Two Fruits

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

End of February Run

Distance: 20.1 km
Time: 1 hr 52 mins 28 secs
Rate: 5'35" per km
Weather: strange day,mild,calm,temp range 19-21 degrees, humidity 70%, thunder clouds, showers & lightning just after back home.

Distance: 40.8 km
Running days: 3/4
Ave: 13.6 km per day

February total:
Distance 339.3km
Running days: 19/28
Ave: 17.86 km per day

YTD 800.95km

Very strange day out there with the storm clouds looking like they would open up at any time. Nothing compared with last night's storm but running out in the open with thunder and lightning around is no fun and at times can be dangerous. Humidity again today was a limiting factor, a dry warm day is much better for running.

Made it around a circuit over to Theodore, over the hills and back home without a problem and at a reasonable pace without pushing. Last 6.5 km from the sub station home were best of the trip. Felt a little sluggish at first but that is not unusual after a massage even a couple of days before.

A few more days in February would have made the running figures look better but can only blame the Romans or whoever invented the modern calendar.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Almost a CJ

Running distance: Nil
Mtn bike distance: 15km
Time: 1hr

I was allowed to go for a ride on the mountain bike this afternoon after the massage yesterday. The day turned out OK after some overnight showers and a cloudy morning, so away I went.
Just an easy ride but maybe too easy, not concentrating as well as I should on a sandy loose track near the river. Got a little sideways on a corner, the front wheel goes one way, the back slides the other, and I just hang on. Fortunately I was going slowly, but it could have been that moment when I undid 4 months of hard work.
No damage except a couple of scratches & quick reality check. Cleaned the sand off in the river and cooled the legs, much better riding home.
The wake up call that had to come. Everything had been too good to be true to date, no falls, no injuries, no sickness.
Tomorrow back to using the feet to stay upright.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Recovery & Massage

Distance: 13.1 km
Time: 1 hr 7 mins 15 secs
Rate: 5'08" per km
Weather, part sun/cloud,mild,temp range 19-21 degrees,south east wind at 25kmph,humidity 50%

Distance 20.7 km
Running days: 2/2
Ave: 10.35 km per run

Distance: 319.2km
Running days: 18/26
Ave: 17.73 km per run

YTD 780.85 km

At yesterdays vet's handicap, I arranged to have a massage this week to soothe the weary legs, find any aches & pains and generally relax for a hour. The good part is the relaxing hour, the bad part is it can hurt if and when the sore spots are found. You know,get me back down from the ceiling, it hurts.

Luckily not much damage has been done over recent months considering all the training, just a small tight spot in left hamstring. Probably more good luck than anything, I don't stretch as much as I should, but I am right into recovery after a run so all that must help. Must also drink plenty after the massage to clear away the toxins. Feels great during and after, just should have one more often.

To not undo the benefits of the massage, there is no running the next day, so I went out this morning for a relaxing 13km at casual pace. As usual, I stopped to stand in the river for 10 minutes before heading home, part of the injury prevention program.

Bike ride tomorrow, just don't fall off.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

ACT Veteran's Handicap

Distance: 6.3km plus warm up 1.3km
Race time: 25'00"
Rate: 3'58" per km
Weather: mild,cloudy,temp range 17-19 degrees,humidity 60%
Finish result: 22nd

I had no idea how I would run today backing up after yesterday's 28.5km. The first 2.5km are steady uphill and I thought I would struggle, but that was not the case. Ran really well catching several runners from groups in front early and running away after passing the horse paddocks. Much faster downhill today with all kms then well under 4.00 min per km.
Passed the main bunch with about 1km to go but the leaders had too much start including CJ, ran strongly to the finish, the handicapper will be impressed. Looks like I go back another group after today, soon I will be starting with the good runners.
I always feel as though I run well if the back markers don't catch me and only one did today.
Organised for a massage tomorrow so no running, might just go for a bike ride on Tuesday and run again on Wednesday, easing down and freshening up are now the priorities.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Return to Cotter

Distance: 28.5 km
Time: 2 hrs 35 mins 47 secs
Rate: 5' 27" per km
Weather:7:15am start,high cloud,calm,temp range 17-24 degrees, very humid 60%

