Two Fruits

Monday, May 30, 2011

Up and Down the Beach

Distance:  20.95 km in 107' 57" at ave 5' 09" per km
Weather: cool, part sun/cloud, temp 19 degrees, humidity 75%, wind southerly 18 kmph
Distance:  7.75 km in 40' 23" at ave 5' 13" per km
weather: sunny, temp 18 degrees, humidity 70%, wind calm
Week: 7.75 km, May:  168.8 km, Year: 1115.3 km

Nothing much to report, rain overnight and cool today with clouds hanging around until mid afternoon. Split Sunday into a morning run of about 11 kms, then an afternoon run of 10 km up and down the beach, bare feet. Similar today, just one run but similar ype of run where I run in the soft sand on the way out, then in the water on the way back. The packed sand is too hard on the feet, and the resistance of the soft sand and the water is better. Finish off with quick swim.
Leave here on Tuesday for Qld, no idea where, or for how long. Next post will tell.
If report is correct, big congrats must go to Kelley for her Comrade's effort. The story she tells will be great.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Evans Head - Beach & Headland

Evans Head, south of Ballina, NSW
Dist: 12.45 km in 62'03" at 4'59" bare feet
Distance: 19.95 km in 1 hr 55 mins 38 secs at ave 5' 48"
Weather: both days - temp 18-21 degrees, humidity 50%, wind southerly at 10 km, sea temp 21 deg.
Week:  38.25 km, May: 140.1km, Year: 1086.6 k

Wednesday I ran up and down the beach, bare feet and finished with a swim in the ocean afterwards. Very nice and a feel good outing.
Yesterday we drove to Ballina to shop and check out the changes in this sea side town. Biggest change will be the road by pass, the next biggest change is the Big Prawn has closed down. Such an icon in the town.
Today, first run, I ran over the river to the breakwater, then up to the lookout, almost got lost trying to find the Lighthouse, but did find an echidna digging in the sandy headland. Back to the van, ditched the shoes and most of the clothing, then continued up and down the beach for a 14 km outing.
Had lunch, watched a couple of vans arrive and set up, always exciting seeing how they park and unload. While Mrs TF had a nana nap, I easy jogged back to the beach, another swim and back to make almost 20 kms for the day. Beaut day here today so make the most of the opportunity to run.
This is exercise for fun and enjoyment.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On The Road Again

Where: Evans Head,  NSW
Distance:  5.85 km
Time:  29' 09"
Rate: 4' 59" per km - bare feet
Weather:  sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 58%, wind NW 12 kmph, sea temp 22 degrees.
Week: 5.85 km, May: 107.7 km, Year:  1054.2 km

We have moved from Manning Point north up the coast. And just as well with a big storm front about to hit the southern NSW coast with some very strong winds, up to 80-90 kms per hour. They should miss us here.
We left Manning Point on Sunday to travel to Coffs Harbour, appointment for a service and some extras to be added to the van on Monday. That done, moved a little bit north towards Grafton to have an overnight behind a service centre and truck rest area. Bit noisy but lots happening with plenty of big rigs moving in and out all night, very exciting.
Early on the go to our current location at Evans Head, a large caravan park behind the surf club with about 7 kms of nice flat beach to run. Van to sandy beach - 400 metres
As well, there is a hill here up to a lookout where you can see fighter jets on pretend bombing runs up close and almost personal. Loud !!
An easy jog along the beach to shake out the stiffness of nothing for two days. Although short in distance, pace was good for running bare feet. Followed by a quick swim in the ocean, water temp a degree warmer than down south.
We are here for a week, should be fun, no will be fun.
Happy birthday, Ruth, enjoy the trip overseas.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Manning Point to Cabbage Tree Is.

