Two Fruits

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Week 47 - Marking Time

Running: Year to date

Distance:  3,897.9 kms in 47 weeks at ave  82.9 kms ( same as last week)

Last week:  81.7 kms,  Nov:  286.2 kms

Altitude:  69,104 metres in 47 weeks at ave  1,470 metres ( up from 1,465 metres last week)

Last week: 1,720 metres,  Nov: 5,613 metres

Marked time this week but it could have been a good week as I had one rest day  & one day of only 4 kms.
Good altitude gain this week, above the average, with a solo run around 5 trig points of the local area on Saturday getting 1,060 metres of up hill.
While flat speed is somewhat lacking, there is plenty of strength from the hills. trying to hit the down hill with speed, and not falling over, gets a bit more leg turnover. Really should get back to the oval for a few laps in lane 5.
Otherwise, the running takes second place for the next couple of weeks as we head over to Tassie for a short holiday to celebrate a friend's 70th birthday & 50th wedding anniversary within 2 days of each other. Catch up with family & others as well, so going to be busy.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 46 - On the Up

Running:   Year to Date

Distance:  3,816.2 kms in 46 weeks at ave   82.9 km  ( up from 82.6 kms last week )

Week:  97.7 kms    Nov:  204.5 kms

Altitude:  67,384 metres in 46 weeks at ave  1,465 metres  ( up from  1,455 metres last week )

Week:  1,919 metres   Nov:  3,893 metres

Finally the tide has turned and the weekly figures have exceeded the yearly averages. A good week with 6 days of running. A day off due to rain and an excuse to have a rest day.
Highlights of the week both occurred over the weekend with an exploration run on Saturday on the Cotter end of the Bullen Range. Then Sunday I was last runner in the Triple Tri team where I managed to get the team home in under 12 hours. My 13.8 kms there, advertised as 13 km, had me pushing hard. The hilly first part over Red Hill trig was Ok, but the last 7 kms of hard surfaced bike path was not to my liking. I'm definitely a train runner. Finished off with 9 kms easy jog to get back to transition where I started to collect the car.
A top weekend, I have recovered well, just a little tired. I have had 4 sessions in 3 days in the cool water of the river near where I work. Twice I have stopped for a 5 minute cool down just after starting to run on Monday & today. Monday also a 2nd session at completion of my easy recovery day.
All good at the moment and  back to the familiar fire trails with plenty of hills.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 45 - Marking Time

Running:  Year to Date

Distance:  3,718.5 kms in 45 weeks at ave  82.6 kms ( down from 82.7 km last week)

November:   106.8 kms

Altitude:  65,465 metres in 45 weeks at ave  1,455 metres ( up from 1,450 metres last week)

November:  1,974 metres

A week of consolidating as close to the weekly average as possible. Almost got there with distance & a bit over with altitude.
A nice long run, 30 kms, around local hills on Saturday followed up with drink station duties during the Deep Space mountain marathon on Sunday. While waiting for the very last of the runners to come back to the drink station, managed to get 6 kms done.
That wasn't the important part, but doing them at an altitude of 1300 metres above sea level was.
Not that this is high attitude training, but every metre above sea level may be of some benefit to the red blood cell count. If not, a nice short run anyway.
All going well at the moment, although trying to get the legs to start moving on some days is a problem. I usually run home at lunch time, sometimes hilly, sometimes flat. Recently, the first part has been very slow, always looking for an excuse to stop and rest.
However, the run back has always been vastly better even after a one hour or more break. Can't work out the reason why at the moment. I don't have any injuries so must just be a fatigue or fuelling issue.
Better eat more and get more sleep.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 44 - Back to Routine

Running - Year to Date

Distance:  3,639.55 kms in 44 weeks at ave  82.7 kms ( down from 83.45 kms after 42 weeks)

Altitude:  63,819 metres in 44 weeks at ave  1,450 metres ( same as after 42 weeks)

Finally the routine has returned after months of holidays, recovery & lack of fitness.
Other than a few days off to do other unimportant things like house maintenance, gardening etc, being back at work means regular running.
Slow pace at this stage as trying to get back the strength & endurance through climbing up a few hills whenever possible. The altitude weekly average hasn't declined like the distance, but at least the rate of decline has slowed.
October had some nice spring weather resulting in well above average temps, record breaking. November hasn't started anywhere near that, in fact well below average temps. Probably makes for better running conditions, but the warmer the better for me.
All good at the moment, plenty of trips to the cool water in the river as recovery after pushing up some local hills and a small mountain or two.