Two Fruits

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Distance:  13.95 km
Time:  1 hr 19 mins 14 secs
Rate:  5' 41"
Weather: sunny, temp 13 degrees, humidity 45%, wind WNW 20 kmph
Week:  71.4 km,  Sept:  363.9 km
Year:  3481.0 km in 9 months at ave 386.8 km

A deliberate plan to run this afternoon with a mountain run up and down Mt Tennent tomorrow morning. I want to start just a little fatigued, not much.
I ran from home past Calwell oval where lane 5 looks in good shape, just needs a spring trim. Onwards behind Theodore houses to the electricity sub station, then on the Conder side of Tuggie Hill to Gordon. Just part way into the suburb, turn back towards home on Woodcock Dr and Johnson Dr.
Timed my return in time to be ready for the rugby league grand final to start. Storm won !!
Nothing much to report, just be ready for a tough run/jog/walk/struggle over the mountain tomorrow.
Weather forecast is Ok, cool early, sunny, should be a good 4 hours of fun.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Campbell Rise

Distance: 14.15 km
Time:  79'  12"
Rate: 5' 36" per km
Weather: cool, cloudy, temp 10 degrees, humidity 50%, wind NW 15 kmph but gusts to 30 kmph
Week:  57.45 km,  Sept: 349.95 km
Year: 3467.05 km in 39 weeks at ave 88.9 km

I ventured over to Campbell Park which will be the location for the October monthly handicap subject to a final approval from ACT Environment.
With plenty of rain overnight, I was interested to see how much the tracks had softened & if there was water over the surface at the couple of ponds after the horse stile.
The good news is both times the tracks had water over them, but not much. If there is no more rain & the sun shines, it may dry out and we won't get wet feet.
Otherwise, the rest is Ok.  I ran a couple of versions just in case we need a last minute change.
Otherwise, no other runners or walkers around. They must have been indoors drinking coffee.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Week to Date

Dist:  11.8 kms in 65'02" at 5' 31"
Dist:  9.2 kms in 49'54" at 5' 29"
Dist: 7.3 kms in 37' 46" at 5' 10"
Dist: 15.0 kms in 96' 20" at 6' 24"

Week:  43.3 kms, Sept:  335.8 km,  Year:  3452.9 km

The running has been a little slack but consistent. The Internet at home has been slack, down one day, partial operating the next & good today. Don't know why? May be spring fever.
A good run today from work over the ridge of Tuggeranong Hill and back to work. Just over 310 metres of altitude gain/loss.
Monday & Wednesday I went to the river for recovery cold water treatment. Works well & definitely worth braving the cold. However some nice sunny days this week to enjoy the great outdoors.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Monthly Handicap at O'Connor Ridge

Distance:  Race - 8.0 km plus warm up = 8.8 kms
Time: Race - 38' 04"
Rate: Race - 4'  45" per km
Group start:  32
Finished 20th out of 83
Weather: sunny, temp 11 degrees, humidity 60%, wind calm
Week:  70.5 km,  Sept:  292.5 km,  Year:  3409.6 km

A near perfect morning for the monthly handicap in the nature parks of O'Connor & Bruce.
Numbers seemed down on usual with the weather not being an excuse. Must be, as Ewen commented, those out with injury or sickness,
Unfortunately, this gave me few starting in front to chase down with purpose. It's always a good incentive to set your sights on a nice target & try to catch them. Looks likely that won't happen for a while, if at all, this year.
I did however run well today for the first time since May handicap when I chased down and passed Janene going up the hill near the finish at Stromlo West.
A slack week kms wise, although with the bike now out of hibernation, that's where some running kms have gone.
Ewen, good tipping to get George out of the house. No great loss as a viewing spectacle.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Where Bush walkers Might Go

Distance: 20.00 km
Time: 2 hrs 12 mins 25 secs
Rate:  6' 37" per km
Elevation gain/loss: 455 metres
Weather:  sunny, temp range 10-16 degrees, humidity 75% down to 50%, wind calm
Week:  61.7 km,  Sept:  283.7 km, 
Year:  3400.8 kms in 38 weeks at ave 89.5 km

