Two Fruits

Monday, April 30, 2007

First Four Months

Distance: 15.9 km
Time: 92'54"
Rate: 5'49" per km
Weather: PM run,cloudy,cool,16 degrees,light NW breeze,humidity 60%
Week: 31.3 km
Running days: 2/2
Ave: 15.65 km per run day
April: 448.15 km
Running days: 21/30
Ave: 21.34 km per run day
Year: 1575.6 km
Running days: 83/120
Ave: 18.98 km per run day
First 4 months: 393.9 km per month ave
First 17 weeks: 91.75 km per week ave

Today ended the first 4 months of the year with the successful completion of the Six Foot Track and training for GH80 in 3 weeks on track. So far there have been no injuries or sickness to worry about, bought about by years of experience in long distance mountain running, a sensible training program knowing where the limits are, plenty of rest days, proper recovery and the fact that I love the training more than racing.
The above figures are well above any consecutive 4 months I have ever done. Surprisingly for all the kms done,there is still a bit of sprint speed still there with a solid run last Sunday.
Today's run was after work so ran at 2:30pm. From work on a loop around the base of Urambi Hill where the old vet's handicap went returning to Pine Is by the river tracks. The run was an attempt to get used to running tired, simulating running at the 6-7 hour mark in 3 weeks time. With a alarm clock going off before 5 am this morning, the best I can do to run after work, damn hard it is.
Also need another night run this week, probably Thursday night with Friday a rest day. Big run then on Saturday. Just need to be careful, don't do a CJ.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Monthly Handicap

Distance: Race, 10km plus 5.4km warm up and cool down
Time: Race, 42'04"
Rate: Race, 4' 12.4" per km
Finished: 53rd
Weather: cool, temp 14-16 degrees,cloudy,stiff west wind, humidity 60%
Week: 15.4km
April: 432.25km
Year: 1559.7km

Surprises come in all forms and running is no different. A midday start yesterday and a late afternoon finish with a few minutes only in the cool river water meant I still had a few sore and weary muscles with not much recovery before today's race. This event over our longest distance of 10 km is not the most difficult course we run, not hilly with a few undulating parts. A very good race course with a little bit of everything. A cloudy day with a light drizzle on the way to the event had visions of a wet race. In my 130 handicap race over more than 13 years, there have been only 5 a most wet run days on the last Sunday in the month. But the rain stayed away, yesterday's rain having softened up the track surface nicely.
Somehow, after a short warm up, away I went in the 3rd last handicap group giving the "go" runners 44 minutes start. The short version of the run was I felt fairly good all run, passed only by a couple later starters and finished 53rd, mid pack. Not too bad after yesterday. The surprise is all the aches and pains of long slow running have gone, back tomorrow I suppose.
As well, not much sleep, finished work at midnight, turned on the TV for the cricket, raining in Barbados as well, got 2 hours sleep, woke up again just in time for delayed start, saw a couple of hours of the Aussie batting,nodded off for while on the couch and finally got ready for the today's run. Should be ready for bed tonight straight after BB. Start work Monday morning at 5:50AM so may need a snooze at lunch break on the back seat. That is the weekend that was. Only 3 weeks to GH80 and looking forward to it.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rainy Saturdays

Distance: 32.4 km
Time: 3hrs 12mins 50secs
Rate: 5'57" per km
Weather: Cloudy to start,sunny later,temp range 14-17 degrees,light NW breeze,humidity 90% - 70%
Distance: 79.1 km
Running days: 4/7
Ave: 19.77km per run day
Distance: 416.85 km
Running days: 19/28
Ave: 21.94 km per run day
Year to date:
Distance: 1544.3 km
Running days: 81/118
Ave: 19.06 km per run day

