Two Fruits

Friday, August 31, 2007

Tuggeranong Hills

Distance: 22.7 km
Time: 2 hrs 18 mins 43 secs
Rate: 6' 06" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, temp 16 degrees, humidity 50%, windy from NW at 30 kmph
Distance: 89.85 km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 17.97 km per run day
Distance: 421.55 km
Running days: 24/31
Ave: 17.56 km per run day
Distance: 2897.15 km
Running days: 160 / 243
Ave: 18.1 km per run day

I am going to south west Victoria tomorrow morning so the Saturday long run became the Friday hilly and not so long run. The weather was a bit ordinary this morning after a few days of near spring conditions, so I kept closer to home just in case it all fell apart, Mt Taylor became Tuggie Hill.
I left home heading past Calwell shops and oval and around the back of the Theodore houses until I reached a turn up a gully that takes you towards the Monaro highway and the old scenic lookout. I climbed a hill I call Theodore hill ( right behind Ewen's place) and then down past the sub station and straight up Tuggeranong Hill to the trig.
Much too windy to admire the view so back down to the sub station and then a loop of Tuggie Hill on the base track past the reservoirs and over the ridge to Conder. That climb made three good hills for the day with a few other undulating sections thrown in to keep the running honest. Back to the sub station and then follow the tracks behind the houses to the Calwell oval, past the shops and back home.
Maybe I was not motivated or a bit tired, but in comparison with Tuesday's run over Black Mtn and Dairy Farmer's hill, today was much slower and much more difficult. I hadn't been to the top of Tuggie hill since SFT and had forgotten how steep is really is.
AURA newsletter out today said that Gosford 12 hour in January has been postponed indefinitely, I think to do with the track that is used. That was part of next year's plan, so I will need to find something else to focus on after BC in Oct.
Hopefully next blog will be during the week with a story or two about the excellent running on scenic cliff top tracks overlooking the Great Southern Ocean, hopefully without the cold southerly winds blowing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Run Relaxed

Distance: 16.7 km
Time: 88' 30"
Rate: 5' 17" per km
Weather: sunny, calm to start then light north breeze, temp 13-17 degrees, humidity 50%

Week: 67.15 km
August: 398.85 km
Year: 2874.45 km

Watching and learning from the World Champs in Japan and the one bit of info I have gathered is to run relaxed. Many of the top athletes are so tense that no amount of trying is going to get them to a podium finish. The top ones seem to be in cruise mode even though they are fast, no tightness means no stress, no stress means no injury. Patrick Johnson seemed to be over trying and he didn't seem be be getting anywhere. Jana seemed so relaxed like never before, waving and smiling and running really well. Try it sometime.

Today I went down to the lower slopes of Tuggie Hill and tried to relax and enjoy the day, near perfect conditions. School athletic carnival on at Calwell oval, so good to see the kids having fun.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Black Mountain and Dairy Farmer's Hill

Distance: 21.4 km
Time: 1 hr 58 mins 42 secs
Rate: 5' 32" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 - 18 degrees, humidity 50%, light west wind

Week: 50.45 km
August 382.15 km
Year: 2857.75 km

First time to the top of Black Mountain for a while going around the outside of the Botanical Garden and up the summit trail where the monthly mtn running course goes. Reached the car park then back down the back tracks to Rani road and over to the cork plantation. Up that gunbarrell hill and then over to Dairy Farmer's Hill and the climbing had finished. Finally after a loop in Stromlo went under the Parkway at the Zoo and back along the edge of LBG to the start.
Ran at a good pace after all the climbing and finished off with 5 minutes in the cold water of the lake. Not too bad and warmer than the river.
Rest day tomorrow.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two Good Days

Distance: 13.0 km
Time: 67' 35"
Rate: 5' 12" per km

Distance: 16.05 km
Time: 83' 58"
Rate: 5' 14" per km

Week: 29.05 km
August: 360.75 km
Year: 2836.35 km

Weather: both days, sunny, calm, temp about 16 degrees, humidity 50%

Sunday's run was short and easy around the back of Theodore with a few small undulating sections. Today much flatter down by the river with the twisting sandy tracks much more fun than the fire trails. The cooling effect of the cold water after Saturday's run made backing up next day much easier.
In fact, Jane Flemming said at Osaka that the athletes use ice baths after their events to recover so I must be going the right way.
Great to have had a few sunny day getting a bit warmer, a surprise for August but winter is still out there. The river has plenty of cold flowing snow water in it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to Some Hills

