wind against us.
A good back up effort today considering only 3 days before going the same course.
Back up again tomorrow with the monthly handicap so hopefully will be Ok just to finish the hilly course on O'Conner & Bruce ridge.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mt Rob Roy for 54th Time

Purpose:  strength run
Distance: 17.25 km
Time: 2 hrs 14 mins 40 secs
Rate:  7' 48" per km
Altitude gain:  682 metres
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 30%, wind westerly 20 kmph

Week:  42.45 km, Sept:  183.65 km,  Year: 3952.75 km

I know the tracks very well on Mt Rob Roy, but today I took a novice to experience the local mountain.
We started from the Theodore electricity sub station as I wasn't sure on how much time we would need to get to the top and back.
A very nice day with a strong at times wind blowing on the higher exposed parts.
It was a run/walk effort as the steeper parts are slippery from loose rocks. The tracks actually looked like they have been graded, not as many big exposed rocks.
A very small brown snake was sighted near the top of the mountain and that certainly had our attention as we bush bashed to the trig.
Then on the trail on the open paddock a very still blue tongued lizard was enjoying the sunshine.
We went to the trig on Big Monks to enjoy the view to the Brindies and the southern suburbs of Canberra.
Stopped at Pine Is on the way back to work to relax & soothe the legs. An echidna was walking across the car park also enjoying the sunshine. A good lunch time run.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Planning the Next Few Months

Purpose:  easy junk
Distance:  12.2 km
Time:  72' 37"
Rate:  5' 58" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 30%, wind NW 20 kmph

Week:  25.2 km,  Sept:  166.4 km,  Year:  3935.5 km

An easy jog today plus 5 minutes in the river for freshness.
Over the next few months, a few mountain running events need to be programmed into the training without any necessary tapering.
Feature events coming up include Two Peaks on 12/10, Deep Space Mountain marathon on 10/11, & may be a run in the Tour De Ridges on 15/12.
I'll definitely do Deep Space as it will be a qualifier for Six Foot Track if I decide to enter. I still need to qualify even though I have ran 12 of them, but I won't have to be siting on the computer on entry day, usually early Dec. I should have a couple of days to enter with a guaranteed acceptance.
I have been invited to crew for Billy Pearce at Coast to Kozi, but will wait until final acceptances are processed. I'm keen to at least have a look at the event, even if I never actually enter ( too much sealed road).
I really to up the kms for the last 3 months, so plan on a gradual increase with Oct 400, Nov 500, & Dec 600 kms.
Just need to hope for dry sunny days.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Freezing Recovery

Purpose:  recovery day
Distance:  13.00 km
Time:  75' 54"
Rate:  5' 49" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week:  13.00 km,  Sept:  154.2 km
Year:  3923.3 km in 38 weeks at ave 103.2 km pw

Probably didn't need the 10 minutes of recovery time, but it was nice after the initial shock.
With the river still in part flood after last week's rain, the water temperature has dropped from a couple of weeks ago. It was almost comfortable back then.
But more water & some snow melt has put the fr.... in the water.
Nothing too special about a run home for lunch and back. Managed to find a hill to just add to the necessary climbing for B2H, but it was more a recovery day than a hill session day.
Certainly raises the heart rate when first getting into the water, but I couldn't let a couple of teenagers make me look soft when they were in the river enjoying themselves.
Brrrrr, so cold, but good.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fri > Sat > Sun

Distance:  5.3 km in 32' 48" at 6' 10" per km

Purpose:  hill repeats
Distance: 12.05 km in 74' 54" at 6' 13" per km
Altitude gain:  250 metres

Purpose: longish hilly run
Distance:  17.35 km
Time:  2 hrs 4 mins 1 sec
Rate:  7' 08" per km
Altitude gain/loss:  466 metres
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle last hour, temp 10 degrees, humidity 80%, wind calm

Week:  61.15 km,  Sept:   141.2 km,  Year:  3910.3 km

Friday was a short run home one way at lunch time, nothing special.
Saturday, drink station on saddle between Mt Majura & Mt Ainslie during Canberra Centenary 100 km run. We were there for around 8 hours with some down time, managed to get some hill repeats & short jogging done. Plenty of breaks between but much of up hill was down to Phillip Ave and back up to the saddle. As well, a few short runs up to the top of the ridge checking for oncoming runners.
Today, a nice run over a course I call the Theodore 3 peaks being Theodore hill, behind Ewen's place, then up Mt Tuggeranong, that's tough to run the whole way. A finally the easy one behind the reservoirs up to the ridge between Calwell & Conder.
Light drizzle started after an hour but lucky there was no wind and it wasn't cold.
A slow run but with 466 metres of climbing, and no walking, I can take heart from today's effort.
While I wait a couple of weeks for Softshoe to recover, I'll stick to the local hills then it will be time to hit Mt Tennent to be as ready as possible for the almighty effort for Bogong to Hotham in early January.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hills & Winds