I thought the song said "Rainy days and Mondays always get me me down" but Saturdays are probably the worst day.Today was going to be a 21 miler out at the Cotter at 8:00am, but it rained from about midnight and by early morning was still coming down. Not that we can complain about it raining, but not on a Saturday morning. So I woosed out on the early start, reset the alarm for 10:00am and went back to sleep. Still raining when the phone rang at 9:30am so had breakfast and watched a tape of BB's Friday Night games. By noon it was time to go running, brain sufficiently numb to get out.
Much the same as the previous Saturdays with a loop run over to Wanniassa Hills and back, stop for eats and drinks and continue on only this time leaving out the Tour De Theodore. Down to Point Hut and Pine Is and over to the Tuggy Creek overflow from Lake Tuggeranong, plenty of water in there now, hope some get caught on the dams.
A much better run today, maybe cooler weather or getting fitter and smarter. Played the walk/run game better today with 25 minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking as close to any hills as possible. This worked a treat and I still managed to stay under the 6 minutes per km I would like at GH80,now only 3 weeks away.
Arranged to get collected at Pine Is after 10 minutes standing in the water, very cool,that was enough, winter the time in gets much shorter, but still very necessary.
Running again tomorrow at the monthly vet's handicap over 10km so hopefully I will have recovered in time. Very good day to be out running, very enjoyable.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mid Week

Distance: 15.05 km
Time: 87'31"
Rate: 5'08" per km
Weather: sunny,SE wind,temp 16 degrees,humidity 45%

Easy run on a nice mid morning day after a day off running but not work. Found it hard to get moving to start but eventually the body found a rhythm. Picture perfect down by the river with quite a few parents finding ways to amuse their kids during the 2nd week of school holidays.
The run was just a bit slower than the same run on Monday but speed was not the objective of today's outing. Spent late last night switching between the cricket and uplate BB trying to make sense of both. At least the Aussie cricketers have a game plan.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Late Start

Distance: 16.6km
Time: 86'12"
Rate: 5'11"
Weather: cloudy,windy,SE 17km,temp 16 degrees,humidity 60%

Week: 31.65km
April: 369.4km
Year: 1496.85km

Left late this morning 11:30AM after finishing work after midnight,then watching BB uplate for another hour plus catching up with what I missed on tape this morning. This now starts 3 months of brain wasting time watching dumb kids locked in a house doing nothing.But it doesn't take much to amuse me.Don't think I could handle being locked in the white room for very long.I know why most are blondes.Haven't picked the winner yet.
Just a run over to Theodore, a bit of a loop near the reservoirs and back home via the Calwell oval and past the shops. Cool today, needed to push hard going out against the breeze, but had a good return trip at 4'50" per km pace, good bit of slow speed work.
This will be an easy week to help freshen up after the past couple of big weeks.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Seasons have changed

Distance: 15.05km
Time: 76'39"
Rate: 5'05" per km
Weather: Cool,cloudy,temp 18 degrees,humidity 50%,southerly wind at 20kmph.

A change in the weather today from the past few weeks means summer has finished and winter is not far away.Cooler weather allows for easier running but not as much fun. I decided to change the plan this week and cut back the distances but maybe run at a slightly faster pace. Today's conditions allowed for a quicker start with the wind behind but a challenge to keep up a descent pace against. Down by the river the wind was very cool coming off the mountains and no shelter.
I thought today may have been much slower as most running over the past weeks and months have been long and slow but managed a few quicker kms at times. Felt OK all the way, one short stop waiting for cars but otherwise a solid run.
This week I will send off an entry for GH80 as I received a email from the RD and the run is on for sure. He has an entry from someone in NZ plus another runner from the ACT. Ready to go!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another Long Run

Distance: 46.55km
Time: 4 hrs 45 mins 59 secs
Rate: 6'08" per km
Weather: Sunny,calm,temp at 8:45AM at start 9 degrees, 17 degrees at 11AM, 23 degrees at 2PM, humidity 80% at start down to 28% at finish.
Distance: 120.1 km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 24.02 km per run day
Distance: 337.75km
Running days: 15/21
Ave: 22.52km per run day
Distance: 1465.2 km
Running days: 77/111
Ave: 19.03km per run day

