Two Fruits

Monday, December 30, 2013

The End Is Near

Purpose:  Monday recovery
Distance:  13.8 km
Time:  81' 11"
Rate:  5'  52" per km
Recovery:  15 minutes in river
Weather: sunny, temp 28 degrees, humidity 30%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week:  13.8 km,  Dec:  455.4 km, 
Year:  5300.3 kms in 52 weeks at ave 101.9 km

Usual Monday casual run to ease out any problems from the weekend. None found.
Normal jog to the river to start, 5 minutes in the water, nice on a warm day.
Then home with a small hill in there just for fun, lunch and back to the river for a more serious recovery & refresh session.
Plenty of school kids about now, so will have to be selective in finding a time slot when not too many about.
Good today, no problems, just need a few good night's sleep.
With one day to go in the year, I'm well past my best ever running distance covered, so I can take tomorrow very easy.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Walking In The Bush On The North Side

Purpose: work group walk No. 12
Distance:  24.2 kms
Time:  4 hrs 48 mins 53 secs
Rate:  11' 56" per km
Altitude gain: 450 metres
Weather:  sunny, temp range 15-25 degrees, humidity 35%, wind southerly 20 kmph easing to SE 15 kmph

Week:   114.2 km,   Dec:  441.6 km,   Year:  5286.5 km

The new Canberra Centenary trail covers most of the inhabited area of the ACT. But being a dedicated southsider, I rarely venture to the northern trails & certainly not to the very North West area that borders with NSW.
Today, the work group started at the village of Hall, just inside the border & followed the new trail for about 12.5 kms before turning back. As it turned out, we were only 1 km from the end of the Northern section at the Campsite, we didn't know it at the time.
But, we did climb up One Tree Hill with a very strong wind making life difficult. You can see the slight detour on the map just before half way.
The track surface is all soft dirt making it nicely walkable & absolute fun for the many mountain bike riders that came past or we met. Quite technical in places, open space & fast at other times. And a few hills to climb & descend.
There were 7 of us today, a good number to walk in a group & keep close enough together but being able to spread out.
This was seriously good fun to walk & can't wait to be able to run it in February.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Backing Up

Purpose:  long run
Distance:  26.7 km
Time:  3 hrs 4 mins 26 secs
Rate:  6' 54" per km
Altitude gain:  454 metres
Weather:  sunny, 12-21 degrees, humidity 90%-55%, wind calm

Week:  90.00 km,  Dec:  417.4 km,  Year:  5262.3 km

Where my running participation fits into the scene, I need to focus on recovery and being able to back up day after day.
This means getting recovery right, both physical & mental, as well as staying injury free & staying focused on the immediate event.
But it also means having a focus for what is next & the event after that.
My main focus for next year will again be a long run in the outback this time in June as that's when I can get a 4 week holiday break. It also mean escaping winter for a few weeks to places where the only thing in the sky will be sun in the daytime & the stars at night.
With B2H now only 2 weeks away, that is getting the rightful priority it deserves as it can very easily bite you big time. It has a top of the pile status on the list of the short ultras. Other longer mountainous ultras, eg North Face 100 km, GNW & several others in the Victorian Alps are really for the hard core mountain runners, but not for me, just too hard. Having to carry a backpack with survival gear puts me off some of these events.
Today, a good back up run with Softshoe with a one day break after out Boxing Day run on Mt Rob Roy. A fairly standard Two Fruit's loop run behind Theodore, Chisholm, MacArthur to Long Gully Road, Farrer Ridge & Wanniassa Hills.
It still had a good amount of elevation gain & loss, about half of the Mt Rob Roy run. Comfortable run, a very nice morning after the humidity dropped.
I have a work group bush walk on Sunday, about 20 kms, so again will top the 100 kms for the week & maintain yearly average per week. All good at the moment.