Purpose: Strength
Distance:  11.2 km
Time:  65' 36"
Rate: 5' 51" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 60%, wind westerly 30 kmph

Week:  26.45 km,  Sept:  106.5 km,  Year: 3875.6 km

Same run as yesterday from work to home using the hill behind Bonython as solid up training.
On the way back to work, the strong wind presented a strong opponent. Good training as the time was just under a minute faster with 100 metres more distance, GPS error.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Update

Distance: 4.15 km in 24' 35" at 5' 56" per km
Rest day
Purpose: hill run
Distance:  11.1 km
Time:  66' 46"
Rate:  6' 00" per km

Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 16 degrees, humidity 50%, wind westerly 20 kmph

Week:   15.25 km,  Sept:  95.3 km,  Year:  3864.4 km

Starting to feel the need to get the training on the move again.
Monday felt good, although the figures didn't show it.
Tuesday, rest day, busy
Today, there is an urgent need to run up and down hills with both Deep Space mountain marathon coming up soon, 10th Nov and then Bogong to Hotham in early January next year.
Not much time to get into shape and both are completely different to recent running activity.
Good today, felt right, so the last of the fatigue has nearly gone from the long run. Still need to be careful & not push too hard, just get the daily session done without incident.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

May Be The Next Level

Distance:  5.3 km
Distance:  5.0 km
Rest day
Distance:  6.85 km

Distance:  20.15 km
Time:  2 hrs 20 mins 52 secs
Rate:  6' 59" per km
Altitude gain:  350 metres
Weather: sun/cloud, temp range 10-14 degrees, humidity 85% down to 65%, wind calm

Week:  54.05 km,  Sept:  80.05 km,  Year:  3849.15 km

With not much happening mid week, there was not much to report. Three short jogs at no pace with a " can't be bothered running " rest day on Friday.
The bike has made a good return after being idle in the garage over winter. Daylight in the morning to ride to work has been a benefit. Usually ride home at lunch time, then jog back to work at this stage in the program.
Today I met Sue B on Isabella Dr to run a short version of the Two Fruits loop including Wanniassa Hills and Farrer Ridge.
Cool conditions with no wind and almost no stops until Sue took some photos of the Tuggeranong valley from a good vantage point above Fadden.
A good return to some distance which will help both physically & mentally go through the next few levels to the intermediate goals before B2H in January.
No problems out the run considering the time away from distance running, but I will have to be careful not to overdo the enthusiasm.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cool Water

Purpose: recovery plan
Distance:  6.15 km
Time: 36'15"
Rate:  5' 54" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 19 degrees, humidity 40%, wind strong west 25 kmph

Week:  16.75 km,  Sept:  42.75 km,  Year:  3811.85 km

Finally the water temperature in the river had risen enough to be able to stand in it without freezing.
Most of winter the water is just too cold to get in, but today it's back to bearable & a nice 10 minutes resulted in good feeling in the legs.
I will now return to the pleasure & benefit of the cold water at Pine Is until the end of the year when the summer temps will be too warm to assist with recovery. Nice for a swim though.
The wind was a nuisance today, gusty & cool.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Dropping Average

Purpose: easy to increase distance
Distance:  10.6 km
Time:  63' 41"
Rate:  6' 01" per km
Weather:  sun/cloud, temp 20 degrees, humidity 30%, wind  NW 10 kmph

Week:  10.6 km,  Sept:  36.6 km
Year:  3805.7 km in 36 weeks at ave 105.7 km pw

To slowly increase the distance I run without overdoing it, I have planned to mix up the day.
Started with a bike ride to work early morning, then at lunch break, a short run from work down to and around Pine Is and back to work, just over 4.5 kms.
Straight on to the bike to ride home. One hour break to rest & eat.
Car back to Pine Is to run again. Slow & easy to do 6 kms making up the day total without any effort.
All good, and plan that I will hope to continue for a week or so until I feel right during the week to do it all in one go.
Note the dropping weekly average over the year as the kms are low each week. That will slowly increase as the training returns as I have entered Bogong to Hotham in early January.
Plenty of hills & mountains to be climbed to gain strength. The endurance base is there, just need to be able to climb the highest mountain in Victoria. Looking forward to the challenge.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Change of Pace

