Two Fruits

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tuesday Group Run

Distance: 18.2 km
Time: 1 hr 44 mins 25 secs
Rate: 5' 44" per km
Weather: cool, foggy, low cloud, calm, temp 4 - 7 degrees, humidity 90%

Distance: 46.3 km
Running days: 3/3
Ave: 15.4 km per run day
July: 380.5 km
Running days: 22/31
Ave: 17.29 km per run day
Distance: 2475.5 km
Running days: 136/212
Ave: 18.2 km per run day

A chance while on leave to run from Black Mountain peninsular with the Tuesday running group. A typical winter day in the nation's capital with fog and low cloud, and cool to start the run with a bit after the usual start time of 9;15AM. Lucky to have CJ back in the running mode after her holiday overseas trying to some level of fitness back after a few quiet weeks.
I had earlier planned the way I wanted to run and fortunately the group I the same ideas. Away we went, most in long pants, gloves, and long sleeves essential with some beanies to keep the warmth in.
Along the edge of LBG then through the road works at Glenlock Interchange to the cork plantation. Most going OK to here then the tour headed up the gun barrel, a conversation stopper at the best of times, especially when cold. Most then turned back or took the short cuts back to the start, but me (and CJ) being in for the long haul continued past Dairy Farmer's Hill through what would have been big pine trees a few years ago except for a bush fire or two.
Eventually we met the parkway and the river near Clo's Crossing, turned sharply left and headed back to the National Zoo and Aquarium. CJ feeling the lack of fitness at this stage but, being the determined person she is, pushed on running all the way back to the start. A good start to Brindabella Classic training, thanks CJ for the company today.
Modern technology now baffles me, her GPS registered around 17.5 km and mine 18.2 km, we both ran the same course side by side, so how can there be 700 metres of difference? Beats me. That makes a difference of 14 secs per km, a big amount.
Arrived back to find the group still there drinking and socializing, so we joined in while recovering. I got a bit slack at this stage, although not very inviting, I should have gone down to the lake for at least a few minutes to soak the legs. The water is very cold, but that is the benefit, just watch the footballers after a game, they have ice in water, very brave.
A good morning out today, very enjoyable, something in the conditions you tend to pike out of if you run by yourself.
I have had a good July running wise with kms well over previous similar winter months and better by 170 kms than June. Hopefully that will set up me up for the rest of the year, plenty to get done.

Monday, July 30, 2007

On Leisure Leave

Distance: 14.0 km
Time: 72' 47"
Rate: 5' 12" per km
Weather: late pm start, temp 10 degrees, calm, sunny, humidity 60%

Week: 28.0 km
July: 362.2 km
Year: 2457.3 km

Leisure leave is our 19 day month taken as a week on week 21. So one year you get 2 weeks leave and every 2nd year you get 3 weeks leave as well as the normal 4 weeks annual leave and any rostered sick leave you care to take. Last part not really, but as well as banked hours, or flexi time in some place, you could finish up with nearly 3 months leave a year. Why would you want to work anywhere else, plus it's a good job.

Today was a chance to make the most of it as weather wise, rain is forecast later in the week. A fairly easy run in good conditions down to Pine Is and Point Hut and back home, not much to report about the run except I slowed down more than I expected on the way home. Just may have been a bit tired. Doesn't matter. Cooled down really quickly as the sun got closer to setting.

I am writing this now with only an hour to go before Aleisha wins BB07, well done girl.

Did you see who is on the front cover of Zoo mag,? Daniella,

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mt Taylor - Vet's Handicap

Distance: 7km race plus 7 km warm up marking course
Time: Race 30' 35"
Rate: Race 4' 22" per km
Weather: cold, temp 1 - 4 degrees, foggy, calm, humidity 80%

Week: 14.0 km
July: 348.2 km
Year: 2443.3 km

This is a big weekend for me each year with a whole day at the Bush Capital, helping, running and waiting. Then the work "Christmas in July" is on which I don't go to but instead go to work for 4 and half hours on Saturday night. Then try to back up on Sunday to run at a vet's handicap.
Having said all that, today's run was fairly good again, bit slower than I had hoped for but I finished 57th, an improvement on 72nd last month and 61st the month before. At this rate I could win in year 2015. That won't happen either.
We had to change the course because of not gaining access to the usual start area so the course went out and back on the Torrens/Pearce/Chifley side taking out the hilly Sulwood Dr side and I think a better long course.
Gee it was cold today with the fog covering the top of the mountain, ice on the puddles, and no warmth in the sun. I wore a long sleeved top under a short running singlet but forgot the gloves, so my hands and finger were frozen for the fist 4km. Even Ewen said how cold it was as I managed to catch him with 3km to go.