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Day In Between

Purpose: survival
Distance:  13.35 km
Time:  81' 48"
Rate:  6' 08" per km
Recovery: just 6 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 28 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm

Week:  63.3 km,  Dec:  390.7 km,  Year:  5235.6 km

With only one day between the Mt Rob Roy run and shortened Saturday morning run, today was more like a recovery Monday session.
Nothing to be gained & plenty to be lost if I got it wrong. So I jogged along at whatever pace happened at the time. The first 4-5 kms were very slow ( 6' 30" pace ) and I walked up a couple of short hills on my way home for lunch.
On the return, a better feeling resulting in a quicker pace but still only bringing to overall pace back to the final 6' 08".
All this doesn't matter as long as Saturday's run is a bit quality with the bit quantity.
With a 4 hour bush walk on Sunday, Saturday will be cut back to around 25 kms which will be enough with a weather forecast of 34 degrees in the afternoon.
Bogong to Hotham is now only 2 weeks away, so some tapering will need to be in place.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mt Rob Roy - A Boxing Day Tradition

Purpose: long hilly run
Distance:  28.45 km
Time:  3 hrs 15 mins 36 secs
Rate: 6' 53" per km
Altitude gain:  853 metres
Weather: sunny, warm, temp range 10-21 degrees, humidity 98% - 50%, wind calm

Week:  49.95 km,  Dec:  377.35 km,   Year: 5222.25 km

Mt Rob Roy run on Boxing Day is a bit of a tradition now started in 2006. A good excuse to get out after Christmas Day. Only once have we had to terminate the run to the mountain due to really bad weather. That run was done a few days later.
Also today was run No 58 to the top of the mountain. That's plenty of times going either direction with the reverse way from Conder the easier way except for the loose surface heading back to the Theodore sub station.
Joined for company by Softshoe, Martin & Bryony who are all going to Bogong 2 Hotham in just over a couple of week's time.
Good solid running with a little walking, plus plenty of chat. Weather was near perfect under sunny skies. Good to get under 7 minute km pace.
Easy day tomorrow and hopefully won't get the sore quads like I did after last Saturday on Mt Tennent.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Day Off Tomorrow

Purpose:  easy
Distance:  13.2 km
Time: 77' 03"
Rate:  5' 50" per km
Recovery: 10 minutes in river
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 23 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm

Week:  21.5 km,  Dec:  348.9 km,  Year:  5193.8 km

Just an easy jog home at lunch time, then back to work via the river.
So quiet today, everyone is either still shopping or has left town.
Christmas Day will be a relaxing, do nothing day. I need a day of nothing.
Probably get itchy feet for a run in the afternoon, but I won't go.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday, A Weak Start to The Week

Purpose:  recovery day
Distance:  8.3 km
Time:  49' 44"
Rate:  6' 00" per km
Recovery: 8 minutes in river
Weather:  cloudy, temp 25 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week: 8.3 km,  Dec:  335.7 km,  
Year:  5180.6 kms in 51 weeks at ave 101.6 km pw

Yesterday was so good after Saturday on the mountain.
But a day later and there is some tenderness in the quads which I haven't experienced for a long time. I have done plenty of running/walking up and down mountains recently, so may be I did push the pace especially on the fire trail down to Apollo Road.
It's very difficult to go hard on the down of the walking track, it's so technical & I prefer self preservation at my age.
I broke today's running into 2 parts with a bike ride home in the middle. The legs didn't want to cooperate, so I eased back just to make sure I didn't do anything silly.
Tomorrow will be similar, short & easy with Christmas Day a rest day. Otherwise, all still good.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Touch of Tenderness

Purpose:  maintain average
Distance:  8.8 km
Time:  49' 49"
Rate: 5' 40" per km
Recovery: 12 minutes in river
Weather: sunny, temp 34 degrees, humidity 24%, wind calm

Week: 101.75 km,  Dec:  327.4 km,  Year:  5172.3 km

A little tender were the quads today after yesterday's ups and downs on the mountain.
The short run down to the river this morning was Ok, felt really good in the warm conditions. No discomfort from the quads, but I need to be careful just in case.
The water temp is not cold enough to be of physical benefit, but sure is nice to relax for a while. No one about either this morning which was a surprise. Then there was a Total Fire Ban today, so no BBQs were operating, so less people. Or, they were out shopping.
Just enough running this week to maintain yearly average until the end of the year. Then start to taper towards B2H.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mt Tennent Double

Purpose:  long mountain run
Distance:  30.00 km
Time:  4 hrs 17 mins 33 secs
Rate:  8' 35" per km
Altitude gain:  1548 metres
Recovery: 10 minutes in river at Tharwa bridge
Weather: sunny, temp range  18-28 degrees, humidity 60%-40%, wind mostly calm, then NW 10 kmph

