Two Fruits

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Three Quarters of the Year Gone

Distance: 9.2 km
Time: 53' 47"
Rate: 5' 51" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 25%, NW wind at 20 kmph
Week: 27.2 km
Sept: 279.05 km in 13/30 days at 21.46 km per run day
Year: 3665.4 km

Another easy day on a nice afternoon, sunny but breezy. Used the tracks near the river because the surface is mostly hard dirt or gravel, and then stood in the cool waters of the river for 10 minutes before jogging back to work. Slowed the run down and increased the distance by a km.
September's running is like chalk and cheese. One really long day, the rest no more than 10 km spread out over the other 29 days. Only ran on 13 days out of 30 and I am still tired. Slept through the alarm this morning, out of bed in a panic, just made to work on time.
There is always tomorrow, I may miss going to work all together. Unlikely.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Slowly Returning to Normal Routine

Distance: 8.0 km
Time: 46' 18"
Rate: 5' 47" per km
Weather: mostly sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 25%, wind NW at 25 kmph
Week: 18.0 km
Sept: 269.85 km
Year: 3656.2 km in 39 weeks at 93.7 km ave per week

This week marks the return of the routine to normal, maybe not the distance or pace. Still feeling the effects of the long run, but with some nice weather the enthusiasm is returning.
A very gentle run home for lunch via the river track. I still have a slight sore spot below the right ankle which is better on the flat surface of a bike path than on a rougher dirt track. Hopefully that will disappear soon as bike paths are not my favourite surface.
Normal routine is something like Monday, easy run home for lunch, 8- 12 km, Tuesday, stay at work, longer run 15 km building up in distance, Wed, same as Monday or tempo run, 12-15 km on grass or gravel, Thur, bike ride with group from work, Fri, same as Monday, easy run home, Saturday, long run increasing in distance from 20 km up to 60 km by end Nov. Sunday rest day or maybe temp run at oval after soccer has finished.
Two more easy weeks then time to up the rate. I have asked John K and Dianna S to crew for me at C2K, and kick me along when I need kicking. Hopefully they won't be out there too long, at least under 2 days.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Monthly Handicap at Deeks

Race distance 8 km plus 2 km warm up
Race time: 42' 20"
Rate: 5' 18" per km
Finished: 89th / 95
Weather: sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 30%, wind NW at 30 kmph
Week: 10 km
Sept: 261.85 km
Year: 3648.2 km

Started and didn't finish last, that was always the plan. Definitely no racing, with a dry dusty track and a strong wind blowing against on the way back, I had no chance. CJ failed to front, so I hoped a few others may be going as slow as me.
Changed course to an out and back, downhill for the first km or so, then flat to the turn, and a struggle for the last 4 km. That km rate above is flattering, 1st km downhill with wind behind was 4'16" pace, the last 2 kms at well over 6 min pace. Even CJ going slow would have been faster.
I have also put C2K back on the plan, recovery is going better than I expected, another 2 weeks and all should be fine. Brindie will taken easy, then up the training as per a plan I got from Martin Fryer late last year.
A man that can cover 393 km in 48 hours must know what he is talking about.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grand Final Saturday

Distance: 7.0 km
Time: 37' 24"
Rate: 5' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 25%, wind NW at 25 kmph
Week: 18.5 km
Sept: 251.85 km
Year: 3638.2 km

Doubled the distance from Friday's run, that not the 10% rule, and even the pace was quicker. Not fast but quicker with just a few walk steps up a slight rise near the finish.
Short flattish run from home, basically a circle around Isabella Plains. Beaut spring day, good to be out and running, just 7 km and I had done enough for the day.
Its just gone half time in the footy, close game, either side has a chance from here.
Ewen, I will finish in front of CJ on Sunday, because she won't turn up, 8 kms is still too far.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Little Jog

Distance: 3.5 km
Time: 22' 47"
Rate: 6' 30" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 20 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW at 25 kmph
Week: 11.5 km
Sept: 244.85 km
Year: 3631.2 km

Yesterday's bike ride was easy and fun, but bike riding is very different to running. I needed to find out if there was any running returning after nearly two weeks of rest.
The blisters are no longer a problem, the ankle is just a bit tender, but energy wise today showed there is not a lot returning to the tank. At this rate it is going to take a long time to refill.
A gentle jog to Pine Is from work and back, much easier jogging on the road than on the grass as there was no side ways movement on the ankle.
Rode the mountain bike home for lunch, a strong NW wind making that easy.
Yesterday's blog was my 500th, so many stories and so much rubbish written. At least some people enjoy the reading.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Penny Cheats

Group Bike Ride:
Distance: 21 km
Total time out: 1 hr 40 mins
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, wind calm, humidity 40%
Running: nil

I have missed the last three weeks of riding, being in Qld for the Glasshouse run and last Thursday at the doctor getting repaired after the run.

