Two Fruits

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All the 50's

Today: Distance: 7.50 km Time: 43' 50" Rate: 5' 50" per km Weather: cloudy, light drizzle, temp 15 degrees, humidity 85%, wind west 20 kmph Week: 29.15 km, March: 62.1 km, Year: 781.05 km Crappy day with strong winds overnight, then light drizzle this morning. It fined up enough to get out for a short run. Nothing special just another exploring direction to see if there are any tracks to follow. In short, not much, except on footpaths. Justine from Masterchef was on The Circle this morning, another hot dish, not quite as hot as Courtney, but not too bad. Holiday time, too much time to just take it easy, watching morning TV is pretty bad.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Courtney's on the TV

Today: Distance: 12.0 km Time: 68' 19" Rate: 5' 40" per km Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%, wind Westerly 25 kmph Week: 21.65 km, March: 54.6 km, Year: 773.55 km I followed the marathon course out to the Granada Tavern and back this morning. Nothing special except pushing into the wind on the way out. I would expect a windy day at the marathon would be hard work, it was a cool breeze blowing as well. My favourite Masterchef contestant was on TV on Monday morning on the Kerrie-Anne show. Then low and behold she's in a Harvey Norman ad a couple of times. Made my day !!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Day in the Sun

Today: Distance: 9.65 km Time: 54' 54" Rate: 5' 48" Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 50%, wind light NW at 15 kmph Week: 9.65 km, March: 42.6 km, Year: 761.55 km. Three days in a row of short distance running, mainly due to being settled for a while and the bad weather has gone for the moment. Lucky we are not in the north of the state, floods have created havoc, the rivers are full. Today, a mixture of the last couple of courses, slow rate due to getting back to the nice narrow track beside the Derwent river behind the racecourse and Entertainment Centre. Stopped to watch the yachts sailing on Montrose Bay, a peaceful and relaxing hour on a nice autumn day. Cut the grass for my brother-in-law this afternoon, because he works weird hours and days. At the chocolate factory, production goes on and on and on. He has another couple of 12 hour days then has 8 days off. But then it's no rest for almost 2 weeks before getting a big break again. Certainly not family friendly work conditions, and wouldn't suit me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

And Half a Turn

Distance: 8.85 km
Time: 46' 58"
Rate: 5' 18" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 19 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm
Week: 15.15 km, March: 32.95 km, Year: 751.9 km

Mrs Muscles will be grumpy, she needs big hug and some one's shoulder to cry on, please help !!
I found the half marathon turn sign today behind the Derwent Entertainment Centre as I went out towards Montrose bay picnic area and back.
The pace was better as it was all flat. Nothing special today, but was nice to back running for 2 days in a row.
Mrs TF is trying to find the floor in her mother's bedroom, it's under everything, it was there few years ago.
She is also going to visit some aged care places on Monday, mother-in-law at age 88 needs full time care, but needs someone to do the ground work to find a suitable facility.
At least all I do is drive, or don't go, and run instead. It would be nice to have a warm sunny day, it was cold last night.
We have booked to return to the big island on a day sailing on Monday 2nd May. If not, there are no vacancies for car and caravan until 16th June. The Tasmanian "grey nomads" leave in droves to escape winter after Easter.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Marathon Turn

Where are we? Hobart, Tas.
Distance: 6.3 km
Time: 38' 23"
Rate: 6'05" per km
Weather: sunny !!, temp 18 degrees, humidity 55%, wind NW 20 kmph
Week: 6.3 km, March: 24.1 km, Year: 743.05 km

First run in 10 days, this time on a different island. Finally the rain & wind have stopped. And so have we slowed down the pace. We are staying for some time now at my mother-in-law's place in Hobart, the van parked in the back yard.
We are not tourists at the best of time, more long term travellers, not much sight seeing for us to do in Hobart. Much has changed since I lived in Hobart in the 1970's for 8 years, the traffic is horrible, only a couple of main roads to handle more traffic than Canberra.
A sunny morning & not much happening allowed me the chance to get out. I ran towards the Bowen bridge, along a nice dirt track near the edge of the Derwent River coming out behind the Elwick Racecourse.
Heading back towards the start, I see a sign on the road that had "M turn". This is where the marathon turns after going behind the Entertainment Centre & the horse racing track. All this is very familiar territory. Next year's Cadbury marathon, may be not!
The Bruny Is trip has been postponed due to the rough weather, a 45 minute open ferry ride across Storm Bay is not for the faint hearted on a bad day. So we think a one day trip may be next week will have to do.
Otherwise, the running will need to ramp up, or the shorts and tops won't fit.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weather as Expected