Today was a similar plan as last Saturday only a few kms longer. Also had the plan to return home after each loop for eats and more drinks and then continue on with as little rest as possible. First loop took me over the back of MacArthur, Farrer ridge, Wanniassa Hills and back home thru Gowrie, distance 19.5km. Just under 2 minutes faster than last week when I ran the same course in reverse. There is not much difference in difficulty as neither ways have any significant climbs, just an few undulating parts (by my standard).
Second loop was longer than last week again behind Theodore and parts of Tuggeranong Hill but this over 16km compared with 12km last week.I thought this section went reasonably well but the clock showed otherwise.Any hills were walked as part of the plan as GH80 will involve some walking.I had started out with a run 25 minutes, walk 5 minutes and drink. This works well but sometimes I ran too long when going OK and did not get the benefit of easing back.
Third loop went down to Point Hut, follow the river track past Pine Is beach, do the loop past the top end car park and finish back at the beach. The legs felt tired at this stage but energy wise I felt OK. I am going to put this down to running yesterday when I had doubts and thought it may happen.This section of 10.5km took over 70 minutes and was disappointing to see the figures on the clock. Just another learning experience to be buried in the back of the mind for future use.
Probably should have realized as well that two x 120km weeks in a row plus 97 km the week before may have something to to with being a little slow over the last 10km.
Very nice day to be out, perfect for running, cool to start and not hot. In the words of Joe Cocker,take your clothes off but "leave your hat on".

Friday, April 20, 2007

Short run before the long run

Distance: 16.05km
Time: 83'17"
Rate: 5'11" per km
Weather: sunny,light SE breeze,temp range 16-19 degrees,humidity 60% down to 40%

Rest day yesterday bought about by sleeping in after a restless night disturbed by the cat many times. Today would have been a rest day anyway but with a long run planned for tomorrow it will be interesting to see how the last part of the run goes.
Good day for running this morning down by the river with only a few small kids about playing on the swings and slides and no one else making the most of the nice day.
Bit faster today than previous times so hopefully with all the long stuff,I haven't gone backwards too much in the speed department.
Soon these nice days will be gone, colder in the morning and hopefully some rain.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can you do slow tempo running?

Distance: 21.45km
Time: 1hr 56mins 04secs
Rate: 5'34" per km
Weather: Start 10:30AM,sunny,light NW breeze,temp range 17-22 degrees,humidity start80% down to 40%
Distance: 57.5km
Running days: 3/4
Ave: 19.17km per run day
Distance: 275.15km
Running days: 13/18
Ave: 21.16km per run day
Distance: 1402.6 km
Running days: 75/108
Ave: 18.7km per run day

I don't know how to describe today's run other than it was supposed to be a medium distance mid week run which it was.It was one of those "grey" runs,just good distance in the legs at reasonable pace on a lovely day to be out.
I combined both the Theodore hills area and the river area to Pine Is so a mixture of undulating fire trail, soft sandy river tracks (beaut to run) leaving out any thought of a mountain top. No need for that now until training for BC in October.
I am actually surprising myself at how I am clocking up the kms this month without any problems, may be looking at a PB (most ever was 480km back in Dec 2003).
The secret is really recovery, being able to back up day after day and knowing when to have a day off. Sleep in and watch morning TV (boring) but essential. A bit of cross training helps as well, and a few chocolates. A massage may be due shortly.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bit Shorter,Bit Quicker

Distance: 16.65 km
Time: 87'24"
Rate: 5'14" per km
Weather: 11:00am start,sunny,light NW breeze,temp range 17-21 degrees,humidity 50%
Distance: 36.05 km
Distance:253.7 km
Distance:1382 km

Today it was such a nice day it was too good to miss getting out even though there were a few other matters that should have been done. They will have to wait until later. Fairly staright forward run down by the river with a stop to stand in the cool water before heading home. I saw the footballers standing in the water after a game shivering so I know it must be good for you.
A really enjoyable day to be outdoors and lucky to be able to run at a sensible time of the day now the hot weather has gone and winter is not quite here yet.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Week

Distance: 19.4km
Time: 1hr 50mins 00secs
Rate: 5'40"
Weather: Beaut,sunny,light NE breeze at 7kmph,temp range 16-21 degrees,humidity 50%