Distance: 33.15 km
Time: 3 hrs 3 mins 19 secs
Rate: 5' 31" per km
Weather: mostly sunny, light NW breeze, temp 13-16 degrees, humidity 45%

Week: 88.9 km
August: 331.7 km
Year: 2807.3 km

After a week where the run average was 11km per day, I had to get some distance into the training. And with only 20 km last Saturday, it had been 2 weeks since running with CJ (that washed away holiday person nearly forgotten about ) and it sure told a story. I set the alarm this morning to watch the marathon from Osaka then, inspired headed out about 11:00am.
Started out OK going over to Wanniassa Hills, Farrer ridge, around the back of MacArthur and down Isabella Dr back home. Stopped for a quick sandwich and drink before continuing down to Point Hut, along the river track past Pine I to the river loop at the end car park and back to Pine Is. The last few kms was were I noticed the lack of distance in the training and I was glad to finish at a tick over 33 kms. That will have to increase during Sept as BC is now only 8 weeks away with 7 weekend long runs to get stuck done. Still time as long as nothing goes wrong.
The water at Pine Is beach is very cold but works wonders. Five times in for a minute is as much as I can handle but that is enough. The water in the lake is slightly warmer but not much.
if anyone knows how high and how cold Vanity's Crossing is I would like to know. I will be back out there in 3 weeks time to find out and I don't want to be surprised. Next Saturday will be longer than today and the following week will possibly be Mt Rob Roy, then back to the Cotter until nearly Christmas. Gosford 12 hour is still on the plan for early January if the event is on, there is a doubt reading the thread on "coolrunning".

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tour de Curtin in reverse

Distance: 10.6 km
Time: 50' 56"
Rate: 4' 47" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, cal, temp 10 degrees, humidity 85%, light drizzle at times
Distance: 55.75 km
Running days: 5/5
Ave: 11.15 km per run day
Distance: 298.55 km
Runnings days: 18/23
Ave: 16.58 km per run day
Year: 2774.15 km

Today's run from Woden Interchange was the same course as Monday but in reverse, and for some unknown reason, measured 250 metres less. I may have cut a corner some where but can't explain the difference.
I went up Hindmarsh Dr to the Oakey Hill track, over to the sub station behind Lyons, then up onto the track that goes down the hill where the horses watch every movement. At the Cotter road, it was the flat part beside the drain that leads back to Woden Town Centre. Light drizzle fell along this part but fortunately there was no wind to make conditions unpleasant.
Fairly solid run, probably call it a tempo run, I thought OK on the ups, better on the downs and kept going on the flat. Very surprised at the km rate, really needed that last Sunday.
Rest tomorrow even though not much distance this week, and hopefully a good long run on Saturday afternoon after the marathon from Japan on Saturday morning, on SBS TV at 7.45AM.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tour de Taylor

Distance: 11.9 km
Time: 60' 49"
Rate: 5' 07" per km
Weather: cool, temp 10 degrees, cloudy, SE breeze, humidity 60%

Week: 45.15 km
August: 287.95 km
Year: 2763.55 km

Still lunching at Woden so I had to find a short course to get some kind of run into an hour and a bit. Started out from the interchange, down to the Southern Cross club, up Hindmarsh Dr and under the road to Chifley. A quick trip around the base of Mt Taylor and back to the interchange the same way.
Wind brisk from the south on the easy Torrens side with the track a bit cut up on the hilly Sulwood Dr side making neither directions easy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Woden to Mt Taylor

Distance: 9.5 km
Time: 51' 41"
Rate: 5' 25" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, temp 10 degrees, humidity 60%, southerly breeze at 15km

