Two Fruits

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monthly Handicap at North Curtin - No 158

Race distance: 6.3 km plus warm up 1.95 km
Race time: 25' 53"
Rate: 4' 06" per km
Group start: 36
Finished: 17th out of 118 starters
Weather: cloudy, temp 18 degrees, humidity 90%, wind calm
Week: 8.25 km
February: 336.0 km in 22/28 runs at ave 15.27 km per run day
Year: 822.7 km in 2 months at ave 411.35 km per month

I had a really good run today after a tiring run yesterday. Both days felt Ok, and another good night's sleep helped with the short but hilly race today. Only one hill and that was right from the start.
Started down the back out of group 36, not many but all fast runners behind me. Must have ran well as none of them passed me, a good sign.
In front there was plenty of incentive to try hard, but not too hard. CJ was only 4 groups in front, caught her inside the first 1.5 kms, Ewen next after the turn to the down hill, Strewth not far in front of Ewen, but Kerrie T took a long while to catch, almost at the 6 km mark, just before the finish. To be fair, they all did much longer runs yesterday then I did, except CJ who is getting better after many months off.
Happy with the day's effort, feel as though I will be ready for SFT now. Tapering won't start for another week.
The rest of the year's plan is coming together after some fine tuning. I've deleted Glasshouse Mtns for the year, so the rest of the year's main events will be: Six Foot Track in March, Gold Rush off road mountain marathon in May, Bush Capital 60 km in July, Tan 100 km in August, Spiny Cray 56 km in Oct. Then all going well, and it has to have all gone very well, I will think about C2K. If not, I am looking forward to the year with several new events in far away places. Plus the usual local runs to fill in the gaps.
Pity about having to survive winter in Canberra. Then again, won't have to worry about that next year, can't wait.
In the words of the song "I keep no, I keep no secrets from you " Who sang that ? Strewth will know ! Hardly CJ type music !

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not Yet Recovered

Distance: 20.25 km
Time: 2hrs 0 mins 30 secs
Rate: 5' 57" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 12 - 19 degrees, humidity 90% - 73%, wind calm
Week: 103.15 km, Feb: 327.75 km, Year: 814.45 km

Ran from Molonglo Reach with Softshoeshuffle around the outside of the golf course, Campbell Park to the Ainslie/Majura saddle, down to the houses then turned right as far as the water tank. Returned to the Ainslie track, followed it behind the houses past the War Memorial to the Campbell Park road, past the golf course and back to the start.
Apart from the climb up to the saddle, it was fairly flat, but we walked up the hills, didn't push the pace, nothing to be gained at this stage from going any faster.
Others at the start were going to be out for a long time, looking for 30 kms around the lake on the bike paths. They had a very nice morning to be out, plenty of others would be out there as well.
Today showed the recovery is getting there, but still has some time to go. An easy couple of weeks should recharge the batteries.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little Bit More

Distance: 13.2 km
Time: 68' 11"
Rate: 5' 10" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 25 degrees, humidity 30%, wind calm
Week: 82.9 km, Feb: 307.5 km, Year: 794.2 km

Another beaut day for running, the sting has gone out of the sun at midday, little or no breeze, low humidity. Perfect to roll along, gradually getting back into the groove of running.
Nothing to report, work to home for lunch and back to work. Bike ride to work in the morning and home at night. No time for splashing in the river today, feeling Ok, ready for a run tomorrow with the group, and the monthly handicap on Sunday.
A few in front of me to chase down, plenty of incentive to go hard and do well.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maroondah Placing & Results

Distance: 10.45 km
Time: 58' 01"
Rate: 5' 33" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm
Week: 69.7 km, Feb: 294.3 km
Year: 781.0 km in 8 weeks at ave 97.6 km per week