We did mention that CJ and Strewth were conspicuous by their absence, may be they need some secret training before they front up to the real action.

Anyway, I have a week's holiday this week, go back for 4 weeks before another week off. Bus driving can really take it out of you.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bush Capital Running Day

Distance: 25.0 km plus warm up
Time: 2 hrs 1 min 12 secs
Rate: 4' 51" per km
Weather: sunny, cool, temp 10 degrees, wind from NW/SW, humidity low

Week: 90.5 km
July: 334.2 km
Year: 2429.3 km

Bush capital run today from Campbell High School grounds near the Australian War Memorial. Good day for running, low temp, sunny, but wind played tricks changing direction every time you went around a corner. Somehow it always seemed be against or of no benefit.
Another good run today, a bit under 4 minutes slower than last year, but the training intensity hasn't been there, so that's alright.
Large numbers again with lots from interstate as several other marathon & ultra events have been cancelled.
There is a vet's handicap tomorrow, so hope to have partially recovered in time. Definitely be tired tomorrow with an early night after eviction on BB.
My guess is Billy to win or maybe Aleisha.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Out past the Kookaburra Gate

Distance: 14.45 km
Time: 83' 05"
Rate: 5' 45" per km
Weather: sunny, part cloud, calm, temp 15 degrees, humidity low

Week: 64.85 km
July: 308.55 km
Year: 2403.65 km

Another split shift at work with 4 hours to fill in time, so an opportunity to get out on a nice day. After yesterday's run I managed to get a sore right knee just under the kneecap. I got out my trusty books on injury prevention and management to find several reasons for the problem.
It could have been just doing too much, not likely me overdoing it, it could have been the running mechanics, no, would have shown up before. So I decided it was the last suggestion, old shoes past their used by date. Yep, out they went this morning, no problem today in different shoes. I still have 3 other pairs in rotation so that problem won't happen again.
Today on a mild day instead of cool, an easy run out and back near the river going past Tuggie creek, then over the rolling hills behind Urambi, past the kookaburra gate to turn around at a gate at Red Rocks Gorge. A slight higher track coming back, where the surface is more grassy than soft sand making it a bit slower even with a NW wind when blowing.
Nice day out there today at midday, warmest winter day this year, really good. I should go into the gym at work as well, but why waste a time inside. That's rainy day stuff.
Rest day tomorrow with Bush Capital 25km on Sat and vet's handicap on Sunday. Plenty happening.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Perfect Winter Day

Distance: 17.45 km
Time: 91' 56"
Rate: 5' 16" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 14 degrees, light NW wind at 9 kmph, humidity 53%

Week: 50.4 km
July: 294.1 km
Year: 2389.2 km

With a change to my working hours after a shift spill last month, I again go to work not knowing what I will be doing. It may be an easy day when everyone turns up or it may be 14 hour day going home very late. Sometimes, you can be lucky and get a split shift with a 4 hour break in the middle of the day. This is perfect especially in winter for running. No need to run in the cold, just wait until the temp climbs at bit, the sun comes out and the ice melts and away you go for however long you want. Still plenty of time for a shower, lunch and to relax. In summer even time for a swim in the river for recovery.
Today, as was yesterday, a split shift means time for distance. A bit easier today so I headed down to the river, along towards Point Hut, up Woodcock Dr to Gordon, then over to the Conder side of Tuggie Hill. Around to the sub station behind Theodore, follow the track to Calwell oval, past the shops and finish at home.
Stop for lunch at home, also had some at work before I went out on the run, then get back in time to take the kids home after school. Great day out today, nice weather, a good run course with a bit of everything, easier than yesterday. I could get used to this, but then someone won't turn up at work tomorrow and out the door go all these great plans. Oh well, such is life.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Urambi Hills