Week: 33.25 km
August: 276.05 km
Year: 2751.65 km

I could have titled this story " Time is Tight" after Booker T and the MGs ( nice piece of music if you can remember back that far) or " Quality not Quantity" but neither was quite appropriate. I did have a bit of time to spare to have a shower and eat lunch, and I really would rather do quantity than quality. Too much pressure.
So, lunching at Woden again I decided to go to the top of Mt Taylor on a fairly direct route after getting away from the traffic. Down Callam St, right up Hindmarsh, through the underpass and behind Chifley shops, I hit the slopes of Mt Taylor near the reservoir. The southerly breeze was a bit cool at this stage running into it, but it seemed to drop off as I neared the top. Ran all the way up again similar to last week from Tuggeranong side although the steep parts had me taking very small steps, almost jogging on the spot at times, but I must have been moving as the GPS did not beep at rest.
Made the top in 30'15" for 4.75km, touched the trig and returned the same way, a bit quicker in 21'26".
Another good solid run although I would like a decent distance run during the week, just need the supervisors at work to cooperate.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tour de Curtin

Distance: 10.85 km
Time: 55' 13"
Rate: 5' 05" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, calm, temp 12 degrees, humidity 60%

Week: 23.75 km
August: 266.55 km
Year: 2742.15 km

I had to work all day today with a lunch break at Woden Interchange. Fortunately, lunch hour was longer than an hour so I had time to get out for an easy run after yesterday's effort at the vet's handicap.
From the centre of Woden I headed towards the city following the storm water drain around the top side of north Curtin oval. Nice and easy and flat along here until I passed the start of the North Curtin vet's handicap course and the up hill grind with half a dozen horses looking over the fence wondering what I was doing.
I had enough time to go over to the sub station and on to the track we use for the Oakey Hill vet's handicap that bought me out at Hindmarsh Dr. From there at least it was down hill to the Southern Cross club and back to the interchange. I should have gone into the club for a couple of schooners, but you shouldn't drink and run at the same time, some might get spilt. That would be a waste.
Fairly easy, very enjoyable especially as the sun came out late in the run and for the afternoon with finally a little bit of warmth being felt. Spring might be just around the corner. Looking forward to a big week.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blewitt's Forest

Race distance: 7.0 km plus 5.9 km warm up and cool down
Race time: 29' 50"
Race rate: 4' 15" per km
Finish position: 13th
Weather: cool, cloudy, temp 8-10 degrees, humidity 70%, light sth breeze

Week: 12.9 km
August: 255.7 km
Year: 2731.3 km

Vet's handicap at Blewitt's Forest area with few trees, just regenerating after recent bush fires. Good run today on a course I like with plenty of uphill and long downhill, not much flat. Conditions really suitable with clouds and little breeze. Started in group 37 with only a few really good runners behind me and no one passed me at all, that is always a sign that the day has been OK.
Ran well if not fast on the down but managed to go strongly uphill. Speedygeoff called out placings just after the 5km mark and I was 54th so I managed to pick up over 40 places in last 1.5km. Must have been those couple of trips to the top of Mt Taylor in recent weeks.
The handicapper will have a big say in next month's start group, would have to go back one if not two groups. I may have been just outside of the top 3 placings after ineligibles. Happy with the day's effort.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Short Long Run

Distance: 20.2 km
Time: 1 hr 48 mins 24 secs
Rate: 5'22" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy wind calm, temp 6 - 10 degrees, humidity 70%
Distance: 90.9 km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 18.18 km per run day
Distance: 242.8 km
Running days: 13/18
Ave: 18.67 km per run day
Year: 2718.4 km

I had planned to run further today, but with no CJ to get me going early I slept in, then rang my brother in Cairns for his birthday and soon it was late morning so a long run was off the program. Instead, I ran from home down past the Calwell shops, the oval, and behind the Theodore houses to the sub station. I decided to keep the hills out of the run so just did a full circuit of Tuggeranong Hill, still undulating and just under 8 km.
Met a runner doing hill repeats on the Conder side, and he joined with me as we headed back past the sub station around the back of the houses. Discovered he is training for his first Brindabella Classic, he is basically doing all the right things, just needs to get in some long down hill running in to his training or he will pay the price on run day.
I am just about to head off to mark the course at Blewitt's forest ( there are no trees) for tomorrows vet's handicap run. I really should have a bulldozer to take the top off some of the hills, there are few flat spots on the whole run. Should be good if not a bit short at 7km.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Get it done Quickly

Distance: 11.6 km
Time: 57'11"
Rate: 4' 56" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 12 degrees, calm, humidity 70%,