Distance: 108.7 km
Running days: 6/7
Ave: 18.12 km per run

Distance: 298.5 km
Running days: 16/24
Ave: 18.66 km per run

YTD 760.15 km

Returned to the Cotter this week for the 1st time since October last year. This was the 123rd time I have been to the Cotter running, starting back on 26/3/1994 and always taking distances in miles with the common ones being the 15,18,& 21 mile.Only 3 times have I done the 24 mile which is a 2nd loop of the 18 mile but once I did a double loop of the 15 mile when training for a 12 hour on the track. At times there have been variations with the introduction of the wimps way/jelly legs loop and many starting at Bullock Paddock Road and running past Vanity's Crossing to the finish. Bushfires in the recent past completely changed the environment, now an open space with many of the tracks previously hidden visible.
Of course the longer runs include the last part of the Brindabella Classic course so the locals are very familiar with the area.

Today the humidity was more the problem with the cloud not giving any respite. Still managed a respectable run over 18 miles although at first I was going to do the 21 mile.There is race with the ACT Veteran's Athletics tomorrow so no need to push today.Also nice to let the legs have some cool water at Vanity's but the water level is still very low, well below knee height.
Last long run before Six Foot Track in 2 weeks.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Beat the rain

Distance: 14.6 km
Time: 1 hr 14 mins 58 secs
Rate 5'07" per km
Weather: Sunny, very light breeze, temp range 22-28 degrees, humidity 50%

Distance: 80.2 km
Running days: 5/6
Ave: 16.04 km per run

Distance: 270.0 km
Running days: 15/23
Ave: 18.0km per run

YTD 731.65 km

Just got home today before a thunder storm hit the Tuggeranong valley but before that, managed to get an easy run and swim to help the recovery following last night at the track. Nothing exiting to report just around the usual running tracks near Pine Is and the river. The water seems to be getting warmer as the level drops a bit.

The run went well but the legs just seem a little weary so must be careful not to over it. I think a massage is in order early next week after Saturday's long run and vet's handicap on Sunday.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

25 laps

Distance: 10,000 metres
Time: 40'23"
Rate: 4'02.3" per km
Weather, dark, calm, temp about 22 degrees, humidity 60%

The ACT Veteran's Athletic held the 10,000 metres championship on the AIS running track tonight in good conditions except it was a little humid. No wind unlike the one hour run a couple of weeks ago and obviously a little shorter time wise to be out there running around in circles. Always good fun does not matter what the event.

Probably started out a little too fast but soon settled into a rythmn but slowed between 4-6 km easing out to 1 min 40 sec laps. After getting to 7km, picked up the pace again returning to the 1 min 37 sec laps and finished with a 1 min 31 sec to finish with a fairly good result on no sprint running at all.
Same as in the one hour run, could have kept the same pace going but not gone faster. No problems after last Sunday or Tuesday. Great night, very enjoyable.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Playing it Safe

Running Distance: Nil
Mtn Bike distance: 15km
Weather: Morning, sunny, calm, temp about 22 degrees, humidity 35%.

After 4 good days of running, changed the plans for today. I had to go down town so rode the mountain bike for a change, along the gravel and sandy tracks near the river, great fun. Kept the riding easy in the lower gears so not to push too hard except on the flat and small bits of downhill. Very relaxing ride, stopped at Pine Is for a swim to help the recovery process. Good day both physically and mentally.
Must keep the plan simple and refreshing with no room for mistakes.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Black Mountain

Distance: 20.7 km
Time: 1hr 51 mins 18 secs
Rate: 5'23" per km
Weather:Sunny, calm, temp range 18-26 degrees, humidity 60%