As Paul will say, all through winter and before, there has not been a bad day weather wise on a Thursday to prevent the group bike ride. The only stopper is school holidays when most of us are on different shifts so split breaks are all over the place. Nothing to stop a solo ride which I will probably do next week.

There seems to be plenty to stop some from getting out into the sunshine as a few failed to front at 11 am having indicated their intention to be riding earlier in the week. Whatever, it will be a poor excuse. Today was near perfect to be riding.

Just to mention a few, ever complaining " Jane" said he was going, DNS. Fraaze, again, piked out without a note from mum, must have been kept in after class or no lunch. More likely, there may have been a hill or two.

Eight of us ventured out, up Isabella Dr past Chisholm shops to near Rose Cottage, behind Gilmore and Chisholm houses to make it to Calwell oval, up Tharwa Dr, ( that up word gets Fraaze all the time) to Gordon, over to the dog exercise area near Point Hut, then along the river track to Pine Is and back to the depot.

Two peeled off after an hour, then another two a little later on, leaving four to tackle the river track. It beats me how Paul can get that worn out Noah's Ark bike around the course. It's very basic, even the rack is held together by string, lost the water bottle out there somewhere, everything is broken but it gets him back.

The title says " Penny Cheats". Penny will say " uses initiative". Heading up Isabella Dr on a gentle up slope, but on the dirt, the track then goes up a sharp but short rise. We go back down the gears into low, low and struggle. Penny, stays low side near the road, we go high and she goes from last to near first. Bugger cries the crowd.

This time no punctures, very lucky as Terry picked a thorn close to the finish but the tyre didn't go down.

The guys and girls are getting better all the time, Daniel, Ned, Paul, BT can get around now for a couple of hours and still stay awake all afternoon. Good riders Steve and Terry can blow the rest of us away at the turn of a wheel. Steve has a new mystery course for next time. I may not have riden a bike over the tracks but I bet I have ran on them. There wouldn't be many on the south side of Canberra that don't have my footprint on them.

Another great day out, I don't know what the workers were doing in their lunch break, pie and chips maybe, couple of schooners, but they wouldn't have had as much fun as us. Nothing too exciting this week, no spills, just thrills.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Still no Running

Distance: 8 km
Time: 100 mins
Rate: 12' 30" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, wind calm, humidity 50%,
Last week: nil
This week: 8 km
Sept: 241.35 km
Year: 3627.7 km

I read CJ's blog this week about her running being boring so she won't write about it. For others, 5-8 kms is a great achievement and like to hear the story. Sometimes, any distance ran is an achievement.
Today I walked Sunday's handicap course, remarking due to a change to an out and back course. I could not have ran the 10 metres I ran on Monday today. Ankle has swollen up, some anti inflammatories tonight have helped, but I hold little hope of making the start line on Sunday morning.
That said, I will of course be there. As Strewth says, it's a social outing as well as running. If I can just jog at the back that would be great, but if not, I will stand around, help out, drink coffee and have a chat.
Talking to others, many often with injuries or other reasons not to compete, helps relieve the disappointment. Most of us at some time will be out of action and need some moral support. No point staying at home with others that don't understand why you run at all.
Bike ride tomorrow, don't fall off.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Small Step

Bike Ride: 10 km
Running: 10 metres
No Time:
No Pace:
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 12 degrees, wind calm