Week:  92.95 km,  Dec:  318.6 km,  Year:  5163.5 km

Before I forget, we saw a nice red belly black snake on our first return from the top of the mountain about 200 metres down. Not there when we went up, so a sneaky snake out for a look around. Good size, may be just over a metre long.
Company of Softshoe this morning with an early start, for us, at 6:30 am due to the anticipated warm sunny day. Not many about on the mountain today probably due to Christmas shopping.
The humid weather certainly made it difficult combined with no breeze for most of the morning.
Just outside usual time for first trip to the top on the walking track at 77 minutes, so happy with that.
A good run down the fire trail to the gate at Apollo Road where the surface is in good condition and a minute under 2 hours to get there, so right on pace.
The climb back up was hard work with a bit more walking, although good solid walking, than I would have liked. Again just outside usual time for that section, I still can't get near 60 minutes for the 6.8 kms.
The most dangerous and some may say most exciting part is the final down on the walking track which is rocky & technical trail. Can be fun or can be disaster. Much care is needed, so time is slow.
Arrived back at the start at the Namadgi Visitor's Centre with 27.8 kms for distance and 4 hrs 2 minutes for time. While waiting for Softshoe to arrive, ran back to meet him and bought the day's distance up to 30 kms.
Best time for the double for a while, so I hope that has set up the first section of B2H and I won't have to worry about the cut off.
Stopped at the river at Tharwa bridge for 10 minutes in the water just to refresh. No much water in there now, and it is getting too warm for good recovery, just nice.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Change of Tactics in Heat

Purpose: heat conditioning
Distance:  10.7 km
Time:  59' 36"
Rate:  5' 34" per km
Recovery: 2 x 5 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 34 degrees, humidity 20%, wind light west 10 kmph

Week:  62.95 km,   Dec:  288.6 km,  Year:  5133.5 km

Very warm today by mid morning, so I decided I still needed to run without compromising Saturday's mountain run up Mt Tennent.
I jogged easy down to the river and got in for 5 minutes, enough time to cool down core temperature. River water temperature near surface would be around 19-20 degrees, a couple of degrees cooler about a metre below surface.
Then I soaked running singlet in the water & ran home quite cool for the 6.9 kms. All good.
After lunch, being a Friday, I took the car back to Pine Is and ran another 3.8 kms before jumping back in the water cool down again. A split easy day, nothing too big in the conditions and wary in the heat. Worked out well, and could have easily been repeated a couple more times if necessary to get distance done in the middle of the day.
It was a hot day later in the afternoon with the temp reaching 37 degrees, must be summer at last.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hot Today

Purpose: summer run
Distance:  10.5 km
Time:  60' 42"
Rate:  5' 48" per km
Recovery:  10 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 33 degrees, humidity 24%, wind west 18 kmph

Week:   52.25 km,  Dec:  277.9 km,  Year:  5122.8 km

The midday temperature over the last few days has been in the high 20's when I have been running.
Lucky though, the humidity has been low so running has been Ok. Best to keep the distances down just to be on the safe side. Plus, the need to carry water, or at least stay close to taps is always a problem.
Today, the temps decided to climb well into the 30's, maxing out at 35/36 in the afternoon.
Quite warm to run today with a late start to my short trip due to a work training session from 10am to noon.
All Ok, the experience of dry, low humidity running is worth the effort, especially when I head outback again later next year.
The temperature of the water in the river is now almost too high for recovery physically, but mentally & refreshing it's beautiful. Some of the scenery is nice as well.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Slowly Getting Faster

Purpose:  easy jog
Distance:  13.15 km
Time:  74' 35"
Rate:  5' 40" per km
Recovery:  1 x 5 mins, 1 x 10 mins in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 29 degrees, humidity 38%, wind NW 10 kmph

Purpose:  a bit faster
Distance:  13.00 km
Time:  68' 08"
Rate:  5' 14" per km
Recovery: 12 mins in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 29 degrees, humidity  33%, wind NW 10 kmph

Week:  41.75 km,  Dec:  267.4 km,  Year:  5112.3 km

Tuesday just a normal junky easy run home for lunch & back to work after with a stopover at the river. A better pace than Monday, but nothing too flash.
Today, another warm sunny day, so instead of extra distance, I headed to the flattish gravel track behind Bonython. There is a slight rise half way along, and the gravel is loose in places. So it's not as good as the grass oval at Calwell, but it will do. I'm not doing 100 metre sprints.
Instead, I did 4 x 1 km at 4' 35" pace & 2 x 500 metres at 4' 25" pace. The light wind against on the return journey did make for an extra effort to achieve improvement on each trip.
A good session, happy to have got through without a problem and felt good.
The lack of any form of fast running has certainly taken away any speed I may have had.
But if I am to pursue an Aussie age group record I think is reachable next year, I will need a few more of these. Could be a good summer.
As usual on both days, finished with a cool down in the river, so good.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Recovery Day

