Two Fruits

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Long Weekend Run

Distance:  50.35 km
Time: 5 hrs 36 mins 46 secs
Rate: 6' 41" per km
Altitude gain/loss :  710 metres
Weather: started sunny, temp 6 degrees, humidity 75%, wind NW 10 kmph, then cloudy, temp 11 degrees, humidity 50%, wind WNW 20 kmph
Week:  116.4 km, June:  532.45 km
Year:  2596.35 kms in 26 weeks at ave 99.86 km p.w.

After a discussion with Pam M last Saturday at the half  marathon, I decided to again run back to back instead of just a long run on Saturday.
Luckily, the weather this morning was nice, a little cool and needing gloves just to keep the hands from the wind chill. After an hour they were not needed.
I was joined by Softshoe for the first 20 kms. Running a week after his 12 hour in Sydney, he did well to get around the first loop, but that was enough.
We did our usual loop thru Fadden Pines, Karralika, Wanniassa Hills, Farrer ridge and Gowrie to get back home in what was really good conditions.
Running solo after a short break for a drinks & eats, I continued around the back of Tuggie Hill to trip on a small rock and over I went. A small gash on my right hand, but left quad took the brunt of the fall, a big scratch & no doubt some good bruising tomorrow.
However, once the blood dried, I was Ok, and ran home to get cleaned up, patched up, renourished & out again.
This time down to Bonython, Pine Is, back home thru Gordon as the weather was changing. The wind was much stronger but the threat of rain didn't happen.
Back home the Garmin was saying I ran completed 47.45 kms. I wanted to get to 50 kms for the day. However, as I didn't turn the GPS off, just saved the current lap, as I went in the front door, data transmitted to Garmin Connect. That was all that was going to on the recording.
I headed out for the last couple of kms, a lap of the block. That was enough today with a sore leg.
Other than the fall, and two other trips that didn't result in a crash landing, it was a good day to be out. Felt Ok all day, fitness is good, energy levels were good.
Depending on weather & other plans, I will hope to get a few more kms done on Sunday. Next week will be last of the long running, definite time to start to ease back.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Waiting For The Weekend

Distance:  10.05 km
Time:  54' 20"
Rate:  5' 24" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 10 degrees, humidity 75%, wind north 10 kmph
Week:  66.05 km,  June:  482.1 km,  Year:  2546.00 km

Nothing special today when I looked like a shower or rain, but it didn't happen.
Mixed up two short runs. First, easy run home for lunch. Felt Ok
Second, from top of Pine Is road, run down to river area & back to car. Faster, just over 5 min  pace.
Really just adding a few kms to the weekly total. Long run on Saturday.
Weather forecast not so good, hope to at least get thru tomorrow without rain. Sunday is looking very average, so will wait and decide on the day.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mid Week Update

Distance:  14.6 km in 76' 48" at 5' 16" per km
Weather: cloudy, cool, temp 9 degrees, humidity 70%, wind sthly 5 kmph
Distance:  21.25 km
Time: 1 hr 58 mins 22 secs
Rate: 5' 35" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week:  56.00 km,  June: 472.05 km, Year:  2535.95 km

Yesterday, a cold winter's day, I ran home for lunch wearing 3 layers as that very light southerly wind meant cold. I'm not liking cold weather at the moment.
That distance was just 7.3 kms, so after lunch at home, I drove the car back to work. I needed to get home quickly after work as I had a monthly handicap sub committee meeting at 7:30 pm. I had to rush.
I decided on a tempo run around the lake to take advantage of the speed work from last weekend at the half marathon & the monthly handicap. A good solid pace under 5 min km pace for the 7.3 kms. Happy with the day's effort.
Today, I met Princess Muscles at work just before midday. A nice sunny day, even mild in air temp as the sun was shining with little or no wind.
I needed to cover over 20 kms, but PM wanted around 12-13 kms. So we headed to Erindale, on to Longmore Dr to get us to Athllon Dr. Down to the top of the lake and finally back to the car park near work. Great run, comfortably under 5"30" pace, chatted all the way. A good run and nice to have mid week company.
Then I added the extra 8 kms by going over to Bonython, on to the river track near Point Hut, followed it to Pine Is and back to work. A bit slower in pace, but the tracks are rougher.
Finished with 20 minutes in the gym. A good day, very enjoyable & good solid workouts.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Distance:  7.4 km
Time: 40' 33"
Rate: 5' 28" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 8 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm
Week: 20.15 km, June:  436.2 km,  Year: 2500.1 km