Distance: 15.8 km
Time: 1 hr 39 mins 59 secs
Rate:  6' 20" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 40%, wind easterly at 5 kmph, sea temp 21 degrees.
Week:  59.8 km ,May: 101.85 km, Year: 1048.35 km

That's all the beach covered in 4 days, total length 14 kms from river mouth to river mouth.
A real "Anton" day no need for much clothing, the weather perfect for running. Tide higher than it has been so km rate slow due to soft sand, bare feet digging in to get grip. Much has been written recently about running bare foot, I have for 3 days in a row without a problem, a small blister on a toe soon disappeared.
A quick dip in the ocean after the run, and a return again later just for fun. The big waves have gone, but must take care in the surf. Perfect recovery for tired legs, I'm still out of shape, walked a bit today on the return journey.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Dear, Same Again

Manning Point, NSW
Distance:  11.9 km
Time: 67' 13"
Rate:  5' 39" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 55%, wind NE  10 kmph
Week:  43.8 km,  May: 86.05 km,  Year: 1032.55 km

Not much to write or even post a picture, same as last few days. Bare feet running, all the distance is sand.
Leave van park, thru the dunes to the beach, then decide which way to go. Decided to do the same as Wednesday, up to the river mouth, back again past the dune entry for another 2 kms going south, back again.
Stop for a quick dip in the sea, temp 21 degrees, and slow jog back to van. Nicest morning to date on entire trip, but cloudy now, may get a shower later or tomorrow. Who cares, not me !

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beach Running

Manning Point,  NSW
Distance: in 60'11" at 5'25"
Distance: 12.3 km in 65' 08" at 5'18"
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 22 degrees, humidity 55%, wind light east 10 kmph
Week: 31.9 km, May: 74.15 km, Year: 1020.65km

Manning Point is at the mouth of the Manning river on the coast from Taree. There is very little here, we drove to Old Bar to get some supplies and look around as tourists. Another nice sea side town.
Both yesterday and today's runs were from the park thru the sand dunes to the beach. Both went north & south, good sand to run on. Yesterday ran in trail shoes but today ran bare feet, really nice and a surprise was faster than in shoes.
Two more days of this before heading north on Sunday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On The Manning River

Running:  nil

Travel day from Hexham to Manning Point.
We have about 4 maps and books with us and only 1 shows Manning Point. But I'm glad it did, we have found this lovely caravan park, opposite the river and 100 metres from the ocean. An exit from the park on to the beach allows 4WD access if you get a beach driving permit.
The sound of the waves will be with us all night, such a lovely sound in comparison with the trucks and cars on the highways.
Beach is 14 kms long, so plenty of distance could be covered over the next 5 days, weather is going to be Ok.
Forecast is sunny, top temp 21 degrees, min temp 10 degrees, sea temp is 21 degrees, wind light.

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's a Long Way from Canberra

Distance:  8.5 km
Time:  44' 05"
Rate:  5' 11" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 15 degrees, humidity 50%, wind north 5 kmph
Week:   18.9 km, May:  50.75 km,  Year:  997.25  km

I've been trying to think of a title for today's story, nothing came to mind, until......
After a very cool night, 1 degree in the van early morning, then it warmed up nicely, so I ran before the day's activities started.
Another jog along the road to Nelson's Bay, part of the Port Stephens tourist area. Nothing much happened, a bit of traffic, not really taking much notice as I didn't expect to see any one I knew.
Not far from the finish, a car honked and a wave from the window. I didn't know who would be in this area. Now I discover it was my brother-in-law in a work vehicle with a workmate also in the car.
He asks who that is running, so it is explained who I am and I have arrived from Canberra. Passenger says he must be tired running all that way. Not quite in that shape at this stage.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nearly Down

Distance: 10.4 km
Time:   54' 32"
Rate:   5' 14"
Weather: sunny, nice day, temp 18 degrees, humidity 28%, wind west 13 kmph
Week: 10.4 km, May: 42.25 km, Year: 988.75km

