Two Fruits

Friday, February 28, 2014

End of 2nd Month

Running:  Nil

Purpose: longish mid week run
Distance:  20.45 km
Time:  2 hrs 15 mins 31 secs
Rate:  6' 37" per km
Weather:  cloudy, temp 20 degrees, humidity 50%, wind light NW 10 kmph

Purpose:  easy run
Distance:  4.3 km
Time:  23' 52"
Rate:  5' 33" per km
Weather:  cloudy, temp 17 degrees, humidity 70%, wind easterly 10 kmph

Week:  52.35 km
February:  320.3 kms in 16/28 days at ave  20.01 km per run day
Year:  655.75 kms in 2 months at ave  327.87  per month

I had a day off work on Wednesday to attend a mid morning funeral. A slight intention to run in the afternoon, so too tired, more mentally than physically, so didn't even bother. Good decision really.
Thursday, big intention to run to top of Mt Taylor as a quality mid week longish run.
Started out that way from work, but as I started to get close to Erindale shops, the legs just didn't have it in them. With some good hills still to go, I changed the plan & slowed down just to get the run completed.
Crossing to Farrer Ridge, going was Ok, but Mt Taylor loomed in the distance, looking higher than usual. Actually ran a good portion of the front walking track, the easiest path to the top.
Stopped to chat to a runner, injured at the moment & out on his mountain bike, for a while. Then on down towards Chifley side, took the long way & finished on the far side of Kambah Village, a long way from the start. Finally back to work, report back to depot supervisor to say I had returned safely. If something had gone amiss, at least they had some idea on where to send Search & Rescue to find me.
It wasn't a pretty run, a bit ugly in fact, but I banked over 20 kms, so all worth while.
Friday, nothing more than a short jog home at lunch time, and so much better than the previous day.
Must have been the early night, and a couple of anti inflammatories to ease away a few niggles. Worked a treat today.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keep on Going

Purpose:  base building
Distance:  14.15 km
Time:  83' 00"
Rate:  5' 52" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 45%, wind north 10 kmph

Week:   27.6 km,  Feb:  295.55 km,
Year:  631.00 km in 8 weeks at ave 78.8 km

Running just over 100 kms in a weekend is not a good way to increase the weekly average.
This figure settled in the high 70's after a few weeks of the year and has not changed since.
Main cause is the few rest days before the 100 km weekend, the 5 rest days to wait for shin soreness to go away. In fact, I have ran on only 14 of the 25 days so far in February.
Lesson here, 100s are good if there is a race reason. But better to spread it over 3 days, say 20 kms on Friday, 50 kms on Saturday & finish with a marathon on Sunday.
I did this few times last year and providing one or two of those days are flat, then recovery should be fine. Getting good sleep is probably the most important part.
I will now make February planned total of 300 kms with ease, then increase each monthly target by 100 kms for next 3 months.
What I don't want is rain, and cold combined.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Running Again

Purpose:  see how it goes, jog
Distance:  13.45 km
Time:  79' 47"
Rate:  5' 56" per km
Recovery: 6  minutes in river, very nice
Weather:  sunny, nice day, temp 26 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm

Week: 13.45 km,  Feb:  281.4 km,  Year:  616.85 km

After a very average monthly handicap on Sunday, pain free in the left leg, but sore left glute, today going to be a  "how it feels" day.
It felt Ok, no real pace, but not intended anyway.
So good to be back running after a week of nothing expect biking & some gym work.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monthly Handicap at Stromlo

Purpose: race day
Distance:  8 kms plus cool down, day total  10.7  kms
Race Time:  44'  50"
Race rate:  5' 36" per km ( no kidding)
Finished: 71st
Weather:  cloudy, temp 17 degrees, humidity 55%, wind calm

Week:  20.8 km,   Feb:  267.95 km,  Year:  603.4 km

Very average today at my 192nd monthly handicap.
Not unexpected after a no run week and just 10 kms yesterday.
Leg injury almost right, but just didn't have an fuel in the tank. So knowing that from the start, just jogged around to make the finish.
All being Ok, will be back on the run home/run back to work during the week. Getting to 300 kms for this month is only objective in the short term.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Return to the Oval

Purpose: injury prevention
Distance:  20 laps in lane 5 plus cool down = 10.1 km
Time:  51' 05"
Rate:  5' 03" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm

