Two Fruits

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November - A Good Month


Last week:  101.35 km

November:  406.85 kms in 26/30 days at ave 15.65 kms per run

Year:  2307.85 in 11 months at ave 209.8 kms  per month

I wrote after the October monthly handicap, 5 weeks ago, that I felt as though I had turned the corner.
There is no speed in my legs but the endurance base is there and a 4 hour run now feels quite normal.
Lucky there were 5 Saturday's in the month allowing an extra long weekend run. During the week I keep the distance of the running quite short, protecting my almost recovered hip injury.
I can now moved from what I have called base rebuilding to now a return to run training.
Not much will change except to focus on the CBR100 km in March.
So slowly increasing the length of Saturday's long run, upping the distances of the mid week & looking to get some speed back into the legs.
There were 4 over 30 km long runs this month, plus a solid if slow Mt Tennent run early in the month.
Of course, there has to be a maintenance of the recovery process. I won't get far if get injured again.
All good at this stage, looking forward to a nice summer of running.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Half of November


Last week:  110.9 km
November:  221.8 km
Year:           2122.8 km

Slowly starting to build this base with many short week day runs now due to some very warm spring weather. Last Friday, afternoon temps hit 37 degrees, so on these days I just go short.

I have finally cracked the 100 kms for the week for the first time since back in March before injury to my hip. It's taken a long time to get it almost right, probably now at 95%. Cold weather doesn't help.
Consistent running has now increased the weekly total average to just over 46 kms per week for the year. A good target now with 6 weeks to go would be 50 kms per week average.
One part lacking from my running is speed, but base building is more important at this stage.
There are no race plans for remainder of this year with the Canberra 100 km in March next year a goal to make the start line. Early bird entries close at end of this month so that's an incentive to keep going.
Otherwise, all good. Hope the nice spring time weather continues. Don't mind the heat, don't like the rain.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

End of October

Last Week:

Running:   83.9 kms


Running:  280.15 kms


Running:  1901.00 kms

Distance:  27.05 km
Time: 3 hours 48  mins 19 secs
Rate:  8' 27" per km
Elevation gain:  993 metres
Weather:  cloudy, temp about 20 degrees, humidity 60%, wind variable northerly

Mt Rob Roy the same as last Saturday except we ran/walked the loop from the sub station in reverse.
It seems to be much tougher than going the other way as the down hill is much looser, the gravel is not stable. The up hill part is mainly the newly upgraded gravel road for the new solar farm at Royalla.
A better if not quicker run than last Saturday and would have been quicker if not for the wild weather, wind and potential storm coming across from the Brindabella Mountains. 
Left the short detour to Big Monks out when the weather looked ominous, making sure we got over the top and back to safety just in case.
Just a few short runs during the week, not wanting very much in October as the rebuild continues.
Managed to get to the river on 4 days during the week, certainly helps.
Thursday did 4 x 1 km on gravel track behind Bonython, not really a speed session, but tried as best I could to run faster.
The lack of speed was noticeable last Sunday at the monthly handicap where, although I finished 23rd, 10th eligible, there is little fast in my legs. Need to work on that. Started on a very soft group 25, and after sub committee review, go forward on to group 24.
Yes and no Ewen, managed to catch Ruth inside the last one km, Mrs Muscles started in group 13 & didn't look like seeing her. It was a beaut morning last Sunday, a little warm but really great course.