I have stated before tapering & recovery mess up your running. Beautiful late summer days at the moment, and trying to rebuild but only getting a few kms done each day. Basically I have managed in 2 weeks what I normally in 1 week, and that includes the race day total. That's life !
Race Director, Brett Saxon has had a a well deserved rest, read the thread on "Coolrunning", and the results have been published for last Sunday's event.
In the 50 km run, 54 runners were on the start line, 3 DNS. This year I finished 13th overall with the lead female just in front of me.
Last time the event was held, in 2008, bushfires last year, event cancelled, I finished 17th out of 32 starters. Much better result for me, very happy to be inside the first half of the field at my age. I think nearly everyone else that ran would have been younger.
Today's run was nothing to get excited about, ran home at lunch time, car back to Pine Is, short jog around, 10 minutes in the water. This seems to be the way to recover for me. Something similar tomorrow, then Molonglo on Saturday morning over a longer distance, but very easy. Look out Strewth, I could talk and run all the way. Monthly handicap on Sunday morning. Starts with a big climb up past the horse paddocks of Curtin.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Repeat of Yesterday

Distance: 4.45 km
Time: 23' 43"
Rate: 5' 19" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm
Week: 59.25 km, Feb: 283.85 km, Year: 770.55 km

Same as the day before, rode bike to work in the morning, home at lunch time, car back to work. Stopped off at Pine Is car park, ran around the nature park at an easy pace before hitting the river for 10 minutes.
A really nice end of summer day, the running felt nice and easy, legs Ok, energy levels good for the short distance I ran.
Not good news from Jog to not go to SFT. The smart decision, as she says, live to run another day. There is always next year and plenty of other events during the year to get to.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday Ticked the First Box

Distance: 3.55 km
Time: 19' 57"
Rate: 5' 38" per km
Bike ride: 11 km
Weather: sunny, temp 24 degrees, humidity 35%, wind calm
Week: 54.8 km, Feb: 279.4 km, Year: 766.1 km

Monday was the drive home day, nodded off a few times in the car, lucky I wasn't driving. Terrible night's sleeping, tossed and turned, managed about 4 hours if that. That's normal for me after a long run, must be the body not able to slow down after being in overdrive.
Rode the mtn bike to work this morning and home for lunch. Car back to Pine Is, felt good enough for a short jog around the car park before getting in the river for 10 minutes in the cool water. Much warmer than the stream at Maroondah Dam where the water was freezing.
Try a little longer run tomorrow and gradually rebuild. Must take care not to get run down and get sick. That's always a concern especially early in the second week.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Maroondah Dam - 50 km

Distance by GPS: 51.25 km
Time: 6 hrs 0 mins 33 secs
Rate: 7' 02" per km
Weather: very warm, 24- 32 degrees, humidity low, wind mostly calm with light breeze on ridge near top.
Calories used: 2575
Attitude: up 1425 metres, down 1450 metres
Week: 51.25 km, Feb: 275.85 km, Year: 762.55 km