The bush walking group from work might be following my run course today when next we get out and about in early November.
With the intention of getting them to the top of Mt Rob Roy before Christmas, this course should not be too difficult as a lead in.
A beautiful sunny morning to be out there. Plenty of others as well, some I knew and stopped to chat.
If this 20 kms is not far enough, we can always head to the top of Mt Taylor and back, adding another 6 kms.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Very Little

Distance:  3.8 km
Time: 20'  10"
Rate:  5' 20" per km
Weather:  sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 40%, wind WNW 15 kmph
Week:  41.7 km, Sept:  263.7 km,  Year:  3407.2 km

Mixing up a bit of bike riding and a short jog today. It should have been a rest day, although I haven't done enough recently to deserve a day off.
A comment from Jog on a recent post about the spate of running injuries is just as I observed from a long distance and what has been written. Hopefully, everyone can be back and running well as soon as possible.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Routine of Recovery & Rest

Distance: 12.3 km
Time: 73' 10"
Rate: 5' 57" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 19 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week:  37.9 km,  Sept:  259.9 km,  Year:  3403.4 km

Another nice spring day in the nation's capital. I ran a loop in the nature park close to work and the river.
I was nearing the south end of Pine Is car park on the dirt walking track and jumped high & long as a brown stick decided to move under my feet. A 30 cm eastern brown snake sunning itself on the warm track causing a mild heart flutter. First one of the season I have seen but reports around of plenty of other sightings.
There was little reaction to Softshoe's report on " Where have all the runners gone". In view of the increasing sickness/injury toll, one must question what has gone amiss.
There would be no doubt that motivation is not the problem, but the process to get to the start line.
The start and finish of that process are the biggies. Get the start wrong, ie, too much, too soon, off too low a base and then increase under pressure of time, something must go wrong. Usually it's just a niggle that heals quickly. Sometimes it's  a virus going around that knocks you flat for a week. Always a setback, just when not needed.
There are no secrets to staying injury free. The old adage of 2 steps forward, 1 step back or progressive overload.
Then there is the recovery after the training effort. Today, I stood in the cool water of the river at Pine Is for 15 minutes to allow the legs to return to normal. I am a great believer in getting ready today for tomorrow's effort.
The other part to staying injury free is the stretching, strengthening exercises in the gym, and healthy & appropriate eating to fuel the exercise plan. Plenty of sleep helps as well, as well as the afternoon nana nap.
Easily today, I used up 1000 calories so that has to be replaced unless you are on "Biggest Loser".
Holding it all together until race day is an art form in itself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just a Day

Distance:  7.15 km
Time:  39' 30"
Rate:  5'  32" per km
Weather: cloudy, very light drizzle, temp 17 degrees, humidity 50%, wind SW 10 kmph
Week: 25.6 km, Sept:  247.6 km,  Year:  3391.1 km

A real nothing to report day. Rode bike home at lunch time and ran back to work.
A light drizzle of rain around 1:30 pm was a hint of a bit more later in the afternoon, but not much really fell.
Hopefully we get some descent days weather wise soon. May be a little of the heat wave to be experienced in Central Australia over the next few days. Alice Spring is expecting 37 degrees top and Birdsville expecting a top temp of 40 degrees on Thursday.
I hope that Sydney on Sunday gets a nice but mild day for the Centennial Park 100 kms. A good field deserve a good day to get good results.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Run Bike Run Gym

Distance:  7.95 km
Time:  42'  53"
Rate:  5' 24" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 45%, wind light north 15 kmph
Week:  18.45 km,  Sept:  240.45 km,  Year:  3383.95 km

I rescued the mountain bike from the garage last night, pumped up the tyres ready for my first ride since May.
A cold winter & the dark are not my favourite, so the bike stays put for the winter months.
A mild & daylight start for me at 6:15 this morning as I headed towards work. A strange feeling to be riding again, getting used to the gears and the brakes. It's only 4.5 kms each way to work, so hardly training, but more another means of transport.
It does break up the normal running routine, and it is a bit of fun especially on a nice day.
Uneventful ride to work, so at lunch time with the weather forecast for storms mid afternoon, I rode home for lunch after a short run around the block.
Took the car back to work with another short run before a quick session in the gym. Nothing special, about any of it, hopefully a return to a routine that maintains an injury free spring/summer, the best time to be running.
To me, bike riding doesn't count or is even recorded as part of any training.