After watching hundreds of runners at the Canberra Marathon yesterday, you can't help but be impressed and inspired by all who compete. It doesn't matter whether they are first or last, just getting out there and trying is reward enough. Not always are you going to have a good day and a PB, but after you finish and have time to reflect, aren't you glad you are able to do it.
So today with that in mind on a perfect day in the nation's capital, not a cloud in the sky, away I went to visit the hills. School holidays have started with a few kids about playing soccer on the oval. They too are out there having a go, good on them.Met a couple of mountain bikers as well having a good time in the great outdoors.
A circuit of Tuggeranong Hill over the ridge past the reservoirs down to Conder and back home on the gravel tracks made a very nice day. I had taken the auto pause off the Garmin on Saturday for the long run and kept it off today so total time included a few stops on the way same as in any race. With that and a few hills thrown in, the overall time and rate was OK and a pace I would hope to easily start out with and maintain at GH80 for some time.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Long Run

Distance: 40.9km
Time: 4 hrs 3 mins 13 secs
Rate: 5'56"
Weather: Good running day,temp range 12 at 8:30AM,21 at noon,24 degrees at finish,calm,humidity 80% at start down to 30% at finish.
Distance: 120.35 km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 24.07 km per run day
Distance: 217.65 km
Running days: 10/14
Ave: 21.76 km per run day
YTD 1345 km

Today was a solo run day with the Canberra marathon on tomorrow. Me and hard surfaces parted ways many years ago except for a Gold Coast marathon in 2004 so to the hills and gravel surfaces I headed today. Part of the plan was to do loop runs coming back home, replenishing the calories and continuing on.
First run was over to the Wanniassa Hills, part of Farrer and back behind MacArthur, Isabella Dr and back home, distance 19.5km in 1 hr 57min. At home, stop time about 5 minutes downing half a can of creamed rice and a drink. Creamed rice for me puts a lining on your stomach to ease the effects of the acid in sports drinks.It also eases digestion problems which are a main reason for DNFs in ultra runs.
Second circuit was a loop around the back of Tuggeranong Hill walking up the slopes and maintaining an easy jog on the flat sections always trying to keep under the 6 minutes per km, Arrived back home to finish the can of creamed rice, refill the drink bottle and head out again. I had completed 32 km in 3 hrs 10 mins at this stage and felt as though I was going OK.
Last section was straight forward run down to Point Hut, along the river track, loop up around the car park and stop at the Pine Is beach. Easy 8.75km in 53 minutes meant I had kept under the 6 mins rate and passed the 40km mark for the day.
No wanting to push my luck, I arrange to be picked up 15 minutes after finishing the run so that was spent standing in the cool,cool water and it is so good. I can still walk and feel pretty good about the day in general. I actually had an appetite when I got back home so a couple of bread rolls, a banana and a cappuccino later, I feel OK.
An easy 5 hours at work tonight and I should sleep well although not for long because I will be in there supporting the marathon runners in the morning. Good luck to them all.

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Day to Remember and Reflect

Distance: Nil

A scheduled rest day today ready for a long training run tomorrow.
It was 20 years ago today that my mother died a few years before I started running. I know she would have been happy to see I finally took after my younger brothers who both ran she was here, and still do. I played golf back in those days in Tassie with best handicap of 9 and really enjoyed it. Probably stayed in the clubhouse after the game too many times, but then golf is a very social game.
Running is a more solitary sport,out at odd hours of the day and night or when given half a chance to get away.I wouldn't say it is cheaper because we spend enough trying to stay healthy and injury free let alone the cost of gear, entry fees etc.
Doesn't matter what you play or do,just being able to do it is reward enough.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Down by the River

Distance: 16.15km
Time: 84'17"
Rate: 5'13" per km
Weather: sunny,calm,temp range 17-21 degrees,humidity 56%

Too good a day to rest so out on a perfect morning for casual run down by the river. Stopped to stand in the cooling water at Pine Is for 5 minutes. It is now a case of getting in and not moving as the more movement the colder the water feels. Later in winter when cold is cold, time in the water is down to 1 minute in and 1 minute out repeated a few times. One to the guys at work also works with the Vikings Rugby footballers and has a bit to do with the Brumbies and that is the basis of their recovery sessions. It really works.
Today's run makes almost 80km in 4 days and I stillfeel as good as at the start of the week with a really long run on Saturday yet to do. Going well at this stage.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another Tour of Tuggeranong Valley

Distance: 22.4km
Time: 2hrs 4mins 11secs
Rate: 5'32" per km
Weather: Nice day,sunny,SE breeze at 15kmph,temp range 17-24 degrees,humidity 30%
Distance 63.3km
Running days: 3/4
Ave: 21.1km per run day
Distance 160.6km
Running days: 8/11
Ave: 20.07km per run day
YTD: 1288.05km