A long, tough day in the bush of the Yarra Valley near Healesville in Victoria. The reminder of last year's bush fires was evident as we drove into town on Saturday afternoon. However, the gum tress are very resilient with green growth now covering black trunks.
A music festival at a local winery meant we stayed in outer Melbourne on Saturday night, but only 25 minutes drive from the finish/registration area at the picnic area at the base of Maroondah Dam. The start line is 20 minutes by bus at the Fernshore picnic area. A full bus load with a capacity field left to the short ride to the start. A few familiar faces from the ultra running scene, plenty of newcomers also attempting an event very special and very difficult.
My old GPS took it's time to locate enough satellites in the closed in area, but just before race director Brett had finished giving final instructions, I locked on.
The track narrows right from the start into single file, reasonably flat but technical due to undergrowth & lots of fallen trees. The count was around 15 trees that had to be climbed over or around. Too big for my short legs, I half climbed one and had to ask for a push to get up. Very slow as we all had the same problem along with dodging the bracken ferns, stinging nettle, plus not tripping over unseen branches on the ground.
That last about 5 kms before the real tough part starts, up hill, nor running this, Mick's gradient on his GPS said 35% up, very good it wasn't wet and slippery underfoot.
I had started slowly, and managed to get a few places back when the slope wasn't too steep, even getting a bit of running done at times. Mostly it was power walking at best. Finally leveled out at the top, a bit of down hill to a road where last time we ran. This time, another bugger of an up hill, walked again but somehow managed to make the Dom Dom saddle drink station 2 minutes quicker than in 2008 with and extra 500 metres of distance covered.
The loop around Mt Dom Dom was also longer, easy to run as it was almost flat except for getting around a few very large puddles of water. Another extra 800 metres covered over the 2008 event as we arrived back at the Dom Dom drink station.
That was the end of the flat running, then it was up hill on long grassy slopes on the Monda track towards Mt St Leonards. Just hard work here was the heat was taking it's toll. Compulsory to carry at least 600 mils of fluid, most including myself, drank that in the first 3 kms of the distance between each aid station. very warm, no breeze and little humidity, no sweat, too dry for that, plenty of salt stains on the shorts and shirt.
A long drag across the top of the ridge with plenty more up hill sections until we reached an aid station with plenty to eat and icey poles in a fridge. Wonderful stuff. Plenty to eat all day although I stuffed up the eating part of the day, got the drinking right. No problems with cramps.
Then the really hard part on the legs off Mt St Leonards. The course loses 800 metres in the last 12 kms, mostly in the first 9 kms of that. Although I ran it all down hill, plenty of scary moments on the loose bark, rocks and twigs. Would be dangerous in the wet. I had been running with Nick to this point, but I got away on this section to eventually finish about 9 minutes in front by the finish.
Can't complain about the run, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the weekend. The proper training to get the down hill right, plus walking in the right places on the hill helped run a faster time than in 2008 by 23 seconds over an extra 1.5 kms with 15 logs to climb over and an extra hill to get up and down.
Finished about 10 minutes behind the fastest female, 15 minutes in front of 2nd female. Full results not yet published. The course markings were a little confusing at times, but it does follow a long fire trail for most of the way. Previous knowledge a big advantage.
Legs Ok today, aided a bit by the cold water in the stream at the finish line. But, it was too cold for real benefit as the authorities had the overflow gate open taking water from the bottom of the dam and releasing it down stream. Three times a couple of minutes was all I could stand. More like mid winter water temperature.
Should be on the bike tomorrow to work, a short run as well, then back into training ready for Six Foot Track in 3 weeks.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tapering, a Couple of Days to Go

Distance: 6.75 km
Time: 33' 40"
Rate: 4' 59" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 22 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Week: 43.45 km, Feb: 224.6 km, Year: 711.3 km

I know I am a bit of a computer dummy, but our visitors this week showed me how to get this image right. May be there is some more up to date software available, but the method I use will do.
I will experiment a bit over time.
The run followed the yellow line, home down Johnson and Woodcock Dr to a gravel track behind Bonython. Then across a nature park to Pine Is, stand in the receding flood waters for 10 minutes, getting cooler, then up the main road to work.
Nice day, easy run after the first 3 kms which were terrible. A rest day yesterday didn't seem to do any good, legs felt heavy and tired, but got better towards the end.
Carbo loading today, I like the days before a big run, I can eat pasta & noodles every meal.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lake Tuggeranong

Distance: 7.8 km
Time: 35' 54"
Rate: 4' 36"per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 65%, wind calm
Week: 36.7 km, Feb: 217.85 km, Year: 704.55 km

I'll call it a tempo run today. It was more flat run to get a map of the lake. As well, with visitors at home, I didn't have much spare time.
I don't run around Lake Tuggeranong very often, mainly because I need to run on the grass on the edge of the bike path, and the grass is a bit rough. Prefer dirt trails. Good pace for the trip, felt comfortable.
Rode the mtn bike home for lunch, car back to afterwards via a trip to Pine Is to see how far the water level had dropped. Down a few metres, still fast flowing. Found a calm metre of water to stand in for 15 minutes. Water temperature down a few degrees, almost on the cool side. Very nice for the legs, just what I need a few days out from the Vic trip.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flooding and a Wombat