Purpose:  recovery
Distance:  15.6 km
Time: 90' 31"
Rate:  5' 48" per km
Recovery:  15 minutes in river
Gym:  15 minutes to reacquaint with equipment
Weather:  sun/cloud, temp 23 degrees, humidity 55%, wind light NE 10 kmph

Week:  15.6 km,   Dec:  241.25 km
Year:  5086.15 kms in 50 weeks at ave 101.7 km p.w.

I should just copy & paste last week's story as Monday is recovery day every week.
I treat Monday on " whatever happens" basis. So if I feel good, I'll roll along & enjoy.
If I feel a bit off from the weekend, I'll take it very easy, jog slowly & walk if necessary.
But, I will finish at the river for 10-15 minutes in the water, and the colder the better.
Unfortunately the water temp is slowing rising, so now it's just nice to splash about & enjoy. Prevention is far better than finding a cure to an injury.
A good day today, felt great after the weekend. A bit more sleep would be nice, just haven't caught up after next to no sleeping at C2K. Otherwise, happy with where I'm at.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Good Weekend

Purpose: event assistant
Distance:  22.8 km
Time:  3 hrs 2 mins 01 secs
Rate:  8' 00" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 17 degrees, humidity 75%, wind calm

Week:  101.35 km,   Dec:  225.65 km,   Year:  5070.55 km

Course demarker & sign collector today at the Tour de Ridges event from Mawson Playing Fields over Farrer ridge, Wanniassa hills & Isaacs ridge.
With Softshoe, this involved starting out with carry bag under arm picking up the signs & arrow marking the course. Perfect day out after the hilly Mt Rob Roy run yesterday.
Run when possible, walk quite a lot & enjoy the scenery. A short jog before & after allow me to get over the 100 kms again for this week & thus maintain yearly average.
All good at this stage, weather permitting I will try to nudge up the total for the week before starting to ease back leading into B2H.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mt Rob Roy

Purpose: mountain run
Distance:  30.5 km
Time:  3 hrs 54 mins 45 secs
Rate:  7' 41" per km
Altitude gain:  850 metres
Weather:  cloudy, temp range 16-21 degrees, humidity 75-60%, wind calm-NE 15 kmph

Week:  78.55 km,  Dec:  202.85 km,  Year:  5047.75 km

For the 57th time, I ran/walked up Mt Rob Roy, a nice mountain just south of where I live. I like not having to travel somewhere to start my running. This is both suitable to run and it's all off road.
I had the company of Softshoe this morning and nice to see a big improvement for him with some injury/niggles causing grief over the past couple of weeks.
Today, in contrast with the last few days, sunny & warm, was cloudy, mild & very humid. We still went through quite a bit in the drinks.
Very few about today, one couple also on the mountain but elsewhere not many.
Not much to report, except the thistles on the way to Big Monks will make this short out and back to the trig no longer viable.
A good trip overall without pushing too hard.
Tomorrow, I will help collect signs following the last runners at Tour de Ridges starting at Mawson Playing Fields. If I get a half marathon of run/walk done, that will be another 100 km week. Won't push for it, but if close, then a jog around on the grass oval may get me there.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Routine Friday

Purpose:  set up for weekend
Distance:  13.15 km
Time: 73' 29"
Rate:  5' 35" per km
Recovery: 1 x 5 mins, 1 x 10 mins in river
Weather: sunny, temp 26 degrees, humidity 24%, wind light NW 15 kmph

Week:  48.05 km,  Dec:  172.35 km,  Year:  5017.25 km

Another nice sunny day and too good not to go for a fun run.
Stopped after first 1 km to enjoy the benefits of the river, then easy jog home. On return, stopped again for 10 minutes this time, just as nice.
Slowly this week, my km rate has improved without any perceived extra effort. Felt great all week after a tiring last weekend.
Heading to Mt Rob Roy on Saturday morning for another mountain long distance run. Although long is now relative, this one will be about 30 kms or less.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Topped 5000 kms