An uninspiring day with cloud cover all day and the air temp barely making double figures
I changed my mind on my running plans and easy run home at lunch time.  My usual Tuesday is staying at work and doing a mid distance long run. Couldn't find the inspiration to do that today.
Not quite a complete rest day, but close.
I did 15 minutes in the gym, plus some in bus exercises during the day. So not a wasted day and probably what I need at this stage.
I'll make up for this tomorrow and Thursday. Not time yet to slacken off, ie taper.
I have just clocked over 2500 kms for the year inside 6 months, should be happy with that.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday's Recovery Day

Distance:  12.75 km
Time: 1 hr 12 mins 22 secs
Rate: 5' 41" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 65%, wind calm
Week:  12.75 km,  June:  428.8 km,  Year:  2492.7 km

As usual, Monday is an easy day. I normally just trot along the trail from work to home for lunch, then amble back about an hour later. Nothing special, nothing fast, just as it happens.
A really nice winter's day, cold again this morning, almost to mild in early afternoon.
On a suggestion, I stopped to take my heart rate on the way home and again on my way back to work.
I wasn't going very fast at any stage. First HR taken was 83 bpm then on the way back after a short down hill on Woodcock Dr, rate was 98 bpm. I guess that's fairly low, but I wasn't pushing out any pace, and normally don't anyway.
I suppose a small diesel engine just chugging away without a turbo.
Stopped at Pine Is on my way back to brave the cold waters of the Murrumbidgee River. Felt like almost freezing, but it's not. Temp without measuring would be around 12-14 degrees. Cold enough to be painful after 30 seconds, so I opted for the 30 seconds in, one minute out. Did that 4 times. My right calf after the cramps and knots from yesterday is still tender to touch, not sore when running, but I need to be careful.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Monthly Handicap at Mt Ainslie

Total distance:  20.2 km in 130' 19" at 6' 27"

Split between:
9.3 kms in 45' 02" at 4' 51"
Warm up, mark course, & collect signs:
10.9 kms in 85" 17" at 7' 49"
Race: started group 33
Finished 35th / 91
Monthly handicap No: 177
Weather: sunny, temp range -4 to + 4 degrees, humidity 95%, wind mostly calm up to SW 5 kmph
Week:  117.6 km,  June:  416.05 km,  Year:  2479.95 km

Fronted up to another monthly handicap at Mt Ainslie on this most used over the years. This course has been used almost since the first monthly handicap was run back some 25 years or so.
Nothing has changed except the start/finish area is now closer to the car park as changes to the fire trail have improved this area.
It still has that lovely hill with a couple of kms to go. That's where the catching and passing has it's last chance to be done as every one moves very quickly down the hill in the last km.
Not my best race here, in fact 5 minutes slower than 2 years ago. I missed last year.
Obviously, some fatigue from yesterday's half marathon as well as accumulated tiredness from a few weeks of training.
However, considering, I was not unhappy with the result apart from a couple of speedy females passing me and I had no response.
Failed to catch either Janene or Ewen but I caught Mrs Muscles just after 3 kms.
Monday will be the usual recovery day with an easy run home at lunch time & back to work afterwards. May be the slowest of all time, but time is not the concern.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

YCRC Half Marathon

Total distance:   34.75 km
Total time:  3 hrs 38 mins 19 secs
Rate:  6' 17" per km
Weather: sunny, temp range 1- 9 degrees, humidity 95% down to 50%, wind mostly calm
Week:  97.4 km, June:  395.85 km,
Year:  2459.75 km in 25 weeks at ave 98.4 kms