Distance: 14.85 km
Time: 75' 35"
Rate: 5' 05" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 21 degrees, humidity 55%, wind SE at 20 kmph
Week: 28.9 km, Feb: 210.05 km, Year: 696.75 km

The recent rain has swollen the Murrumbidgee River to overflowing. I have never seen so much water. The gate to Pine Is was closed due to the dangerous conditions of the river. I took no notice, ran down the road to examine the situation. Unbelievable.
The water level was about a metre from the bottom step going down to the beach, very little sand in sight. Along the river track towards Point Hut, the track disappeared under water, a bit of rock climbing to get passed.
Then Ewen appeared, not really Ewen but his alter ego scratching about in the sand. Obviously the water had kicked him out of home. Suggested he move up to Theodore. A beautiful animal, took off at speed when he noticed me.
At Point Hut, the low level crossing was flooded, the gates were closed, the flood sign showing the water level at 1 metre over the road, really fast flowing, another beautiful sight.
The rest of the run home was tame, as was the easy jog back to work. A nice day to be out, plenty of sunshine after 4 days of the wet stuff falling from the sky.
A day when you couldn't take the smile from my face, everything and everyone made me feel good. The return of some favourites on the work scene as well.
We have some visitors staying at our place this week, I even learned a bit from them tonight as well.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weight for Age

Distance: 14.05 km
Time: 72' 20"
Rate: 5' 09"
Weather: sunny to start, temp 18 degrees, humidity 80%, wind SE at 15 kmph, then cloudy with light drizzle.
Week: 14.05 km, Feb: 195.2 km, Year: 681.9 km

A supervisor at work today asked how old I was, just as I was all set to run home for lunch. He suggested I was older than I actually am. I said I was at "weight for age". So guess one you know the other.
Tapering this week, ease back early in the week, then a couple of nothing days except ride the bike to work and home as usual. It's not a real serious taper, just cut back the distance and speed, otherwise this week and next are a waste of two good running weeks in summer.
Six Foot Track is serious, Maroondah Dam is a tough mountain run, just for fun. And to see if I can break 6 hours for 50 km.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Top of a Wet Stromlo


Running - nil

Weather: cloudy, rain, temp 17 degrees, wind calm, humidity 99%

The Stromlo Stomp was held this morning from Stromlo Forest Park over Mt Stromlo, a 4 km loop over the back, and back to the main administration area.
Last year conditions were warm and sunny, this year the rain didn't let up, visibility down to 30 metres on the top of the mountain where I had a drink station. Not too much was drank, no surprises there.
No chance to stay dry, at least it wasn't cold, everyone saturated but that didn't stop some good performances. The true believers turned up today and I think they had fun, as the old song goes " singing and dancing in the rain ". Certainly different.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Molonglo - Good Run, No Rain

Distance: 23.1 km
Time: 2 hrs 17 mins 16 secs
Rate: 5' 56" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 240 metres
Calories used: 1560
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle at times, temp 18 degrees, humidity 90%, wind calm
Week: 82.4 km, Feb: 181.15 km, Year: 667.85 km

A few drops of rain overnight caused concern that the heavy rain due later today had arrived early. It wasn't to be although the overcast sky meant it could happen any time. We were very lucky with just a bit of drizzle to start, easing up to remove spray jacket after half an hour.
We did the Ewen 11 bridges run, I didn't count them but there were a few as we headed towards Campbell Park, the track around Mt Ainslie, down Anzac Parade after the War Memorial to stop for a comfort break near Stage 88 in Commonwealth Park.
That was last of the off road as we crossed LBG on Commonwealth Avenue heading towards Kingston and the new residential buildings on the Foreshore development. Not overly impressed with what has happened there, hopefully the landscape will change with some trees.
Jen & Andy were going well on the flat as they had both done all run, I was impressed with Jen with only a year of running, good pace on the flat through the wetlands and on to the finish. She has Weston Creek half marathon on her plan, she should go well with some consistency in her running.
Today was the last run of any length for Softshoeshuffle & myself with Maroondah Dam on next weekend.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out & Back to Kookaburra Gate