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Garmin is Back

Distance:  10.5 km
Time:  59' 29"
Rate:  5' 40" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 14 degrees, humidity 55%, wind NE 5 kmph
Week:  10.5 km,  Sept:  232.5 km,  Year:  3376.0 km

My Garmin 310XT conked out at Caboolture 48 hour when I tried to recharge it on the run. The battery life had always been poor especially when it is advertised at 20 hours but fails at 35% life, thus having about 13 hours of usable time. The problem was it wouldn't restart after I had recharged it back to 100%.
I sent it back to the retailer in Brisbane where I purchased it on-line after trying for weeks to talk to Garmin in Australia.
The recorded telephone message was always " Your call is important to us, please hold, a service technician will be with you as soon as possible" Wait 20-30 minutes, hang up.
In just a week, I had my Garmin returned, probably with a new battery, told 18 hours of training life, plus a new recharger. Happy now, feel as though one of the family has come back home.
I ran home this morning from work using a 201 kindly loaned to me by Softshoe. Took the 310 back to work and did a further 4.5 kms to test. Seems Ok.
Now I have to reload the data that I want to record & display plus remember that I'm not 35 years old or weigh 68 kgs. Better get those figures right or the calorie count will be wrong.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Around the Plains

Distance: 8.95 km
Time:  47'  00"
Rate:  5' 15" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 16 degrees, humidity 45%, wind NW 15 kmph
Week:  85.4 km,  Sept:  222.00 km,  Year:  3365.5 km

Some gardening this morning after a sleep in. Worked last night for only the second time this year, finishing just after midnight. The hours were banked, I'll take time off next year.
Nice comfortable circuit on the edge of the bike path around Isabella Plains. Nothing to report except a girl on a bicycle impatient to get past as I went around another slow runner. So easy to slow down on a bike until everyone gets back into their natural position and not try to squeeze through and potentially cause an accident.
It could be a run by the weather type week, forecast is not that good.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mt Rob Roy

Distance:  31.25 km
Time:  3 hrs 56 mins 44 secs
Rate:  7' 35" per km
Altitude gain/loss: around 850 metres
Weather: sunny, cold early, temp range -1 - 14 degrees, humidity 95% down to 45%, wind calm to start then southerly 15 kmph
Week:   76.45 km,  Sept: 213.05 km
Year:  3334.55 kms in 37 weeks at ave 90.1 km

It was the 46th time I ran been up Mt Rob Roy although not all to the trig at the highest point. It's hidden off the track among the rocks and trees. Unless you can find the trail that heads that way, you won't find it. Only when a newbie comes along, do we need to go bush.
Today, cold early, then a very enjoyable morning on the mountain.
I met Softshoe on the fire trail behind Theodore after leaving from home just after 7:15 am. A change is good as we went over to the steep, now sealed track up towards Big Monks behind Conder/Banks. We missed Big Monks out this time although next time, the track to the trig there will be covered by thistles. The views from the trig over the Tuggie valley & over to the Brindabellas are well worth the effort, even just to walk up there.
Onwards to the open paddock as we did the reverse of our normal circuit. The trail is easy to follow as the climb really starts towards the top. We walked a bit here, saving Softshoe for next week's CP100 km in Sydney, and me getting a rest.
The view before climbing back into the nature park back to the south shows where the new solar power plant will probably be built.
Nice again on top of the mountain although the trees prevent any sightseeing.
The track gets very steep with loose rocks and surface making the down hill a little dangerous. In fact, going down was slower than going up, plenty of slipping but no sliding. We were very lucky.
As we got closer to Theodore, the penny dropped. A couple of years ago, ACTEW started to erect big power lines across the hills with no explanation either locally or on any websites.
This now explains the solar power generation plant to be built at Royalla. So little explanation to the public. The power lines feed into the electricity sub station just behind Theodore.
Back at the sub station, we parted ways as Softshoe headed home after covering 20 kms. I was looking for at least 30 kms for the day and headed towards Calwell shops on the fire trail.
At Calwell oval, I followed the bike path towards Ashley/Isabella Dr, down to the bridge near the top of Isabella pond, and finally home on the bike path near Ellerston Dr.
Not enough carbos last night found me running fatigued for the last few kms, legs were Ok just lacked the energy to go any faster.
However, another great outing on my 2nd favourite mountain, the one we do the traditional Boxing Day run on later this year.
Back up tomorrow as the weather is forecast to be nice again, make the most of these good days.
Following the websites for the progress of the runners at Glasshouse Mountains 100 miler today, good luck, run well & enjoy yourselves, it's a great event, been there a few times & loved it. Warm weather, dry & dusty, beautiful.
My current Garmin 310XT is still away being fixed, battery. I would normally have a downloaded map & stats from Garmin Connect to publish, may be next time.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ready to Go