Today I went somewhere different just for a change. Left home and went south pushing into a breeze that was a little cool. Headed towards Theodore along the usual track past the Calwell oval and behind the houses to reach the sub station. From there continued behind houses of Conder, Banks, crossed Tharwa Dr near Lanyon homestead, behind Gordon and finally arrived at Point Hut.On towards Pine Is where I stopped to stand in the very cool water for 5 minutes before going home behind Bonython.
Not a bad trip with plenty of ups and downs without being overly hilly and certainly no mountains but a little too close to houses for my liking.
Maintained a constant pace,easier with the wind behind on the 2nd half of the run.
Felt good all the way, getting a solid base mid week to allow weekend long run to be comfortable.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Short and Sweet

Distance: 16.55km
Time: 86'25"
Rate: 5'13" per km
Weather: sunny with high cloud,cool,temp range 15-19 degrees,calm,humidity 40%

Week: 40.9km
April: 138.2km
Year: 1265.65km

You know that you are serious about an upcoming ultra when your short easy runs are getting close to what used to be your weekend long runs. Today was just that 16km will now be about the shortest run I do before GH80 in May. I have checked out the website,airfares,accommodation,hire car,weather,clothing,food,anyone else who may go,coolrunning (good threads about speed and ultra training)so now just get some LSD in the legs and get to the start line. Goal to break 9 hours which I just missed a few years ago. A night start and hope for a cool day by Qld standards.
Today, around the back of Theodore with a few hills but nothing too exiting at a better pace than the clock showed. Felt good all run, no injuries,just need to keep control of energy levels and manage rest to keep the weekly kms over 100. Long runs on Saturdays will now need to be 40km and longer late in April/early May. So far so good.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Monday

Distance: 24.35km
Time: 2hrs 19mins 44secs
Rate: 5'44" per km
Weather: Nice day, sunny,cool,temp range 14-20 degrees,light NE breeze,humidity 50%

It is now time to push out the distances so after a relaxing day yesterday after a long run on Saturday, today was again to be over 20km to start off the new week. A very nice running day in the nation's capital with plenty of people out enjoying the day and most of them were on the bush tracks and fire trails on the hills and ridge tops overlooking the Tuggeranong and Woden valleys.
Left home just after 10 o'clock in the morning and headed down Ashley Dr to meet Isabella Dr where I headed east past Fadden Pines and behind the houses of MacArthur into the nature parks. Finished up at Long Gully Road where I did a complete circuit of Isaacs Ridge over the top, past the communication towers on the same loop as the Tour de Mtn course in December but in reverse finally making it back to Long Gully Road. More uphill on the Wanniassa Hills over to the trig and down to the houses behind Fadden. The easy part was the run down through Gowrie and along Ashley Dr back home.
Good strong run today, much better although shorter than Saturday with little wind to struggle against. Very enjoyable and a loop circuit well worth doing again even if just for the views of the mountains in the distance.It will be great in winter with a snow covering.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Tuggeranong Valley Loop

Distance: 33.95km
Time: 3 hrs 24 mins 53 secs
Rate: 6'02" per km
Weather: Cool,temp range 14-20 degrees,humidity 40%, Wind SE 25kmph down to 15kmph
Distance: 97.3km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 19.46 km per run day
Same as week totals
Distance: 1224.75km
Running days: 67/97
Ave: 18.28km per run day

If you can't navigate your way around the Tuggeranong Valley in lovely southern Canberra, then today's description won't mean much.From home ran up Ashley Dr towards Erindale shops but followed a bike path thru Gowrie and entered the nature park behind Fadden. Over the smaller hill of the Wanniassa Hills before following the Tour de Mtn course across Farrer ridge towards Mt Taylor. Turned off the Mt Taylor track and followed Sulwood Dr to Drakeford Dr near the Kambah Fire Station. Going OK at this point with the SE wind behind and the few hills out of the way.
Next was the long drag down Kambah Pool Road to the Murrumbidgee River where it was too cold for the nudists to be unless well hidden amongst the rocks.
A track I have run many times before takes you along the river edge past Red Rocks Gorge to Tuggy Creek and eventually on to Pine Is. From there it was head for home against the wind and uphill.
I couldn't work out why I struggled over the last hour but then realized that yesterday being Good Friday, a lack of carbos was the problem. Ate seafood all day with barely a slice of bread as the only carbo all day. That won't happen again.
It was a big loop around the valley with great views especially early when high on the Wanniassia Hills and the peace and quiet along the river.It would have been a better day with company but I guess with the Canberra marathon on next Sunday and recovery after that, winter will be a time for the long and winding off road to be run alone.