I'm not going to include the 10 metres in my yearly log of kms. But is is a start. To get inspired to run, my entry pass to the back doors of my work building was in the bottom of my backpack. Too lazy to stop to get it out, I ran to catch another driver just in front and went in the door with him. That's enough for today.
The soreness in right ankle is slowly going, hopefully when I can jog and not finish last at the monthly handicap on Sunday. It hasn't happened yet, Sunday may be the first time.
The bike ride to work and home at lunch time seem to be helping the recovery, other than the ankle, I seem to be reasonably back to normal.
On my way back to work this afternoon, I will detour to Pine Is for 10 minutes in the cold water. The sun has returned after yesterday's rain, nice day today if a little cool.
Tomorrow will be a walk over the course in Stromlo for Sunday's handicap event. The track on the usual start beside Cotter Road is rough and we intend to run all events as an out and back from the finish line. Hopefully the tracks won't be eroded by recent rain or vehicles.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Return to Activity

Bike ride: Dist. 13 km
Running: nil
Weather: sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 30%, wind NW at 20 kmph

The wind eased from the gales of yesterday enabling a bike ride to get the legs moving again. I still have some soreness on the outside of my right ankle. Strange problem as I had no difficulty during the Glasshouse run. It was not until a couple of days later that the ache appeared. It's taking time to go away.
Ride today just down to the river and back. Stopped to stand in the cold water for 15 minutes. The water level has risen and so has the water temperature. Before going north it was too cold to stand in, now,while still on the cold side, it is possible not to freeze to death. Stand in it, yes, swim, definitely no.
Looks like being back on the bike to go to work and back, running is still a little while away, hopefully only a few days of this week.
Brindabella Classic now only 4 weeks away and providing I make the start line for No 13. It will be day out for enjoyment in the great outdoors. The up and down run to Bull's Head is certainly not easy, and much longer in time than the mainly down run from Mt Ginnini.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Glasshouse Finish Photo

Today: nil

Still no running, but the mtn bike is back and ready to go. Hope to get out over the weekend for a short ride if the weather is Ok.

This short story to see if I could get my finish line picture on the blog.

Blisters were broken and patched yesterday by the doctor. They look horrible but are getting better. Starting to feel normal today, very tired yesterday, still need a lot of sleep.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's Next?

Today: Nil

No running for a while, time to have a break, recover and relax. That takes care of the rest of this week!
I get my mtn bike back tomorrow, left for a spring clean & service while I was away, so that will have to do for active recovery while the blisters heal and I regain some enthusiasm for running. A few warm days will soon have me back as well.
The problem with the blisters, apart from what happened to the Asian lady in France, is that they have made my walking out of balance, favouring one side of my right foot to compensate for the left foot.
I have therefore developed fluid on the outside of my right ankle, so that's painful as well. We will see what the doctor says tomorrow, Brindabella Classic is on in late Oct, should be right to run/walk by then.

I have had thoughts about how to get Coast to Kozi done and rearranged my plans for next year. C2K won't be this Dec, a long shot as it was. Current foot problems all but eliminate the chances this year with only 7-8 weeks to get recover and get ready. Next year now goes something like this, subject to change at any time.

Feb: Maroondah Dam in Vic again, 50 km, very hilly
Mar: Six Foot Track 45 km
May: Glasshouse Mtns 82 km ( if I can get someone else to go as well)
Aug: Australian 24 hr track champs at Caboolture Historical Village, 500 metre gravel track
Oct: Brindabella Classic 54 km
Dec: Coast to Kozi 245 km

There would be enough time between events to recover, I know what to expect at each event except the last one in Dec. That will be a challenge, although not as difficult as you would expect. Much more even surface to run than Glasshouse trails, certainly at such a slow pace or slower. I would still hope to be under 40 hours to go from sea level to the top of the highest mtn.

At least it's a plan!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Glasshouse Mountains - 100 miles

When: Last Saturday and part of Sunday
Where: Glasshouse Mountains near Caboolture, Qld
Distance: 163 kms
Time: 1 day, 3 hrs, 50 mins and 30 secs
Rate: 10' 15 " per km
Weather: sunny, temp at start 12 degrees, middle of day 27 degrees, middle of night 14 degrees, finish 20 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm
Week: 194.9 km
Sept: 233.35 km
Year: 3619.7 km