Half Marathon - Distance by GPS 21.00 kms in 1 hr 40 mins 24 secs
Remainder - Walk, jog & run around checking Mt Ainslie course for monthly handicap

A cool start to the day for the running of the YCRC half at Goorooyarroo & Mulligans Flat nature parks. The out part to Mulligans is the same that was used by the Bush Capital marathon & ultra courses, except this time the run went inside the feral fence enclosure to a turnaround, then back the same way.
Rain during the week had softened the fire trail nicely with only a few puddles to get around. It's a nice place to run, a little open if the weather was unkind, but overall, the northsiders are lucky to have it close to the front door.
A reasonably good run, didn't push too hard with another race on tomorrow. Couldn't go the pace with Kelley early. Then when looked like catching her on the return, a shoes lace came undone and had to stop. Then with 5 km to go, the other did the same, didn't stop but it was annoying.
Finished 18th overall, happy with that, not sure at the moment on the field size. Maybe inside top half.
Then after a short rest, chat & a coffee to warm up, I made my way to the start area for tomorrow's monthly handicap at Mt Ainslie. A look over the first part with the course boss for the day, noted the km markers for first 5 kms, and that was enough. Another big day, tired now, early night to get some sleep. It's all go again on Sunday.
Pam was also out there at the half, asked & received some good advice on how to manage the last 4 weeks before Caboolture. Hopefully, there will be a couple of good running weeks, then ease back.

Friday, June 22, 2012

No Excuse Not To

Distance:  4.55 km
Time:  25' 06"
Rate:  5' 31"
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 9 degrees, humidity 65%, wind NW 20 kmph
Week:  62.65 km,  June:  361.1 km, Year: 2425.00 km

I couldn't find an excuse not to run a couple of kms today.
Rain in the morning might have continued all day, but it stopped.
It wasn't that warm again, it's mid winter, but it was dry at midday.
Just a roll the legs over easy Friday. Nothing special.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shortest Day, Longish Run

Distance:  21.75 km
Time: 2 hrs 2 mins 56 secs
Rate: 5' 39" per km
Weather: cold, sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 50%, wind strong NW 25 kmph
Week:  58.1 km,  June:  356.55 km,  Year:  2420.45 km

Another mid week half marathon to go with the double marathons last weekend. Tuesday was not quite half marathon distance but the circuit around Tuggie Hill is undulating, so altitude makes up for the shorter distance.
Today, again a flat course and part of last Sunday's run. This time from work, around the outside of Lake Tuggeranong, up Athllon Dr to almost Woden Town Centre. A short cut on Melrose Dr to Hindmarsh Dr, then over to the bike path near Tuggie Parkway.
The cool NW wind was against all the way to this point. At times, the wind almost caused me to stop, forward movement not possible.
Then, after the damage was done on the clock, I turned off Hindmarsh Dr, and followed the bike path back to Tuggie with the assistance of the wind.
In the shelter, it was a nice enough winter's day. But the trees have no leaves, the sun has not warmth & the wind is very lazy. It really did want to go thru you instead of around.
A fairly good run, very little stopping except for traffic.
An easy day tomorrow, the off road half marathon on Saturday, then run over the Mt Ainslie course in the afternoon ready for Sunday's monthly handicap.
The day's should get longer, but winter is well and truly here.
On this day last year, we were camped just north of Townsville, a nice 23 degree day. I remember the place & the day well, at Bluewater Creek rest area with around 45 other happy campers. I ran laps around the sports ground, great day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wasn't It Cold This Morning

Distance:   10.95 km
Time:  61' 02"
Rate:  5' 34" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 89 degrees, humidity 65%, wind north 10 kmph
Week:  36.35 km,  June:  334.8 km,  Year:  2398.7 km

