Two Fruits

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July - Where Are We ?


Monthly Handicap:
Where:  Little Black Mountain

Distance:  9.00 km
Time;  59' 27"
Rate:  6' 36"
Group start:  27  ( next time 26 )
Finished:  68th

July:  57.6 km,   Year:  1475.6 km

Caught in the middle of still in holiday mode, winter & trying to get this lingering injury fixed.
Ran without purpose or conviction last Sunday at the monthly handicap & consequently finished 3rd last.
I would have loved to be able to run the course hard, it was a ripper and would have suited me perfectly. May be next year.
Diagnosis of the hip problem should be Ok when I can get to a physio to get checked out. But, with travelling, working & no usable time to get to the physio at the moment, I'll either wait until back from Tassie in 3 weeks, or find someone down there.
Problem will be, anywhere, is finding someone I have confidence in.
One of the reasons I have never had a coach or advisor for my running is lack of confidence in believing they know what they are doing.
While July's km total is very low, it's higher than June & the first step towards a return to serious long distance running. The endurance base needs the remainder of this year before " training" can start.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Holiday Update


Where:  Evans Head,  NSW
Fri:  11.7.14 -  6.25 km in 35' 04" at 5' 36" per km
Sat:  12.7.14 -  6.90 km in 37' 48" at 5' 28" per km
Tue:  15.7.14 - 6.90 km in 39' 35" at 5' 44" per km
Wed:  16.7.14 - 7.55 km in 42' 46" at 5' 40" per km

Weather: all days mostly sunny, temps around 18 degrees, humidity 30%-50%, wind calm,
Running surface:  beach sand, ran bare feet
Recovery: 3 times swim after run in ocean 10 minutes

Where:  Black Mountain, Canberra, ACT

Distance: 9.00 km
Time:  98' 19"
Rate:  10' 56" per km ( walk )
Weather:  sunny, nice day, temp 14 degrees, humidity 67%, calm

Week:  9.00 km,  July:  48.6 km,  Year: 1457.6 km

Finally after almost 7 weeks on holidays, arrived back home. From a running point of view, not much happened with only 10 runs, all under 10 kms. 
Hip had been a problem in the cold weather, much better when it's warm. Rest has not fixed the main problem, but it has solved several other small problems.
Back home this week, I had my annual medical for my work bus licence and asked the doctor for his opinion on my hip.
After having my left ( problem) leg moved around in all directions, it appears it's not a hip problem. I had hoped it wasn't a bone socket issue which may not have been fixable.
It appears my stronger quads have overtaken the weaker hip flexor/ groin and an imbalance has caused the soreness. The pain has moved down the leg to be in the high quad area.
He advises a few trip to the physio and thinks this may solve the problem. If not, an e-ray/scan may be needed. There is improvement, base endurance is not all lost. The walk today was easy.
Just a matter of slow forward progress. There is a plan in place to increase the base & once pain free, focus on next year's target event.

Monday, July 7, 2014

More Backward Steps


Distance:   16.65 kms in 4 run days at ave 4.16 km

July to date:

Distance:  12.00 kms in 2 run days at ave 6.00 km

Year:  1421.00 kms in 27 weeks at ave 52.6 km p.w.

Fairly obvious to work out I have ran/walked 6 times in June & July.
A combination of travelling, a sore hip & lack of motivation have made this possible.
The motivation would be there if the hip would play it's part.
But, plenty of rest has failed to help repair the damage, so I will be seeking some professional advice when back home near the end of this month.
Bit pointless at the moment making any plans for next year when I can't get this year right.