As I wrote last time, we were driving back to the van park near Williamtown/Newcastle airport when 4 fighter jets were about to land. Our small camera was lucky to get a picture which Mrs TF then edited to get this image of the plane with it's legs down and nicely positioned between the power lines.
Most days you will see cars parked at the end of the runway waiting for the planes to fly overhead as they land. Absolutely amazing up close.
Today another nice day, wind has dropped but it's still cool overnight, down to 3 degrees inside the van early this morning.
Ran out the road again today, not as far, and a little quicker. A flat road, easy to stay away from the cars.
Probably won't run again for a couple of days, on the move again on Tuesday. Hoping to find somewhere nearer the sea during this week. We need to be in Coffs Harbour on Monday week.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two in a Row

Where: Nobbys Head, Newcastle
Distance: 8.5 km in 49' 33" at 5' 50" ave
Weather: sunny, air temp 20 degrees, humidity 40%, wind NW at 28 kmph, sea temp 21 degrees
Where: Tomago ( near the Hexham bridge)
Distance:  11.15 km in 60' 20" at 5' 24" ave
Weather: sunny, temp 17 degrees, humidity 30%, wind SW 15 kmph

Yesterday we went to Newcastle just to say we drove along Hunter St. It was made famous in a song " The Newcastle Song" from a couple of decades ago. It's about Normie getting in strife with a couple of locals on Hunter St.
We didn't see Normie but stopped on the beach front at Nobby's so I could go for a run while Mrs TF read a book and watched the locals.
I ran over headlands and along beach paths to Merewether Beach and back. A quick dip in the sea at Nobby's ( between the flags ) ended a very nice outing.
Today, another nice day if just a little cooler, but this time just from the park out the Tomago road and back. Wind again a little cool and against on the way back. Overall, pleased to be able to run two days in a row.
Might have to check the running calendar for something to focus on during the winter.
We stopped under the flight path at Williamtown airport while 4 fighter jets landed. Mrs TF again got a good picture of an FA 18 Hornet with legs down. I'll load it and publish next time.
Not good news from Mrs Muscles on the injury front. I hope the physio and sports doctor can do something for her without surgery. Otherwise, passing exams with flying colours is much better news.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Up Turned Digger

Where:  Bylong Valley Way, Upper Hunter

We were travelling between Rylestone and Denman in the Upper Hunter valley, coal country, when we were slowed by an accident.
A low loader had overturned on a corner with this expensivee digger on board.
Not just the usual ditch digger, but you can see that it can travel on the railway tracks as well as on it's own caterpillar wheels.
The bucket is on the road, damaged.
In the background is the tail end of a km long coal train, four locos up front, mighty impressive.
The accident happened 2 hours before our arrival, and it was going to be a long day for the clean up crew.
Glad I wasn't paying for repairs. Picture taken on the move out of the car window by Mrs TF, she did well to capture it so well. Just the side of the caravan on the left.
Today, again no running, sunny but very cool in the southerly winds. Heaps of snow in parts of the Central Tablelands where we were a couple of days ago.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bathurst - A Lap at Pace

Running:   Nil

Evidence that we to Bathurst. As advised, we drove around the race circuit at Mt Panorama.
Lap distance: unknown
Race record for V8 Supercar: about 2' 06"
Our time: a bit over 12 minutes

As Ewen wrote, we would crawl up thru the cutting in 1st gear. It's much steeper than it looks on TV.
Across the top is really nice, how to concentrate at 100 miles per hour is amazing.
But the down towards the start of the straight is amazing, tight, steep and I imagine as a car race driver would be so much fun.
Only a couple of other cars about on the track, one of course was a young teenager hoping there would be no police about so he could plant the boot on the straight. There were no around.
We had left Canberra to stay at Cowra, then Bathurst to stay overnight at Rylestone. A nice sleepy town with a great caravan park.
This week will be near Newcastle, visiting family, before heading north again.
Weather has been kind so far, cold overnight, a gentle southerly wind assisting our travels.
Today, very cool, winter has arrived up this way. Apparantly there is snow on the Barrington Tops in the national park.
Anyway, a good week to do nothing. If the weather improves, I might go for a run.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