Purpose: mix up the recovery
Distance: 8.6 km
Time:   47' 42"
Rate:  5' 33" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm

Week & Sept:  26.00 km,  Year:  3795.1 km

Still not quite ready for a long run, so I jogged down to Calwell oval for a slow tempo session on the grass track.
Surface is in beautiful condition, lane 5 as usual gets little use & perfect for running bare feet.
Completed 10 laps,  4.45 kms in  22'31" at nice comfortable pace of 5' '04" per km.
Slow jog down and back at 6 min pace. I am hoping this slight change of pace will assist in the recovery pace without going backwards. Certainly not a speed session, no chance of injury and a nice time in the sunshine.
If I can get the mind right, I may increase the distance of a run this week. But, it's more a mental thing than physical. Just not in the right frame of mind to go too far at the moment.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

Purpose:  still in recovery
Distance:  5.15 km
Time: 32' 36"
Rate:  6' 21" per km
Weather:  cloudy, temp 21 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week & Sept:  17.4 km,  Year:  3786.5 km

I wrote on Tuesday about the lingering fatigue which is slowly going, but the rate is very slow.
A change of direction on Wednesday with a bike ride & a short wake up session in the gym.
Thursday, again no running, and a little tired. I stayed at work all day enabling a 1.5 hour nana nap in the TV room at lunch time. A bike ride to work early morning & a ride home late was a nice change.
There is no pace to the bike riding, just easy rolling along.
Today, after a short session in the gym, I ran home the shortest & flattest way. Car back to work with another 15 minute session in the gym with light weights. These are just to get the muscles awake ready for some more serious sessions may be late next week.
It's a slow recovery, but there is no rush, yet.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Change of Strategy

Running:  nil

As I mentioned yesterday, I have changed my plan to recovery almost 4 weeks post Birdsville.
Today, after morning tea & a chat at work, I ventured back into the gym for a short but welcome reacquainting session.
Care taken to do too much, don't need sore muscles due to being too enthusiastic. This will follow the same rules as returning to running, slow, steady & easy. Very enjoyable.
This was followed by a bike ride home for lunch after having rode to work early this morning. Nice day so the bike ride was great as well.
I will keep this going for a while and have the occasional run back to work the shortest way, about 4.5 km.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Purpose:  waste of time
Distance:  5.3 km
Time:  35' 17"
Rate:  6' 38" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm

Week:  12.25 km, Sept:  12.25 km,  Year:  3781.35 km

I had some hope that yesterday's run to work, although down hill, was the start of some kind of return to non fatigue running.
Sadly, this is not the case. Today was just a real struggle. So a change of springtime plans.
I'll give the running shoes a rest and only drag them out occasionally for a short jog.
I'll also get the mountain bike out & return to at least riding to work now it's daylight at 6:15 in the morning.
I really need another 4 weeks to recover so that means the September pattern will follow August last year after the 48 hour only take longer.
There is also nothing planned for later this year, so no rush. Any intention to do Hume & Hovell 100 km has been dashed, not enough time to be ready. May be next year for that one.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Next Challenge

Purpose: still in recovery mode
Distance: 6.95 km
Time:  41' 28"
Rate:  5' 58" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 30%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week & Sept:  6.95 km
Year: 3776.05 km in 35 weeks at ave 107.88 km p.w.

First day back at work & noticed the affects of the early morning start. Late afternoon started to wilt & couldn't wait to get home to put the feet up.
I ran back to work after lunch at home so getting the benefit of some down hill, but running into a light head wind.
Pace of no significance but at least it was under 6 min km pace. Nothing flash but it's a start. Distance is unlikely to get above 10 kms for another week or so. There is no hurry, but it is a challenge.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Restful Weekend

Saturday & Sunday:
Running:  Nil

Final weekend of my holidays was spent doing catch up.
Catch up with Mrs Muscles, Strewth & Mr Strewth on Saturday for lunch. Poor sick Ewen couldn't make it, and he did miss out on a good time.
Sunday was a catch up on cleaning out the sand & dust in the caravan. This meant clearing out every draw & cupboard, remove dust & wash. Our caravan isn't that big, but bull dust gets into everywhere, so everywhere had to be cleaned,
Lucky it was a nice day so being outside for the first day was very enjoyable.
The house property needs to be given the once over soon. While I'm taking the running very easy at the moment, there may be a chance to get it to as maintenance free as possible. Maintenance free means applying weed killer to almost anything that grows, at least before the spring rain comes along to keep it all growing.
While I'm liking this easy life, I hope to be back on the running scene soon. I miss the company as much as the running itself.