Rain dampened the track but not the enthusiasm of 30 starters in the 100 mile event plus the starters in the 100 km event starting 30 minutes later. The Friday night pasta meal and race briefing mainly centred around what a mango tree looks like. Part of the course description on "coolrunning" had runners turning at a mango tree, great if you know what to look for. Local runner and Glasshouse stalwart Bill Thompson, had us in laughter when showing the difference between a mango, a custard apple, and several other local tree branches. Still a bit of a change from a fully grown tree, which I still didn't see on the run.
Race brief over and back to recheck the gear before an early start at 5: 30 in the morning. I still forgot the sock gaiters but that wasn't to be the main problem during the run. Just before run start weight check and recorded on race number, checked again regularly during the run to prevent dehydration. I am recorded at 61 kg in race gear excluding water bottles, compulsory for entire journey.
Race morning, just getting light, last minute instructions from director Ian Javes and away we all went at a slowish pace for us mere mortals down the back. There is no point going fast, like the horse that leads the Melbourne Cup still with one lap to go, speed will only come to haunt you later.
Start at Beerburrum school, referred to as base or CP2. An short lap of 10 kms back to base then up Mt Beerburrum, one of the few mtns in the whole area that you can go to the top. Fairly steep on a concrete walking track, slippery with twigs and leaves, care needed, don't won't a fall early. Views are great over the Glasshouse area but no chance to enjoy the scenery today.
Down and into the bush land that will be our environment for a day. I had settled into a slow but comfortable groove with Tamsin and we ran together for a long while, slowly catching a few 100 km runners easing into their run. Fairly flat for a while, lots of shade as it was warming up, all dirt forest roads or sandy bush tracks until we hit the goat track leading to CP5 near the lookout. Then it started to get rough and tough and hilly. The goat track is well named, and bits of logging in the state forest here has made it just a little bit rougher.
Somewhere between CP5 and 6 evidence of the warmth when I spotted what I first though was a big stick, a 2.5 metre python on the edge of the track, stretched out, very distinctive, and very big. Tamsin I think is a vet, she knew and identified the snake, she thought it was beauty, I was a bit nervous for a long while.
On with the show and the hours and kms went on and it got warmer, but little humidity, so conditions were still Ok. Tamsin eased ahead on the power lines section, horrible 4 km track, reasonably open and exposed, sand and dirt and undulating, you either love or hate this section. It is also around 45 km s into the run.
First sign of feet problems when I got to CP8, blisters due to the uneven surface. Medical check and some repairs, not a good sign with feet problems, weight Ok, food intake good, feeling good, pace Ok, walking all the ups, jogging the flat and downs.
I did have a rough plan, and just over 30 minutes behind schedule at this point of time. Loops of 8a and 8b return to CP8, the doctor said the feet were Ok, blisters were too deep to fix properly, put up and shut up. I was right after repairs and fine for the rest of the run. They need attending to now and I will visit my local doctor later this week. As I digress, blisters are of concern as a story was going around of a Korean girl in a race in France only a couple of weeks ago, didn't attend to blisters and as a result lost one of her feet at the ankle on one leg and the other leg below the knee from infections. It is a serious problem in ultras.
The tracks flatten out but get sandy as we headed into the night section, dark at 6 pm but I took the torch, long sleeved top and bike pants from about 5 pm. As the local runners tell, it's the difference in day time to night time temps that lead to hypothermia. Later at night I also put on some very light weight cotton gloves.
Crappy section early on in the dark where I came across a runner, Craig, who had leg problems on a steep part in the middle of nowhere. He was wanting to retire, so I informed the next checkpoint. He almost made it by walking and limping, and eventually withdrew and got a lift back to base. Very disappointing to have to retire for any reason when you have put so much into getting to the run in the first place.
That was at CP5 near the lookout and finally some good dirt road, down hill for a while and a chance to go from a fast walk into a slow jog. Not much difference, but it feels better.
Finally made it to base and the end of the western section. I had covered 110 kms in 17 hours, only 53 kms to go, when the winner crossed the finishing line. Bloody hell!!! Finished!!! Mind you there were only about 6 people to see him do it. Well done Tugger!
He probably went off to bed and I went off out into the darkness on a dirt bike path on Steve Irwin Way going to Wild Horse Mtn. I had finished my running for the race, now a good speed power walk, much slower up the mountain to place a token on a cup to indicate you had made it to the top. Even at night, the view is really good, even better when you do it a second time on the way back in the daylight.
After Wild Horse Mtn, the eastern section has two loops each about 10 km long, easy to follow, well marked with dolomite arrows on the ground, white ribbons hanging from trees, and red glow sticks about at important corners. However, you must concentrate at all times, even after nearly a day of constant moving. Poor Suzannah, missed corners twice and covered extra distance, using a mobile phone to ask for directions from one of the course markers in the middle of the night.
Disappointed here at 3 or 4 am to get passed by 3 runners, just going a little better than me after 140 kms. Still, I was in forward motion, I could see the sun coming up, it was going to get warmer and I was closing in on the finish line.
The sun came up nearing Wild Horse Mtn again, then it was 12 kms to the finish back to Steve Irwin Way and on to the school we called base. Several cars tooted as I made my way next to the highway, obviously fellow runners long finished, but appreciating the efforts of others. Earlier I said, about 6 people saw the winner finish, but I had a crowd of 20 there when I crossed the line, and gee it was great. I lost less than 1 kg in weight during the run, must have taken in plenty.
A tough day out, good fun, do it again, maybe, maybe not. Good to catch up with fellow ultra nuts, very few real die hards about in this sport. A couple of hours after the run has finished, all they talk about about is " are you doing Great North Walk or Coast to Kozi? " How about recovering from this one?
Presentations over, received the cup and medal for finishing, photo taken, then off to get some sleep. It's not until then that the tiredness sets in, so a couple of hours of rest, then shower, food and back to bed. It helps to take a couple of pain killers, then into the pool at the motel for 15 minutes for some cool water, that helps.
We left on Monday for home, arrived middle of the afternoon Tuesday, away from home for almost 2 and a half weeks. Some bad weather, rain and storms in the first week, nothing very hot, warm on race day, nice the rest of the time. The Garmin GPS is still not back after it stopped, but other than that all went well.
Blisters get looked at later this week, no running until early next week, maybe a bike ride later this week or over the weekend. Next big run, Brindabella Classic on 19th Oct, only 54 kms, should be able to that.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Almost Time to Run