Running= still Nil
Where are we now: Hobart

Arrived in Tassie after a uneventful, but choppy crossing of Bass Strait. We had a cabin for the journey but many did not, deciding to sit up or just snooze in a chair.
A 9 hour trip in daylight gives time to a nana nap, and a bed is a better choice than snoring in public.
After leaving Port Phillip Bay, there is not a lot to see, although our cabin was right at the front, looking over the bow. The view entering the Mersey River at Devonport is really good from the very front of the ship.
An early exit from the lower decks as we had the van in tow, but a not so quick passing through quarantine. They are quite carefull in Tassie not to allow any diseases in especially from food or plants. Often the sniffer dog will jump around if the smell of a banana or orange is detected.
The weather deteriorated soon after hitting the shores, it hasn't stopped raining since. The real damage has been the wind from the east, unusual as Tassie is in the middle of the westerly Roaring Forties.
A travellers crossing last night were about 2 hours late getting in to Devonport, must have been a rough trip.
A day in Ulverstone to visit friends and my brother, then today we headed south to Hobart. Weather terrible, strong wind and rain, lost an extension mirror off the car, but I didn't like the position of it anyway.
A rest day tomorrow, then hopefully off to Bruny Is to my niece-in-law's holiday shack for a week. I hope the weather improves, I would like run some of the roads and trails that the 64 km Bruny Is run held in December covers.
In my condition, that probably means about 5 kms of it, but I have to start back somewhere.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let The Journey Begin


Running: nil

Too busy to run, in fact too busy just getting ready to slow down.

There we were almost set to go, the power lead still connected, the roof of the van still up.

We were ready to go. It took about 6 hours to pack up the house, transfer all necessary gear to the van, check & recheck the house.
At 3:33 pm this afternoon we drove out away heading south to Melbourne by Monday morning at 9:00 am for a day sailing across Bass Strait to Tassie. That is the total extent of the plan, otherwise it's just go as we see it.
I'll update as best I can, certainly any major news will be posted here.
Tonight we are somewhere south of Gundagai in a rest area, hopefully the truck noise will ease and the cows won't wake up too early tomorrow morning.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not Much to Update

Distance = 4.7 km in 25'50" at ave 5' 32"
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 68%, wind calm
March: 17.8 km, Year: 736.75 km

The motivation is returning, but the time available is not. It matter's not, there is nothing on the running horizon.
Still busy getting last minute problems sorted out, and starting the packing up process. I'm glad we are not moving the entire house contents, that would be impossible.
We had given ourselves plenty of time and now, finally, the "To do" list is empty. Anything else can wait until after winter, like replace the microwave, it expired during the week.
The lap top arrived today, now need to set it up and I can give updates as we move along the path to nowhere. If my technical knowledge can work it all out, there may be some pictures. I have all the bits and pieces to take, save, download, upload, and post.
If that happens as it should, you may see something, otherwise plan B is, delete.
On the running front, I have decided on post holiday running events, including a couple of new ones to try, off road, hilly and minimum, marathon distance.
I'll list them soon when I look up the dates and places.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spectator at Weston Creek Half

Distance: 6.35 km in 39'39" at ave 6' 13" per km
Weather: nice morning, sunny, temp 16 degrees, humidity 90%, wind calm

Softshoe and myself jogged around and generally chatted to any one that would listen while to Weston Creek half marathon was being conducted.
Last chance to say goodbye to friends, and a chance to rekindle some interest in running, and just being around others with the same interest. I think it worked.
I haven't been to a Weston Creek half in over a decade, although I did run a few in the early '90's before I had an bigger desire to run Six Foot Track, always on the same weekend.
Short shake down trip to Cooma this morning with a half packed up van in tow, almost ready to head off into the unknown.
Mrs TF still has a desire to move back to Tassie to live, we will see if that happens after the first argument with her family on our return.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing Much Yet

Last Tuesday:

Distance: 6.75 kms

That's all the info I have. I did time the run but the Garmin is at work waiting for the weather to clear.
Training Centre only down loads gross time not net time, so in fact I took and hour and a half.
I can't be bothered with Garmin Connect, but I will have to if TC doesn't give me the info I want.
It still comes down to lack of motivation. One day it will return, probably be on that smaller island south of Victoria.
I have been looking at events after August, a couple of good off road marathons before end of the year, then a couple of new events in Jan/Feb. May be a return to SFT in 2012 ?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

No Change Yet

Running = Nil

Inspiration lacking plus a bit busy getting ready to head off on a holiday adds up to no running.

It really doesn't matter at all, there is no plan, no reason & no motivation. But, another few nice days after some cool nights and I might have to drag the Garmin out of hibernation.

I'll let you know when it happens, if it happens.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Post Race

Running = Nil

A couple of days later, and reality hits. The run day is over, the result below par, but that can't be changed.
What went wrong, and what went right ?
Right, I managed to cover 94 kms in less than half a day. I've recovery well, no problems just the usual lack of interest in putting the running shoes on again for a while.
Wrong, trying to cram too much in to too little spare time over the past 3-4 months. Not enough good solid long running mid week, leading to some less than optimal weekly distances.
The past few months have been quite hectic and I think the running suffered due to so many other things happening. I think stronger would have helped handle the conditions on the day.
There is still so much to get ready for our holiday, the notice board is still full of " to do" or " to buy" and not much time left. Some things will have to wait, except important lunch dates.