This morning it was the coldest start to a day in 2 years with a nice - 6 degrees. A big frost, clear skies produce these cold night temps resulting in a cool but nice winter's day.
But it takes nearly all day to make double figures. Then if the wind gets moving even a little, the "feels like" temp drops quickly. Note, don't stand in the shade.
Today, a couple of short jogs, first to Pine Is and back before driving home for lunch. Then, ran back to work during the nicest part of the day.
Nothing special, a run on a Wednesday to break up the longer distances of a Tuesday & Thursday.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Circuit of Tuggeranong Hill

Distance:  19.1 km
Time: 1 hr 49 mins 28 secs
Rate: 5' 44" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 40%, wind west 20 kmph
Week:  25.4 km,  June:  323.85 km,  Year:  2387.75 km

Returned to a distance run today in very pleasant winter conditions. Ran from work behind Bonython to Gordon to the Drakeford underpass to the fire trail around the base of Tuggie Hill.
Completed that with slight detour with workmen & trucks at the road up to the reservoir.
Back same way thru Gordon then another detour to Pine Is to make the distance worthwhile.
Finished with 20 minutes in the gym, a good session.
Legs didn't want to work to start, then it all came together. Great day, but weather is supposed to deteriorate later in the week. Better get more done tomorrow, rest day if it all goes pear shaped.
Will probably have a run in the half marathon on Saturday morning, then check out the course for Sunday's monthly handicap.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Post Marathon Recovery

Distance:  6.3 km
Time:  36' 14"
Rate: 5' 44" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 11 degrees, humidity 60%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week:  6.3 km,  June: 304.75 km,  Year:  2368.65  km

Easy day required today. Not that I felt absolutely buggered, but I'm playing the better safe than sorry game.
Monday is the recovery day after any weekend. Today I ran home from work at lunch time, then had a hour nana nap.
Felt better for it, drove car back to work at that was it for the day.
Return to a distance run tomorrow, might have a hill or so in it. Weather forecast is Ok, so it should be fun.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Second Marathon of the Weekend

Distance:  42.65 km
Time:  4 hrs 12 mins 25 secs
Rate:  5'  55" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 12 down to 10 degrees, humidity 55%, wind WNW 15 kmph
Week:  138.05 km ( 6 days), June:  298.45 km,  Year:  2362.35 km

Yesterdays change of plans meant today had a change as well. Normally, big long run on Saturday means a short run ( 15 kms or so) on a Sunday to allow for recovery and consolidation.
I reverted to the training system used by Carol Baird from a few years ago. Carol, self confessed not a good trainer, but an unbelievable long distance racer. Still holds Australian distance age group records over 24 hours.
A flat marathon was  planned today, but given the undulating nature of the local terrain, that is not really possible unless I did laps of Lake Tuggeranong.
I started from home, ran the outside of the lake on my way to Woden via the Tuggie Parkway. Crossed Hindmarsh Dr into Oakey Hill, then past town centre to the car park near Hindmarsh/Athllon intersection.
Waited for Mrs TF to turn up with some eats & drinks to save wearing backpack. Next up Athllon Dr to Tuggie town centre, down to Pine Is for a drink, then home behind Bonython houses to Woodcock Dr, thru Gordon to Johnson Dr and finally home.
Felt good all the way, legs Ok, with very little walking. The break at Woden a little longer then planned, but overall a good back up after a marathon the day before.
Tired as expected, tomorrow will be easy, but I will run just to keep the legs rolling over. A good week of running with a rest day last Tuesday. Happy with current progress.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Marathon of the Weekend

Distance:  42.4 kms
Time:  4 hrs 47 mins 13 secs
Rate:  6' 46" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 560 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp range 5-9 degrees, humidity 98% down to 85%, wind calm
Week:  95.4 km,  June: 255.8 km
Year:  2319.7 kms in 24 weeks at ave 96.6 km

The original plan for today was to touch 7 trig points around the Woden/Tuggeranong area. Distance would have been between 50-60 kms.
However, running solo today with weather than was very winterish, and could have rained at any time, I changed the plan.
Low cloud cover would have prevented any views at all from the top of any peak. As well, being alone with not much chance of any one else being up some of the mountains/hills, the safety issue came to mind if something went wrong.
I started from home about 45 minutes later than planned, covered 22 kms around the Woden area before coming back home to ditch the backpack, and get something to eat & drink. The last 20 kms was on very familiar trails around Point Hut & Pine Is. Nothing special but the last 10 kms was a struggle.
Otherwise, happy to get the marathon distance done, rest up tonight and hopefully get all or most of another marathon done on Sunday. A flat course if possible.