Distance: 13.5 km
Time: 76' 02"
Rate: 5' 38" per km
Weather: sunny, warm, temp 31 degrees, humidity 35%, wind NW at 10 kmph
Week: 59.3 km, Feb: 158.05 km
Year: 644.75 km in 6 weeks at ave 107.45 km

The Kookaburra gate is the step through gate about 800 metres from the southern end of Red Rocks Gorge on the once mighty Murrumbidgee River. A long time ago, a kookaburra was on the gate and refused to move as I approached, so I had to go around it while it just watched. Nice aren't I.
I ran from work out and back, out on the lower track near the river and back on a higher that passes by the Tuggeranong archery range. There was no one there today.
But, as I ventured down a grassy, sandy track at Pine Is to get to the river, a 1 metre long red belly black snake decided to move, much to my surprise. A good size, looked in good condition with plenty of forward speed. The only problem with seeing one snake, there must be a partner somewhere !
Nice day, no thunder or lightning like yesterday, no rain either. That is forecast for the weekend, not Saturday morning I hope.
Ewen, hope your 10,000 metres on the track was a good one. I will be at Molonglo on Saturday morning at 7 am. Bring Strewth, I need to know all the local gossip.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Storm Brewing, Delivered Nothing

Distance: 8.15 km
Time: 41' 44"
Rate: 5' 07" per km
Weather: sunny with dark clouds rolling in, temp 31 degrees, humidity 36%, wind calm
Week: 45.8 km, Feb: 144.55 km, Year: 631.25 km

Another bugger of a morning at work, too much traffic, too little time, late, late. Morning break started late due to reporting the problems, every one seems to want to know what is happening.
I digress for a minute. I ride my bike to work, but three riders have been knocked off their bikes recently. One, not wearing a helmet, is in a serious condition. The other two were riding on Northbourne Ave in the bike lane and knocked off. A bike rider never wins this argument. Must be very carefull, it only takes a second of lost concentration.
Left late from work to run home, a quick one in the conditions, very warm. Car back to work after lunch, the storm clouds building up from the south. A lightning strike causing a grass fire at Point Hut, but the dark clouds didn't deliver much rainfall.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Similar to Yesterday

Distance: 14.75 km
Time: 74' 50"
Rate: 5' 05 " per km
Weather: sunny, temp 28 degrees, humidity 40%, wind calm
Week: 37.65 km, Feb: 136.4 km, Year: 623.1 km

Same as yesterday with a little bit extra because I had a bit more time. Little faster as well. Nothing to report expect being scared by a frilled neck lizard on the nature park track above the river. Plenty of small running lizards about, not much else including people. Kids back at school.
Jog has some good pictures on her blog from the Cradle Mtn run. You certainly get the idea of how difficult an event it is. Well done to her for finishing a difficult ultra run.
Finally today we saw some sun shine, glad of that, summer is almost gone.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Cutting Back

Today: Distance: 13.05 km
Time: 66' 25"
Rate: 5' 05" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 24 degrees, humidity 65%, wind calm
Week: 22.9 km, Feb: 121.65 km, Year: 608.35 km

Nothing much to report. Ran home for lunch and back to work. Cloudy and humid, fairly average conditions for middle of summer. May be the sun will shine again before winter.
No point doing too much in terms of distance, easy paced running from now on during the week.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Better on a Sunday

Distance: 9.85 km
Time: 49' 01"
Rate: 4' 58" per km
Weather: cloudy, temp 23 degrees, humidity 60%, wind SE 10 kmph
Week: 9.85 km, Feb: 108.6 km, Year: 595.3 km