Distance:  12.45 km
Time:  69'  08"
Rate: 5'  33" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 40%, wind west 15 kmph
Week:  45.2 km,  Sept:  181.8 km,  Year:  3303.3 km

Yesterday the weather returned to winter, so I called it a rest day & didn't venture outside.
Today, a bit better with some sunshine but not really warm.
Nothing to report, a easy jog home for lunch & back to work. A few exercises in the bus during the day, nothing too strenuous.
Mt Rob Roy tomorrow, a good solid mountain climb close to home. Time to get serious.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Year Ahead

Distance: 12.55 km
Time: 69'  15"
Rate:  5' 31" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 45%, wind light NW 15 kmph
Week:  32.75 km,  Sept:  169.35 km, Year:  3290.85 km

One of our work bush walkers encountered 3 brown snakes on the track between Pine Is and Point Hut today in a one kilometre distance. They may have all been from the same family just out for a bit of warm sunshine. But brown snakes are deadly if you get bitten & not treated immediately.
On that track, it may be the next day before any one else comes along to help. Care needs to be taken now the warmer weather is here & the snakes are out.
I didn't get near that track or near the river today, just a run home for lunch and back to work. A short 15 minutes in the gym back at work, and that was all.
Some dates for events are now in place, so the running plan can now be a little more confirmed for the first part of next year.
Starting with the last part of this year, Orroral Valley Classic on 21st Oct, I have the next bush walk set for 11th Nov, Deep Space mountain marathon set for 11th Nov. Another bush walk before Christmas with a "may be" on Tour de Ridges on the weekend before Christmas.
Then in 2013, Brindabella 100 km / mile on 2nd Feb with Coburg 24 hour in early April.
That should set up the rest of the year nicely if it all goes to plan. Hopefully, there will be no sickness. Strategic rest plus proper recovery & ongoing injury prevention will get me to the target event.
Going to be a great next 12 months or so.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Searching for Speed

Distance: 11.25 km
Time:  58'  34"
Rate: 5' 12" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 16 degrees, humidity 45%, wind almost calm
Week: 20.2 km,  Sept: 156.8 km,  Year:  3278.3 km

With the summer track season almost here, and months and months of long slow running, I need to find any long lost speed I had in my legs.
Today, I warmed up with a an easy jog to the gravel track behind Bonython. Then I ran 6 x 700 metres on the flat part that finishes near Woodcock Dr at Gordon.
After a slow start at 4' 30" km pace for the first two, I picked up a bit with the next two at around 4' 20" km pace, then the last two at 4' 15" km pace. Much better, I should have done a couple more but opted for two shorter distances, any length would do.
Measured at 320 metres, I ran two of these at around 3' 52" km pace ave. A good session and certainly should be done at least once a week.
Jogged over to the river at Pine Is, another 12 minutes, same as yesterday, soaking the legs in the cold water.  Good afterwards, it really helps.
The date has been notified for the Brindabella 100km/mile for Sat 2/2/13 next year. That will slot in nicely with Coburg 24 hour in April, same day as Canberra marathon.
Ewen, Hottie looks Ok, but not sure a degree in communication will help her in the BB house.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Easy Recovery Day

Distance:  8.95 km
Time:  50'  11"
Rate: 5'  36" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 19 degrees, humidity 40%, wind north 15 kmph
Week:  8.95 km, Sept:  145.55 km,  Year:  3267.05 km

No problems out of the long walk on Sunday, just tired. A good night's sleep and all is well.
Today I ran home very easily on a perfect spring day. Then car back to Pine Is for a short jog before 12 minutes standing in the river.
A surprise was the water temperature has warmed up a little. Last week, I could only take a minute before having to get out, too cold. Today I lasted all 12 minutes before time to get back to work.
May be Vanities Crossing has thawed enough as well to allow a slow runner to get across. Must be time to make a return.
Ewen, the intruder into the BB house looks at hottie, look out guys !!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Casuarina Sands to Pine Is.