Friday, June 15, 2012

City to Surf

Distance: 10.05 km
Time: 54' 03'
Rate:  5' 22" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 15 degrees, humidity 55%, wind light NW 15 kmph
Week:  53.00 km,  June:  213.40 km,  Year:  2277.3 km

Nice day to run at midday with a gentle breeze from the NW instead of cold southerly. That meant I could get away with just an old T shirt instead of a second layer over the top.
This time of year, I drag any old shirt I have in the cupboard. Mostly they are bought at running events, worn a few times and hidden away for a few years. Too good to wear out.
Then as the new ones go in on top, the old ones surface in winter. I had found a 1998 City to Surf shirt and wore it today. One of the guys from work commented about it and asked how many had I ran. I ran 5 ( or 6 ) back in the 1990s in the first few years after moving to live in Canberra.
Back then we could get a few from work together plus partners and make a big weekend out of the C2S. We would stay at the Bondi Hotel, near the finish line for 2 nights. Usually kicked out of the bar at midnight on the Sunday night as it was closing time.
I then decided not to run on the road any more. Mountains and trails took over, so the fun and surf of Sydney came to an end.
May be with a few more hill training sessions, I could make the start line in August again.
Today, nice and easy, and flat. Nothing more than a run home at lunch time and back.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Distance:  16.3 km
Time: 89' 47"
Rate:  5' 30" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 12 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm
Week:  42.95 km,  June:  203.35 km,  Year:  2267.25 km

Another average winter's day seeing no sign of the sun until very late in the afternoon. Therefore, it stayed cool & cloudy, not very inspiring running weather for me.
I stay at work all day on Thursdays. As well today was shift pick time for the school holidays, probably for the next 12 months at least. I have to be careful to select wisely as what you pick is generally what you have to keep for a long time.
Before selection time just after 1 pm, I went for a run, nearly 11 kms. Easy enough taking in the small hill behind Bonython, so fairly easy.
Shift pick time, found what looks good on paper, very similar start/finish time to what I have now, with a full 4 hour break from 10 am to 2 pm. That should be good in winter, and early enough in summer ( if we get one) to run before it gets too hot.
Guess what the shift number is ..... 2412. I looked at shift 2424, but it was already taken. And not what I would like anyway.
After picking 2412, I ran another 5 and a bit kms to make a descent total out of the time available.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Slow Start to the Week

Distance:  11.15 km
Time:  62' 39"
Rate:  5' 37" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 12 degrees, humidity 60%, wind cool SE 5 kmph
Week: 26.65 km, June: 187.05 km  Year:  2250.95 km

The start of this week has been a bit on the slow side, knocked down mentally by a head cold that has lasted a week or more. It's not physically draining, but it slows the enthusiasm especially on these cold winter days.
Nothing much today, a short jog from work to Pine Is and back before driving home for lunch. Then ran back to work, felt much better after the earlier " warm up".
Otherwise, all is Ok.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cool Weather Running

Distance:  13.4 kms in 79' 40" at 5' 57"
Weather: sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week:  98.65 kms, June: 160.4 kms,  Year:  2224.3 km
Calwell Oval:
Distance: 15.5 km,
Time: 83' 20"
Rate: 5' 22" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 10 degrees, humidity 60%, wind cold southerly 15 kmph
Week:  15.5 km,  June:  175.9 km,  Year:  2239.8 km