Friday, April 6, 2007

A Good Friday

Distance: 15.1 km
Time: 81'41"
Rate: 5'24" per km
Weather: Cool, wind from SSE at 28kmph,temp 16 degrees,cloudy,humidity 50%

Being Good Friday,there was not much happening before a seafood lunch so instead of sitting in the chair and nodding off, I decided to go for a run for the same short time I would have been asleep.That didn't impress the rest of the household, but I went out anyway making up for lost kms from yesterday when I stayed back at work instead of running.
Yesterday afternoon was much better conditions than today with a strong SSE wind making the trip difficult,the wind always seems to be against you even when the run goes round in a loop.
It was just a run to get out there with plenty of other people out as well, quite a few down at Pine Is hopefully not lighting the BBQ for a steak sandwich on Good Friday. Maybe they caught some fish to have with the loaves and will feed the gathered crowd.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Double up Day

Today: AM
Distance: 7.5km
Time 37 mins 00 secs
Rate 4'56" per km
Today: PM
Distance: 12.75 km
Time: 64'27"
Rate: 5'03"
Weather: Morning, temp 17 degrees,calm,sunny,humidity 30%; Afternoon, temp 24 degrees, light wind, humidity 30%

Today was double up day after last night's run. Morning run was an easy flat run from Woden Interchange along the drain to north Curtin oval and back, nothing too difficult except Garmin froze during run and lost last couple of kms.
Afternoon run from home down past Calwell shops and oval, behind Theodore houses on fire trail to sub station, Conder side of Tuggeranong Hill and back home on Johnson Dr. Both today's run were easier than I had thought at a reasonable pace although not too fast. Total kms in 24 hours in 3 runs of just over 34km. No soreness or problems, but will need to take a day off soon having run for 6 days in a row.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Night Running

Distance: 14.05km
Time: 80'36"
Rate: 5'44" per km
Weather: dark, full moon,calm,temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%

A chance to test out a few things resulted in a night run. Worked back late today so had no chance to run in the daylight.I had been up this morning since 5.00AM so a run tonight starting at 7.00PM meant a degree of tiredness as well. Decided to test out the torch I used at GH 18 months ago and see (as best I could) how I would go running in the dark. Also decided to have dinner before I went to find out if the stomach could handle food and run at the same time. I waited for 45 minutes between eating, probably a normal night meal of chicken, potatoes and vegetables.
Eating and running has never been a problem as so it turned out again after a bigger meal than you would eat before running.
I ran a familiar course down to Point Hut, along the river track to Pine Is and back behind Bonython houses. Plenty of wildlife making noises in the dark, mostly kangaroos I hope. With a full moon, the only place the torch really worked was near the river on the narrow sandy track but there was plenty of light and I managed a good pace. Any pace better than 6 minute per km would have been good with the 1st half of the run at 5'38" per km slowing down a bit on the 2nd half to still average 5'44" per km in the dark.
The end result was a good run in the dark,bit tired from a long day, no stomach problems with food and something different not being able to see much. I will certainly need a few more night run before May, but as the night section is first with a 3.00AM start, a slow start should mean a strong finish at the end of 80km.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Distance: 13.95 km
Time: 75'19"
Rate: 5'24" per km
Weather: Nice day, sunny,calm,temp 20 degrees,humidity 40%

Too good a day to stay inside so given half an opportunity out I went. Felt really good after yesterday's long hilly run but took it steady anyway. I know the cold water in the Cotter River works wonders even if you suffer at the time.
Simple run down near the river but did include a climb over Stranger Hill to admire the views of the Brindabella Ranges soon to be covered in snow. Plenty of people out as well for a walk or a BBQ.