Week:   10.1 km,  Feb:   257.25 km,  Year:  592.7 km

After a week of no running, it was going to be a tough ask to run anywhere, let alone on trails or for any long distance.
I chose not to join others this morning at the Cotter due to the chance of the stress tenderness in my leg giving way on Bullocks Paddock Road, a long way from nowhere.
I instead decided to run on the soft grass at Calwell oval in the afternoon when there would be some warmth in the air & hopefully no one else about. A longer stay in bed this morning was nice.
Lane 5 was Ok, nice and soft with a little detour into lane 6 where the area the burnt out car had damaged the grass, has been replaced.
This wasn't a tempo or cruise interval session, more an easy run on a flat surface. It was Ok, nothing special. Hopefully tomorrow on Stromlo grass track at the monthly handicap will be better.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Post Centenary Trail

Running:  nil

Recovery: yes

Reason:  injured

What Happened:  overuse & hard surfaces

After Day 2 on the Centenary trail, I developed a soreness/tenderness/bruising on my lower left leg.
There was no trauma to have the injury, just overdoing it on a couple of long days. Running too many kms on bike paths has not helped, I will definitely stay off the hard surfaces from now on.
Really, I have shin splints in the same spot as I developed at Coburg 24 hour last year & after day 7 at my Birdsville track run.
So, I know what I have, the reasons, the cure & the time involved before I can be back on the trails.
Given proper time off, all should be Ok after a week. I am hoping to be able to jog the long course 8 kms on Sunday at the monthly handicap on the soft grass at Stromlo.
If not up to that, I have plenty of time with almost 4 months before I have a start date at the Dig Tree near Innaminka.
Given a slight injury to stop running, it's also a good chance to freshen up before a return to full on training in early March.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Canberra Centenary Trail

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  38.42 kms  timed plus 1.38 kms not recorded
Time:   4 hrs 26 mins 53 secs recorded
Rate:    6' 57"  per km
Altitude gain:  440 metres
Weather:  cloudy, rain, temp range 18-19 degrees, humidity 100%, wind calm

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  64.85 km
Time:  8 hrs 35 mins 18 secs
Rate:  7' 57" per km
Altitude gain:  860 metres
Weather: cloudy, one time downpour, temp range 19-20 degrees, humidity 95% - 70%, wind mostly calm with late southerly change to 25 kmph

Week:  108.85 km,  Feb:  247.15 km,  Year:  582.6 km

The full Canberra Centenary trail covers between 135 kms & 145 kms depending on which trails you follow. Our original intention was to cover the basics, the main tracks leaving out the mountain detours. So no Black Mtn, no Arboretum, no Cooleman Ridge, no Isaacs Ridge, no Red Hill on day 1 & no Mt Ainslie or Mt Majura on day 2.
We had split the running to southside on day 1 & northside on day 2.
Saturday, Day 1, overcast, rain overnight, more forecast as we gathered near the entrance to the National Botanical Gardens, 7 of us plus Mrs TF's in the car as mobile drink station.
Conditions were Ok for a while, mild temps were nice but the clouds threatened to open at any time & they did mid morning.
We ran past Black Mountain, on to the lower trails of the Arboretum, over Clos Crossing, got chased out the construction site where the new Weston Creek suburbs are being built & stopped at Stromlo Forest Park.
The past Cooleman Ridge, down to Kambah Pool, along the river track to Tuggeranong. We made the scheduled drink station at the leisure centre but the rain was heavy & my Garmin had stopped as water had entered & the recording failed. Lucky I only lost the 1.38 kms so I have just added this bit on.
Decided to end the day here & live to back up again on Sunday. Good decision as it poured all afternoon, not very good conditions & no fun.
Sunday, Day 2 still overcast but better looking conditions as we started at Old Parliament House, over Kings Ave bridge, past the kangaroos on the steps of the War Memorial & on to Ainslie. Trails nice and soft after the rain.
Met Mrs TF & Kelly at the road crossing on Horse Park Dr before entering Goorooyarroo nature park. Beautiful running on good trails all the way to Mulligans Flat Road.
Then the next part early contained a small section I haven't done before although I had run the first hill when the Bush Capital 60 km ultra went that way & the last part as a walk on a few weeks before.
Undulating through here, walked a bit with Kerrie B, chatted about running of course.
Exited at the village of Hall where Kelly & Billy left us.
Continued on with Kerrie B & Softshoe to Barton Hwy & Gold Creek to the big roundabout where Kerrie left to go home, not very far.
We took it fairly easy on our way to the next drink station meeting in Belconnen. A short downpour made it interesting with thunder in the air.
Nearly finished as we made our past the AIS, and back to the original start line outside National Botanical Gardens.
A big weekend, not all of the trail completed but the 2nd part of day 1 we run on a regular basis.
I could say we have done the full trail, certainly felt like it. At least it's done, we won't do it again in a hurry in one or two days. Logistically, it's a mammoth undertaking & you need someone to do a lot of driving & waiting. Many thanks to Mrs TF for giving up her weekend just to help some insane but dedicated ultra runners out for a long training run.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Active Tapering