Distance: 4.5 km
Time: 24' 00"
Rate: slow
Weather: sunny, temp 23 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm

We drove from Gold Coast to Caboolture after waiting for peak hour traffic to finish on the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane. Stopped in at JohnnyAppleseed GPS to see if the Garmin could be saved. Some good news and bad news from them.
Good news is it is not water damage, bad news is the whole unit has stopped,buttons won't work, but Garmin may, just may, replace it even though it is well out of warranty. Even so, I won't have it for the Glasshouse run, but may have a new one sent to home by the time I get back next week.
An easy jog around the parklands here in Caboolture,mid afternoon to acclimatize. Today Friday, it rained overnight, just enough to settle the dust, the track should still be dry and dusty. Temp forecast for Saturday is top at 25 degrees, there is plenty of shade so won't be too bad.
Race briefing tonight at 6.00 pm followed by pasta and a chat with other runners. Getting nervous, should be Ok, really just aiming to finish in one piece.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Where is the Warmth?

Distance: 6.0 km
Time: 34' 00"
Rate: 5' 40" per km
Distance: 6.0 km
Time: 36' 00"
Rate: 6' 00" per km
Weather: sunny, morning temp 20 degrees, humidity 40%, wind light northerly, afternoon, temp 18 degrees, humidity 40%, wind light easterly, sea temp 19 degrees.
Week: 27.4 km
Sept: 65.85 km
Year: 3452.2 km in 36 weeks at 95.9 km ave per week

The Gold Coast is supposed to be warm, sunny and visitor friendly. Well, the locals are doing their bit, the wind is very gentle, the rain has gone, but gee the sun is having a holiday as well.
Brisbane had it's coldest August for many years, the locals have complained. Today was an easing down day, a casual run this morning on the beach, then not much during the day, a stroll up to central Surfers.
Afternoon, brother decides he needs to go for a run. That's good, I can out run him now, but way back when he was younger, I would have had no chance, but I didn't run then. I play golf and drank beer.
Out we went, down towards Kurrawa Surf Club, same as this morning, but on the grass with the little bit of wind assisting. Back on the sand, wind slightly against, soft sand, the km rate says it all, slow, but good fun.
Back to our holiday apartment, towel in hand, down to the spa, pool, sauna, spa and pool again.
Too easy, good day, just need some warmth. Off to Jupiters Casino now, may need to take a jumper.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gold Coast