Distance: 55.0 km
Running days: 3/3
Ave: 18.33 km per run

Distance: 244.8 km
Running days: 13/20
Ave: 18.83 km per run

YTD 706.45 km

Today was very similar to last Tuesday except in reverse to bring Black Mountain into the run later to be similar to the run out of Cox's River and up the Mini Saddle on Six Foot Track. The only way to really get used to the SFT course is to run the hills as late as possible after the legs have had enough and the mind is looking for a rest. It doesn't come easy but then in a couple of weeks time, nothing will be easy.
Started out along the bike path beside LBG until the underpass near the National Zoo when I headed over into the pines. Took a little longer route before climbing up to the top of Dairy Farmer's Hill for a short rest and to look at the construction work below.
I had to go the long way around the workers before the descent on the gun barrel and past the cork plantation.Made it under, around and dodged Glenlock before starting the climb up the back tracks of Black Mountain. Surprised myself with the ease of the climb up the summit trail to the top before returning past the Botanical Gardens to the start. Good run today, must say there is some confidence there now and just hope I haven't peaked too early for SFT. The section from top of Dairy Farmer's Hill to top of Black Mtn was 7.75km in 46' 02 " so a rate under 6 mins per km. Should be happy with that.
An easy 14km tomorrow, 10,000 mtrs on the track on Thursday night before a rest on Friday and 33km at the Cotter on Saturday before some tapering should now round out a fairly solid 4 months of preparation for SFT.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Recovery by the river

Distance: 14.75 km
Time: 1 hr 14 mins 0 secs
Rate: 5'01' per km
Weather: cloudy, calm, temp range 22-27 degrees, humidity 50%

Did not quite know how today would be after yesterday on the mountain, so just had to see how the legs responded after a few kms. Surprisingly good, so kept up a solid pace without pushing either the pace or luck. The weather seemed cooler than the figures show so maybe that was why I saw only one mtn bike rider out on the tracks. It should rain again this afternoon by the look of the clouds over the Brindabella Ranges.
A run that followed the usual track beside the river between Point Hut and Pine Is where I stop to stand in the water for a while to aid the recovery. It seems to work.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mt Tennent

Distance: 19.55 km
Time: 1hr 51 mins 24 secs
Rate: 5'42" per km
Weather: Good, sunny, calm, temp range 17-24 degrees, humidity 40%

As we drove down through Tharwa township towards Namadgi Visitor's Centre, the top of the mountain was covered in cloud. The gathered runners arranged transport to the start and the clouds slowly cleared to reveal a sunny sky. The open section out to Bushfold Flats would be exposed with little breeze to help. A group of 40 approx started the long climb of almost 7 km to the top. Start altitude of 760 metres, dropping 100 in first half a km, and then onward and upwards to 1380 metres above sea level.
Managed to run all the way to the top in just over 50 minutes,the leader would have been over 12 minutes in front at this stage, but then he is the Aust open champ. Let the handbrake off on the downhill and surged without being out of control. Reached the turn to Bushflod Flats and slowed quickly but still under 5:00mpk on the open, undulating section out and back.
Trying to push the last 3km to the finish, was surprised at how good the legs were especially the quads. A far better run today than 2 years ago by 8 minutes so SFT in 3 weeks has a chance of being good. The training is starting to show dividends.
Picked up a chocolate Easter Bunny in the barrel draw, as did most other runners who didn't take the bottle of wine.
As I write this at 3pm, the clouds have returned and the thunder is quite often and loud. Just hope for some more rain as we have been having these afternoons recently for no result.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A gentle jog

Distance: 18.05km
Time: 1 hr 36 mins 41 secs
Rate: 5'21" per km
Weather: Perfect, sunny, calm, temp range 21-27 degrees, humidity 38%

Distance 67.4 km
Running days 4 / 7
Ave: 16.85 km per run

Distance: 189.8 km
Running days: 10 / 17
Ave: 18.98 km per run

YTD 651.45 km

Today we should have driving to Victoria but instead had to settle for an easy run down around the river on a perfect day in the nation's capital. Not a cloud in sight but that may change later as it has over the last few days when there has been a chance of a drop of rain or thunder. The river is cooling down and recent rain has really increased the flow and raised the height.
Not much to report except the GPS for some reason did not record some of the maps or altitude for 6km of the run. I would have thought today was as good as it gets for a signal but then sattelite no.4 that records these parts may have been away on leave. Speaking of leave, I have started 2 weeks away from work today so time to get some solid training in with only 3 weeks to SFT.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Decision Day

Distance: Nil

Hoping for the best and getting the bad news, Maroondah Dam run postponed because of the very high temperatures expected over the weekend in Victoria. The run may be rescheduled to late March if possible.
Will go back to original plan and do a run tomorrow and go to Mt Tennent/Bushfold Flats on Sunday morning. Not quite the same but at least training for SFT will not be affected too much.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Distance: 14.95km
Time: 1hr 15 mins 11 secs
Rate: 5'01" per km
Weather: Start time 11:00AM, perfect day, sunny, calm, temp range 20-24 degrees, humidity 50%