Week: 70.7 km
August: 222.6 km
Year: 2698.2 km

I had to go a little quicker today just to avoid the rain. Light drizzle fell just before I ventured out, so I waited a while and the rain stopped. In fact it changed to a glare requiring sunnies when a little earlier I should have ran holding an umbrella.
A short faster run from work over to Point Hut, back along the river past Pine Is to the top car park and back up the road to the depot.
I was expecting to be a lot slower after weeks now of long slow distance stuff, but in fact I was surprised by how well the run went. I may have a chance on Sunday at the vet's handicap if I play the game right. Don't tell the handicapper. No chance really, but then you can only dream of finishing with less in front of you than behind. Good soild run today.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Coach Said " Go Climb A Mountain"

Distance: 21.55 km
Time: 2 hrs 3 mins 13 secs
Rate: 5'43" per km
Weather: cool, temp 10 degrees, cloudy, humidity 60 %, light East wind at 10 kmph, light drizzle patches at times

Distance: 59.1 km
Running days: 3/4
Ave: 19.7km per run day
Distance: 211.0 km
Running days: 11/15
Ave: 19.18 km per run day

Year: 2686.6 km

Wednesday has always been the day when I have taken to the hills, but recently, those hills have been missing out on the action. Mostly because SFT is not on the horizon and partly because I haven't had the desire. Last Saturday surrounded by Mt Majura and Mt Ainslie, that " need to climb" feeling returned. Today was a good day to get out after yesterday's " day of averages".
Left work around 10:45 am headed around the edge of Lake Tuggeranong and up Athllon Dr towards Mt Taylor. Instead of the horse paddocks entrance, I went along Sulwood Dr and went in by a gate opposite Mannheim St. It is probably a shorter trip to the top than the track at the horse gate, but it certainly gains attention by the steepness. A lady and a small child were walking up here and I later met them on my way down as they continued to the top. A very good effort by them.
At the top the clouds were descending so I had no time to take in the view, wasn't much of a day anyway. Back down the same way passing another lady and her dog on their way up as well, no excuse for anyone to have a go. I went down past the horse paddocks, past the finish line from a couple of weeks ago, over Athllon Dr and across Farrer Ridge to the underpass at Yamba Dr. Light rain started again so it was push on or get drenched. The rain amounted to not much up and over Wanniassa Hills as I exited behind Fadden. A good run down through Gowrie and along Ashley Dr passing by workmen finally fixing the washed away parts of the drain damaged by floodwater back in June or early July.
This will be a really nice run on a good day, but looking at the weather for the moment, that won't be for a while. A slower run today than yesterday, but that is all academic, just felt better today and included something with a bit of height to go with the distance. So far, so good.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

An Average Day

Distance: 14.9 km
Time: 82' 04"
Rate: 5' 30" per km
Weather: cool, temp 10 degrees, partsun/cloud, humidity 50%, wind from south at 20km

Week: 37.55km
August: 189.45 km
Year: 2665.05 km

Everything was average today which is better than bad. The run was average, the weather was very average, work was average, only dinner at home tonight was great.
Short course run down by the river, over the hill behind Bonython, against a fairly strong wind that went straight through instead of around you.
Simply one of those days with no motivation and everything was just average. But you need them now and again to appreciate the good days.
Gotta go as the last episode of NCIS is just starting.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Not Much Rest

Distance: 22.65 km
Time: 2hrs 2 mins 3 secs
Rate: 5' 23" per km
Resting time: 3 seconds
Weather: sunny, temp 10 degrees, humidity 50%, Sth wind at 15kmph

Week: 22.65 km
August: 174.55 km
Year: 2650.15 km

With many unfilled split shifts at work, the role of the spare (day relief drivers like me) has changed, for me for the better. Rather than having to work all day driving, I get a split shift where I do a little bit in the morning, a little bit in the afternoon and a big break in the middle of the day. This is really good if you have something to fill in the day. It can be rather boring if it is a non running day, there is only so much intelligence in most bus drivers.
With a rest day on Sunday, I felt pretty good setting out from work around 10 AM with the intention of finishing at home. How I got there was no problem with many options, just which way did I want to go?
Started out on the outside of Lake Tuggeranong and arrived at Athllon Dr/Drakeford Dr corner. Continued up Athllon Dr heading towards Woden when I turned into Farrer ridge and over to the Yamba Dr underpass near Isaacs. Crossed over Long Gully Road to Wanniassa Hills but instead of taking the short cut over the trig and to Gowrie, decided to cross the open paddocks that lead to the back of MacArthur. That then gives a good downhill run on Isabella Dr past Fadden Pines all the way to the bridge at Isabella Plains near Drakeford Dr. Easy to home from here as it is the way I ride the mountain bike to work except for the southerly wind which although not very strong was a touch cool.
Home for lunch, a rest and type this story before going back to work to restart at 3 pm. It finishes up being a long day not getting home tonight until about 7:45pm but it beats running in the cold and the dark.
Another good run today, only 3 seconds of stop time waiting to cross a road.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Five Course Meal