Running: nil
Bike Riding: 4 times total about 25 kms
Recovery: 10 minutes in river

Purpose:  keep moving
Distance:  4.2 kms
Time:  23' 24"
Rate:  5' 33" per km
Recovery:  10 minutes in river
Weather: sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week:  4.2 km,  Feb:  142.5 km
Year:  477.95 km in 6 weeks at ave 79.66 km

I'm no good at tapering especially in good weather, but sometimes one has to be strong.
A change from running is always good for both mind & body. Just bike riding yesterday, with a short run & a bike lunch time bike ride home today. As usual, time in the river, really nice at the moment.
Nothing too special about any of it, just good to be outdoors.
Today, as well a quick fire gym session, may pay the price tomorrow, but it was enjoyable.
All good, getting ready for the weekend circuit of Canberra on the Centenary Trail. We may have some showers/rain, forecast but it may not happen.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mawson Bush Walk

Purpose:  long walk
Distance:  26.00 km
Walking time:   4 hrs 41 mins 56 secs
Total time:  5 hrs 13 mins
Walk rate:  10' 51" per km
Altitude gain:  510 metres
Weather: sunny, temp range 15-32 degrees, humidity 75% - 24%, wind calm

Week:  90.65 km,  Feb: 138.3 km,  Year:  473.75 km

Late last night the news came through of a total fire ban in the ACT for today meaning all national parks & some nature parks were closed all day.
The remaining nature parks open have a condition that they should be vacated by 11 am which is sound advice given the very hot day and possible strong winds in the afternoon.
All this meant a quick change of plans for a planned bush walk in the Goorooyarroo & Mulligans Flat nature parks on the northside of town. These nature parks are face the northwest & this would be the prevailing wind direction on a day like today & the direction the fires came back in 2003, our blackest day in the ACT when 500 houses were destroyed & lives were lost.
We took no chances and move our walk to more central & eastern parts of the southside of the city.
Starting with Liz, Kerrie & Jen at Mawson shops, see map, we headed towards O'Malley, found the Canberra Centenary Trail over to Symonston, then up to Red Hill lookout.
Getting very warm at this stage, refill drinks & down into suburbia heading to Curtin to Kerrie's place. Easy pace after a few good hills, as we went left side of Oakey & right side of Mt Taylor and finally back down Athllon Dr to the cars.
The girls are in the final stages of preparation for Coastrek 50 km in 2 weeks time in Sydney, so a good " time on feet" walk on a nice if a touch warm morning.
I think & hope they are Ok after today, it's going to be a fun time for them.
I've marked this down as work group bush walk No 13, unlucky for some as I was the only one from my group to turn up. Too bad, they missed a brilliant morning, so thanks to the girls for their company.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Middle of a Long Weekend

Purpose: jog along
Distance:  12.15 km
Time:  70' 13"
Rate:  5' 47" per km
Weather: warm, sunny, temp 30 degrees, humidity 25%, wind calm
Recovery:  10 minutes in river

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  30.3 km
Time:  3 hrs 37 mins 31 secs
Rate: 7' 10" per km
Elevation gain:  414 metres
Weather:  sunny, temp range 13-29 degrees, humidity 77% - 30%, wind calm
Recovery:  nana nap on couch in afternoon