With the uncertainty of the weekend, I had 3 choices today, a mountain bike ride with some guys from work, would have been good, a hilly run over Mt Tuggeranong on the chance that I would run Mt Tennent on Sunday or an easy run down to Pine Is and a swim on the chance that I would still go to Maroondah Dam.
Being an optomist, I chose that latter because it was the easiest and least risky depending on the next few days. Usual course down to Woodcock Dr towards the river, follow the track from Point Hut to Pine Is, stop for swim and gentle jog back home. Relatively flat, nice run on perfect day and no problems,good solid run.
There will no decision on Maroondah Dam until late in the week so not to put off any runners who may enter late should the run still go ahead.
Doesn't matter either way if the run is cancelled, at least for once there is a back up Plan B, straight up Mt Tennent from Apollo Road, down onto Bushfold Flats and back to the start, Just under 19km, not quite 50km but still a good run.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bludge Wednesday

Distance: Nil

I had work to do for the Mountain Running Assoc so had a day off running instead although it looked like a nice day outside. Felt really good after yesterday on Black Mtn but plans are up in the air for this weekend as a Total Fire Ban is expected in the mountains in Vic with high temps expected. The Maroondah Dam run will have to be postponed if that happens. As a wannabecoach said, that lack of water in the dam means the event will only be 35km around instead of 50km.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Black Mountain

Distance: 19.05 km
Time: 1 hr 42 mins 57 secs
Rate: 5'24" mpkm
Weather: Good for running, cloudy, calm, temp range 15-19 degrees, humidity 50%

Distance: 24.4 km
Running days: 2/3
Ave: 17.2 km per run

Distance: 156.8 km
Running days: 8/13
Ave: 19.6 km per run

YTD: 618.45 km

Back to Black mountain using similar course to that we used on Tuesday's last year. Not very often get to the vet's group run ( although ran alone after a while) but had to be at Narrabundah Primary School early this morning and in Belconnen at lunch time so the run fitted in nicely. Started out with the group as we headed towards the National Botanical Gardens, a speeding bicyclist,who thought he owned the path knocked Michael Freer over as he ran along in a group. Didn't catch up with the end result but the group were not happy.
Continued around the back of the Botanic Gardens and joined the summit trail to the top. Back down and around the back down to the roadworks at Rani Road, so finally found a bike path taking care and headed over to the Cork plantation. Made my way to the gun barrel hill and around more roadworks to the top of Dairy Farmer's Hill. Found a way under the Tuggie Parkway to the National Zoo and another bike path on edge of LBG back to the start.
A bit longer and much faster than best run over similar course last year so am hoping both this weekend in Vic and SFT in 3 weeks time will see good results.
Just need to stay heathy and injury free. No mistakes now in the training, so far so good.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Casual Monday

Distance: 15.35km
Time: 78 mins 22 secs
Rate 5'06" mpkm
Weather, mild, cloudy/part sun, temp range 17-20 degrees, humidity 50%, Windy 30kmph

Easy week now having entered Maroondah Dam 50km this weekend. Casual easy run down along the river from Point Hut to Pine Is and back home behind Bonython. Almost as flat as I can get in this area. River now has a bit more water in it although a dirty coloured brown after plenty of rain over the weekend.Water temp is starting to cool down as well so that is good for recovery.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday - Rest Day

Distance: Nil

Don't usually run on a Sunday and with the weather very average today, a good decision. We still need rain but not all the way through my garage. Whenever we get a real downpour, the water just goes down the driveway and into the garage. Hope today for a little sun to dry out the carpet on the floor, doesn't everyone have carpet on the garage floor?
Looking a change of plans for next weekend and go to Melbourne with Mick C for the Maroondah Dam Trail Run on Sunday. Yesterday's run showed I could get thru a 50km mountain run and recover in time for SFT. Also have 2 weeks holiday after to rest up.

Late today posted off entry form, run is on Sunday morning, so rest afterwards and drive back home on Monday. Should be fun having never ran in the area before although I have missed the cut off at the Bogong to Hotham run a few years ago.