Sunday was the easy recovery run, just to roll along and find out if there were any problems from the long run on Saturday. Nothing wrong, just tired, nothing unusual about that.
Today, being a public holiday, Calwell oval was vacant. I headed down there to run a few laps at  a slow tempo pace. No fast stuff needed at the moment.
Lane 5 is Ok with the grass short & the under surface just soft enough to be nice to run on. Too cold to go bare feet, had to leave the running shoes on which would a first for a long time on grass.
Ran 35 laps in lane 5, stopped for a drink after each 10 laps & to change direction. The cold wind meant 3 layers to start, then the jacket came off after a while. Not the nicest day to be out, but that's another few kms done & banked in winter.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mt Tennent & Honeysuckle Tracking Station

Distance: 40.25 km
Time: 5 hrs 50 mins 49 secs
Rate:  8'  43" per km
Altitude gain/loss:  1903 metres
Weather: sunny, cold -4 to 12 degrees, humidity 90% down to 50%, wind calm to start then later Sthly 10 kmph
Week:  85.25 km,  June:  147.00 km,
Year: 2210.9 kms in 23 weeks at ave 96.1 kmph

Softshoe joined me today as the only other runner to do the Mt Tennent double to the top and up Apollo Road to Honeysuckle Tracking Station and return.
Starting at Namadgi Visitor's Centre we went up the Australian Alpine Walking Track to the top, down the fire trail to Apollo Road, then followed the road to the former tracking station for the moon missions back in the 1960's & 70's.
A very cold start, started with all the warm weather gear, triple layers, beanie, hat, gloves etc. By half way up we had discarded the beanie & gloves as the sunshine from the open eastern side was warm.
However, that changed on the fire trail down to Apollo Road in the shade and soon the gloves were back on. Patches of ice and some snow from the week's rain were still about and there was a very noticeable difference in temps when out of the sunshine.
We decide at the gate to Apollo road to do the full planned trip and made the long, 6 kms journey up hill to the turnaround.
A group of noisy but happy campers were staying for a few days. We refueled and soon were under way down hill, thankfully.
Back at the gate to Mt Tennent, we counted 13 different locks on the gate. Seems everyone with access wants there own lock & key. Bit of over protection, I think.
The small creek at the bottom of the hill was too wide to jump across, or get wet feet. That took a bit of rock hopping a few metres up stream. The washed out creek crossing inside the next gate has been fixed up. Now with 2 pipes, one higher than the other, should allow plenty of water to get thru before the flood water cross the road.
The hard part really starts here as it's 6 kms of steep in parts up hill to the summit. We walked plenty of this, ran where we could.
At the top it was like peak hour with groups of walkers also enjoying the nice day.
About 10 people at or near the top while we were there, plus about the same either going up or on the way down on the walking track back to NVC.
The day was great, a big thanks to Softshoe for his company today. It would be a big ask to do it solo.
With over 1900 metres of up hill, and down plus the technical nature of the front walking track, the need to concentrate when tired is paramount. No falls, could be dangerous, steep sides make life preservation take priority over a fast time.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Way Traffic

Distance:  18.55 km
Time:  105' 00"
Rate:  5' 40" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 9 degrees, humidity 55%, wind light SW 5 kmph
Week:  45.00 km,  June:  106.75 km,  Year:  2170.65 km

A split run today during lunch break. Mrs TF was having some tests done in Deakin so I thought I would run from Tuggie thru Woden to meet her. A nice sunny day with virtually no breeze which is what we want in winter. Cold temps are Ok, cold winds are not welcome.
It's just over 10 kms from Tuggie bus dept to Woden bus interchange, has been measured plenty of times. It's a bit further than I calculated from there to meeting point, so run took about 8 minutes longer. No problem, an extra distance is good.
Then, dropped back at work for my lunch break with a bit of time to spare and not really enough kms on the clock. A short jog down to the river and back making the day's running worth while.
Felt like a struggle today but the clock didn't show it. Might be catching the dreaded bugs going around, back of neck is sore, but the rest of me is fine.
Might take it easy tomorrow and save myself for the mountain on Saturday. Wedding anniversary as well on Friday, so we might go out to celebrate.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trying to Stay in Front