Week:  64.65 km,  Feb:  112.3 km,  Year:  447.75 km

Usual weekday run on Friday, nothing special, just about adding kms to the bank balance. Very easy on a warm day especially with a couple of longish efforts on Saturday & Sunday.
Today, a slow but consistent run over local hills & nature parks with Softshoe. A loop of the western side of the Tuggeranong valley going past the archery area, then up the side of Urambi Hill to Gleneagles estate & past the golf course.
Bit of excitement once we arrived at Kambah Pool road with a group of young cyclists going up and down the road.
We ran down to the car park at the river where a lady was waiting, so we asked her what was happening.
A small group of elite junior triathletes were doing block sessions starting with a swim in the Murrumbidgee river instead of using the dirty lakes, then a short run up to a bike transition on the road and a bike ride up to the roundabout at the top end of Kambah. They were to do 3 laps as a training session, but I feel some may have been a little competitive too early and were going to wilt in the heat. However, that's what training is all about, getting it all right.
We continued on our way along the track beside the river which is now part of the Canberra Centenary Trail. A new name, a couple of sign posts & all of a sudden, everyone wants to use it.
The track to Pine Is has been improved & very nice to run as well as being very scenic as you pass Red Rocks gorge, the Tuggeranong creek without water in it, the nice sandy trail as you get near Pine Is.
Very warm now with carry fluid now almost gone, but only a km or so to go until we reached the water taps at the picnic area.
Refill, but still with 5-6 kms to go, the hard work was still there to be done & still out in the open with very little shade.
Finally, we went out separate ways at Drakeford Dr underpass, me with only 2 and a bit kms to go.
Home safely, a very good run over a big variety of terrain & surfaces showing up in the km rate. That's not important as long as the effort is there to get the run done. Happy to finish in the conditions & happy with the result as well.
Bush walk tomorrow on the northside, there's no shade out in Goorooyarroo nature park or Mulligans Flat. Another hot day is forecast, should be fun.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Slow Start to the Week

Purpose:  recovery day after weekend
Distance:  8.15 km
Time:  46' 23"
Rate:  5' 41" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 30 degrees, humidity 30%, wind north 10 kmph
Recovery:  10 minutes in river

Running:  nil, chance to have first day off running since 14th Jan, post B2H
Weather: cool change, lacked enthusiasm

Running: nil, bit too busy, another rest day didn't hurt, but time in gym instead helped
Weather: cool day again,

Purpose:  get back into the swing
Distance:  14.05 km
Time: 80' 01"
Rate:  5' 42"
Recovery:  5 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm

The weather turned cooler early in the week, so a chance to have a couple of rest days from running. I did ride the bike & spend time in the gym so all was not lost.
Monday, usual short day after the weekend, doesn't matter what had happened.
Today, the weather had improved back to summer like conditions. An easy day planned but the head had forgotten to tell the legs it was moving day.
Legs just did not want to get going. No matter what I did, the turnover wasn't there. But no problems really as I finished at the river to only 5 minutes in the water which felt slightly cooler.
Guess 2 days off running don't always work for the better, so I hope Friday will flow a little better.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Very Hot For Trotting

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  38.4 km
Time:  4 hrs 45 mins 48 secs
Rate:  7' 26" per km
Altitude gain:  669 metres
Weather:  sunny, temp range  17-32 degrees, humidity 87%-30%, wind calm

Purpose: relaxing mini triathlon
Distance:  9.25 km
Time:  54' 43"
Rate:  5' 54" per km
Recovery:  swim with 15 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 33 degrees, humidity 30%, wind light north 10 kmph

Week:  104.95 km,  Feb:  47.65 km,  Year:  383.1 km

Saturday was a long run in very warm conditions starting from home and following the south eastern section of the Canberra Centenary Trail from near Fadden Pines, thru MacArthur to Wanniassa Hills, Isaacs Ridge to the new section from behind O'Malley to come out near the Murray's bus depot on Mugga Lane.
This last part is a wonderful new addition and a part I had never been before. The track is single file narrow in places but a joy to run.
We had to cross Hindmarsh Dr where the signs say go towards Red Hill shops on the bike path. But, we went up the hill, as you do, beside Hindmarsh Dr and on to the trail where we went over Davidson's trig and stopped to refill at Red Hill lookout.
Very warm by now, I refilled my backpack with 2.5 litres of water thinking that would enough.
We had just gone past 20 kms and decided to go the most direct way back home. That still meant 18 kms to go. Direct is getting off the hill onto Yamba Dr and heading south towards Tuggeranong on the bike path past Woden and Farrer.
Finally ran out of water with 2 kms to go, so that was close but Ok with the temp now around 33 degrees.
Slow but steady all day, walked when I had to, and waited at times for Softshoe to catch up who wasn't enjoying the heat.
Glad to finish in one piece with over 38 kms done.
Today, I needed to collect my bike from work where I left it on Friday. Nice steady run to Pine Is, 15 minutes in the river having a chat & a swim, so nice. Then jog up to the bus depot, ride bike home feeling really good.
Finished a very warm weather week with 104 running kms done, bike riding doesn't get recorded or count in any total.
Relax this afternoon, too hot now to do anything outside.