Distance: 19.45 km
Time: 1 hr 50 mins 29 secs
Rate: 5' 41" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp about 12 degrees, light wind from NW, humidity 60%

Week: 32.95 km
July: 276.65 km
Year: 2376.75 km

Today was the first time since Dec last year that I have been able to run from work during the day. One of my favourite places to go is over the top of Urambi Hills. To get there without running on the main road, I go down past Pine Is, along a track I call the high river track which basically is behind the Centrelink building in Tuggeranong and comes out near the overflow of the Tuggie Creek. From there I cross over the creek, run to the top of Urambi Hills, touch the trig point, continue to the 2nd peak and down to fire trail behind the Kambah houses and finish up near Gleneagles. This is the same track as used by the vets for our monthly handicap event, not used any more because some thought it too difficult.
Then I went over to the open paddock behind Urambi to meet the Tuggie Creek a little bit down from the wooden bridge. From here I followed the river track towards Kambah Pool but stopped near Red Rocks Gorge at a step through gate I call the " Kookaburra Gate".
A couple of years ago I approached this gate to find a kookaburra perched on top, not interested in moving at all. Me, being the nature loving person I am, did not want to make to bird move, so I went up the fence line about 30 metres, climbed over the fence and continued on my run. Kookaburra did not move at all, what a life!!
I turned around today and went back to Pine I and the depot on the lower river track, nice soft sand and gravel. A great training area, hills, water,plenty of distance, good tracks, technical in places, solitary, birds, kangaroos, nature at it's best. Sure beats the concrete jungle and roads.
For the natural living way of life people, that is, how you were born (naked) , a person I see quite often down this way at any time of the year, was having a nice day enjoying the scenery. This person always says hello or acknowledges your presence as you run by. Nice tan!! So much better when the weather is sunny and warmer, however, each to their own.
Good run today, km rate slowed by the climb up Urambi. Feel as though I have turned the corner, each run seems to be getting better. Saturday's 25 km and back up on Sunday will tell the true story.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Distance: 13.5 km
Time: 67' 36"
Rate: 5'00" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 11 degrees, humidity 60%, light breeze at 10km from north

Week: 13.5 km
July: 257.2 km
Year: 2352.3 km

Not much happening this afternoon, so not wanting to waste an opportunity, decided to get out on a nice lazy, sunny afternoon ( as sung by the Small Faces). A flat run today after a few hills yesterday, so just headed down by the river. Plenty of people out exercising themselves and their dogs in places they should not have been in the nature park. The smell of the BBQs told me to stop and join in, but not without an invite.

The muddy tracks have finally dried out making running much easier underfoot reflecting in a better km rate than the previous few runs in the area. Plenty of water in the river, pity it is so cold and fast flowing, otherwise it could be just the tonic for legs that need a bit of recovery work.

Good run today, the rest of this week may be a bit hit and miss depending on work commitments.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Is it Really Mid Winter?

Distance: 27.4 km
Time: 2hrs 37 mins 15 secs
Rate: 5' 44" per km
Weather: sunny, calm, temp 9 - 11 degrees, humidity 50%

Distance: 108.8 km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 21.76 km per run day
Distance: 243.7 km
Running days: 14/21
Ave: 17.4 km per run day
Distance: 2338.8 km
Running days: 128/ 202
Ave: 18.27 km per run day

Is it really the middle of winter? And on a weekend? Today was almost perfect running conditions, although about 10 degrees warmer would have been nice. However, it is almost the end of July so let's make the most of any day without clouds.
Started out late morning again after watching the cycling from France and went over to the Wanniassa Hills, Farrer Ridge, Isaac Ridge, the back of MacArthur and down past Fadden Pines on Isabella Dr to make a nice run with plenty of hills. With the focus for the next 3 months being the Brindabella Classic, an event with much of the distance being downhill, the idea is to get the legs used to hitting the ground hard on the down, easy on the uphill and cruise the flat.
Brindabella has the habit of stopping the best as a result of the continuous down so that must be the priority. Gradually increasing the distance will take care of the 54 km of the event, if the legs hold out. I have ran the event previously hoping for a small rise or uphill to take the pressure off the quads. It can be tough if not prepared.
Comparing this and Six Foot Track sounds strange when one is mostly downhill and the other is uphill, all in the 2nd part. Both take the same time to complete, although BC is 54 km down and SFT is 45 km up.