Distance: 13.9 km
Time:  77' 18"
Rate:  5' 33" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 10 degrees, humidity 60%, wind cold SE 20 kmph
Week:  26.45 km,  June:  88.2 km, Year: 2152.1 km

I can see June is not going to be a straight forward month in getting lots of kms done.
Apart from the usual winter weather patterns, and trying to stay healthy, other small things seem to be getting in the way and upsetting any routine.
Planning in advance a rest day seems to be a waste at the moment. Better to keep running even if only " junk" kms until a real excuse comes along to keep the shoes on top of the locker at work.
Today, with a rest day yesterday meant doing whatever could be done. I had the car at work this morning, messy as I don't like being restricted by taking it home at lunch time.
So I ran a short 4.5 kms around Pine Is, drove the car home and ran back to work after lunch. Much better going back as the wind was behind me and it was a little down hill.
Ran it comfortably as the weather had certainly improved from early morning.
Tomorrow is another mixed up day, whatever happens, happens. No certainty on running or not.
Here's hoping. I need all I can run this month. The weekends look like being rather busy.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday, Recovery Day

Distance:  12.55 km
Time:  70' 09"
Rate:  5' 35" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm to start then west 15 kmph
Week:  12.55 km,  June:  74.3 km,  Year:  2138.2 km

Monday is a recovery day from the weekend. It's an easy day because I run home for lunch, have a rest, then run back to work.
Plus, the run back is down hill, so just let the day flow.
Nothing much to report, the wind was calm to start but then picked up on my way back to work, it felt cold.
Otherwise, much better pace than last Monday's similar effort. That's good.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Cruisy Day

Distance:  15.75 km
Time: 93'  38"
Rate:  5' 57" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 13 degrees, humidity 65%, wind cool SW 15 kmph
Week:  120.6 km,  June:  61.75 km, Year:  2125.65 km

Easy recovery run in slightly better conditions than yesterday.
Nothing to report on a journey to Point Hut and Pine Is. Very few about except cars on the move to a lunch date.
Nice day considering we are now in winter. A light cool breeze not getting thru 2 layers of clothing. Otherwise, a good training week, ran all 7 days to take streak to 21. This had better stop soon, I'm in uncharted territory.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mt Rob Roy & Beyond

Distance:  40.15 km
Time: 4 hrs 57 mins  36 secs
Rate: 7' 24" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 910 metres
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle, temp all day 6 degrees, humidity 95%, wind calm
Week:  104.85 km,  June:  46.00 km
Year: 2109.9 kms in 22 weeks at ave 95.9 kms

This was the 45 th time I have reached the summit. Hardly Mt Everest, but it doesn't get any easier especially in today's weather conditions.
The actual summit where the trig is located is about 250 metres off to the left of the main track & not in view. It's a bit of a rough goat track to reach it, so unless someone new is with us, we don't go visit.
Today I had the company of Softshoe, Princess Muscles & her friend plus one very tired dog, on lead of course.
The low cloud and drizzle prevented the normal wonderful views over the Tuggeranong Valley especially from Big Monks where on a good day, the hang gliders take off.
We ran behind the suburbs of Banks & Gordon after coming off the mountain. Then along the river track between Point Hut and Pine Is. Then up to near the town centre, on to Monash, Calwell shops and back home.
A toughish day out, not as bad as it looked like before setting out at 7:30 in the morning. Good to get a long distance training run done in the conditions. I hope winter is more kind to us for the next 3 months.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Not Much Friday

Distance:  5.85 km
Time:  33' 04"
Rate:  5' 39" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 10 degrees, humidity 70%, wind light SW 5 kmph
Week:  64.7 km, June:  5.85 km, Year: 2069.75 km

Not much today, freshening up for Saturday's mountain run to Mt Rob Roy. It's not that far and it's not that high, but it does require some effort.
This morning I rode the bike to work, then ran home at lunch time. A nana nap for 45 minutes at home before taking car back to work.
First week of my new split shift. First few days getting a routine developed so I can plan my running week. I will have to take care to have a few days like today where I don't do very much. Rest is just as important as putting in big days. However, all's good.