Purpose:  easy kms
Distance:   10.15 km
Time:  56' 50"
Rate: 5' 36" per km
Recovery: 8 minutes in river
Weather: beautiful, temp 25 degrees, humidity 28%, wind WNW 20 kmph

Week:  34.9 km,  Dec:  159.2 km,   Year:  5004.1 km

I'm now 200 kms past my previous highest yearly total of running kms from back in 2008.
New territory doesn't feel any different than last year because may be I'm just a little bit wiser.
Although much of the first half of the year was dedicated to the Birdsville track run, there have been plenty of rest days & very easy days in there.
Plus, heaps of time spent in the cool waters of the Murrumbidgee River.
So, still going & hope to for some time yet.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One Run to Go

Purpose:  easy jog
Distance:  9.05 km
Time:  51' 42"
Rate:  5' 42" per km
Recovery: 5 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 33%, wind west 25 kmph

Week:  24.75 km,  Dec:  149.05 km,  Year:  4993.95 km

A bit of a busy day today, and lucky to fit in this short jog finishing with 5 minutes in the river to cool off.
Noting to report, by getting closer to a milestone in kms covered for the year. Hopefully, tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Easy Day

Distance: 9.0 km
Time:  51' 04"
Rate:  5' 40" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 30%, wind strong NW  25 kmph
Recovery: 10 minutes in river

Week:  15.7 km,  Dec:  140.00 km,  Year:  4984.9 km

Nice easy just ambling along today to roll the legs over.
Finished at the river for 10 minutes in the water, very nice.
That's about all for today, all good.

Monday, December 9, 2013

After C2K

Purpose: recovery run
Distance:  6.7 km
Time:  38' 54"
Rate:  5' 48" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 28 degrees, humidity 22%, wind light NW 15 kmph
Recovery:  10 minutes in river

Week:  6.7 km, Dec:  131.00 km, 
Year:  4975.9 km in 49 weeks at ave 101.55 km pw

All good after the long & tiring weekend at C2K.
Expected a few sore spots & general fatigue, but today, although short in distance was Ok.
Nothing to report, but as is regular on a Monday, finished at Pine Is for 10 minutes in the cool water to help the legs & generally feel good.
Somehow, still managing to stay above an average of 100 kms per week for the year.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Crewing At C2K

Friday & Saturday
Purpose:  helping out a runner
Distance: 95.2 km
Time:  18 hours 53 mins 41 secs
Rate:  11' 54"  per km
Altitude gain:  2604 metres
Weather: sunny days, cool/cold nights, temp range 1-23 degrees, humidity low, wind calm except Friday afternoon, strong west 25-30 kmph, snow on high peaks

Week & Dec:  124.3 km,  Year:  4969.2 km

I crewed for Billy Pearce over the weekend as he attempted his 3rd Coast to Kosciuszko starting at Eden on the south coast of NSW & finishing on top of Australia's highest mountain. So, sea level to 2228 metres over 240 kms of gravel & sealed roads.
A field of 49 runners started with only 3 DNF's, the best finishing rate in the 10 years of the event's history. Seems good weather conditions plus the excellent calibre of the competitors as well as some tight entry guidelines made this possible.
I had never been to C2K, and very rarely go the high country, winter or summer.
Billy is almost a control freak with all bases covered, many covered a couple of times to allow for any changes due to weather or running problems.
I crewed with 2 others, Brad & Travis, plus the help of Rhian, a medical attendant for the race. My role was pacer & occasional other duties, but mainly I was to keep the runner going forward.
All went to a race plan Billy had prepared until the afternoon on day 1 when breathing problems changed the race plan. The cold night air certainly didn't help as his airways became blocked & he stopped many times just to get his breath.
Afternoon of day 2, the snow on top of the mountain dictated that running/walking on the trail at night with ice forming in the sub zero conditions would be too dangerous if a runner had problems & needed to be evacuated. The top section, the last 18 kms, 9 kms up and back from Charlottes Pass was cancelled after about 20 runners had gone through with enough time to do the round trip.
With Billy struggling, the text came through just in time to advice this cancellation, thus allowing him a chance at a finish at Charlottes Pass inside the midnight cut off. We basically had 8 hours to get him to do 40 kms. Sounds easy, it's dark, cold & Billy is slow to even manage 15 minutes per km on long gradual up hill, all the way.
Many stops & starts later, we get to the new finish line with just 3 minutes to spare & are we happy to see that happen. It had been 42 hours since the start, a long time out there on one of the most iconic events on Australia's running program.
We were allowed to pace our runner after dusk on day 1 and in the end I did the 95 kms of recorded GPS distance. The Garmin battery ran out of puff with just 2.5 kms to go after a half recharge at Jindabyne during the day.
Lack of sleep, about 2 hours over the 2 days leaves me sleepy tired, no physical tiredness, and nothing a couple of good night's rest won't fix.
It was a wonderful weekend, again catching up with many ultra running friends you meet at these events over the years.
However, next it's finishing off the training to be ready for Bogong to Hotham in early January 2014.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Taper Ends