Distance: 31.35 km
Time: 3 hrs 3 mins 47 secs
Rate: 5' 52" per km
Rest time: 54 seconds
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 9-15 degrees, humidity 50%, NW wind gentle to start then up to 35 kmph

Distance: 95.85 km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 19.17 km per run day
Distance: 151.9 km
Running days: 8/11
Ave: 18.99 km per run day
Distance: 2627.5 km
Running days: 144/223
Ave: 18.25 km per run day

None of this early morning running for me with a start time of 8:00 am from Molonglo Reach with CJ. Brindabella Classic training is in full swing now with only 10 Saturdays to go before the big day. We had decided not to take in the two mountain peaks of Majura and Ainslie, good idea but they still give that impression of needing to be tackled again. Another day, maybe SFT training next year.

As the heading said it was a case of 5 courses today to be taken in in small doses. We made to Campbell Park offices and found the first course, the January vet's handicap course, nice entree, flat, easy to digest.
Not long after we had the second course, Mt Ainslie vet's handicap course, bit of a hill, not very far, an appetiser, just getting warmed up.

The third course comes along quickly, Majura vet's handicap course heading out to Antill St, where you recover, take a couple of deep breaths as it passes behind the Watson houses, easy going before main course.

Main course is substantial, out following the Two Peaks course but missing the main ingredient ( Mt Majura) but the side salad was tasty as we went to the loop near the Federal Highway. The return on the undulating section takes in the Bush Capital marathon course, winding its way back behind Watson, Hackett and Ainslie past the War Memorial towards the gun club.

We needed to find a couple of kms today to go further than last week so dessert was a taste of where we had been earlier back to Campbell Park offices following the Bush Capital course.
Much of the run had been either sheltered from the wind or it had been gentle, but the hard part to swallow was in the last few mouthfuls as the strength increased significantly towards the end. Even washed down at the finish, it still left that feeling that it was hard work.

Another good day today, covered plenty of countryside where we had not been since early SFT training last year. Only a few kms longer than last week but a lot faster, well under 6 min pk pace. Good company again as well making the day very enjoyable, thanks CJ. Just need to get the planning as little better organised next time.

Rest time by my GPS was only 54 seconds so that was pleasing as was the effects of the cold water in LBG after the run. CJ left me to suffer alone but it was well worth the pain. Both calf muscles were very tight and a little sore after the run, but after a couple of times in the water for 30 seconds each time, the benefits were very noticeable. Both had loosened up considerably with no soreness at all. Good if you can handle the cold.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Battling the Wind

Distance: 14.2 km
Time: 73' 31"
Rate: 5' 10" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp about 12 degrees, humidity 50%, very windy from NW at 30km +

Week: 64.5 km
August: 120.55 km
Year: 2596.15 km

It was supposed to be an easy run today with a rest day tomorrow as we have a stop work meeting in the morning for a couple of hours, so no running anyway. We are trying to get less work to do for more pay and better conditions. Such a tough job but someone has to do it.
So I ran along Athllon Dr from work over to Tuggy Creek and headed down to the river. Followed the track back past Pine Is and towards Point Hut. Really easy at this stage with the wind behind and taking it easy.
Then turned up thru the dog exercise area, along part of Woodock Dr near Gordon and straight into this gale along the gravel road behind Bonython. This part was a real struggle, should I say a "plod" , I shouldn't but I will.
I looked at the GPS to show current pace at 6' 30" almost leaning over to stay upright. Managed to find shelter near Pine Is among the trees and with the wind from the side, made it back to work.
After a bit of time in the gym pushing a few weights around, no idea of what I was doing but it looked and felt good, it was time for lunch and a shower and finally, doing actually what I get paid to do. I am not a professional athlete, just a mug amateur who trains in the bosses time whenever I can.
Lunch time is for doing other necessary things, like talking, and going to the shops, and the bank, etc.
Rest day Friday, long run on Saturday when hopefully the wind will have gone away.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Up and Over the Top