Nice days like today will make training a pleasure, but Canberra in winter, anything is still possible.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Windy & Sunny

Distance: 16.15 km
Time: 82' 50"
Rate: 5'08' per km
Weather: windy, SW at 20kmph, sunny, humidity 55%, temp 10 degrees
Distance: 81.4 km
Running days: 4/5
Ave: 20.35 km per run day
Distance: 216.3 km
Running days: 13/19
Ave: 16.64 km per run day
Year: 2311.4 km

The song was by Bob Seager not Jon English but I was still "running against the wind". Why don't you get back the time you lost when finally there is some assistance from a following breeze. Whatever happens a chance to get out must be taken so away I went, although the sun was out the wind chill factor kept the warmth out of the equation.
A usual run down by the river but I should have remembered that the track is still slippery and muddy from rain and ice in shady parts. Certainly slows you down and slows the km rate when you think you are having a good day out.
Still leaving late morning at the moment because I have become focused on the Tour de France when I get home from work at midnight. Great stuff, the lack of drugs in the sport is certainly showing with the top riders having easy days now when in the past, it was attack all the time.
As well, they are still chasing spiders on BB, that's funny when a couple of them are terrified of anything with more than two legs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

No Snow

Distance: 18.15km
Time: 96' 06"
Rate: 5' 17" per km
Weather: sunny,temp 8 degrees, calm/light west wind to 10kmph, hunidity 45%

Week: 65.25 km
July: 200.15 km
Year: 2295.25 km

It nearly snowed last night in the city but all we finished up with was a light dusting on the Brindabellas. Late start today as I watched the cycling from France between watching Travis catch spiders on BB uplate.
A trip over to Tuggeranong Hill behind Theodore, over the ridge to the Conder side and back past the Calwell oval and shops.
A nice winter's day and a good solid run with a few hills and a nice undulating track. It seem sometimes all you need is something to kick start the running again as in last Sunday's KOM and you find a good reason to get moving again. A few nice days help as well even if there is no warmth in the sun.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mid Winter

Distance: 15.1 km
Time: 75'52"
Rate: 5'02" per km
Weather: cold, cloudy, temp 6 degrees, humidity 60%, NW wind at 27 kmph

Week: 47.1 km
July: 182.0 km
Year: 2277.1 km

It was a case of necessity to run today with the weather forecast for snow showers overnight and tomorrow. The forecast is snow down to 500 metres above sea level which is lower here in Canberra, my place is at 630 metres.
Not requiring too many winter woollies to run in today, just the usual plus 2 shirts, long sleeve under tank top plus gloves, no beanie needed and a bit of speed( not the drug) to keep warm.
A quick trip down by the river to Point Hut and Pine Is and home again, the cold wind only helping once I turn up Woodcock Dr. Fairly good solid run today after Sunday so that's a pleasing start to the long season ahead.
Also went for medical today for my bus licence, couldn't even get the afternoon off work, so looks like I need to work for another year. Passed, nothing wrong. He did say I had a low pulse rate in line with distance runners. In fact I took a resting rate last night after getting home from work, just sitting in the chair. It was spot on normal for at 43 bpm resting. He did say the lowest he knew of was a marathon runner in USA some time ago had a resting rate at 28 bpm. That is low when average Joe on the street is around 70 bpm.
Whether I run tomorrow will depend on the weather, I am a big sook when I comes to the cold.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Recovery Day - Cold and Foggy

Today: Nil

Weather: cold, temp now 4 degrees, fog lifting, calm.