Today:  Walking
Distance:  26.00 km
Walking time: 5 hrs 16 mins 39 secs
Total time:  6 hrs 22 mins
Walk rate:  12' 11" per km
Weather: beautiful day, temp range 9-17 degrees, humidity 65% down to 40%, wind calm
Week:  97.7 km,  Sept:  136.6 km,  Year:  3258.1 km

It takes a lot to get bus drivers motivated to move anywhere under their own physical power.
A few week's ago, some of us decided to follow the track beside the Murrumbidgee River from Casuarina Sands near the Cotter to Point Hut. There is a defined well marked trail that follows reasonably close to the river and mostly has markers every 200 metres showing distance travelled.
We met at 8:00 am on a perfect day. Those that competed in the Canberra Times Fun Run would testify to the nice weather conditions.
The trail starts near the bridge and heads southerly, almost no deviation in direction. Some how, we managed to lose the trail after the first few kms to find ourselves nowhere near the river and near some horse paddocks.
We eventually found the main trail, and a km sign indicated we added around 3 kms in distance. This meant we didn't have to go on to Point Hut to finish, and could finish at Pine Is. Excellent !!
Lunch at Kambah Pool where Mrs TF met us to refuel & ditch the extra clothes for the cooler start.
Lovely day now, sun shining as we set off on the easier section past the Tuggeranong rock wall to the Pine Is reserve.
A top day out, a very undulating track, rocky, sandy & rough mostly, very few flat places. The scenery was wonderful and well worth the effort.
Plenty of chat to take away from the sore legs, it's tougher than you think.
Planning on our next walk, probably in early November as school holidays in October will upset the plans.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Hill & A Breeze

Distance;  26.1 km
Time: 2 hrs 59 mins 41 secs
Rate: 6' 53" per km
Weather: sunny, mild, temp 9-13 degrees, humidity 50%, wind west 20 kmph
Week:  71.7 km,  Sept:  110.6 km, 
Year: 3232.1 kms in 36 weeks @ ave 89.8 km

A very similar run today as I ran with Softshoe last weekend over the Wanniassa Hills and across Farrer ridge.
Last week was cold, this week it was the wind that played the part of the kill joy.
It was fun, there is no mistaking the extra enjoyment out of spring & summer running.
Very few others about today, no magpies, a few kangaroos but very friendly.
Much better running today, almost 30 seconds per km faster than last week.
Rest up this afternoon, a bush walk along the track next to the Murrumbidgee River from Casuarina Sands near the Cotter, past Kambah Pool to Pine Is and may be finish at Point Hut. Weather forecast is good, another great day coming up.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Distance:  10.5 km
Time:  56' 47"
Rate:  5' 24" per km
Weather: sun/cloud, temp 14 degrees, humidity 55%, wind WNW 25 kmph
Week:  45.6 km, Sept:  84.5 km,  Year:  3206.0 km

Steady progress is being made as spring has arrived. The warmer weather, not much today, has rekindled the desire to run more often. In fact, 6 days in a row, so all of September.
At this stage the head has more influence than actual physical ability. So many plans are being made & scrapped mainly due to lack of fitness.
At this stage, a couple of months of just getting plenty of kms banked, mixed up with regular gym sessions & the mountain bike will come out next week.
Otherwise, all is Ok.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wind Assisted

Distance:  6.3 km
Time:  34' 30"
Rate:  5' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 24%, wind NW 35 kmph
Week:  35.1 km,  Sept:  74.00 km,  Year:  3195.5 km

Nothing to report as I ran home for lunch, assisted by a strong but warm north westerly wind. No magpies, where are the dive bombing little buggers ? All over north side.
In fact, one of the guys at work sits smokes outside at a table and feeds those maggies that gather around, even at this time of year.
His theory is be nice, they do remember who you are. No problems, just keep them happy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Red Rocks & Cold Water