That was the hardest 34km I have ever done,running for over 6 hours and missing the cut by half and hour. Wonderful scenery to the top of Mt Bogong.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mt Tennent

Distance: 30.65 km
Time: 3hrs 29 mins 50 secs
Rate: 6'50" mpk
Weather: mild, cloudy to start clearing to sunny, calm day, temp range 17 - 24 degrees, humidity about 40%

Distance: 74.6 km
Running days: 4/7
Ave: 18.65 km per run

Distance: 122.4 km
Running days: 6/10
Ave: 20.4 km per run

YTD: 584.05km

Today was the last really long tough run before Six Foot Track and I think the training has finally paid off. And it may have been better if the clouds and a few rain drops had hung around but the weather cleared by the time we got to the top of the mountain.
We ran the same course as the previous two times to give a comparision with times. Today was better weather wise, not as warm but the mountain is still the same height, very noticable on the 2nd trip to the summit.
Must say today was a good run for me taking nearly 15 minutes off the time on 20th Jan and better by 40 minutes on 23rd Dec. Very little of the improvement is on the 1st trip up, less than 1 minute, but the endurance from lots of hill running comes into effect on the run down over Bushfold Flats down to Apollo Road and then the climb back up to the summit. Took almost 7 minutes off the climb up this week compared with 3 weeks ago. Still had to walk in places but even the walking is faster.
Even improved by over 4 minutes on the technical downhill from the top back to the Namadgi Visitor's Centre getting down the track in 42mins 25secs compared with 46 mins 50 secs a couple of weeks ago. Just let yourself go and hope to stay on your feet, a fall is not good when the bottom is several hundred metres below.
Really enjoyed today, ran well, no problems, no sore spots, no falls, great day out. Must thank Mick, Nick, Mike and Carol for their company and the coach for his support, couldn't work all this out myself,not smart enough for that. The person that inspires me to continue also needs special thanks, you don't know who you are.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The day before

Distance: Nil

Rest day as it turned out after last night's one hour track run. I had planned to soak the legs in the cool waters of Pine Is after work but stayed back to help out covering a school run. That finished up making the day too long so I just rode the bike home and put the feet up.

Seemed to have recovered OK at this stage but half way up Mt Tennent in the morning it may be a different story. See how it goes.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Around in circles

Distance: 14.476 km
Time: 60 minutes
Rate: 4' 08.7" mpk
Weather: fine, mild, temp about 21 degrees, very humid, about 70%, strong southerly wind.

The one hour run was on at the track at the AIS tonight, my first real run at race pace since late November. A good number of runners and walkers turned up for this event which for some strange reason I like to do. A case of legs in gear and brain out of gear and away you go. No chance of getting lost, plenty of people to talk to as you go past or they pass you.
I always run this event the same way, easy first km to see how everything feels and then run to a consistant pace and try and maintain that the whole with maybe a final spurt in the last few minutes. It worked out that way tonight with a 4:20 km 1st and then settled into a comfortable pace at 4:06 - 4:08 the rest of the way quickening up at the end.
Felt as though I could have kept this going for longer but not faster as there has been no speed training for a long time. The endurance is there but no real speed. I beat last years distance by about 200 metres and will examine the lap splits when I get the recording sheet in due course.
I think I finished 5th with Trevor Jacobs smashing the M55 record going over 16km breaking the record by 2 laps.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Back in the swing

Distance: 19.3 km
Time: 1hr 41 mins 22 secs
Rate: 5' 14" per km
Weather: Start 3:15PM (after work) sunny, part cloud, temp 29 degrees, humidity 35%, light wind.

Week: 28.8km
Running days: 2 / 4
Ave: 14.4 km per run

Distance: 76.65 km
Running days: 3 / 7
Ave: 19.16 km per run

YTD: 538.3 km

After yesterday on Mt Taylor, it was time to get back into the swing of a decent long run. Although I am not the best at running after a day in the saddle, slaving over a hot wheel, I did manage to get the legs moving quite well.
A leisurely run over to Theodore behind Ewen's place to the sub station, a circuit of Tuggie Hill going over the ridge at the reservoirs to Conder, back to the sub station and back home via the Calwell oval.
Storm clouds in the southern sky probably made me run a bit quicker but also made the humidity seem higher than it actually was. I can't remember when I last ran in the rain.
Doesn't matter because I got the job done, enjoyed the run and am now looking to the one hour run on Thursday night and a good run up Mt Tennent on Saturday. Need to keep the effort up for the next couple of weeks before a gentle taper in late Feb. Also need to catch up to CJ who ( apart from falling over) is going really well. Those total will really take some hauling in.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Top of the Mount

Distance: 9.5 km
Time: 50 mins 48 secs
Rate: 5' 20" mpk
Weather: Start time 9.55AM, sunny behind smoke haze, calm, temp about 24 degrees, humidity, low.