A day off was planned after KOM yesterday and with the weather typical winter, glad to stay inside.
However, a medical tomorrow at 8:00 am to keep my bus licence means I will be out very early with no excuse not to go for a run when I get home.
That said, the forecast for Wednesday is snow showers and top temp of only 5 degrees, and that will be late afternoon. That will mean beanie and thick gloves as well as everything else that Michelin Man wears. Can't wait!!
Only six weeks till spring when I hope the temps will start rising, but I need to get moving before then.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shoalhaven King of The Mountain

Distance: 32.o km
Time: 2 hrs 46 mins 25 secs
Rate: 5'12" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 10 - 15 degrees, humidity 50%, wind calm with light breeze for short time early

Week: 32.0km
July: 166.9 km
Year: 2262.0 km

This was the 5th time I have been to this event running a 46km ultra once in year 2000. It always good to get away down to sea level in winter and the weather has always been kind. Today was no exception with good running conditions and a surface smoothed by recent rain. Surprisingly, the two creek crossing were low with a plank to assist at the first and the second only ankle deep so no wet shoes to hamper the run.
Starting at Cambewarra school, through nice farmland country before some undulating hills leading to the climb up Mt Scanzi between the 22 and 24 km marks.
Then the fast, if you can run down to a main road, past the golf course to a finish at the showground in the lovely village of Kangaroo Valley.
Considering the lack of serious training recently , a finishing time of around 2 and 3/4 hours was a good result, even if a finishing position of 60th is mid field. Total number of starters around 150 including early starting walkers.
Again the Canberra women runners did the city proud finishing 1st and 2nd although the men did have good results overall.
A good event in it's 33rd running, well organised even if the km markers were out by 500 metres or so most of the way, the overall distance is the 20 miles originally run, or 32km.
I now where my training is at with 3 months to go before Brindabella Classic in October.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mt Taylor

Distance: 7.55km
Time: 78'59"
Rate: 10' 28" per km
Weather: nice sunny winter day, calm, temp 10 degrees, humidity 50%

Week: 45.6 km
July: 134.9 km
Year: 2230.0 km

The leasee of the horse paddocks near the start of the vet's handicap has refused us permission to open a gate to our previous starting place. We have therefore needed to find a new starting position so a group went out today to find a newish course using the same area without making life too hard for ourselves and the runners in two week's time who will not be impressed if the new course is too difficult.
We came up with an out and back course on the eastern side (Torrens/Pearce) for both the long and short events. Both will still be rather hilly but the biggest challenge is now straight out of the blocks up , up and up for the first 1.5km. After that it levels out but is still a challenge.
The only redeeming part is the return journey will be fast downhill to a good finish. Should be good.
We walked all of the course today reflecting the slow km rate.
Tomorrow (Sunday) is Shoalhaven King of the Mountain ( 32km) which makes this week total look rather small, next week should reflect 2 long runs. Well under done for tomorrow compared with previous years so I will just run and see how it pans out. Always a nice day and a good event to do. I have been going to it for nearly 10 years.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pushed for Time

Distance: 12.65 km
Time: 64' 18"
Rate: 5' 05" per km
Weather: sunny, calm, cool, temp 5-7 degrees, humidity 70%

Week: 38.05 km
July: 127.35 km
Year: 2184.4 km

When pushed for time you just have to go quicker to get the job done. With a midday start at work and very cool this morning, I got moving at 9: 30 and headed over to the hills behind Theodore. A nice day this morning with the wind finally dropping out to nothing making running really nice .

By coincidence today's run measure exactly the same as yesterday although a completely different course and this one with many more hills. Time was 35 secs faster giving a 2 second per km rate faster again than yesterday and better than Sunday.

So if you need an incentive to go faster, just leave later with a bit of time pressure to help you along.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Better Day

Distance: 12.65km
Time: 64'53"
Rate: 5'07" per km
Weather: cool, sunny, temp 8 degrees,wind from south 18kmph,humidity 67%
Week: 25.4km
July: 114.7km
Year: 2209.8km

Finally the weather improved to allow an enjoyable run in better conditions. However, starting work just before midday this week and finishing at 9:45 at night really stuffs up my best running time of the day. It is difficult to go to bed straight away after finishing work, I dislike running early in the morning especially in winter, so this week looks like being short in distance and as fast as I can go, which ain't that fast.
A run down by the river same as on Sunday with a shortcut taking just under a minute off the time and 2 seconds per km off the rate was a good solid run today. Really enjoyable even if the scenery was just a blur.