Dist. 12.3 km in 61' 04" at 4'58" per km
Weather: sunny,temp 22 degrees, humidity 50%, wind 15 km nthy, sea temp 19 degrees
Distance: 15.4 km in 76' 30" at 4' 58" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 40%, wind light east off sea, sea temp 19 degrees
Week: 15.4 km
Sept: 53.85 km
Year" 3440.2 km

We drove from South West Rocks on Friday in the worst weather conditions I have experienced. Down to 50 kmph on the highway, rain almost horizontal, at least we have a clean car. Made it safely to Tweed Heads, golf club at night for the all you can eat feast. Ate too much as you do.
Easy drive to Surfers Paradise, staying just south of the where the tourists go and just 100 metres from the beach.
Both yesterday and today were bare feet runs on the beach to toughen the feet for a long day next weekend. Plenty of people about, a few worth a second look, but I don't think many would be able to run 100 of anything. The tide was going out, the sand was soft but I had a great run both days.
Only problem was I fell in the sea resting the legs and the GPS took on salt water, no sure what has happened yet, need to wait until the insides dry out. Not happy, some of the buttons are not working.
We are here until mid week, sharing an apartment with brother and s-i-l.
Heaps of rain on the Sunshine Coast last week, 100 mls at Caboolture near the Glasshouse Mtns is not a good sign for a dry track. However, there is still a week to go. Also good new for the organisers, a record field in the 100 mile, hopefully over 30 starters, should be good.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dry Cleaned Kookaburras

Distance: 11.55 km
Time: 57' 54"
Rate: 5' 01"
Weather: cloudy, rain overnight, temp 17 degrees, humidity 85%, wind sthy 20 km
Week: 35.1 km
Sept: 26.15 km
Year: 3412.5 km

It rained last night upsetting the kookaburras in the trees around the park. At least they are clean, and dry from the wind. But they woke up at 5 am at let us know all about it.
Plenty of rain overnight and today, lucky to find a dry hour to go for a run this morning. Stayed on the bike paths around here, out to the Trial Bay gaol at Arakoon and back. A cool southerly wind made the run back easy. The out and back was reasonably flat so a much quicker run than on the soft sand yesterday.
Leave tomorrow for Gold Coast or close to it. Would like some warmer weather to acclimatise in case the following weekend is hot.
There is also another family of ducks around, six babies this time just a bit older than the babies we saw yesterday. They seem to go from the river to the swimming pool, and eat on the way.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On the Road

Where: South West Rocks, North Coast NSW
Distance: 14.6 km
Time: 86' 18"
Rate: 5' 55" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NE at 20 km, sea temp 19 degrees
Week: 23.55 km
Sept: 14.6 km
Year: 3400.95 km

Left home Monday morning in no rush except to get past Sydney without too many problems. I had already booked an e-pass on the M7 so that makes it so much easier and saves heaps of time all for about $7.00.
Plenty of phones to brother and s-i-l from Tassie who had been in Sydney for a few days and were also travelling north.
We met for breakfast at Forster on Tuesday morning, they were then going to visit friends at Port McQuarie and we were heading to South West Rocks for a couple of days.
This place is so nice we are staying until Friday. A cabin in a 4 star tourist park, facing the river, the pelicans, mum and dad ducks with 8 babies not more than a few days old, kookaburras in the trees, and just a warm up jog to a 3 km long front beach and 1.5 back beach to run.
I ran the beaches this morning, all soft sand, the tide was going out, really nice out to Trial Bay, site of the old gaol, and back. Then a very tough inland soft sand trail out the mouth of the Macleay River and back.
Good conditions weather wise, warm, wind off the sea, low humidity, and few people. This place would be packed in school holidays, and I now why.
Tweed Heads on Friday, apparently the seafood is very good at the golf club on Friday nights. We will soon find out.
Not much to do here, just the way we like it. Holidays are to relax, refresh and recover. I'm good at all three.
We catch up with brother and s-i-l at Tweed Heads again, and then later next week.