One in the Town

Where:  Canberra
Distance:  12.2 km
Time:  77' 17"
Rate: 6' 19" ( brave to even mention )
Weather: part sun/cloud, temp 15 degrees, humidity 50%, wind north 10 kmph
Week & May:  12.2 km,  Year:  958.7 km

We leave tomorrow morning for the next part of the journey. Packing, unpacking & rearranging last couple of days before heading to the car racing track that goes over a mountain.
The pace for us with the van on behind won't be very fast, at least on the way up.
Nothing good about today's effort, obviously lost most of any fitness I had. A very slow run & walk down to Pine Is and back. The price to pay for doing not much over the past two months.
Ewen, I couldn't beat Mrs Muscles at arm wrestling, she is way too good for me. At least we wouldn't be lifted off the chair.
I've written to her a couple of times recently, but no reply. She might be on holidays, might be at the gym or just too busy, or has forgotten me already. I'm not a Twitter, I could look, you did give me a link.
Happy Mother's Day to all those with a mum. Give them a ring or visit with a chocolate cake.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where 2 Next

Running:   Nil

Back in town, looks like being a couple of days instead of a couple of hours. Plenty of small bits to do, like changing over to warm weather gear, ditching the doonas etc. and generally rearranging.
House needs a clean up, autumn has made a mess, the grass needs cutting but hopefully some cold weather here will stop the growth.
This weekend will see us on the move north, once past Sydney we can relax and slow down the pace to a crawl.  How far north will depend on the weather. If we find a nice spot, we will stop. If not, Cairns again is nice in June & July. South Mission beach is a good  place to do nothing. You look across the water at Dunk Is.
Nothing planned in the running department, not really interested at the moment, although the March Ultramag was collected from the Post Office today. That may spark something as I'm eating enough for three at the moment, look out, the kilos are piling on.
It's going to take 2 months to get back to any descent level of fitness, then I can look at end of the year events. I had hoped to do something at Caboolture at end of July, but I can't see how I can consistently get 120 kms at least weeks of running done at the moment.
Always next year if I don't hang up the long distance shoes before then.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crossed the Strait

Running : Nil

Back on the big island, a smooth trip over the water. Boring as ever, a couple of nana naps just to pass the time.
Eased out of Melbourne in the dark, lucky enough avoid peak hour traffic. Parked at a rest stop, really good spot outside of Bendigo for the night just after 10 pm, woke this morning at 9 o'clock. Must have needed the sleep.
Called in to the caravan dealer in Bendigo for a couple of bits of advise, then moved on towards Echuca, Cobram & finally to Albury.
At a truck stop for tonight, back in Canberra for a few hours on Wednesday, then off again.
No news, all is well, no running now for 3 days and looks like being almost a week before I run again.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Second is Sometimes Better

Distance:  12.75 km
Time:  74" 36"
Rate:  5' 51" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp18 degrees, humidity 70%, wind NW 10 kmph
Week: 56.9 km,  April:  165.45 km,  Year: 946.5 km

We visited my auntie at Port Sorell on Saturday as we always do when in Tassie. She is my mum's sister, and is 89 years old later this year, lives by herself and has recently passed a test to continue driving her car for another year. Not allowed to drive into Devonport, but doesn't go there anyway.
I needed to get a run in so took the gear and ran from Port Sorell to Hawley beach and on to the Carbunkle Is and back.
Nice afternoon, a wedding was about to start on the beach, the bride and the rest of the party looked good.
Not as good as the royal wedding, just a Harley Davidson for transport, may be a few beers in the back of a couple of cars, but I'm sure they all enjoyed their big day.
The royal wedding was something special. The bride looked terrific, but the bridesmaid stole the show. Sometimes, being second is best. I wonder if Pippa will be my Facebook friend, I'll second off a request.
There is a FB page with thousands of hits about her backside, I was very impressed as well.
About to pack up the van ready for an early start tomorrow for a day sail across Bass Strait. It's calm out there today.