The Great Wall of China run is 25% on the wall and has 3,800 steps. Gee, might run Gold Coast, dead flat.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Great Wall of China

Distance: 12.75km
Time: 65' 40"
Rate: 5'09" per km
Weather: cool, part cloud/ sun, temp 9 degrees, humidity 65%, wind 25kmph from south

Week: 12.75km
July: 102.05km
Year: 2197.15km

Just before I ventured out to face the elements in a new pair of New Balance running shoes I bought a couple of weeks ago, my brother in Cairns rang to give me an update on his and Anita's Gold Coast marathon. Short version of his race was a calf injury and then the flu leading up to run day meant an average performance finishing around the 3hrs 45 mins mark where he had expected around 3hrs 15mins. That's running!

He did ask had I considered running the Great Wall of China marathon to be held in May next year and did I know much about it. Answers to both, no but it did push a few buttons and it has now got the brain and the typing fingers moving to find out more. All I know it was built by Emperor Nasi Goreng to keep the rabbits out. I know it will be "undulating" but if SFT is any guide then nothing is impossible. He mentioned about half the time again for a normal marathon. Sounds interesting as I even have a current passport to go O/S and would just need to continue on after SFT. More later.

Today, on a very average winter's day with the sight of snow in the mountains and a cold southerly wind blowing off that snow, a fairly solid run down by the river, good pace with the wind behind but difficult against on the way home and uphill to boot.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Changing Plans on the Run

Distance: 26.75km
Time: 2hrs 33mins 9 secs
Rate: 5'43" per km
Weather: cool,cloudy,NW wind 16kmph,humidity 85%
Week & July:
Distance: 89.3km
Running days: 5/7
Ave: 17.86km per run day
Distance: 2184.4km
Running days: 119/188
Ave: 18.35km per run day

Today was a day of changing plans on the run. Started out late, just before midday after going to the club after work (midnight) with fellow bus drivers to celebrate changing work rosters. Set out with the intention of going towards Wanniassa Hills and Isaacs Ridge to get a few hills in with Kangaroo Valley KOM on next weekend. I had gone about 3 km when the cold wind hit with showers, so decided to return home to get gloves and rain jacket.
I had almost reached home when the showers stopped,the wind dropped and the temp went up a couple of degrees, so changed plans and went up thru Bonython and over to Pine Is. The wind was only light and conditions were fairly good for running with little sun, soft tracks with the sound of rushing water over rapids in the river.
Made my way along the river track to Point Hut and decided to head over to Tuggie Hill. Changed my mind again so instead of going Conder side and over the ridge adding too much distance to the run, went Theodore side up the gully to the top reservoir, down the short side and over to the sub station. Back on track, so to speak, returned home via the drain, Calwell oval, past the shops and up Johnson Dr. The plans changed several times today but the original plan was to do a hilly run between 25 and 28km. Can't get much closer than to split that gap in two.
Fairly happy with today and the week, biggest week for a long time. No problems at the moment, just getting the time and the inspiration on yucky days to go do it.
Cambrewarra to Kangaroo Valley over Mt Scanzi(32km)next weekend.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Same Song as Yesterday

Distance: 14.0km
Time: 72'06"
Rate: 5'09" per km
Weather: cool,temp 6 degrees,cloudy,light drizzle,NW wind at 40km,humidity 80%
Week: 62.55km
July: 62.55km
Year: 2157.65km