Distance: 21.55 km
Time: 1 hr 56 mins 15 secs
Rate: 5' 23" per km
Weather: sunny, very windy at 30km + from NW, temp 12 degrees, humidity about 50%
Distance: 50.3 km
Running days: 3/4
Ave: 16.77 km per run day
Distance: 106.35 km
Running days: 6/8
Ave: 17.72 km per run day
Distance: 2581.95 km
Running days: 144/ 220
Ave: 17.93 km per run day

Despite the very strong winds today, I ventured to the top of a mountain, Mt Taylor. Started from work, ran the outside of Lake Tuggeranong meeting Athllon Dr near Drakeford Dr. Then started the long slog up towards Sulwood Dr and to where our last vet's handicap started down from the horse paddocks.
I had ran reasonably well to this point averaging just over 5 mins per km, much of it into the wind. The uphill from the base of Mt Taylor then through that good time out. I haven't really concentrated on the hill running recently but managed to run all the way to the top including those terrible steps half way up. How long has there been a new seat on the top of the mountain?
So, I touched the trig and continued down the Woden side towards the car park at the end of Waldock St and found some,new to me tracks that finished down off Sulwood Dr. Potential starting point for a vet's handicap. Maybe just up and back to the top!!
Ran back from Sulwood Dr to Athllon, back down to the lake but went the swimming centre side back to work.
Fairly happy with the run today, OK going uphill and a bit of solid pace on the way back even in last 5km where I met Peter James doing a training run for Sunday's City to Surf in Sydney. He was going to the top of Urambi Hills for a bit of strength work.
Work finally caught up with me today, although I did have a big break in the middle of the day, I didn't finish until 6 pm having started before 6 in the morning.
Such is life in the slow lane.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Coudn't See the Hills

Distance: 12.6 km
Time: 63'17"
Rate: 5' 02" per km
Weather: cold, temp 8 degrees, foggy, calm, humidity 80%

Week: 28.75 km
August: 84.8 km
Year: 2560.4 km

Yesterday was a beaut day to be out running at noon. Today could not have been more different. The hills and mountains were still covered by fog and low cloud when it was finally time to go. I had managed to delay start time by getting others to have lunch first, but soon it was my time.

Low temperature, low fog and high humidity kept running conditions good but very uninspiring to get out. So why did it turn out to be a good run. Probably just trying to keep warm without gloves, hands nearly froze.

Stayed near the river between Point Hut and Pine Is, on such a day did not look like seeing anyone else silly enough to be out. Just a few kangaroos and the same couple of kookaburras as we saw on Saturday. Well, they looked the same.

A recovery in the gym for half an hour to thaw out, a few exercises working non running muscles still tender from yesterday but all helps, I hope. No water recovery in the river, too cold today.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I Should Be So Lucky

Distance: 16.15 km
Time: 87' 59"
Rate: 5' 27" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, temp about 12 degrees, humidity 50%, gentle breeze at 15kmph

Week: 16.15 km
August: 72.2 km
Year: 2547.8 km

"I should be so lucky" (Kylie) to have a good place to run, away from the rest of the world. Very similar area to Saturday's run but cutting out a few parts to fit into a long lunch hour.

Started at the depot, ran up Athllon Dr to Learmonth Dr then up onto the track on the base of Urambi Hill and over towards Gleneagles. Today, ran down across the paddocks back towards Tuggy Creek, then headed out on the river track to the " kookaburra gate". Turned and ran back on the high track back to Pine Is. A little bit rougher than the lower track, but who wants to run exactly the same course all the time.

Very bravely twice ventured into the water to soak the legs in cold, cold water. So cold, less than 30 seconds at a time was enough. But it worked a treat, legs felt really good after as I jogged back to work.
Not much happening at work so I had 30 minutes in the gym, then had a shower, then had the second part of lunch, then went home.

What a great day!! Beats working at work. As Kylie sang, I should be so lucky.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Just Us and Nature

Distance: 27.6 km
Time: 2hrs 52 mins 45 secs
Rate: 6' 15" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 4 - 9 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm to start then up to 20kmph from NW near finish.