Purpose: taper
Distance:  5.85 km
Time: 32' 35"
Rate: 5' 34" per km
Recovery:  10 minutes in river
Weather:  sunny, temp 30 degrees, humidity 20%, wind NW  25 kmph

Week & Dec:  29.1 km,   Year:  4874.00 km

A light jog before starting pacing duties at C2K on Friday.
Nothing else happening, now just need a couple of good night's sleep.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Another Easy Day

Purpose: taper
Distance:  11.00 km
Time:  62' 15"
Rate: 5' 39" per km
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 29 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm
Recovery:  5 minutes in river

Week:  23.25 km,  Dec:  23.25 km,  Year:  4868.15 km

Another easy day with a regular run home at lunch time.
On return stopped at the river for 5 minutes to cool off, bit warm today. Otherwise, nothing to report, all going well.
Liz, I'll be at Eden on Thursday before the start. I just don't need to run or do too much before sundown on Friday night.
There are a few other runners I would like to catch up with before the start. That's because they will be well in front not long after the gun goes off, it's going to be a tough event for everyone, as usual.
I hope you get Rob to the finish line.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Tapering ? For Pacing Duties

Purpose:  nice comfortable run
Distance:  12.25 km
Time: 69' 22"
Rate:  5' 40" per km
Altitude gain:  140 metres
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 27 degrees, humidity 40%, wind light north 10 kmph
Recovery: 5 minutes in river at end of run

Week & Dec:  12.25 km
Year:  4857.15 kms in 48 weeks at ave 101.19 km p.w.

Beautiful warm day to enjoy a nice comfortable run home at lunch time & back to work.
Nothing special about the run except it felt really easy. It hasn't been this way for a few weeks, but today felt really good.
Stopped at the river for a quick freshen up before the last 1 km back to work.
A good feeling today, wishing I didn't have to taper a bit before my pacing duties at C2K.

Liz,  I think I start being the backside kicker at sundown on Friday & then keep Billy company for most of the 2nd half of C2K. I might get some rest at times if one of the others can run a few kms with him. If I can, I do want to be able to get to the top of the mountain, never been there before.
I am hoping to get away with around 120-140 kms of running. But, whatever I do will be good endurance base for next year. At least the pace will be slow enough for me to keep up.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

All Or Nothing

Purpose: last long run
Distance:  30.00 km
Time:  3 hrs 9 mins 27 secs
Rate: 6' 19" per km
Altitude gain:  415 metres
Weather: sunny, temp range  10-16 degrees, humidity 55%-35%, wind south 10 kmph

Week:  68.1 km,  Year: 4844.9 km
November:  440.65 kms in 26/30 days at ave 16.95 km per run

Running:  nil - day in the garden

A shorter & flatter long run on Saturday with Kelley as only other starter.
Ran from Mawson shops past Woden town centre to Curtin, then on to Arboretum, Dairy Farmers Hill, Clo's Crossing to Oakey Hill and along base of Mt Taylor back to the start.
A bit of a detour around the playing fields to make up 500 metres or so to get to intended 30 kms.
Excellent morning to run. Stopped for short chat to Katie & Ken doing some speed work on north Curtin oval. Good run, finished by 15 minutes in the river at Pine Is on the way home.
Today, intended to run but got side tracked by starting in the garden to tidy up out the back. It would have been on 7 kms or so, so nothing really missed.
Gardening amounted to some hard work, not used to manual labour, but enjoyable day nevertheless.
A couple of warm days coming up, so will keep the distances short & easy, before a couple of rest days on Thursday & Friday before pacing duties begin on Friday night at C2K.