Not much of a day again, same as yesterday, but never the less I needed to get out. The wind blew from the NW strongly again,(hence the title) but I seemed to handle the conditions better again than the previous few runs. Must be getting fitter after the lay off, reasonable km rate today with half the run against. The drizzle was annoying with several times I had to stop to put the spray jacket on, the drizzle stopped, then the jacket had to come off as I got too warm. Never satisfied.
Decided to keep the run flatter so headed down to the river track between Pine Is and Point Hut crossing. The water levels have dropped quickly in the past few days since Point Hut road was closed last weekend due to the high water. The river still has plenty of water in it and it is cold. No soaking the legs at this time of the year after a run to aid recovery.
I may have a day off tomorrow with a longer run planned for Saturday. Time to get serious.
I received a reply to an email from Elizabeth today, she is still alive. She ran SFT couple of years ago with a stress fracture to her pelvis undiagnosed before the event and still ran well under 5 and 3/4 hours. Absolute hero.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Against the Wind

Distance: 16.55km
Time: 89'08"
Rate: 5'22" per km
Weather: cool,cloudy,temp 10 degrees,humidity 70%,strong NW wind at 37kmph
Week: 48.5km
July: 48.5km
Year: 2143.6km

In the words of the Jon English song, I seem to be always"running against the wind". Same again today, the wind was very strong although not that cold. It rained last night, dry early this morning when I left but I carried a spray jacket just in case. Around the back of Theodore to get a few hills in to a run, the rain and the wind combined when I was up on the side of Tuggeranong Hill.The temp dropped noticeably and the rain came down, just enough to get wet and colder and also to keep running faster to get home.
No one else out today, the oval at Calwell is very wet, but the parks and gardens group have remarked the running track ready for spring. A good run to over and done as best as possible.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Today: Nil
Weather: Prefect winter day, temp 15 degrees, humidity 50%, wind light, sunny.

Day off running today when It would have been a perfect day to get out and about. However, having ran 3 days in a row in very windy conditions, it was time for a rest. A bit of house work was done as the side fence had blown almost over in the wind, the hedge growing over the fence had too much weight and strength. The neighbours are also putting the house on the market shortly so are cleaning up their place. The new owners will have wonderful neighbours.
In this month's Runner's World magazine there is an article on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. On of my main recovery methods has been the use of cold water immediately after a run to cool down the muscles and encourage recovery. Anyone who watches runners cooling down especially after a downhill event like Brindabella Classic, 55kms of mostly down, will know of the effects on quads. Even after a City to Surf in Sydney with those last few kms down to Bondi know how hard it is to recover.
A good article and well worth reading.
So take notice and finish your run near a river or cold water. As the picture shows, even a cold bath with ice will do. It works for me, it should work for you.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Pushing Into The Wind

Distance: 15.2km
Time: 82'53"
Rate: 5'27" per km
Weather: cool, sunny, temp 10 degrees, windy at 20kmph from NW, humidity 50%
Week: 32.0km
July: 32.0km
Year: 2127.1km
The river levels have fallen, the Point Hut road has reopened with the water dropping about 1 metre in the past couple of days. But the wind is still blowing and very cool, my excuse for an average run this morning. To be fair, the first half was downhill or flat with little effect from the breeze,but the second part was the undulating track along the river bank, and uphill into the wind coming home.
Not that bad, and as with yesterday's run, the figures don't really tell the full story.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Financial Year - Kms in the Bank

Distance: 16.8km
Time: 96'16"
Rate: 5'44" per km
Weather: cool, partsun/cloud,temp 8 degrees,humidity 75%, NW wind at 40kmph
Week: 16.8km
July: 16.8km
Year: 2111.9km

Nothing better than to start the new financial year with a little something in the bank. Especially on a Sunday when the weather forecast for the rest of the week is showers and cold. However, getting through today's run without losing your hat was a problem with the wind at 40km per hour off the mountains making 8 degrees feel like zero. Sometimes the figures don't do justice to the run which I thought was pretty good in the conditions. It felt like a good solid run, plenty of hills as I went around the back of MacArthur onto the Wanniassa Hills, over the trig and down thru Gowrie with a big cross wind not helping at all.
Now all I have to do is increase the length of the mid week run and the weekend run and I may be getting back to some form of fitness. Last month was quiet with only 15 run days in the month, so by not changing my eating habits at all, lots all the time, I put on 2kg, that will come off I hope during July.
On BB, that Michelle will have to go, asap. Keep Aleisha, she is great.