Change of scenery today as it was a lunch time run from Woden bus interchange. After two rest days, it was time to get moving again, and with not much time in a lunch break ( 1hr 30 mins), just enough time to go to the top of Mt Taylor and back. You can eat lunch any time.
Surprisingly, today's run was very good with the climb to the summit of 4.75km taking 29 mins 24 secs and the run back down the same way taking 21 mins 24 secs, about 1:30 mins faster than just before Christmas. Very happy with the effort.
It would appear that I am back in business so onwards and upwards, just over 4 weeks to go before SFT.
Mt Taylor is about 860 metres above sea level with Woden Town Centre about 590 metres ASL. The first almost 2 km are just a steady climb with not much gain in height so it is really a solid 3 km of uphill. The view is well worth the trip. Usually see plenty of people on the tracks but not today, very quiet.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Part of the Plan

Distance: Nil

To make sure you don't get sick or injured you can have two days off in a row, it's not bludging, " just part of the plan". Riding the mountain bike to work today for the first time in almost 2 months took away the necessity to run. It's not very far to ride, just over 4.5 km each way but just far enough early in the morning, 5:30AM !! At least the wind was behind on the way home.

Nothing else to report, working during the day is just not fun. Where do all those cars come from? So much easier to work at night and run in the morning.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Something different

Weather: Sunny, calm, temp 22 degrees, beautiful

No running so dragged the mountain bike for the first time since pre Christmas to check out a change to a run course for the ACT veteran's athletic handicap series. Just the tonic after yesterday's plod around Mt Majura where everything seemed so hard. Legs felt fine, energy level were good and a bit of fun returned to the outing.
Yesterday, I could have thrown the whole plan out the window, but a day can make a big difference. Still need a bit of a rest as the past few weeks have been fairly big. This little plodder will be back in business soon.
There is a one hour run at the track on Thursday night, so that is a short term focus this week followed by a run up Mt Tennent on Saturday morning.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Teacher & Pupil

Distance: 32.85km
Time: 3hrs 27 mins 48 secs
Rate: 6'20" mpk
Weather: warm, sunny, calm, temp range 17 - 27 degrees, humidity 80 - 55%, muggy.

Distance: 100.3km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 20.06 km per run

Distance: 47.85km
Runnings days: 2/3

YTD: 509.5km

With rain and storms last night, the weather was always going to play a part in the run today. Warm and humid at start time just after sunrise, saw the perspiration coming out very early. Although we carried plenty of fluid, most was drank well before our return. I think perspiration took over from inspiration early on as well as the brain and legs seemed to be miles away from each other.
The run left out Mt Ainslie as that had a workout last week so we headed over to Mt Majura. With only one mountain to climb, the run should have been much easier. Somehow, there was no flow.
That's when a good student takes advantage and away she went. If not for the rain, I would have been eating dust. She seemed so strong today, read her story of today here because she deserves special mention, the improvement in the last 2 months has been really inspiring. It has kept me going alright.
After a soak of the legs in LBG, I think a couple of days rest are required.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Just another day

Distance: 15.00km
Time: 1hr 14 mins 53 secs
Rate: 5'00" mpk
Weather: Starting time 10:15AM, sunny, calm, temp range 19-23 degrees, humidity 55%

The problem with running alone is it gives you too much time to think. At times you can solve the world's problems, but really you need the mind to go blank and just run.
So today, with too much to think about, I just plodded along in my own world looking out for snakes. "Plodded" means slow and steady but getting the job done. So, my plodded is faster than others but aren't we all different, just get out there and enjoy yourself.
Went down on the river track and stopped for a swim again, need to recover in time for tomorrow's run. May be time to rethink the training plan for the rest of the year as it is going to be fairly intense and I can't be surrounded by negativity.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

The mental side of participation

Distance: Nil
Time: Forever

Weather: Whether or not.

I seem to have offended some people recently so today was best to stay at home. Call it a recovery or rest day, whatever, but there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

No wonder I run mostly by myself, doesn't take much to drag you down after a very good month. Wait and see if the mental side can get over the physical desire to get out again.