Shorter & better, although the track was basically flat. Needed the extra day to get over the track racing and the massage.
Circuit of Isabella Plains, dodged a few bike riders speeding past. Not much else to report. Glad to be able to get under 5' 00" pace.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cotter - 21 mile plus Mt McDonald

Distance: 33.9 km
Time: 3 hrs 31 mins 55 secs
Rate: 6' 15" per km
Altitude gain/loss: 740 metres
Calories used: 2750
Weather: cloudy, temp range 17-20 degrees, humidity 78% down to 70%, wind southerly at 25 kmph
Week: 110.35 km, Feb: 98.75 km, Year: 585.45 km

Six of started just after the sun rise. The rain from Friday had gone leaving soft tracks but the air was very humid. A car left at the start indicated the girls had gone, we didn't see them at all, and by reading comments on Kerrie's Facebook page, I'm certain we wouldn't have been able to keep up. They were to do the same course, but somehow have finished 3 kms short. May be they swam across the Cotter dam, it's the only short cut I know.
A tough start to the run with just over 5 kms of up hill to reach the trig on top of Mt McDonald, Nothing too steep, just goes on and on. A gain of 300 metres in height over those 5 kms. The views over the construction work for the expansion of the Cotter Dam is well worth stopping to see. Funny how the taxpayers dollars are spent to retain water in a new dam when we are lucky to get any rain at all. It may never fill in my life time. I hope I am proved wrong.
We continued on down the Uriarra village side to cut back to find the jelly legs track, a bit cut up and rocky. Feeling the lack of drive from the legs from this point on, a combination of the track session on Thursday night and the massage on Friday. No forward power at all.
All fairly quiet on Bullock's Paddock Road, turned up Clift Road to see Robbie flying down the 21 mile track on the other side of the gully. He had missed Mt McDonald and was at least 40 minutes in front, didn't see him again. A very black wallaby stopped on the track on Wark's Road, almost tame, didn't want to move.
Finally made it Vanities Crossing, a bit of flow over the wall, nice cool but not cold water. A struggle on towards the finish, over 41 minutes is not too good for the 6.4 kms.
A good day out with partners also running Maroondah Dam in 2 weeks, good time on feet run & walk. Should show benefit of the track races & the massage after I get some power back in the quads.
A trip to Pine Is later in the afternoon for 15 minutes in the river. There is next to nothing in the Cotter river, waste of time trying to get wet out there. A good day, start to taper from now on, ease back a little until early next week. Shorter run next Saturday, run from home so I get to sleep in.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Massage Today

Running - Nil

Finally had the massage that I should have had about 4 months ago. But, tendinitis in left shoulder meant I couldn't lie on the table properly.
That problem has nearly cleared, and with today's weather forecast for rain, I made it a rest day and booked an hour with Maria. Best hour experienced for a while, except chatting with ...... at the last handicap.
Not too many problems, just the usual knots, sore spots, aches etc. in places I thought were Ok.
Hopefully the rain will clear by the morning, Cotter 20 miles plus Mt McDonald is the plan.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Morning & Night, Still No Rain

Distance - 6.95 km in 35' 41" at 5' 08" per km
Weather: cloudy, light drizzle, temp 21 degrees, humidity 75%, wind NE at 15 kmph
PM: AIS Track -
3000 metres - in 11' 42" at 3' 54" per km
5 lap spiral ( 2.08 kms ) - in 8' 04" at 3' 53" per km
Warm up & cool down - 4.37 kms in 21' 17" at 4' 52"
Weather: cloudy, temp 24 degrees, humidity 55-70%, wind NE ave 25 kmph
Day total: distance - 16.4 km in 76' 44" at ave 4' 41" per km

The weather forecast for the day was cloudy with the chance of shower/rain increasing. Turned out to be a fizzer as we received nothing. But I did go out for a short, flat easy run this morning just in case it did rain later in the day and I didn't make it to the track, my last chance this season.
Not expecting anything startling, but quite happy with both the run in the 3000 metres and later in the spiral. Both km rate consistent, just under the 4 minute mark, couldn't have gone much faster, but could have maintained that for longer. Good sign.
Plenty of discussion about the cancelled Canberra marathon, we will just have to wait and see what happens now, can the involved parties sort out their differences. Such a mess, such a shame. It doesn't affect me, I don't run on the road.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Calwell Oval - Grass Cutting