Distance:  16.2 km
Time:  1 hr 37 mins 27 secs
Rate:  6'  01" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 20 degrees, humidity 30%, wind light NW 15 kmph
Week:  28.8 km,  Sept:  67.7 km,  Year:  3189.2 km

I checked out the track from Pine Is towards Kambah Pool as far as Red Rocks Gorge today. It's a walking track along the edge of the Murrumbidgee River, but has been in disrepair recently from heavy rain, some erosion & wombat holes.
The local rangers have done a good job in bringing the track to a usable condition. Some redirection of the track and much improved surface has meant only a few rocky parts. It's a good training place, well away from others and plenty of variety of terrain.
I stopped for 10 minutes at Pine Is beach on the way back to test the coldness of the river, it's still very cold indeed. This meant only 30 seconds in with a minute or two out, before a repeat a couple of times. Only went in to mid thigh depth, too cold to go any deeper.
Another month or so, and good recovery can be done on a regular basis to prevent muscle soreness.
A really nice day, warm and calm, felt Ok. It's finally coming back.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring At Last

Distance: 12.6 km
Time: 67'  49"
Rate: 5'  23" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 35%, wind light NW 10 kmph
Week: 12.6 km,  Sept:  51.5 km, Year:  3172.6 km

Lovely spring day and the warmest we have had for many months. There was no chance of not running today with the better weather improving the pace. Really enjoyable.
Not much to report about the run, a normal Monday home for lunch and back again.
Longer run tomorrow along the track towards Kambah Pool in preparation for a long bush walk with some fellow work mates on Sunday.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What a Nice Afternoon

Distance:  13.4 km
Time: 73' 34"
Rate: 5' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 16 degrees, humidity 40%, wind northerly 15 kmph
Week:  61.00 km,  Sept:  38.9 km,  Year:  3160.00 km

At last a Sunday with no early start planned, a sleep in. I needed the 10 or more hours I slept.
Father's day specials at local auto retailer had hand held UHF walkie talkies for sale. Now no more hand signals that I don't see when trying to park the caravan in tight locations. Excellent purchase.
Then a trip to the AIS to look at a PA speaker system hidden away in the vet's club shed. Looks like it will do to replace our broken down old system. It works on AC electricity, just need to recharge to see if the battery is Ok for our remote locations.
Then a run this afternoon in glorious sunshine. A routine run to Pine Is and back along the river track towards Point Hut.
Heaps of people about enjoying the great outdoors for this early springtime.
A good run, felt Ok, nice day.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Long But Slow

Distance:  25.5 km
Time: 3 hrs 7 mins 32 secs
Rate:  7' 21" per km
Weather: sunny, cold, temp range -4 to 9 degrees, humidity 95% down to 50%, wind calm to start then late up to 20 km southerly
Week: 47.6 km,  Sept:  3146.6 km, Year:  3146.6 km

First day of spring bought more winter like conditions with clear skies after a very cold end to Friday with snow almost falling to the ground.
It was a heavy frost early this morning as I ran with Softshoe on a shortened version our our Two Fruits loop over to Wanniassa Hills and beyond.
We stopped on top of a hill in the nature park to remove a layer and gloves as the sun was nicely warming up the landscape. A few others out enjoying the crisp morning, but we basically had the countryside to ourselves.
We didn't push any pace today, too cold and really I'm easing back into the routine.
Later in the day I hitched up our caravan to the new Mitsubishi Triton to check everything works and find out what needs adjusting. Basically, we just got in and drove. Travelled nicely on the road and we should be able to get away for a week in early October.
It should also do the trick next year in the outback. When we went looking to buy the van, we said we definitely needed to have air conditioning. Strangely in almost two years, the cooling fan has only been switched on about 3 times, heating on many more times than that. A cold winter two years in a row whether up north or down south.
There are no plans for the rest of the year at this time. Deep Space marathon and the one hour run are about all I have even lightly pencilled in to do. Time now to get back into a routine, log up some solid kms, stay away from injury, and prepare for some events in 2013 surrounding the Canberra centenary.