Distance: 102.35 km
Running days: 6/7
Ave: 17.06 km per run day
August: 56.05 km
Running days: 3/4
Ave: 18.68 km per run day
Year: 2531.65 km

A beautiful winter's day to start, a little brisk at times especially in the shade, but the temp climbed enough to not need gloves, or any other heavy piece of clothing to keep the cold out. The wind blew from the NW towards the end of the run, not good when you are feeling a little tired, all right, a lot tired.
My choice today as to where to run and, with CJ not really needing too many hills at this stage of Brindabella Classic training, we left out the mountains. Starting at the Tuggeranong Swimming Centre we headed over to, and up Urambi Hills to enjoy the views of the Tuggeranong Valley. We took the easiest way up to the top up the gully from Learmonth Dr side, there are several really nasty other ways to get up there. Going down a couple of people with their dogs were also out getting some exercise, these being almost the last bits of humanity we would come across for another couple of hours.
Urambi Hills led us down past Gleneagles and the Murrumbidgee golf course to Kambah Pool Rd and down to the river. From the end of the road you can either go right on the river track to Casuarina Sands and the Cotter, (too far but a good run) or turn south, which we did.
The track was upgraded after the bush fires in 2003 to good but still undulating condition. The course goes high above Red Rocks gorge, past the "Kookaburra Gate" crossing Tuggy creek below the dam wall and finds its way some how to Pine Is. This section I travel often, sandy in places, plenty of variation both up and down.
Pine Is is almost civilization, one car there today but normally plenty of picnickers and BBQers making the most of a pleasant area.
Continuing on we reached Point Hut where the noise of cars took over from the sounds of the rapids in the river. The only other noise for the day had been the cockatoos, the rest of the wildlife very nice and quiet, and friendly, most not even moving despite us being very close. The cattle, kangaroos and varieties of birds didn't mind our company.
Point Hut vanished into the distance as we headed back towards Bonython, past the bus depot (a reminder I will be back there on Monday morning at 5:45AM), over to Lake Tuggeranong and back to the cars. The last part by the lake was windy, but, hey, we were nearly finished.
Covered plenty of territory, mostly just us, good conditions, beaut day, and as always, a very good running partner.
Running doesn't always have to be about pushing limits, but really, just has to be about enjoying the experience. Today was a great day out. Thanks CJ.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Winter in Paradise

Distance: 14.45 km
Time: 78' 32"
Rate: 5' 26" per km
Weather: mid morning start, sunny, cool, temp 13-16 degrees, calm to start then NW wind up to 20kmph, humidity 55%

Week: 74.75 km
August: 28.45 km
Year: 2504.05 km

Beautiful day for running this morning although the wind got up late in the run. Headed down past the Calwell shops, onto the oval and along past the drain to the track behind Theodore houses and arrived at the sub station. No breeze at this stage, going OK and really enjoying a little bit of warmth from the sun.
Continuing on the Theodore side of Tuggie Hill, I finally arrived at the lower of two reservoirs, so that means up, up past the higher reservoir, up over the ridge where the views are magnificent of the Tuggeranong valley, and down to Conder.
Back to civilisation as the track heads towards Gordon under Drakeford Dr, over to Johnson Dr and back home. The NW wind had picked up to slow proceedings, but I hope it was more of running just over 100kms in six days without a break. Rest day tomorrow.
Nice day today, can't wait for spring and summer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Strong and Fast

Distance: 14.0 km
Time: 75' 11 "
Rate: 5' 22" per km
Weather: mid afternoon start, cool, 11 degrees, cloudy, humidity 80%, wind fresh at 25 km from NW

Week: 60.3 km
August: 14.0 km
Year: 2490.5 km

Today's title has very little to do with me, but the horses have a birthday today. Oh, to run that fast, even over a short distance. A workmate a few years ago used to have endurance horses and regularly took them all over Australia to events over 100 plus kms.
We talked often about the training methods he used and it was very similar to what I used to do. Long weekend runs, mid week hilly, several other at easy pace, and a couple at tempo. Of course, a good wash down afterwards and good healthy food. Unfortunately he was a smoker and large coca cola drinker, he had a heart attack and died a few years ago, maybe he should have trained himself as he did his horses. He won Aust championships and was well respected in the industry.
Today was an easy jog, nothing special about except for the strong wind from the NW. Never seems to go away. Funny part was I ran better into the wind than I did when it gave assistance. Beats me!