20 laps in lane 5 - 8.8 km in 39' 27" at ave 4' 29" per km
Easy - 1.65 km in 7' 36" at 4' 36" per km
Quicker - 1.2 km in 4' 33" at ave 3' 47" per km
Total for day: 11.65 km in 51' 36" at ave 4' 26"
Weather: cloudy, temp 24 degrees, humidity 54%, wind strong cross track from ESE at 25 kmph
Week: 60.05 km, Feb: 48.45 km, Year: 535.15 km
Later in afternoon: easy bike ride 15 km

The grass was being cut as I arrived at Calwell oval this morning. Lane 5 which I use in good condition, a little firm under foot, rain expected on Thursday & Friday will nicely soften the surface and put some green colour into the grass. We desperately need the rain, anything will do.
I didn't do a warm up as I had ridden the bike down, about 2.5 kms but far enough to be set to go.
Straight into the first 5 laps in lane 5, bare feet as per Speedygeoff's blog page from a few day's ago. I normally run bare feet on the grass anyway. Changed direction after first set, and progressively got a little faster. Aimed for easy 2 minutes laps to start, then picked up the pace. Certainly not sprint pace, just cruising. A short rest and drink then I had to run around the outside of the oval as a couple of golfers had decided to try and hit through the outside of the running track. I know why they are down there, golf balls going everywhere.
Finished with a quicker 1.2 kms, Ok.
Rode home for a rest, then bike down to the river for 15 minutes in the water, really nice with no one about, the kids are back at school. Bike distance about 15 kms, a good mix of training today without being too much.
Going to the handicap sub committee meeting tonight to see if Ewen & Strewth change handicap start groups for next month. I think they will, the pressure will be on again at North Curtin at the end of February.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuggeranong Hill

Distance: 19.4 km
Time: 1 hr 45 mins 42 secs
Rate: 5' 27" per km
Altitude gain & loss: 330 metres
Weather: cloudy, temp 26 degrees, humidity 30%, wind ESE at 25 kmph
Week: 48.4 km, Feb: 36.8 km, Year: 523.5 km

It has a very long time since I ran around Tuggeranong Hill from home. Back when I used to work at night, morning runs would be towards Theodore. These days I run at midday starting from work.
It's a good solid run from home to the Theodore sub station, then Conder side of Tuggeranong Hill, over the ridge to the Calwell side, back to the sub station and return home via Calwell oval & shops. Lane 5 looks in good shape, might get there tomorrow morning, weather conditions permitting.
Good chance at getting to the Thursday night track meet, a 3000 metres & 5 lap spiral on the program.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 3 on Leave

Distance: 17.4 km
Time: 95' 19"
Rate: 5' 29" per km
Weather: sunny, temp 30 degrees, humidity 33%, wind Easterly at 15 kmph
Week: 29.0 km, Feb: 17.4 km, Year: 504.1 km

I work for an organisation that operates 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, not that I work all or many of those hours or days. Quite often I work over a weekend, so when I have a week on leave, that makes 9 days of rest. Almost like part long service leave, so today is day 3.
I tried to run easy today, but it didn't work. The first half was Ok, the second half a real struggle. Must have been the effort required over the weekend.
A flat run down to Pine Is and Point Hut, 10 minutes in the water to help the quads recover from the down hill on Saturday. Saw two other rabbits out enjoying the sunshine, both had 4 legs and white tails.
Probably finish up with a nana nap this afternoon, after I try to get 10 push ups done, gotta start somewhere.
Ewen, time to make a beer bet on Liz at Cradle Mtn run. Predicting just to finish is not good enough, she will do that, providing the weather is kind enough on the day and the forecast rain this week doesn't turn the track to mud.